Local Women recognized as heroes

| 03/12/2008

(CNS): Described as dedication and selfless, Chamayrane Williams and Sharon Lamb-Titcombe have been recognized as Cayman’s Unsung Heroes in the First Caribbean Bank’s regional initiative. Each local hero will receive a donation of US$6,000, which will go towards their cause and the two women will also be put forward into the regional contest. The bank said that true heroes are those who give of themselves willingly without the promise of any reward or recognition.

On Tuesday 25 November, it recognised Williams and Lamb-Titcombe as two individuals who have impacted the community with their dedication and selfless acts of generosity. 

The bank said that since 1986 Williams (right) has made a significant impact in the community, bringing together people of all ages, giving underprivileged youth the prospect of a brighter future through good education and instilling strong Christian values. Currently working as a teacher’s assistant with a local school, Williams dedicates much of her spare time to projects that benefit her community. These include the “adopt a grandparent” programme which helps young people connect with older persons in the community, an adult reading programme and the Pathfinders Club, a religious organization that stresses Christian values, self development and community values to the youth.

In addition, on a regular basis Williams can be seen taking a group of children to her home after school to assist them with their homework or to allow them access to her computer to complete various school projects.

Lamb-Titcombe (left) is married with three children and has a challenging career as a banker.  With all these responsibilities she still finds time to work as a volunteer at Northward Prison, where she teaches inmates to prepare them for release back into the general community. Her classes include topics such as Reading, Social Studies, Geography, History and Card Design. She is also aco-founder of the “Save our Youth Foundation” programme whose primary goals are to transform the lives of young people through educational and spiritual development.

By providing these individuals with a better education and social skills, she not only increases their self-confidence but also increases their chances of obtaining a job on their release, allowing them to fully integrate and make positive contributions within their respective communities.

The card making classes allows these individuals to explore their creativity while staying connected with friends and family, forming an important support system after they are released. She has also taken a special interest in the Prison Football team “Transformers”, which she currently manages. She initially used her personal funds to ensure that the team was registered to play in a local tournament, and was subsequently able to secure sponsorship which allows the team to participate on an ongoing basis.


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  1. Suzanne Marchbank says:

    I am so very proud of my sister, Sharon.

    she is so deserving of this award, she works very hard to help others.

    Welldone sweetheart,

    Sue. xx

  2. Chelsea Marchbank says:

    Well done auntie Shad’s.

    Really proud of you, not only do you have all the love in the world off your family but you also have it off your students and everyone else you help.


    All my love