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Cash stolen during bar break-in

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(CNS): A local West Bay Road bar has lost several thousand dollars in cash after burglars broke in on Boxing Day and police who would not name the bar for fear of repeat offences, are urging businesses to tighten security and not to keep large sums of cash on the premises. Police said that in the last month alone four condo offices along West Bay Road have also been broken into. “Prevention is always better than cure,” said Chief Inspector Angelique Howell who is calling on business owners to work with the police.


“The police have their part to play, but so do business owners. Protecting your property and letting people know you have security measures in place by using clear signage could stop you becoming a victim. We need to work together,” Howell added.

AS a result of the recent robberies the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is calling on all businesses to look at how they can reduce their chances of becoming a victim and say they should never leave large amounts of cash on the premises. Police are advising business owners to use adequate security measures such as deadbolts, alarms and ensure premises are well lit. As well as securing all windows and doors police say owners should consider installing tape recorded CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and if they do to change the tapes regularly and ensure date and time stamps are correct. Police also noted that clear signageand obvious cameras can help deter a crime. The taped footage can help solve a crime should you fall victim.

Officers also advise people to look at their premises from a robber’s point of view and look for weak spots and ask themselves how easy would it be to gain entry. Good housekeeping pays. Untidy properties are soft targets for thieves. Keep trees and shrubbery well maintained so as to maintain good natural surveillance and visibility – don’t give criminals the opportunity to work out-ofsight. Keep desirable goods near to cash registers and away from exits, to consider locking them in cabinets and to use a safe. Police also say marking your assets with an ultraviolent invisible pen will assist with recovery should anything be taken.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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Man killed in morning crash

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(CNS): Police have announced that one man has been killed and a woman injured in yet another single vehicle crash which occurred around 7:00 am this morning (Tuesday, 30 December) in the vicinity of Lantern Pointe and the new Prospect bypass. Both the man who became the 11th road victim of 2008 and the women were in a grey Toyota Supra that overturned and police are now seeking witnesses to the  accident.


After issuing an alert regarding the accident earlier this morning the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) has now confirmed that a man,who has not yet been named, has died following a car crash which occurred this morning. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at 7am from an off-duty Special Constable reporting that a single vehicle had crashed in the vicinity of Lantern Pointe and the new Prospect bypass and while the female passenger had escaped from the vehicle the driver appeared to be unconscious.

Police and medics responded to the scene and found that the driver had sustained serious injuries when the grey Toyota Supra overturned but the female passenger had managed to get out of the overturned car. Both the driver and passenger were taken to hospital. Unfortunately, the man was pronounced dead but the woman is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and her condition is described by police as stable.

An investigation is now underway by officers from the Traffic Management Unit. Anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to contact the unit on 946-6254 or 926-1671 or 926-1672. The Senior Investigating Officer, Inspector Derrick Elliott can also be reached on 916-3365. The RCIPS sends its condolences to the family and friends of the victim.

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UK union attackstax havens

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(CNS): One of Britain’s biggest unions has added its voice to the call to close down tax havens and give Britain back what is perceived as a loss of some GBP33billion a year. UNITE the body which represents public servants in the UK is calling on Gordon Brown to make his new year’s resolution a commitment to close down the routes to offshore financial service centres.

The union said it is the British tax payer that picks up the tab for bailing out the banks and looks forward to a bleak 2009, Derek Simpson, joint leader of Unite, is calling on the government to make sure the culprits of the credit crunch, who have consistently avoided paying their fair share of tax, give that money back.

"A commitment to make 2009 the year Labour gets tough on the tax havens would be met with delight by hardworking families,” said Simpson. “For years super-rich individuals and corporations have undermined the UK’s tax revenues and without decisive intervention from the government those same people would have destroyed our economy. Thanks to them our jobs and homes are at risk. The taxes these corporations and super rich individuals avoid could go along way to boosting the UK economy during these tough times. The government must close the loopholes that allow the super-rich avoid paying their fair share of tax. It is also time for the banks to close down their private banking advice sections designed to exploit tax loopholes."

According to Tax Research UK the value of tax avoidance by Britain’s top companies is worth some GBP25 billion a year. This figure does not include tax avoided by rich individuals earning over GBP200,000 a year. That organisation says that conservative estimates suggest that this is as much as GBP8 billion but does not include all the money these individuals hold offshore, which is impossible to quantify.

Clawing back this money would have funded the GBP20bn fiscal stimulus package contained within the pre-budget report with billions left over, Unite has said. The union is calling for a repatriation of the profits banks place offshore and have them subjected to UK tax; to close down structured finance operations and to end private banking advice sections designed to exploit tax loopholes.

Unite is demanding that the UK government close the loopholes that allow super-rich individuals and corporations avoid paying their fair share of tax. Working people are bailing out the banks and funding massive tax concessions for the super rich and Britain’s top companies.

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