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Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas

| 28/12/2008 | 3 Comments

(CNS): As the owners of the first homes built through the Affordable Housing initiative on Cayman Brac were presented with their front door keys on Christmas Eve, both Sister Islands MLAs looked forward to the continuation of the programme. Opposition member Julianna O’Connor Connolly said that under a UDP government the only change would be that it would extend to people who want to build on their own land. (Left: Loretta Grizzel with daughters Tishel and Channah)

“I’m extremely pleased the houses were able to be turned over to their new owners on Christmas Eve,” said PPM member Moses Kirkconnell. “It’s a tremendous achievement. I look forward to continuing the programme and to getting more houses started so more families can move in as quickly as possible.”

O’Connor Connolly noted that the Brac’s affordable housing policy had started under the previous administration and that the UDP had left $800,000 for the programme when the government was handed over to the PPM after the 2005 elections. The programme would remain the same if there was another change in government after the 2009 elections, though she said they would aim to get more houses built within the four years.

“The only difference would be that if someone had property, we would extend the programme so that they could build on their own land. The object is to get as many people in their own homes as possible,” she said, adding, “I’m very grateful to the government for continuing the programme and getting these four families in their homes for Christmas.” (Right: Trudy McLean with daughter Tetiana)

The day before Christmas, the four families gathered at the West End site off Alta Vista Drive to accept their door keys from Andre Scott, Chairman of the Board for the Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation (SIAHDC), a government-funded non-profit company that manages the programme, which was formed at the beginning of the current PPM administration.

“I’m ecstatic!” said Jennifer Ebanks, who co-owns one of the four houses with her partner Wezley Pryce. “This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.” With all documentation complete, Loretta Grizzel and Trudy McLean were also able to move in to their homes 24 December, while Simone and Alton Campbell expected the final documentation for their home to be completed by Monday 29 December. (Left: Wezley Pryce and Jennifer Ebanks and family – daughters Michella and Mekita Ebanks and granddaughters Jyasia and Jessiah)

Todd Eldridge, who is employed by the corporation to manage the programme, said that over the first quarter of 2009 the next phase would be getting underway, which would include beginning construction of the next four homes (two 2-bedroom houses and two 3-bedroom houses), starting the playground and getting fifteen lots on the affordable housing land surveyed. (Right: Alton and Simone Campbell)

The area allotted for the playground has already been filled and cleared and the equipment, which is the same as the playground equipment already in place at the Watering Place affordable housing site, has in fact been stored in container at the Public Works compound on the Brac since 2005.

Public Works will be putting in the side roads for the existing houses and the next four homes, which will form a loop off Alfred Scott Road.

Eldridge said the corporation was inviting tenders for the four new homes, and the board would be sending its recommendations to the Central Tenders Committee.

(Left to right: Wezley Pryce, MLA Julianna O’Connor Connolly, Loretta Grizzel, Jennifer Ebanks, Simone and Alton Campbell, Programme Manager Todd Eldridge, Trudy McLean, MLA Moses Kirkconnell, Board Chairman Andre Scott)


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