Martin still facing trial

| 10/12/2008

(CNS): Despite the rather cryptic statement from the Governor Stuart Jack last week suggesting that the issues surrounding the entry into the Cayman Net News offices, which involved senior police officers and employees of the newspaper, were to be concluded, the former Sister Islands MLA and Net News reporter Lyndon Martin has told CNS that he has not yet received any notification that the remaining two charges against him have been dropped.

Martin was first arrested in March of this year on the day that the Governor and the Senior Investigating Officer of the Special Police Investigation Team (SPIT) Martin Bridger announced that the former Police Commissioner Stuart Kernohan, Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Dixon, Chief Superintendent John Jones had all been suspended from duty or, as it was it was described at the time, “placed on required leave.” The Governor also announced at that specially convened media briefing that a team of detectives from Scotland Yard had been in the Cayman Islands operating undercover since September 2007 investigating allegations by Martin that Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis was in a corrupt relationship with Desmond Seales the owner of Cayman Net News.

At that time of his arrest  there were some seventeen charges made against Martin, which were later dropped to 12 and then more recently just two. When he appeared in court last month, Martin was charged with the Common Law offence of doing an act tending and intending to pervert the course of public justice and the statutory offence of falsely accusing a person of a crime.

Martin has entered a not guilty plea to both charges and told CNS that while he has wrestled with the Governor’s 4 December statement to try and work out exactly what he meant by “must be concluded properly and with dispatch”, if the remaining charges against him were not dropped he had no doubts that his innocence would be easily demonstrated in the court room if it still does go to trial in March of next year as currently planned.

“I am confident that the absurdity of these charges will be exposed in the courtroom,” Martin said. He also indicated that the fact that most of the original counts against him, which included burglary and other offences, had been dropped was significant. “I think it is important that they have already dropped ten of the charges against me leaving these two charges which are essentially the same issue and clearly not true.”

While there is every indication that these charges will be dropped as well, Martin is still prepared for a courtroom showdown and has engaged the services of a senior British Council who is an expert in corruption issues and familiar with the Cayman Islands courts.

If Martin does go to trial, SIO Bridger will have to demonstrate that Martin did not actually believe the accusation he was making against Ennis to Kernohan and therefore doing so maliciously or for another purpose. Martine does not have to show that his accusations were true but merely that he had good reason to suspect they were. Martin insists that at the time he certainly did have every reason to believe the accusations he had made and can easily demonstrate that. He also noted that he had absolutely no reason to falsely accuse Ennis of anything.

Moreover, it also appears that not only did Martin believe his accusations, but so did Jones and Kernohan, two very experienced and senior police officers, as well as John Evans, another Net News employee, Larry Covington, who has oversight of the UK’s overseas territories police services. Even the Governor reportedly believed it and for several weeks members of SPIT were also following the evidence that Martin says he had given to Kernohan.


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  1. Annymous says:

    Here is an example of a Good Samaritan who told the truth and got shot for it.

    Lyndon is right for going to the authorities.  Why is he being treated this way for helping them with their case? 

    I have never heard of more corruption in this country than before, and someone brings a situation to light that is the truth and those who he tells are so caughtup their own lies they can’t see the truth and the only way out of disclosing the truth is to say the person who told the truth actually told a lie.

     We can’t get any broker than we are now paying out all this money for investigations that could be raped up long ago.  Who is benefitting from these investigations I can assure you it is not the Caymanian people.

    Independence will make or break us.  We don’t have a choice any longer, we must declare it soon if we are to survive in this country.


  2. Anonymous says:

    An improtant consideration is that Lyndon did not use the media, which he had full access to as Corporate Directer of CNN, to accuse Anthony Ennis of a crime. Instead he went to the Commissioner of Police and the Governor. According to the information reported no malicious motive is apparent. Should he not be rewarded for his efforts to reveal corruption.

  3. Anonymous says:

    On 4 December Stuart Jack stated, "I wish to make it clear to those individuals who have demonstrated the courage in coming forward that the information they have provided will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.”

    Well that clearly is not what happened here is it? Both Lyndon Martin and John Evans were subjected to unparalleled public exposure by their former employer with the apparent tacit support of those involved in Operation Tempura.

    After that how can anyone seriously believe they will guaranteed anonymity if they provide information to the Cayman Islands’ authorities.

    I look forward to Lyndon having his day in court but I think there are more than a few people out there who are a not at allhappy about the prospect.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve known Lyndon all my life, and I can tell you, he is not a vendictive and malicious person. If he believed there was something wrong going on, that would be the only reason he would’ve put his life, job and kids on the line to go into that office. The governor and everyone else need to open their eyes to all the corruption going on in our country.

    CNS note: some of this comment has been deleted. Please see CNS comment policy