Pilot aborts Brac flight after gauge failure

| 07/08/2009

(CNS): Sixteen passengers set to fly to Cayman Brac this morning aboard the Cayman Airways Express flight 4421 from Grand Cayman were offloaded following the pilot’s decision to abandon the take off because of a gauge malfunction. Cayman Airways stated that with regard to passenger safety the captain elected to return the aircraft to the gate.  The gauge malfunction occurred as the flight was preparing to leave the tarmac for the runway. As a precautionary measure the passengers were transferred to another aircraft.


That flight departed within 40 minutes of the scheduled departure time of 7:05am. Cayman Airways CEO Designate Olson Anderson said that the safety of passengers and crew was the airlines primary concern. “We appreciate that the situation this morning may have caused some concern for the passengers and we apologize for any inconveniences,” he said. “We want to assure our valued passengers and the public that Cayman Airways operates within the highest standards of operational safety.”

Anderson confirmed that all Cayman Airways Express flights in the afternoon were operating on schedule and that the aircraft in question had been repaired and returned to service.

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  1. Billy says:

    Dont forget the Tug and Barge, We are so far behind its unbelieveable, any ways we have Big Mac and Capt Edd working on some prices, Imagine corned beef 6 dollars and change in the brac and 2 dollars and change in Cayman makes you wonder!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How long will Cayman Brac suffer with inferior aircraft and airservice? As far back as the 1970s Cayman Brac And Little Cayman were served by larger, more comfortable aircraft. Cayman Brac also had direct airservice to Florida. Why do tourists have to travel via Grand Cayman adding to their travel time to the Sister Islands.