Record top grades in GCSE results in UK

| 27/08/2009

(BBC): GCSE grades have reached another record level – with more than one in five exams (21.6%) being awarded an A* or A. More than half a million teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been receiving their results. Grades have risen almost continually since 1988 and this year more than two in three (67.1%) were between an A* and a C. Girls continue to get more A*s and As than boys. Schools in England targeted under what is called the "National Challenge" are those where fewer than 30% of pupils achieve five or more good GCSE passes (A* to C) including maths and English.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/27/2009 – 13:49. – You seem to be mistaking the quoted results which are from the UK, as being from Cayman. Get real, the resultshere are appalling compared to the UK, your lack of reading and writing skills is evidence of the disgraceful illiteracy of the country.

    Before blaming everybody else for the failures of you and your family, take a good look at yourself and think, if YOU had spent less time blaming others for your ineptitude, you could have made something of your life. Who are you to preach otherwise.

    I know plenty of young Caymanian men and women who are highly qualified and very professional, hard working and good at their jobs. They are motivated and as a result do well at work and get better jobs. Whereas the others like yourself and your kin are lazy, arrogant, greedy and stupid and it this minority that put a bad face on the young caymanians that try hard and do well despite being failed by the education system.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a Caymanian and agree with every single word written by Anon Friday at 14:03. It’s very sad, but true.

    • Anonymous says:

      While the results in the article were indeed from the UK, it would be good if we could have the exam results from Cayman published.  From the 2009 exams I know of a Caymanian student who obtained 13 O’level passes with only one C grade and all other grades being higher (A*,A or B). I also know of several Caymanian students who obtained 11 O’level passes, all A’s.

      While I must assume that the majority are not obtaining such results, if the Education Dept. were to publish exam results for Cayman on a whole, then maybe, just maybe the public could get a true picture of what we are dealing with!

  2. Richard Wadd says:
    Some of the comments made on this topic serve to remind us of the old saying, ‘A little education is more dangerous than none at all’.
    It would be better to spend some time doing research before writing ‘crap’. The GCSE (UK exams) are NOT Graded in the same manner as the now worthless CXC exams.
    The GCSE Pass-grade levels are FIXED, and students must attain those levels in order to make the grade. This applies no matter where the Test is taken. Only the cirriculum varies from Geographic location. To make the Pass-level, one must make the Grade.
    The CXC system uses a Floating Pass-rate, which is why the CXC exam has lost its credibility with MOST International Tertiary Institutions. The Passing Grade-curve is adjusted from year to year based on the overall results and Exam Performance. Can’t make the Grade, don’t worry, they’ll Lower the Bar for you.
    The reason for such a marked increase in the GCSE results? The Internet !
    Students now have access to vastly greater resources than ever before. Those with ambition will use these resorces.
    IF our (Caymanian) kids are to be employable, then WE must change our attitude to Education, and Qualification in this Country. I have personally interviewed GRADUATES of our education system that couldn’t even write thier own names properly. When ones ‘Attendance level’ is the only requierment for a High-school Diploma, what message are we sending our kids?
    ‘No need to actually PERFORM at work, just turn-up to your place of ’employment’ and you are Garanteed a pay-check at the end of the week.’
    Is it any wonder why the majority of our Graduates are considered ‘Unemployable’.
  3. Anonymous says:

     Your right our students are really getting smarter but lacking  job assurance for when they do get out of school and start looking a job(especially our young men) what our Goverment do?  They take all our good Caymanian jobs and give it to all the expatraits.  Then they start saying our Caymanian men are lazy and dont want to work, all they do is want to smoke ganja and break into homes.

     Then our young men who’s listening to you all with your name callings will think they are unworthy and what they do?  

    Get together with friends that influences them all and they start their little gang banging and breakins what we do?

      We start saying they are this and that and that the parents never give them any proper upbringing

    face the real facts here people,  the more we put down our young men the more they will have a low self esteem and do everything to put us down also.  You may think kids dont listen but they do, kids are smarter than we think.

    It’s a no win situation, what we need to do is to first help them by talking one on one to each and everyone of them and finding ways of solution by getting them out of the gangs, and try to become a better productive citizen.

    Then we need to talk to our Goverment because it starts with the School….put these young people on work programs when they are in the High School, put aside jobs for our young Caymanian men so we can assure them that no child will be left behind in the work field.   We have to give these Children some kind of assurance, but most of all we have to give them love.  


    Caymanians STOP putting your own Caymanian young men down instead reach out to them and remember you all were young once too.

    • Anonymous says:


      I don’t know if you read the article properly or not, but that’s statistics from the UK and not Cayman…..
  4. Albert Einstein says:

    Clearly the UK is shifting the curve to give more As so as to give their students an improper advantage over students from other countries in competing for positions in universities.

    Humans do evolve and hopefully are becoming smarter, but the process of evolution takes generations, not years or months.  This result flows from manipulation of the grading curve plain and simple, not a spontaneous increase in intelligence. 

    Some would go further and argue that empirical evidence supports the conclusion that their IQ is actually dropping (brain-cell death by television), but I’ll leave that until another day.

    • Suspect says:

      Hothouse teaching and a push by schools for students to study easier subjects to maintain results in school tables is a more credible reason for the improvement in results rather than a pointless conspiracy theory. 

      The results are now useless for the best universities to judge who should get in – it seems that soon a monkey with a calculator will be able to get three A’s at A level.

  5. Stinky Wizzleteets says:


    So what, all it means is this;


    Employment Rate falls to 72.7%

    These are graphs showing the working age employment rate and the unemployment rate

    The employment rate and the number of people in employment have fallen. The number of vacancies has fallen. The number of unemployed people, the unemployment rate and the claimant count have all increased. The number of inactive people of working age and the inactivity rate have increased. Growth in average earnings, excluding bonuses, has fallen but earnings growth including bonuses has increased.


    Good news all around then. Lets all hope for much the same on our side!


  6. Thankful for small mercies says:

    Students are getting smarter. The problem is that the the job requirements are so far ahead of the school curriculm, that when a good student comes out of school, some people think they are a bit dumb.

  7. Anonymous says:

    When I did GCSEs they said that A’s were supposed to be given to the top 10% of grades and A* were for the elite. Now it seems that if an exam paper is even adequate they are guaranteed an A.

    Are the schools/government trying to fool themselves into thinking that their school leavers are more intelligent because more are getting top grades? They are just fooling themselves by making the exams easier and hiding the real problems of kids leaving school without some even very basic language skills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where are the CAYMAN ISLANDS results. What use are the UK results to us? We want our results.