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New sports committee for West Bay

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Cayman Islands news, Cayman sports news, West Bay(CNS): Private citizens in West Bay have teamed up with the Department of Sports to form the district’s first Community Sports Committee. In an effort to promote community spirit through sport and following on from its motto – "Communities That Play Together, Stay Together", the WBCSC intends to map out leagues for various sports that will appeal to the appetite of West Bay residents, young and old. Each league is expected to run a maximum of 6 weeks, a release from the organisation says. The first item on the agenda is the formation of a co-ed Volleyball League for ages 10 and up, which will be split into specific age groups based on interest.

Adult teams can be registered at a cost of CI$60 with a maximum of 10 players, while Youth teams are free.

The Volleyball League will commence Jan 23rd, 2010 at 6:30pm and run until Mar 13th 2010. Games will be played at the John A. Cumber Primary School hard court and indoor school hall. An open-rec and tryout session will be held at the same venue on Jan 16th, 2010 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

Team Registration & Waiver Forms and can be downloaded from the Department of Sports website or collected from J&M Electronics at the 4-way stop in West Bay.

Deadline for registration is Jan 15th 2010. Completed registration forms may be returned via email to; dropped off at J&M Electronics; or faxed to 947-9198.

The West Bay Community Sports Committee will bring other sports leagues online throughout the year with plans to start Basketball, Badminton & Table Tennis leagues among others.

Anyone interested in coaching a youth team is encouraged to contact Amy Burke at or by phoning 916-1902. Persons interested in officiating may contact Dion Brandon at

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Cayman’s Rugby youth taste New Year victory

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Cayman Islands news, Grand Cayman sports news, Cayman Rugby(CNS): As a continuing testament to the efforts of the Cayman Rugby Football Union’s youth training programs, a recent game originally scheduled to be played on New Year’s Day between the Cayman U25’s vs. a club select side of those over the age of 25 (“the O25’s”) kicked off at 4pm on 2 January and saw a thrilling match on the south sound pitch with final victory going to the Cayman U25’s. The U25’s, led by university student Stuart McMillan, were dogged in defence for the first hour of the game and whilst the action see-sawed from end to end if was the U25’s who broke the deadlock and opened the scoring 7-0 just before half time.

According to a release from CRFU, whilst the Over 25’s were expectantly dominant in the scrum it was everywhere else on the park that the youngsters seemed to have the upper hand, much to the joy of U19’s National Coach Steve Clarke who had himself nurtured much of the young Caymanian talent on show.

With the youngsters able to score once more though Joel Clark early in the final 20 minutes of the game it looked as though the U25’s were close to sealing victory but 2 converted tries from Keswick Wright and Venassio Tokotokovanua meant with only minutes to go the U25’s were trailing by 2 points.

A long range penalty effort from Robbie Cribb to retake the lead was missed but a last ditch chip ‘n’ chase run from Captain Stuart McMillan with only seconds on the game clock brought the winning points for the youngsters to close the game 17-14.

The spectacle of youth rugby continues on the South Sound Pitch this month with the first touring side of 2010 to visit the Islands arriving on 11 January. Loyola U23 Rugby will be in the Cayman Islands to play 2 games;

Game 1: Loyola vs. Cayman Development U23 XV, Wednesday, 13 January, 4pm

Game 2: Loyola vs. Full Cayman U25 XV Saturday, 16 January, 4pm KO

Also on Saturday January 16th we have the Heineken Charity shield at 2pm vs. Last years AA Cup and Waterford Trophy champions the BPC Buccaneers and 2009 AA Cup runners up the DHL Storm!

Loyola is expected to be a strong team with several of last year’s Kenya U20 JW Trophy players in their side.

cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman sports news, Cayman Rugby

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1000s ‘fess up offshore cash

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(BBC): Nearly 10,000 people have come forward to the tax authorities in Britain to declare they have money hidden in offshore bank accounts. UK taxpayers had until 1700 GMT on Monday to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that they were planning to come forward and hand over unpaid tax. The Revenue expects the campaign to raise £500m and those who do not confess will now be investigated. Stephen Timms, financial secretary to the Treasury, said: "Hiding money in offshore accounts to evade tax is economically and morally unacceptable. It robs public services of funding and places an unfair burden on the honest majority of taxpayers.”

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Mechanics not to blame for AA crash in Jamaica

| 07/01/2010 | 6 Comments

(Caribbean360): The probe into the American Airlines crash at the Norman Manley International Airport has ruled out mechanical malfunctioning as the reason for the accident. But the pilots of the aircraft may have ignored advice of air traffic controllers when they tried to land on the runway. Investigators say it could take two years to definitively say what caused the accident. Minister of Transport &Works Mike Henry said the investigations revealed no mechanical problems but other information showed advice had been given not to land on that runway on the night of 22 December.

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Cost of Cayman citizenship goes up as fees increase

| 07/01/2010 | 17 Comments

(CNS): Along with a number of other increases this year the cost of becoming a naturalized citizen of the Cayman Islands has also gone up. The Deputy Governor’s Office announced, yesterday, that a number of fees relating to citizenship have increased, as outlined in the Government Fees Order, 2010. A naturalisation application will now cost $625 and attendance at an optional private citizenship pledge or presentation ceremony will cost $500. These increases do not affect applications that were received on or before 31 December 2009. See below for full schedule of the new fees.

Filing fee for Naturalisation; or Registration as a British Overseas Territory Citizen of the Cayman Islands; or, Registration as a British Citizen – $200

Naturalisation application – $ 625

Registration application (for minors 17 years and under) – $250

Private citizenship pledge/presentation ceremony (optional) – $500

Proof of nationality application – $150

Rescheduling fee for citizenship pledge ceremony $100 (Exceptions will be made in cases of emergencies.)

Passport and Corporate Services Office has also increased some fees.

Affixing an apostille to documents – $150

Express (same day) affixing an apostille to documents – $200

Authentication of documents – $75

Express (same day) authentication of documents – $100

For more information, contact the Deputy Governor’s Office at 244-2403, or the Passport and Corporate Services Office at 244-2273. Citizenship application forms are available from the receptionist at the Government Administration Building (Glass House).

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Government quiet on finances

| 07/01/2010 | 36 Comments

(CNS): Despite attempts to find out exactly how government revenue and expenditure is going after the first six months of the 09/10 fiscal year, CNS has learned that the only documentation regarding the overall financial situation is Cabinet notes — not covered under Freedom of Information. During the last session of the Legislative Assembly the government said it would not be revealing the financial progress until later this year, allowing the new fee increases time to take effect. However, there has been mounting speculation in recent weeks that revenue is considerably less than anticipated and that government spending is on the increase.

Although duties have been increased, according to the collector of customs revenue from imports is already down some 15% during the first half of the financial year, and revenue from work permits is also said to be down considerably. Expectations raised by the 2009/10 budget predictions on other coercive revenue sources, especially in the financial sector, may not be met either.

With government annual accounts still some five years behind, in order for the CFOs to catch up the auditor general has confirmed that government departments have suspended their quarterly reports.

That information would have given a relatively accurate indication of the money coming into government coffers and the money going out, which would also have been accessible to the people under the FOI.

However, although government itself is informed on a monthly basis through the cabinet notes compiled by staff in the treasury, this information is not available in the wider public domain as all cabinet papers are exempt and there is no way to confirm how close government is to achieving its very finely balanced budget.

Opposition members pressed government to reveal the current situation with regard to its financial circumstances before the Legislative Assembly adjourned for the Christmas break to no avail. Speaking to CNS on Wednesday, opposition member Alden McLaughlin said he was concerned that the government seemed less than willing to reveal the financial details of the first six months, particularly given the limited room for error in its first budget.

“The refusal of government to reveal the current financial position is an ominous sign,” said McLaughlin. “Either they don’t know what the position is or it is so bad that they are not willing to reveal in the hope that New Year fee increases will turn it around.”

While government collects a significant part of its annual earnings in January form the offshore sector, duty collection and work permit fees also make a significant contribution to the treasury and those are collected year round. Government has announced plans for significant hikes in the work permit fees, though the date of the implementation of the new fees and the schedule of increases has not yet been revealed.    

Faced with significant financial difficulties when the UDP administration took office, the government chose to increase fees and government earnings in an effort to reduce the $80 million plus deficit to zero and avoid the problem of seeking approval from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office for anything more than essential borrowing. As a result, if the government fails to balance the budget at the end of June 2010 it will have to go back to London for permission to increase that borrowing.

It is very likely that if government is placed in that position the UK will only permit the borrowing on the condition that the Cayman Islands introduces some form  of direct taxation, a proposition that Premier McKeeva Bush has vowed to avoid.

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Art for the Heart to feature at Valentine’s Gala

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Cayman Islands news, Grand Cayman local art news, Cayman Heart Fund(CNS): Set your calendars for Saturday 13 February for the Cayman Heart Fund’s annual Red Dress Valentine’s Gala, which will be held at the Westin Casuarina. As well as enjoying a glittering night of wonderful food and wine, music and camaraderie, with ladies dressed for the red dress theme, guests will for the first time this year get to own a piece of art created by one of Cayman’s talented local artists. Suzy Soto, Chairman of the Cayman Heart Fund says that the Cayman Heart Fund board is delighted that so many local artists have chosen to donate their work to an auction.

“We are extremely grateful to the wonderful artists who have graciously offered their incredibly creative work so that it can be auctioned for our vital charity. Our thanks go to Bendel Hydes, David Bridgeman, John Broad, John Doak, Chris Mann, CE Whitney, Charles Long, Chris Christian, Gordon Solomon, Maureen Lazarus, Nickola McCoy, Teresa Grimes, Avril Ward (pictured above), Guy Harvey and Al Ebanks,” Soto said.

As an exciting artistic enhancement to the proceedings, John Broad, well-known in the community for his ability to ‘speed paint’, will be painting live at the Gala and this painting will also be auctioned to the highest bidder.

Paintings will be on show just before the Gala dinner so everyone will have the chance to pick their favourite piece then as the dinner commences they will be brought into the Westin’s ballroom to provide a fantastic backdrop to the event.

The Westin’s Executive Chef Jason Koppinger has created a fabulous meal especially for the Valentine’s Day Gala, which includes a first course of Cayman field greens, cucumber papaya and crispy wontons with a oriental lime vinaigrette, followed by a main course sautéed grouper fillet, Jamaican peppered baby shrimps and Angus beef filet, served with lemon grass flavored jasmine rice and fresh vegetables and a dessert course consisting of a Pavlova filled with fabulous fresh fruit.

Musical entertainment will be provided by Chuck and Barrie Quappe’s Sea N B and Vivendi will make a special appearance to wow guests with their unique talents. It is anticipated that everyone will have a wonderful evening, all in aid of a very worthy cause.

Tickets for the Cayman Heart Fund’s Red Dress Valentine’s Gala can be purchased from Suzy Soto email The cost is CI$150 per person or CI$1400 per table.

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KFC in ‘awkward situation’ over racismclaims

| 07/01/2010 | 31 Comments

(Bloomberg) – The maker of KFC has made an apology over allegations of racism regarding an advert featuring supporters of the touring West Indian cricket team. The advertisement was intended for Australian audiences and depicts a white Australian fan amidst rowdy supporters of the West Indian team who offer chicken to his rival spectators to get out of an “awkward situation.” After being posted online, the advertisement attracted the attention of the US media. “To avoid the possibility of any further offense being caused by the advertisement either here or online overseas, KFC will cease running the commercial immediately,” KFC said.

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Haines and the RCIPS

| 07/01/2010 | 27 Comments

Derek Haines is the only Englishman in my many years of policing who I actually witnessed to have given 110% of truly dedicated police service to the people of the Cayman Islands. He was known throughout the Caribbean and around the world as a "Champion Crime Fighter" and one who could not be corrupted in any shape or form.

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in the United States regarded him as the "Caribbean’s Top Drug Enforcement Giant".

Mr Haines’ "fall from the top", if we want to call it that, had nothing to do with his performance or integrity. He had become too "Caymanianized or Caribbeanized", they said. He had become too much of a success story amongst Caymanian and Caribbean people in general. However, in upholding his oath of office locally and executing his duties with impartiality, honesty and integrity, he did upset certain person(s) of influence while arresting and convicting their family and friends, which later became political and then spewed over into the RCIPS. This is the truth and every police officer in the RCIPS back then knows this to be the true position why his contract was not renewed. He challenged the "status quo" and went to extraordinary lengths to acquire specialist equipment and training for his staff, who were shining in the Caribbean’s law enforcement community, but this did not go down well with certain individuals who believed this could only be achieved directly from the UK.

Had Derek Haines become the Commissioner of Police in 2005 and had got the extra $30 million in the RCIPS budget that others got, I can assure you we would not have the mayhem including the unsolved murder in a nightclub in the presence of 150 patrons, with CCTV cameras rolling and security guards present, and then NO LEADS to make a detection! This is ludicrous and is an outright failure of investigative ability in this 21st century of policing. Additionally, the complete "bottom-turn-up" that the RCIPS underwent with the "Tempura’s old boy’s club" I’msure would not have played out as it did if Derek Haines was our Commander in Chief at the time.

The RCIPS does needs a complete revamp today. Firstly, the grossly overpaid and over benefited senior officers that call themselves so-called experienced investigators and leaders need to be returned to the UK to continue on with their "failed policies" up there or continue on with their retirement. However, I’m not just focussing solely on these individuals as local housekeeping is appropriately needed as well.

As for SOME of our locals senior officers, a number of them do need to be retired, transferred or be sent on their way forbeing led down a path like blind men, being so naive/gullible and embracing failed policies, having been adequately warned what the end results would be. I submit that the RCIPS’ reasonably good standing before has now been rolled back as much as 25 years because of such actions. This has now resulted in the RCIPS finding itself travelling on a journey where all reference points have ceased to exist and with an uncertain destination ahead.
No doubt the policies of the RCIPS have failed and failed terribly. The continued "pussy footing and lip service" that is being sent to the media on a daily basis, trying to justify their miserably failed policies/actions, never ceases to amaze me. The blaming now of the public for not co-operating after such utter failure and embarrassment and yet continuing down the same old road is only to be expected as a result of no confidence from the public you serve.

Perhaps if the police "Gold Command" would instruct their subordinates to stop alienating mainly law abiding citizens in prosecuting them for minor traffic violations left right and centre (which are non-criminal), this would be a positive way to restart the New Year. There is no reason why a properly equipped and staffed Traffic Management Unit cannot sufficiently police Cayman’s streets in traffic related matters with minimal support from other departments. This being done, the remainder of the front line officers should then be directed into the communities and the "hot spots" to restore public confidence with a firm stance against criminal activity.

Commissioner Baines, you should take your resources, tools and machinery against those who are illegally trafficking in drugs and firearms, like Derek Haines and the DTF staff use to do, as those two elements are responsible for 75-80% of your overall crime. For some unknown reason your concentration is only on traffic related violations, the same as your past UK predecessors did, with no real impact on the gangsters and the mayhem they have created here in the Cayman Islands.

Why is this?


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416ft ‘Octopus’ spotted off Seven Mile Beach

| 07/01/2010 | 35 Comments

Cayman Islands news, World news, Paul Allen(CNS): One of the world’s largest super-yachts called on Grand Cayman on Wednesday when Paul Allen’s boat Octopus was anchored off Seven Mile Beach. Said to be the eighth largest yacht in the world, the boat belonging to the co-founder of Microsoft measures 416 feet. It has two helicopters (well, one could break down), two submarines and several other boats on board. Allen is one of the world’s wealthiest individuals and is reportedly worth around $10.5 billion.

The Octopus, which is not Allen’s only super yacht (he also owns the slightly smaller Tatoosh), costs over $380,000 per week to maintain and has a crew of more than 60 people. The yacht has a pool on board, a music studio, a basketball court, and side hatches at the water line form a dock for jet skis.

Given such wealth and opulence, one would imagine Allen has no problem understanding the concept of happiness but the billionaire has, according to the Seattle Times, been working on a documentary that explores issues such as that. The three-part documentary series, "This Emotional Life," is being aired on PBSand explores the cutting-edge science that unravels some of the mysteries of emotional health.

"I hope everyone benefits from this series and it provokes new thoughts on how we can improve our lives," he wrote in an e-mail. "Some of the stories the participants tell us are moving examples of how we can all work at finding abetter emotional balance in our lives — just like we work to get physically fit."

When it comes to being a billionaire, according to research on the web site accompanying the series, money can buy happiness — as long as you give some of it away. Researchers found that happiness did correlate to higher incomes, spending money on others and giving to charity.

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