KFC in ‘awkward situation’ over racismclaims

| 07/01/2010

(Bloomberg) – The maker of KFC has made an apology over allegations of racism regarding an advert featuring supporters of the touring West Indian cricket team. The advertisement was intended for Australian audiences and depicts a white Australian fan amidst rowdy supporters of the West Indian team who offer chicken to his rival spectators to get out of an “awkward situation.” After being posted online, the advertisement attracted the attention of the US media. “To avoid the possibility of any further offense being caused by the advertisement either here or online overseas, KFC will cease running the commercial immediately,” KFC said.

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  1. Chicken Eating Aussie says:

    The ad seems pretty innocuos to me. I think Americans aren’t very open to a little friendly humour when it comes to difference. Hand me Vegemite on toast and I’ll shut up! Better yet, some Tim Tams…

    Recently I was really shocked to see alocal Caribbean ad for KFC depicting a crying baby who wouldn’t be settled by a bottle, a dummy, comforting from Mum… But give the baby a taste of finger lickin’ good KFC and MAGIC! You have a satisfied baby.

    I think there are more dangerous messages and assumptions in showing a baby being fed fast-food fried chicken to shut it up than showing a rowdy bunch of adults quietly enoying the same.

    Now, where are my Cheezels?

  2. Anonymous says:



    Before actually watching the video I was a bit skeptical but after actually watching it I took no offense. He is the sole Aussie amongst a bunch of West Indian fans nothing racial just sports!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Racism has no color

  4. Well says:

    There are White only Organizations, the KKK, Aryan Brotherhood, Neo Nazi Party etc etc..


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes but these groups are not legal, widespread and considered ‘politically correct’ organizations. Get a grip idiot.

      Positive discrimination is ignored.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry…but the categorizations of black and white are social constructs for race. Race is biologically based with socially defined descritpors that actually ‘fit’ our physical view of black and white. While theyare colors, they do represent what we socially define as representations of the above. It is where ethnicities become involved that problems occur – common culture, history, language etc. Example: Two men may be black, but be ethnically different.

    BET television is a result black individuals not being given equal opportunity in U.S. television programing and when there were potrayed it was often in offensive and sterotypical manner as depicted by the KFC commerical (all black people love chicken etc).

    There is far more to this whole story than the snipet. Showing it on CITN is exacetly the reason why BET launched.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there something wrong with liking chicken? Why is it perceived as being something derogatory?

    • Anonymous3 says:

      I don’t get no sympathy when people think just because I have white skin I’m rich.  Because I’m a Caymanian I must have a $300,000 house and have a blackberry.

      Black people can make fun of white people on t.v. but white people are racist if they make a joke about black people.  Fed up with thin skinned people and crap. 


  6. CaymanLover says:

    What Mr Wadd says sounds all great and would fit right into a perfect world, but if youre not black (of color, afro-caribbean or whatever you want to call it) then you have no idea what its like – likewise can be said of any race.  The use of fried chicken to lure the white character out of ‘danger’ does have historically racist undertones.  Now I dont believe in hen pecking or that 100% ‘p.c.ness’ is attainable but I would be offended by the commercial for that reason. 

    The reason why such organisations like BET came about was a direct response to the lack of exposure to black music, lifestyle and art and the lack of opportunity for black entertainers to showcase their talents.  No-one is trying to prevent a WET from existing so what are you complaining about?  Nor are white people precluded from watching BET (or appearing on it for your information).

    You dont think the commercial is offensive because you dont know what its like to be stereotyped as a black person who typically eats fried chicken.  You come across sounding like one of those white people who says "I’m not racist, I have 3 black friends…" If you dont get what’s wrong with that statement, you probably are one of those people……

    • Anonymous says:

       So what if the commercial had been an Aussie surrounded by Englishmen and he offered them cups of tea? Or vice versa and offered them cans of beer, would that have been offensive to you or just funny because it is using stereotypes? Would it have been made out to be such a big thing? I doubt it somehow, but it would still have been using stereotypes, but I guess that would have been OK as it wouldn’t have been poking fun at you, it’s OK to have a laugh at somebody else’s expense just not your own?

      We aren’t allowed to stereotype Caribbean folk as eating lots of fried chicken? Have you seen the number of fried chicken outlets on this island, or the constant queue outside KFC? There is a reason there are stereotypes, it is because generally it is kind of true, the English all drink tea, Americans are stupid, Italians are supposedly great lovers (and surrender as soon as possible) etc. etc.

      If you can’t see that it is a bit of fun, they you really do need to get a sense of humour.

      And before anyone says "You don’t know what it is like", try living in Scotland as an Englishman and get beaten because of your accent or just because a football result went the wrong way? That ever happened to you? It’s happened to me so I knowall about this minority/racism/persecution thing thanks very much.

      • Follower of the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

        I might add to live in a country were you will not voice your oppinion because you are scared that someone knows someone who will have you kicked off the island…… unless it is done anonymously !!

      • CaymanLover says:

        Anonymous at 10:14


        I’m mixed race and lived in the UK for years where I was called a Paki, spat on, kicked, sworn at and treated like trash so you don’t hold exclusive rights to unfair treatment.

        Being Scottish I know youve heard all the stereotypes.  What I’m saying to Wadd is that just because YOU don’t think its offensive doesnt mean it isnt offensive. 

        Some might say you deserved a thrashing for being in england when you MUST KNOW how the english feel about the scottish and their love for footie!  But no, I also find that offensive even though I’m not scottish.  If you dont find the KFC advert offensive then fine, but don’t tell me I am not allowed to be hurt by it.  All I’m sayin’!

        • Read the posts says:

          Ahem…. it was "try living in Scotland as an Englishman" so I doubt that the person is Scottish… all I’m sayin’

        • Anonymous says:

           Not saying I have exclusive rights for being unfairly treated, just trying to point out that the advert was meant as a bit of fun, and there is a world of difference (at least in my eyes and I think most peoples) between that and gettingmistreated via words and violence in other ways.

          If we weren’t allowed to poke fun at other cultures, races etc. via stereotypes then there would be no such thing as stand-up comedy. I am sure you cannot, hand on heart, say you have never laughed at a joke that was made at another persons expense, whoever that may have been, and if you did try to tell me that I would have to seriously doubt the answer. And if you have laughed then you are as bad as the people that made the advert in the first place. 

          By all means be offended, it is your [Deity] given right to be, but in this day sometimes you need a bit of common sense to see when people are just being funny and not just spout how unfair it is that somebody made a joke at your expense. 

        • Jock says:

          I am Scottish and I like fried chicken.  Am I a racist or a victim?  I am confused.  Can I have a burger instead?  A nice deep fried burger.

  7. Ho hum.. says:

    Dick’s right… political correctness gone balmy again!!

    this isn’t a racist advert.   Surely it’s about being in the wrong place. I wouldn’t like to be the only Miami  Dolphin’s supporter in a crowd of Tampa Bay fans whatever colour they were!!

    Get the chip off your shoulder if you have one…. no-one is picking on you!

    • Denial Is A Wonderful Thing says:

      Not racist?  Not racist!?  Them tell me….

      What has chicken got to do with football?

      • Anonymous says:

        It was cricket you nonce. At least read the story before spouting your rubbish you idiotic fool.

        And no chicken has got nothing to do with cricket, but then neither has beer, potato chips or umbrellas, but all of which have been advertised using a cricket theme….oh but it was a black umbrella so it must have had racial overtones.

        Crawl back under your rock creep. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Richard Wadd are you sure you are white? Most caribbean born people of European ancestry is considered near white,sitting amongst a black crowd in Jamaica is not so bad by someone who is creole,remember Jamaica have nuff a dem people de.Richard Wadd i bet if you visit Russia, Finland or even Turkey nuff a dem would see you as a red Negro,no hard feelings my friend a jus reality!!

  9. Richard Wadd says:

     How is that Racism? The Critic’s have obviously not attended a Cricket or Football match in Jamaica. 

    I have, and I have been the only ‘white’ person among hundreds of ‘black’ people, and yes, it DOES make one feel awkward.

    It makes one appreciate what ‘black’ people encountered in a segregated society, not so long ago.

    What I would rather see Debated is, why is it we have so many organisations that are ‘Black’ only (example BET), while if there was a ‘White’ equivalent (say WET), we would call that Racist?

    Here’s another thing that irks me. Black and White are colours, NOT a distinction of Race. Using these acronyms to describe Racism is incorrect. Racism is about a persons Ethnic background (ex. Jewish, Arabic, Oriental), NOT Colour Prejudice.

    I you ask me, this Advert. is a ‘reality check’ to the Ethnic diversity of this world, and how IF we can find common ground, we can rise above our differences and enjoy a peaceful co-existence, irrespective of our social backgrounds.

    I say we show the Advert. on CITN.


    • Pandering to over sensitive Americans says:

      It is simple and sad  – ignorant Americans see a advert which involves White/Black interaction out of the cricket context and they react.

      • Frequent Flyer says:

        You, my friend, are an extreme idiot for this stereotypical comment. It is the epitome of racism itself!

        You are a fool

      • frank rizzo says:

        Oversensitive? Maybe I am and maybe I have reason to be. Balances out the desensitized and underreactive. KFC have done this before. When I read the article my mind went back years ago (ok, a long time ago) to an advert that featured MC Hammer, a black American "entertainer", and a supporting dance troupe "dancing for chicken". It incensed me that one of us (Hammer) would promote such stereotypical behavour.

        Am I angry at KFC? Not really. Is KFC racist? Marginally and definitely insensitive. I enjoy having a laugh probably as much, if not more, than the next guy, but insensitive is insensitive.

        Simple and sad? I don’t think so. I lived it, I know it.

      • nonsense says:

        Ignorant Americans would be confused enough by the Cricket reference to ever catch on the White/Black interaction.

    • Night Flyer says:

      Yep, pathetic, some people read way to much into things. 

    • Anonymouse says:

      It was the Brits who decided to call a black arabian horse a  brown horse.

      It was the Brits who decided to call a brown arabian horse a bay horse.

      It was the Brits who decided to call a light brown arabian horse a chestnut horse.

      It was the Brits who decided to call a grey arabian horse a roan horse.

      It was the Brits who decided to call a white arabian horse a grey horse.

      Do you get the point???. If you call black black or white white you are a racist, so why not just call a black person a brown person and a white person a grey person. That way you wont be considered racist.

      • Anonymous says:

        "White" people are really more beige, or maybe pink. Holding up a sheet of paper, I have to say that if I saw a person that colour, I’d run…

    • CaymanLover says:

      Mr Wadd, you said there are "so many organisations that are ‘Black’ only…"  – how many are there?  You speak as if the media is inundated with black only organisations.  Get over it, BET isnt going anywhere, perhaps thats what irks you!  I reiterate, many white and other non-black people watch BET AND ALSO APPEAR ON IT so if you don’t like it switch off the TV or go start your WET channel (bearing in mind NBC, CNN, MTV, VH1, HBO, and most other channels are packed with predominantly white only shows). 

      Look at the sitcom "Friends", I believe there was a black character featured shortly before the series finale butnever before – why don’t you complain about that?

      Also, you contradict yourself, if black and white are simply colors then why would being at a match attended by all blacks and you make you uncomfortable?  You cant equate a football/cricket match with segregation – that’s like saying slavery was a cruise ship holiday.  Perhaps if all those black people were trying to hang you from a tree you would then have cause to compare.

      A KFC commercial of this nature does not help us find common ground, finding common ground would be for you to admit that your comments are ignorant and insensitive to people of color. 

    • Anonymous says:

       Boy, oh boy.  What do you do if your product is fried chicken and your customers (in the Caribbean) are mostly people of color and, apparently, you can’t show your customers eating your product without some sort of controversy?  This is one messed up world.  🙂