Guns are not the answer

| 12/09/2010

While it may be understandable that the desire for private gun ownership is on the rise in the Cayman Islands, it remains an unreasonable dream. With robberies and assaults now routine occurrences on Grand Cayman, itis no wonder that increasing numbers of people are eager to lock and load. The reality, however, is that more guns in more hands is the last thing the Cayman Islands needs at this critical point in its history.

If you fear armed robbery or home invasion then bar up your windows, add three guard dogs to your family unit, or dig a moat. Do whatever you feel you need to do to feel safe—short of adding another gun to an already too-violent society. There are many ways to react to crime. Short-term, for example, one might invest in a home alarm system. Long-term, one might stop voting for shallow, self-interested leaders who fail to invest adequately in the country’s educational and social needs.

There is one gargantuan and insurmountable objection to legalizing private gun ownership in the Cayman Islands that even gun proponents should recognize. Open season on buying guns would mean a subpopulation of scary people would suddenly be capable of shooting the rest of us. No, I don’t mean the hardcore criminals. Apparently they already have guns. I’m referring to those people who are commonly known as “idiots”.

Remember those flying cars we were all supposed to have by now? That’s one future scenario we should be relieved never came to pass. Why? Because too many people are idiots and you wouldn’t want them hovering over your house after a night on the town. Anyone who has ever driven on Grand Cayman’s roads and witnessed people driving backwards, weaving in and out of traffic, passing five cars at a time around a curve, and so on, should be relieved that the dream of flying cars never materialized. They should also be dead set against private gun ownership for the same reason. Too many idiots.

Imagine a legally purchased semi-automatic handgun in the possession of the people you see speeding around with their lights off at night, no seatbelt on, and a shirtless crusty nosed toddler standing in the passenger seat. Do you honestly think it would be good for Cayman if they were allowed to buy guns and ammo? And what about our infamous minibus drivers? Are you really ready to arm them? They haven’t even figured out what “stop” and “yield” mean yet. How can anyone expect them to comprehend the fundamentals of gun safety?

Still not convinced? Try listening to the daily radio talk shows on Rooster 101 and Radio Cayman. For the duration of just one program on each station, imagine an AK 47 assault rifle being held by the sweaty trembling hands of the various mutants who call the station to rant. As they rage on about the price of gas or whatever, ask yourself if Cayman would be better off if these sorts of people were packing heat. I don’t know about you but I would never leave my house again. And don’t think the answer is to somehow restrict guns specifically from the sorts of crazies we often hear on the radio. That won’t work because half of those callers are our elected politicians and prominent business leaders!

Here’s a deal for the gun enthusiasts: You can have guns available for legal purchase in Cayman—just as soon as you figure out a way to keep them out of the hands of the several hundred irresponsible and downright scary drooling whack-jobs currently inhabiting our islands. Take care of that and then we’ll talk.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Self Defense is the Answer.

    Laws against people owning firearmsmerely benefit the criminals.

    By definition, criminals could not care less about anti-gun laws.
    So restricting law abiding persons from owning guns merely hands criminals a tremendous advantage.

    If you want to stop crime in its tracks, then you must teach everyone how
    to defend themselves. This includes how to use Tasers, wasp spray, choke holds, jujitsu, holds to break arms, use knives, and use guns.

    Law abiding persons, after proper screening, should be encouraged to carry guns, be trained to use them to defend themselves, and combat crime whenever encountered.

    For example, look at Switzerland and the crime statistics there. Every Swiss is given a gun, trained how to use it, and required to keep it ready to use. Similarly, crime rates are lower in the states which allow gun ownership.

    Civilization depends on there being far more good people than bad.
    Therefore, it is ludicrous for the good people to voluntarily put themselves at a disadvantage to the bad people. We should not allow ourselves to be threatened by these perverts.

    Surely, ridding ourselves from them is what we really need to do .

    • Lullabye says:




      I Think Mr. Ezzard Miller should lead an inquiry into the performance of Commissioner Baines,

      Crime has increased under his management.

      We need to call into question his methodology and strategies becasue obviously they are not working and the criminals do not fear him as a commissioner of police.

      Compared to Chief Inspector Derek Haines Baines lookis like a little innocent Alter Boy.

      We need a hard nosed criminal head hunter Comissioner of police not a Candle light boy!

      The Criminals do not take him serious at all. He’s all talk.

      He would make an Excellent American Idol Judge he looks just like Simon Cowl!

      and that’s about it. As for law enforcement management here in this crime ridden island. He’s not the man for the job and we need a change before something really big happens. He can not handle what is on his plate.

      We are under siege by the criminals and we have no BRUCE WILLIS!

  2. whistling duck says:

    Gun are not the answer, but an answer out of many answers…

    I believe in the right to bear arms!

    : )

  3. Sir Caustic says:

    We should follow America’s fine example when it comes to legal issues, after all that is the fine country that executes the mental ill.  That puts it up there with China, Iran and er, that’s it.

  4. whistling duck says:

    The strongest reason for the people to have that special option to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against invasion from another country or against tyranny in government. Those who don’t want to bear arms that is their right! 

    But please don’t tell me that I shouldn’t have "a last resort option" to defending myself, my home, and my family!  Do you know the future???  

    Do you not prepare for a hurricane???

  5. Pit Bull says:

    My experience is that the people who are keenest on liberal gun laws are exactly the kind of people who should never be allowed near a gun.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Agreed more guns are not the answer. But until the people pressure the elected members who need to not point the finger at the UK but get off their duffs and pass legislation that will provide more money for the RCIP, more teeth for the courts, better prison system, better immigration, crime will continue to rise and people will want to protect them selves from the idiots running around the island robbing and terrorizing innocent people.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      What experience would that be?  Clearly it’s not spending time with normal gun owners.  I guess if you spend your time with the mutts, you’ll get a lot of fleas.  You’ve been hanging with the criminals, I’d wager.

  6. been there. says:

    Many of these "post" show that a lot of the people on Cayman are not responsible enough to own and operate a car much less a gun.

  7. Chuckles Norris says:

    Humour Break:

    Guns don’t kill people, Chuck Norris kills people.  With a roundhouse kick to the head.

    Every night McKeeva checks his closet for the Boogeyman. Every night the Boogeyman checks his closet for Chuck Norris. 

    OK, enough of that.  Back to the normal comments.

  8. Anonymous says:

    guns are not the solution education is!!!

    look no further then the god old USA and you can see first hand what the right to bear arms does to a society. 

    2.97 gun related death per 100.000 in the USA compared to 0.47 per 100.000 in Germany.

    if you find the time look at the statistic below.

    • Pooi says:

      Yep, but at the same time over 2 million crimes are averted annually due to the presence of guns in the USA as well. Thats up to five times more often than theyre used to commit crimes and nearly 128 times the total murders in the USA. It is statistically proven that guns can help reduce the amount of crime. Criminals are much less likely to invade a home if they know the owner might blast them into their next lifetime.A fact that the mainstream media conveniently "forgets" to let people know, because it nullifies their emotional pacifist arguments.

      Thomas Jefferson once said: "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one."

      I consider myself a bit more educated and capable than the average cop; if they are allowed to go through training and legally get armed, than I should have the option for responsible gun ownership as well.

      The wiki article states: "In the United States, cities tend to have higher criminal gun violence rates but LOWER rates of gun ownership, compared with rural areas which tend to have LOWER criminal gun violence rates but HIGHER rates of gun ownership.[26] Some areas have widespread gun ownership with low rates of homicide. Conversely, research has found that in the United States rural areas with high rates of gun ownership tend to have higher suicide gun violence rates and cities with lower gun ownership tend to have lower suicide gun violence rates." 

      Overall, a lower rate of homicides where gun ownership is higher. Suicide/stupidity is not something that should be blamed on guns, since I can also kill  myself with a knife if I decide to take my life, and we’re not banning knife ownership..

      The controlled and regulated presence of guns does reduce the crime rate, but it’s not a solution for every country. Is it a solution for Cayman, I dont know, but I just wanted to make sure to set the record straight with regard to the statistics front.



      • Anonymous says:

        you should compare all off europe v usa on the crime front. then look at gun owner ship in the usa v europe with way less guns on the street and less crime’s  commited, dont give me the stupid guns dont kill people people do!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe the USA beats Germany on stabbings, beheadings and stranglings per capita as well. Time to ban knives and thumbs.  Or…one could consider whether all countries have the same propensity for violence.

  9. whistling duck says:

    Guns are not the answer, but "an answer" to the unjustified violence to other people. Freedom dictates that the people should always have that option available for their own protection and self-defense!

    • Anon says:

      And just where does that end? use of nuclear deterence, automatic weapons? booby traps? land mines?

      How far do you go to achieve your freedom and safety, why stop at pistols and shot guns?

      • Pooi says:

        As far as I need to in order to deter the other evil guy. As WinstonChurchill said, "a pacifist is someone that feeds a crocodile hoping that he will get eaten last".

        It’s a lot easier to negotiate with bullies when they know that you’re equally or more powerfull then they are. Otherwise, human nature is such that they will run over you!

      • whistling duck says:

        You said, "How far do you go to achieve your freedom and safety…"

        You go as far as the law dictates. Whenever the means of self-defense threatens the life of another person, then that means is simply illegal. Of course, a land mine would be illegal because you would threaten the life of a mail man or someone innocent who step on your property.

        You said, "why stop at pistols and shot guns?"

        I would probably stop at shot guns, because when they are fired their bullets scatter out.  But a pistol or gun that fires a single bullet, is no threat to anyone if you have it lock and safe in your house.

        So long having a weapon or means of defense is not a threat to someone else, the law should not prohibit good folk from carrying and using that weapon for self defense

  10. Right ya so says:

    yep, let’s go that route because every country in the world that has the right to bear arms has a really low crime rate & they live by the words of John Lennon…………….

  11. Ernie says:

    You want more guns?  Then this is what you are really going to get, families slaughtered over domestic disputes.


    • No…

      What you’re going to get is a balance of respect between parties, people, and between the government and the citizens. The right to bear arms teaches respect. Right now, do you seriously think that the criminals respect our unarmed police officers who are scared to put their own lives in jeopardy?

      And you mention the word "slaughter." You don’t need a gun to slaughter another family member, and many of this island already know that!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Law abiding persons should be allowed (even encouraged) to have guns (and other means) to protect themselves and families/friends at their own homes. This would make a safer society also.

    I really do wish we didn’t even need to think about this…but the criminals already have use theirs…and the Police cannot be everywhere. Even when they are near, what are they to do against armed intruders?

    I say: Train and Arm the People and the Police!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Are you suggesting that we all shouldn’t be driving a car just because some idiots can’t drive properly or drunk and may kill someone?

    How about banning all liquor that may cause someone to drive drunk and kill someone?

    Same principle – why can’t the police force and people not defent themselves (even just with pepper spray) just because there are few idiots who may abuse them?

    • KY says:

      What about not allowing people to take any drugs they want, just because some idiots abuse it.

      OR the fact wwe can’t keep Tigers at home and take them for walks in public cos some idiots can’t control them.

      Or the fact we can’t collect bombs in our home, I want to do that. It won’t hurt anyone, just cos some idiots blow people up I can’t keep Napalm, Dynamite or C4 in my house

      It’s just SO UNFAIR

      • whistling duck says:


        It all boils down to being able to possess tools or the means of self-defense! The right to bear arms is the excercise of one’s individual freedom. How does drugs, tigers, and bombs has anything to do with protecting yourself???

        Just admit it… you want nothing else but for Caymanians to be a helpless society in their own country, dependant on a british control, incompetent police force! Oops

        • Anon says:

          What about a claymore mine or maybe landmining my property to stop illegal trespassers that could potentially wan tot hurt my family?

          As for incompetent police, I had a Caymanian officer round when I was burgled  he did nothing but leave his police radio on kitchen table when he left. I had to call the police to let them know and he took 2 days to come pick it up.


      • Anonymous says:

        1 The drug issue is very controversial – there are a lot of studies that suggest that if certain drugs would be legalized, a lot of crime would disappear (perhaps including the kind in which guns are used to offend and/or defend)

        2 Tigers are not allowed as pets (at least in Cayman) because there are no vets who have the qualification and experience to treat exotic animals of that calibre (which I believe was part of the issue regarding the dolphins).

        3 Bombs and bomb making materials are not allowed because they are outside your control. Guns can be locked up – so can be bombs. However, bombs can be set off during hurricanes, fires, a car running into your house etc. so you have only a certain amount of control over them.

        It is also like one of the other poster said, seemingly not everyone applying for a license would get one granted!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am not putting bars around my doors and windows as I have not done anything wrong, so I won’t put myself in prison.

    What do I do when the gun men who intrude my house shoot or posion my watch dogs? The criminals will only get slicker and smoother and more refined. This is what happened in Jamaica.

    Why can’t the police force be armed? Why am I not allowed to defend myself with as much as pepper stray?

    Do you think it makes sense to worry about something that may or could happen and continue to suffer daily with something that IS happening?


  15. These are my heroes, and not one of them advocated the complete trust and confidence in government for their own protection and defense!
    Samuel Adams
    The great Benjamin Franklin
    The President who wrote the American Declaration of Independence
    George Mason
    All great men…
    Samuel Adams said:
    "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home and leave us in peace. We seek not your council, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our country men."
    Benjamin Franklin:
    "Those who would give up essential liberties, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety."
    Thomas Jefferson, quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria in "On Crimes and Punishment", 1764:
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage then to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
    George Mason:
    "To disarm the people (is) the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
    WAKE UP!

    • Anonymous says:

      those coments where writen 200 years ago things changed u………..

    • Pauly Cicero says:


      • whistling duck says:

        Ummm… I don’t think Revolution!  At least, not yet, and I HOPE NOT!

        I and many others are thinking Reformation… The system needs to be Reformed for the people and by the people of the Cayman Islands.

        Now lets say… God forbid that we talk and talk and "they" don’t listen, who do you think should have the ultimate say over them? The special interest or the people? 

        Where does LAW come from?  Is it not from the PEOPLE???  If they do not want to reform the system into a better democracy for the people and by the people, a Revolution is inevitable!  This is proven by history and always the people have won! The more the leaders attempt to control the people, the people ended up controlling them!


        So sorry… they better listen to us, and they better not try to stop Cayman by making silly laws to infringe on the people’s rights – like laws against Freedom of Speech and the right of homeowner’s defending themselves and not being made dependants on the RCIP!  At the end Pauly, the People for Democracy always win! 

        So don’t be surprise if you start seeing folk branded by the state or government as criminals or civil disobidient citizens because of some stupid laws and policies from government. People here love their freedoms and they are not just going to sit down and allow someone, socalled "big" to take it from them!

  16. KY says:

    Good example of what happens when more people can legally own a gun


    Man kills 6, because he didn’t like the way his eggs were cooked.



  17. nauticalone says:

    While i agree that other means (such as you stated) for protection should be employed, i fully disagree that law abiding people should be forced to live in such fear with little to nothing to protect self.

    A idiot proof test may be needed, granted. But having passed such, any law abiding resident should be able to posess the means (including guns, though not AK-47s) to be able protect him/herself and family/friends at ones own property! Period.

    Those who donot believe in being allowed to protect themselves with guns (or other means) can do just that…don’t!

  18. Caymanian Conscience, I disagree with you so much!

    A government that is scared of its own people by prohibiting them from bearing arms, is a government that wants ABSOLUTE CONTROL. That government is not a DEMOCRACY – for the people and by the people…

    Cayman has become a CCTV controlled Police State, and will one day have so much power that its own citizens will be at its mercy. "Crime" is being used as the government’s opportunity to seize the CONTROL OF EVERYTHING and to INVADE OUR PRIVACIES!




    You tell me, look at our history… before the 1950’s, tell me, was their much crime in the Cayman Islands when there were more homeowners who had firearms than there is now!?  

    Just heard the other day, we are becoming so much of a Police State that the Police are lie detecting Police!!!

    Cayman, please…. refrain from giving a Dictator too much POWER – whether that Dictator is the FCO, a wealthy man, or one of our own politicians. The right to bear arms and self-defense goes way back since the time of antiquity! Let us not be so blind to trust the people we have now in power because of a crime wave!



    • rectus femoris says:

      Sorry, "Independent to the bone" but your scary screaming in ALL CAPS and your twisted logic suggests you are just the sort of person who we don’t need owning a gun. Thanks for the proving the point of the viewpoint. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah….the criminal element already has their guns. What is you recommendation for that?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you friend for this very simple yet profound question.  Alot of these so called bleeding heart liberals are excellent on philosophy and setting their standards to some utopian dream devoid of the cold hard reality that surrounds us.

      I always question this growing ‘movement’ to dumb down our society so that we make the rules and standards based on the lowest common demoniator.

      i.e. Some people are idiots so those of us who are responsible should not be allowed to protect ourselves/ our families with a gun if we choose!

      The same can be said for cars.  Alot of idiots kill people with them every day on the roads.  But idiots existing on the road doesn’t stop us from allowing people access to cars.

      So if Caymanian Consicence or anyone for that matter wants to place tjeor complete faith and trust in burglar bars, motes and dogs or have a debate on society’s ills with a robber in their home- then more power to them.

      Mike Tyson put it best "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face!" 

      Have a gun pushed in your face, or the faces of those you love, and I bet you’ll change your plan too buddy.

      • An Ony Mous says:

        OK, so let’s put a couple of different scenarios together then:

        1. You’re sleeping soundly, and an armed robber breaks into your house.  You are sleeping very soundly because you have peace of mind of knowing that "you can protect yourself and your family because you are a legal and responsible gun owner".  The brazen burglar comes right into your bedroom to see if he can find your wallet that you left on the night stand (I know two people who have had this happen to them).  You finally wake up when he accidentally bumps into your dresser and knocks over one of your wife’s fancy candle holders.  How does this turn out?

        a. You reach into your night stand drawer or under your pillow, pull out your loaded hand gun, point it at the burglar and pull the trigger.  But wait, you can’t do that because you are a legal and responsible gun owner, so you keep your gun unloaded, and in a locked cabinet as required by gun licensing protocols.

        b. You reach into your night stand drawer or under your pillow, pull out your loaded gun, point it at the burglar, but rather than shoot him, you simply threaten him and tell him to get out of your home or you will pull the trigger.  Can’t do it, same reason as above.

        c. You sit up, and point your finger at the burglar and say, "get out of my house, I have a loaded gun and I’m not afraid to use it".  The burglar laughs and points his gun at you because unlike you, he is wide awake and will not fall for the pointed finger trick.  Instead, he says, "I saw your gun cabinet downstairs.  Get your keys and open it or I’ll shoot you."  Another legal gun now in the hands of the criminals.  He uses your gun for his next home invasion.

        d. As soon as you sit up, he "pushes his gun in your face" and says, "give me your wallet and your jewelry."  You are a legal and responsible gun owner, not sure how this will help you in this scenario, but I thought I would repeat it anyway.

        2. "But this is very unlikely," you say.  "I would wake up long before the burglar got to my bedroom."  So let’s change the scenario.  The armed burglar breaks into your home and commences to look for valuables in areas away from the bedrooms.  How does it turn out now?

        a. You sleep more soundly than you thought.  The burglar is in and out of your house, has stolen your wallet and blackberry, and your wife’s purse, all from the kitchen counter where you left them last night (this happened to me and my family while we were asleep – about 3 years ago before the current crime wave.  I don’t know if he was armed or not, I never woke up).

        b. You wake up and hear a noise, your wife says, "go and see what that noise is."  You stumble out of bed and the noise scares off the burglar, who really doesn’t want to shoot anybody but would do so if necessary.  Good result – hopefully he didn’t get a chance to take any of your valuables.

        c. You stumble out of bed and go straight to your locked gun cabinet.  Presumably you keep the key somewhere very handy, like on a string around your neck?  You open the gun cabinet, and load your weapon of choice.  By now, the burglar has heard you and either runs away, or comes to confront you with his weapon.  Which do you think is faster, the burglar who crosses the room to point a gun at your head, or the guy who stumbles out of bed half asleep, fumbles with his key, takes a weapon from the cabinet that he probably hasn’t used in a while, loads it, and looks for the burglar?

        d. You are like a stealth ninja with your weapon.  You are able to get to your gun cabinet, load the weapon, and put on your night vision glasses, all before the burglar is even aware that you are awake.  You find him, point your gun at him, and when he turns to point his gun at you, you shoot him.  Quite within your rights to do so (at least by American standards).  He has broken into your home, attempted to steal your property, and threatened you with a weapon.  Congratulations, you’ve just killed a person – justifiable homicide, no legal ramifications.  Feel good about it?  It’s not just "bleeding heart liberals".  The vast majority of people would have a very difficult time coping with this.  It’s easy to talk a tough game, but when it comes to pulling the trigger and ending a life…

        3.  Instead of paying several hundred dollars for a gun, you instead decide to invest in a security system for your home (this is the route I chose after my home was broken into 3 years ago).  I don’t know the price of guns, but I am taking a guess that the security system would be 2-3 times the cost of a gun (legal gun, for legal and responsible gun owners).  You sleep very soundly knowing that your security system is keeping the perimeter of your home secure.

        a. Burglar sees the stickers on your front door and windows indicating you have a home security system.  He moves on to find another victim who is not as well prepared as you.

        b. Burglar ignores the stickers and "jimmies the lock" on your front door and comes into your house (this is how he got into my house).  The alarm is triggered, the siren blares, everybody wakes up, and the burglar runs away.

        c. Burglar breaks a window to come in – see "b" above.

        d. Burglar enters the patio area thinking he can break in through the sliding door.  The motion sensor on the patio is triggered – see "b" above.

        e. In addition to your home security system, you also choose to pay the monthly monitoring fee.  As soon as the alarm is triggered as in b, c, or d above, an automatic signal goes to the alarm company monitoring station.  They try to phone you.  If you don’t answer, they dispatch police to your house.  Let’s not get into the debate about the effectiveness of the police.  That’s for another forum.

        So it would seem highly unlikely that you would be able to use your gun in a defensive way against a home invasion.  Of course there will be scenarios in which you could get the upper hand on the burglar and either detain him or shoot him, but wouldn’t it be better just to keep him out of your house in the first place?

        There are other ways to protect yourself too.  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, Anthony White of the RCIPS has an excellent presentation on things you can do to decrease the chance of becoming a victim of a break in.  These are low cost (often free) methods of making your home or business less attractive to burglars.  Couple that with an alarm system (monitoring is not necessary, but itdoes add some more peace of mind) and you will feel very secure in your home.

        • . says:

          Or you could (a) get an alarm, (b) keep the gun loaded in the bed side stand and (c) pull the gun out and start shooting at anything that sets off the alarm that isn’t running away. 

          Strictly legal? Not really.  Practical and morally justifiable in light of the complete failure of the RCIPS to act as an effective police force? Absolutely.

          • Anonymous says:

            Because obviously you will have complete control over where your rounds are landing, and nobody could criticise you if a stray bullet hit the house across the street. Or one of its occupants. Or if your kids (or someone elses) found the loaded gun in your bedside stand and decided to play with it. Or if you dropped the loaded gun and shot yourself or your wife. Until you realise that being in control of a weapon is not much less dangerous than being in front of it, then you don’t deserve to own one.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is nothing in Cayman Islands law or ‘gun owning protocols’ that require you to lock away your firearms at home. Safe STORAGE of firearms require that you store your firearms under lock and key in a secure safe and in a separate location than the ammunition. If you are at home, the law specifically allows you to possess your firearm within the precincts of your premises. Yes, this includes locked and loaded.


          The conventional myth, oft repeated, is that it is illegal to keep your firearm loaded at home. Not true.

        • whistling duck says:

          For your long… blah blah blah… of mixed-up reasoning, SIR or MADAM –

          WHAT IS YOUR POINT???

          Are you saying that people should not have the right to own a firearm? 

          What is so wrong with freedom and the right to choose your own option of protection and defense?

          Before you talk, think what’s pratical!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Although I agree with most of what this poster has written the one scary part that was failed to be noted is that the idiot part extends to the ranks of the RCIPS and they are the ones charged with protection of the majority of the idiots so it is like the inmates running {in our case protecting }the assylum.

  21. Anonymous says:

    If you legalize guns, all those men who beat their wives will be able to shoot them instead.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and all those women who get beaten can shoot their husbands.  I think that level’s the playing field- so your point is moot.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Your article seems to suggest that everyone who applies for a licenced firearm in the Cayman Islands, it’s automatically granted. It also implies that everyone is now applying for a licenced firearm. This is not the case.

    Also, if there were flying cars made readily available for the general public, (in fact a few of them do exist in the world) most peole would not get a licence for them, for the simple reason that the cost too much and you wouldneed a pilot licence which is not that easy to obtain, as some car licenes are, for the idiots that do cause accidents and drive dangerously on our roads daily.

    Why should I imprison myself and my family in my own home that I worked so hard to obtain and not be able to enjoy the freedom of owning it, without feeling as if I’m in prison with burglar bars on all windows and doors.

    What happens if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night and I need an escape route through my bedroom window ?? Not to mention the expense of doing all this security as well as the guards dogs that I’ll have to take to the vet which costs almost as much as a child to the doctor today; and the maintenance on a daily basis.

    In my opinion, firearm licences should be given to all persons who have applied for such licences, but only if they have passed an extensive background test, not only into their character but in weapon proficiency as well as having appropriate security to keep such a weapon at home.

    I believe statistics both in the Cayman Islands and around the world will show that about 95% of the homicides that were committed, were related to illegal firearms on the streets and not those that were legally owned by responsible firearm owners whether they were at home or otherwise.

    How many legally owned firearms do you really believe was involved in the murders of eg. Ming, Bling, Carlo Webster, Todd Powery, Jefferson, Tyrone Burrell, Jerimiah Barnes, Leslie Hydes, Ebanks at Bonaventure Road and the list goes on and on…………….. I forget all their names as their are so many of them these days.  

    Get my point !!!   





    • rectus femoris says:

       Are you really this naive or do you just like debating for the sake of debating? 

      You wrote: "I believe statistics both in the Cayman Islands and around the world will show that about 95% of the homicides that were committed, were related to illegal firearms on the streets and not those that were legally owned by responsible firearm owners"

      Where exactly is it that you imagine illegal guns come from? Do you think all legal guns at the end of their usefulness are dismantled and retired to some government radioactive waste facility?

      Do you think illegal guns from the "illegal gun factory"? 

      Today’s legal gun is tomorrow’s illegal gun. Today’s weapon for self-defense is tomorrow’s weapon for murder and robbery. Guns are not loyal to good people. They work for anyone who pulls the trigger, regardless of character or intent.

      The more guns we have in Cayman, the more guns that will end up floating around in the shadows fueling crime.  

      Just look at the burglary statistics these days. Do you honestly think burglars who strike when everyone is at work will only take TVs and computers while leaving all the guns behind? 

      More legal guns inevitably would result in more illegal guns. 

      You may be a safe, law abiding, and responsible gun owner. Unfortunately, not everyone is. And, most obviously, not everyone who steals a gun will be as responsible as you. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I bet you would agree 100% if the firearms applied for in the Cayman Islands, were solely for hunting "foxes" in the country side. There are no "animal foxes" in Cayman Islands (rectus femoris) only the "human foxes" who really needs to be destroyed from being such a local pest. I believe you are probably more familiar with the animal foxes that are hunted back in the UK and not the caribbean ones who roam our streets, which the whole Cayman Islands and our caribbean society would be better off without.