‘Price’ on gunmen doubles

| 04/07/2011

(CNS): The reward now on offer for the arrest of the masked men who shot Kemar Golding in the face last week has increased to US$10,000 as the local branch of CrimeStoppers has matched the $5k pledge made by the Cayman Islands Brewery. Golding was a brewer for Caybrew and his employers issued a statement in the wake of his miraculous survival putting up the money for information leading to the conviction of the gunmen who shot him during the failed robbery attempt at the Red Bay jerk stand. Golding had been helping his friend who worked there dispose of garbage on the night of Wednesday, 29 June.

The bullet fired directly at his face entered his left eye and exited behind his ear on the side of his face. Since that time he has lost the use of his left eye permanently. Although he was taken to the Cayman Island Hospital for treatment initially, he has since been flown for treatment in a hospital in Miami and is in a serious but stable condition.

All three suspects involved in the crime wore masks and spoke with Caymanian accents. One was wearing a hoody type jacket. After shooting the victim, the suspects then ran off towards the Lighthouse school and towards Red Bay Primary School. Nothing was stolen and the offenders left empty handed after shooting twenty-eight year old Golding

“These are dangerous individuals who need to be caught before they injure or kill some other innocent person,” said Detective Sergeant Wright. “If you were in the area at the relevant time last Wednesday night and have any information about what took place, or the identity of the gunman and his accomplices, please call us now.”

Information can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS). Your tip will remain completely anonymous and could help solve this case.

“If you know anything at all, please provide any information you have that will help find the criminals behind this senseless act of violence,” said a spokesperson from Crimestoppers.

On Saturday, 9 July,  from 9am the Cayman Islands Brewery will be holding an open day for everyone to come and drink and socialize completely free. All four Caybrew brands will be on offer as well as food provided by top local restaurants and entertainment to raise donations for Golding.

"We will be giving away many many prizes,"siad Mathew Leslie as he invited everyone to come along. "You have shown your support to Kemar and the Brewery Family and this is our way of thanking you the best we can.

"Bring some chairs or blankets for the grass.  Bring your taste buds and come thirsty!  We need to bring back positive attitudes in the community so please come out and if you want to bring a grill and bbq then by all means please do.  A sense of community is the only thing that will stop these criminals as they will know we will not stand for these crimes in our islands," he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Since Government loves to bring in so many expats why don’t they bring in a police force that will show us some positive results. Cayman is so small and no one is caught but yet the US is a large place and they track criminals from State to state. In Cayman they can’t even track them district to district! People know who did it, so come forth! Its sad that we have so much robberies, I wish these robbers realized they arent the only ones who have it rough right now. There are alot of people struggling probaly worst than they are but we find ways to make an honest dollar. Perhaps if these robbers could live without the luxeries such as blackberry, cable TV, computer, name brand clothes then they wouldn’t be struggling. Some got machetes perhaps they should put them to good use and chop some bush to make some money.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Turn them in and give some or all of the money to Kemar and his family.  He has already forgiven them.  That is truly amazing.  Come on mothers fathers brothers sisters cousins friends of those who did this.  Once they have a taste for cold blooded crimes, they will not stop there. Turn them in.  do the right thing.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    My sympathy to Mr. Golding for the injury he suffered in this senseless attack which will no doubt change his life. For such a callous and pointless attack (attempted murder, no doubt) I am appalled at RCIPS CS Marlon Bodden's casual remarks on the nature of this crime – quote, "this is not the kind of reward you would give an individual for doing a simple chore" and " this nonsense has to stop".  "Reward"??? What would prompt CS Bodden to parallel this shooting with a reward?? Surely there are more sensitive ways to express what he was trying to say. "Nonsense"?? This wave of violent crime has long passed beyond 'nonsense' and the RCIPS should treat it as the serious situation that it has become. Perhaps one reason why society is being held hostage to these criminals and no one is being caught and held accountable is that RCIPS considers this serious situation as mere nonsense.

    Commissioner please, in addition to trying to elevate the educational standard of your officers and new recruits, may I suggest sensitivity training before they blurt inappropriate comments like those quoted. Better yet, channel all press releases through your media relations office. Although their releases are clinical 'police-speak', at least it offers the opportunity to re-write and vet such comments before release.  

    • This says:

      This comment really does not help! you are pointing your finger at the Police instead ofencouraging people to come forward and help the Police. They cannot be in all places at all times and everyone knows that 80% of Police work is based on getting "INFORMATION" from people. So please….you are really not helping here!

      Marlon has gone above and beyond to help the people of this island.

      I remember as far back as when he was a traffic cop, I personally witnessed him throw himself between two people who were fighting, one of them was standing above the other with a huge boulder over his head about to crush the other with it.

      Marlon tackled the individual, got the boulder from him, and saved a life. This is just one incident out of many. So please allow the man to express his frustrations from time to time. 

      • KM says:

        Other people have witnessed and experience alot of things The unjust shall not go unpunished . Some people have to understand they didn't weave the web of life but what you do to a strand of the web will effect you.

  4. Kate Cuming says:

    Kemar was always an amazing individual when I worked with him at CIB.  Whilst I am horrified at what has 'happened', still so…  I am inspired that a good person is able to come out fighting with such incredible spirit at so negative a time.  Please do all go and support Kemar on Saturday and by doing so you will be supporting a demand for a  return to normality and calm in Cayman.  I wish you all the best, Kate Cuming.

  5. Matthew Leslie says:

    Thanks so much for your support everyone.  We are getting alot of inquiries on donations and a website online will be set up that you can make donations to Kemar and also you can contact Crimestoppers to add to the reward. 

    Someone knows something out there and we must make sure these men are caught.  

    For those with Facebook please visit out Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/pages/CAYBREW-The-Cayman-Islands-Brewery/7850045982  and "LIKE" our page for updates on this event.  

    Kemar sends his love to everyone and a special thank you for the support being given.  

    Special Thanks to Royal Palms, Brick House, NKY Camana Bay, Lion's Productions, Air Care, SPIN FM, Z99, Radio Cayman, and everyone else who is coming together to assist us in Saturday's Event.  Please, I invite all of you to come and donate and enjoy a great day of POSITIVE Socializing and bringing back Community Spirit.  Bring your friends..bring a grill if you want to cook up something.  Bring whatever you want to donate for food or whatever and lets just enjoy a great day!!


    Matthew Leslie

    The Cayman Islands Brewery

    • Anonymous says:

      Matthew, I listened to you on the wireless on Friday, and I thought "Thank God for people like Matthew". God bless you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If I knew who it was I would turn them in for free.  

    Those are horrible people and we need them off the streets.  Please if anyone knows anything, turn them in. 

    Wishing you and your daughter all the best Kemar.

    • Anymous says:

      This evening Monday 4th July while in the vicinity of Savannah, myself and two other persons heard gun shots being fired in the area of down behinf Fosters Country side.

      People please, keep your eyes and ears open and do not hesitate to report anything suspicious, because you never know you, or someone in your family maybe next.  Be watchful and report anything or anyone looking suspicious.

    • Anonymous says:

      Third attempted murder and no one again will be caught.  Remember the two men who lived behind Cox Lumber last February?.  They were stabbed repeatedly and beaten and left for dead.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, if I knew anything I would happily pass on information, no reward necessary – or I would donate the reward to Kemar and his family. Someone must know something about this. Come on – do the right thing and speak up. See y'all Saturday at the fundraiser.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let the parents turn in their scum bags and stop encouraging them into wrong doings.  If they are not working, where are they getting money to spend?  Someone has to know something.  Speak up or speak out.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the MLA's, marches, and protests to help catch these criminals and rally against the growing crime that’s destroying our island?

    Why is it that people have so much energy to rally for political gain, when our people are being terrorized? There are MLA’s in each district they must know who and where these dregs lay, why are they not taking to their constituents and asking questions about suspicious individuals, why are they not having community meetings to help fight crime. They talk about protecting us if we march against their opponents, when are they going to start helping protect us from the gangs running this island, it’s like we can’t even go out after dark or in the middle of the day for that matter. You say you are willing to lie down in the street to stop some quarry but what are you willing to do to stop crime? Do you not think this is a threat to our future and our children’s future?

    Come down here and help us where we need it, not just where it will benefit your political careers…

    • Anonymous says:

      A march is not going help the crime problem. Criminals are not impressed by marches. They are not democratically elected and could not care less what the general public thinks.

      Please do not use this issue to try to score political points.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree the criminals do not care about marches but what about honest MLA's who care about Cayman. Maybe they would then do something to reduce crime – if there are enough of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      That word "terrorized" really grabbed my attention, because as I was telling my wife recently, we are in reality being terrorized in our 22 by 8 community. This criminality has the effect of terrorism on us, truth be told, and it should be regarded accordingly. Are we living in denial, in a dream world, when the foremost thing on our politicians' minds would seem to be anything but the horrendous fear being generated by those who would order the murder of an innocent bystander? The mind boggles at the mentality of such a two-legged beast, who most scarily is living amonst us, who might witness the same sunrise and sunset as the rest of us, his prey.  What a thought. We need action now from the RCIP, as clearly what they have been doing thus far has had no discernable effect. They appear from "nowhere" and disappear into "nowhere". We are given meaningless descriptions (we've all read them). What is this, a riddle? For God's sake, bring in an army of retired CIA, SAS, Delta Force, whatever it takes, to identify and eliminate these cretins.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are so concerned, arrange a march against crime.  Plenty would join in.  We are all sick and tired of a few criminals controlling the way this country is going.  It is time to take our country back from these people.  Commissioner of Police, we need armed Police who are on the streets, showing their presence, not hidden in the Police station or in their cars.  Get them out on the streets – especially in the hot spots, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Let the criminals see that they are not afraid of them.  Stop sending unarmed police to deal with armed situations.  It is ridiculous.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    How can private individuals add to the reward being offered?

    • Anonymous says:

      I'd be willing to contribute too!

    • Anonymous says:

      We will be posting a Paypal account for Kemar, and donations can either be sent to this account or dropped off at the Brewery, many thanks for your support.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I pray that justice will be served.  Please do not keep information to yourselves – this crime spree must stop.  It is ruining a beautiful island.