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Miller calls for enquiry

Miller calls for enquiry

| 15/07/2011 | 136 Comments

(CNS): Full story – Independent MLA Ezzard Miller has called on the governor to open a commission of enquiry into a 2004 letter believed to be between the premier and a developer. The North Side representative says that since no one in authority is willing to confirm if there is already an investigation into this document, given the implications of the letter from McKeeva Bush to Stan Thomas requesting $350,000 for a zoning matter, there needs to be some sort of enquiry. Miller has submitted a letter to the governor setting out the reasons why he feels the document justifies a commission, whether or not this is the subject of the mysterious probe the governor and the police commissioner have alluded to.

He has also revealed that he had submitted a collection of supporting documentation that makes it clear that Windsor Development was never involved in any zoning applications for land owned by Thomas and that the letter raises many very serious questions.

Although the premier has said very little about the letter other than to state at a jobs rally on public beach last month that it was a real estate bill, he has made comments about being investigated but has not been specific and has denied any wrongdoing.

At a press briefing at the Legislative Assembly on Friday, Miller was joined by the opposition leader, Alden McLaughlin, who offered his support to the independent member over the correspondence, which was officially submitted to the governor on Thursday afternoon with the supporting documents – copies of which were also given to the press.

Miller claimed the letter alone should be the subject of an investigation as he believed it was a clear indication of wrongdoing on the part of the premier. After investigating the circumstances around the content of the letter himself, Miller stated that he could not find a legitimate explanation for why the premier could be asking Thomas to settle the balance of a transaction that he appears to be claiming that Windsor Development had conducted.

According to the planning records submitted to the governor with Miller’s request for an enquiry, there is no record of Windsor Development Corporation being involved in the re-zoning application for the land owned by Stan Thomas.

The application to change the zoning of the land from low density residential to hotel/tourism was originally made by Chalmers Gibb to the CPA on behalf of the previous owner of the land in 2002. It returned to the CPA in May 2003 for deliberation and the CPA eventually recommended to Cabinet that the land be re-zoned. In November 2003 Cabinet received the papers and the CPA recommendation in order to consider the re-zoning. In February 2004 the sale of the land to Stan Thomas was completed.

It was eventually approved by Cabinet on 13 July for referral to the Legislative Assembly but one former Cabinet minister at the time has confirmed the application was deferred a number of times at the request of the then leader of government business, McKeeva Bush. The plans were eventually brought to the LA in July 2004 for legislators to vote on the changes to block 10A, the land in question, and other plots which had also been earmarked for change.

In a time line spelt out by the opposition leader, several months after the successful re-zoning approval and legislative passage, Bush appears to have faxed the request for the balance of a transaction of $350,000 to Thomas on 15 October from the tourism ministry’s fax machine. The letter does not say what action on the re-zoning Windsor Development undertook for the fee, nor does it say what the total bill was on which the balance was due. It refers to actions that Bush himself claims to have taken when he states: “I have ensured that all of the proposed re-zoning issues have been agreed and approved by Cabinet.”

The two politicians pointed out that there is no “fee” in law for Cabinet or the LA’s approval of a re-zoning issue it is a matter of legislative change made to the country’s development plan. The only fees payable to government are those paid during the submission of the application, which it is understood were paid by Chalmers Gibb Martins Joseph (CGMJ).

Since the Register of Interests shows that Windsor Development was owned by Bush’s spouse and that the then government leader had declared in the register that he was not a director but only a signature on the bank account for the corporation, Miller and McLaughlin also questioned exactly what role Bush had in the real estate company at the time. They said that they were still pursuing the paper trail to ascertain who the directors of the company were when this letter was sent to Thomas.

Both men pointed to the continuing uncertainty surrounding what is an unusual set of circumstances. McLaughlin said the public deserves to know exactly what the letter is, adding that he found the continued lack of acknowledgment by the authorities about whether or not the letter is the subject of a criminal investigation baffling. He also stated that the silence of the premier and a lack of explanation about what the letter relates to is also compounding the issue.

Miller said that Bush’s own recent references to the letter being a real estate bill only fuelled the confusion given that there appears to be nothing in the public record at planning or in the LA to show that Windsor Development had any legitimate involvement in the application process, which is the only part of the process that would require the services of an agent or consultant.

Miller further stated that there was no other land owned by Thomas at this time that had been through a re-zoning application and that the West Bay Road site, known as Vista Norte and which has since been bought by Dart, was the only possible land that the premier could be referring to in the correspondence with the land owner.

CNS contacted the premier regarding the latest move by Miller but the premier stated that because of the legal action he is taking against CNS he did not think he was able to speak with this reporter. He did, however, state that he had spoken to the other media and that we could refer to those comments in which he stated that Miller’s request was nothing more thana “red herring” created by him and the PPM to draw attention away from ongoing projects. He indicated that he was not worried about any commission of inquiry as he had done nothing illegal.

Relevant documentation:

Hansard 2004/5 session Scroll down to pages 319-320

CPA minutes May 2003 Scroll down to pages 98-104

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$20,000 reward for shooter

$20,000 reward for shooter

| 15/07/2011 | 31 Comments

(CNS): The RCIPS has announced that it is offering a reward of US$20,000 for information leading to the arrest and subsequent conviction of the men who shot the 57-year-old gas station worker in Bodden Town on Wednesday night. “While we are getting some information from the public,” said Commissioner David Baines, “nothing has yet come in which is translating into enough hard evidence to allow arrests to be made. Meanwhile, the reward offered for the arrest of the masked men who shot Kemar Golding in the face on 29 June stands at US$10,000 — $5k from the local branch of CrimeStoppers and $5k pledge made by the Cayman Islands Brewery. (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

The 57-year-old woman was shot during a heist at Lorna's Texaco in Bodden Town at around 10:08 pm on Wednesday evening, 13 July. Police say she was leaving the gas station and crossing the road to her car when a masked man appeared from the bushes brandishing a firearm. The robber threatened the woman and grabbed her handbag. The robber discharged several shots injuring his victim in the shoulder and knee before running off with her bag. The woman was taken to the Cayman Islands hospital where she is being treated for the injuries.

Announcing the RCIPS reward for her shooter, Baines said, “Today I’m asking for anyone who knows who these people are to come forward. They may be your friends, brothers or cousins, but can you stand by and condone what they have done by keeping silent? It is absolutely imperative that we get the men responsible for this heinous crime off the streets before someone is killed. That’s why today we are issuing the reward in the hope that it may just persuade anyone who has information, but for whatever reason has not yet come forward, to do the right thing.”

Golding was a brewer forCaybrew and his employers issued a statement in the wake of his miraculous survival putting up the money for information leading to the conviction of the gunmen who shot him during the failed robbery attempt at the Red Bay jerk stand. Golding had been helping his friend who worked there dispose of garbage on the night of Wednesday, 29 June.

Anyone with information on the Bodden Town shooting should call Bodden Town police station on 947-2220, the RCIPS confidential tip line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

Information on Golding's assailants can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).

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Man stabbed in George Town bar

Man stabbed in George Town bar

| 15/07/2011 | 7 Comments

(CNS): A man is recovering in hospital after being stabbed in the neck and shoulder area last night (Thursday 14 July) in George Town. Police say they received a report at around 6:40pm of the incident at Jim Woods Bar, Martin Drive in Scranton. The man was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, where his injuries are described as not being life threatening and police say he is in a stable condition. The man responsible for the assault is described as having an American accent and dreadlock hair. Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing and any witnesses should contact George Town police station on 949-4222, or Crime Stoppers 800-8477(TIPS).

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Armed robbers get less than $100 from gas station

Armed robbers get less than $100 from gas station

| 15/07/2011 | 21 Comments

(CNS): Update Friday 2:50pm-In the second armed robbery targeting gas stations this week, police say that two armed men shot their way through the locked door of a George Town gas station early this morning – and stole less than a hundred dollars. About 4:30am police received a report that two female attendants had been working within Delworth’s gas station, West Bay Road, when they heard shots being discharged at the door, shattering the glass. The terrified attendants locked themselves in the office as the two suspects, who were dressed in dark clothing, came in through the broken door. The suspects grabbed the cash tray and ran off. Neither of the attendants were injured in the incident, but both have been left shaken by the ordeal.

RCIPS armed officers, who had been on mobile patrol a few hundred yards away, heard the shots and immediately headed towards the location. As they reached the gas station they saw a car with two people on board drive past them at very high speed, travelling from the direction of the gas station onto West Bay Road. Suspecting that the occupants may have been involved in the armed robbery,  the officers gave chase and stopped the car a short distance away. A search was carried out and a quantity of ganja was found secreted in the fuel flap area of the car. The two men were arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja, but nothing was found to suggest that the occupants of the car had been involved in the robbery.

Enquiries into the robbery continue and this morning Chief Superintendent John Jones praised the owner and staff of the gas station for doing all the right things and taking the necessary safety precautions to prevent the attendants from being injured.

“Last year when we were experiencing an increase in gas station robberies we spoke with owners and staff and provided security advice, such as keeping doors locked and making sure staff had somewhere safe and secure within the premises,” he said. “These two ladies did exactly the right thing, they remained calm despite the terrifying circumstances and they are now in the process of providing statements to our officers.

“As we said yesterday, the people responsible for these crimes are using guns indiscriminately. Until we get those responsible off the streets all business owners need to work with us, not only to make sure they try to make it as difficult as possible for the robbers to gain access, but most importantly to make sure that appropriate measures are taken to keep their staff as safe as possible. We have increased our mobile patrols and armed capability significantly and in fact officers were only a few hundred yards away when theyheard the shots this morning. But unfortunately, no matter how much we would like to position an officer in each gas station, restaurant or business premises, we do not have the resources to do that. That’s why we need the community to continue to assist by calling in any suspicious activity.”

Just two days ago (Wednesday 13 July), a 57-year-old woman was shot as she was leaving Lorna's Texaco in Bodden Town, where she worked. A masked man threatened the woman and grabbed her handbag, then shot her in the shoulder and knee before running off with her bag.

Last night officers from the RCIPS once again visited business premises to deliver safety leaflets to staff and discuss security issues.

The Chamber of Commerce has also thrown its weight behind the efforts of the RCIPS and is asking business owners to review their security measures .

Chamber President James O’Neill said, “It seems another line has been crossed as our community struggles to comprehend the violent crimes committed recently against two small local businesses. We are confident that the responsible persons will be caught but the Chamber urges business owners and employees to be extra vigilant through their day to day operations.

"At the same time let us remember that we cannot let these incidents change us  as a community and we must not allow ourselves to be led by fear and distrust. It is important for all businesses and residents to work together with law enforcement officials. If have any information please contact the police or use the Cayman Crime Stoppers confidential tipster line.”

Anyone with information about the robbery should contact George Town Police station on 949-4222  or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS).

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Sharks and Wolverines start season with wins

Sharks and Wolverines start season with wins

| 15/07/2011 | 0 Comments

(GCFFA): Adrenaline was pumping, nerves were fluttering, and camaraderie was flowing at last Saturday’s opening season games for the women’s league of the Grand Cayman Flag Football Association.  In the first game, Hammerhead’s Lady Sharks defeated Lone Star Jager Monsters 26-6. Quarterback for Lady Sharks, Bobeth O’Garro, completed nine out of twenty passing attempts, with team captain Scimone Campbell and Sophia Foster each catching a touchdown pass. Campbell also caught a long ball and sprinted an impressive 50 plus yards, adding to the score.

The Sharks bit into the Monsters early in the game with Kathy Miller’s interception that was run in for a touchdown. The Monsters were again stopped in the second half, near the goal line with a second interception by Miller. Miller led the Sharks’ defense with three tackles. Ellen Downey also took a turn at quarterback, with five pass attempts of which two were intercepted by Monsters’ players Christine Bisnauth and Erica Bosch-Bone respectively.

The Lone Star Jager Monsters have a new quarterback this year, Michelle McTaggart, one of the team’s captains. McTaggart, having been a center and receiver the past three years, has stepped up to fill the quarterback position. Although McTaggart completed only six out of eighteen pass attempts, her calm demeanor on the field will prove valuable once she gains a bit more experience in her new role as quarterback.

Despite struggling in their offense, the Monsters managed to score in the second half with a
touchdown pass caught by Renee Thompson. The Monster’s defensive star was Christina Hefner with five tackles, followed by Kayleigh Jennings with two tackles.

The second game saw Dominoes Wolverines defeat the Andro Killa-Panthers 19-0. The Wolverines’ quarterback, Antoinnette Lewis, completed nineteen of twenty seven pass attempts, and subbing in, Dionne Whittaker completed two of three passes. As they were near the goal line, Lewis threw one interception caught by Becky Coe of the Killa-Panthers, stopping what may have been another score by the Wolverines.

After a two year hiatus, Benecia Thompson had a great first game, catching two touchdown passes and three more receptions, helping the Wolverines gain yards. The slippery Shamar Ennis caught the other touchdown pass, and the speed from running backs Alexandria Terry and Jahzenia Thomas was instrumental in the Wolverines offense.

Leading the Wolverines’ defense were Catherine Ebanks and Christsania McLean, with three tackles each, followed by Saneata Smith and Dionne Whittaker, each with two tackles. The Wolverines had a solid defense, shutting down the Killa-Panthers offensive strategy.

For the Andro Killa-Panthers, although they made it near the goal linea few times, and quarterback Christina Pineda completed fifteen out of twenty pass attempts, they were not able to penetrate through the Wolverines and hold onto the ball during crucial downs. Lisa Hill-Malice also threw five out of twelve attempts. Sophia Dilbert had a fantastic game both on defense and offense, with four receptions and five tackles.
Also with five tackles on defense for the Killa-Panthers is Jennifer Allen, followed by Delicia Ebanks with four.

On offense for the Killa-Panthers, Natalee Dyke and Tonia Ebanks each had three catches, with perhaps one of the best receptions of the day made by the petite Ebanks catching a long ball on the side-line, snatching it as she was surrounded by the Wolverine’s players.

This Saturday’s games start at 10am at the Camana Bay Field, with a newly formed team, the Pythons, facing the Killa-Panthers, followed by the Wolverines and Monsters at 11am. Lady Sharks take a rest with a bye week.

Admission is free and snacks and refreshments are available for purchase.

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News International boss quits under pressure

News International boss quits under pressure

| 15/07/2011 | 0 Comments

(BBC): Rebekah Brooks, CE News International, has resigned, the company has confirmed. Her departure follows days of increasing pressure to step down as the phone hacking crisis grew. In a statement, she said she felt a "deep responsibility for the people we have hurt". News Corporation is to take out national press adverts this weekend to apologise for what it described as "the wrongdoings at the News of the World". Prime Minister David Cameron thinks that Rebekah Brooks's resignation was "the right decision", his official spokesman said. Rebekah Brooks was the paper's editor between 2000 and 2003, during which time murder victim Milly Dowler's phone was hacked.

She said she wanted to "reiterate how sorry I am for what we now know to have taken place".
Her statement went on: "I have believed that the right and responsible action has been to lead us through the heat of the crisis. However my desire to remain on the bridge has made me a focal point of the debate. "This is now detracting attention from all our honest endeavours to fix the problems of the past."

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Emerald Sound returns to CPA with objectors away

Emerald Sound returns to CPA with objectors away

| 15/07/2011 | 63 Comments

(CNS): The return of a controversial development has residents in South Sound deeply concerned as they hoped the project had been stopped once and for all last year. In January 2010 Berna Cummins, who spearheaded the opposition to the development of Emerald Sound, handed over a petition of more than 1,100 signatures of people objecting to the plans to government. However, the development which has raised environmental concerns is back on the agenda and residents are especially worried that the plans are coming before the CPA in the first week of August. Cummins revealed that despite fears that many objectors are off island and unable to attend, the CPA will not change the date.

The project has attracted considerable opposition not just from nearby residents but across the island as a result of the threats it could pose to the environment because of the dredging of canals and the development along the shoreline.

The developer’s goal is to cut a channel from the sea through the South Sound road to the main site, directly linking the landside where the main residential condo complex will be constructed adjacent to Bel Air Drive, with the ocean adding to its sale value.

Cummins and other objectors to the development have said that granting permission to cut a channel from the sea is not only a direct environmental threat to the location but it would set a dangerous precedent. The development also proposes to remove 120 feet of mangrove.

Besides the objections raised by people living within the zone which the CPA is obligated to consult (1500ft radius), over one hundred letters of objection were sent to the planning authority and a petition of over 1100 signatures was also handed to the director of planning in January 2010 by Berna Cummins, indicating the wider public concern about the dredging of canals. The recent re-emergence of the proposed development, according to the objectors, still contains plans to dredge channels.

The objectors have now been invited to address the CPA in person on Wednesday, 3 August, which Cummins says is unacceptable as several people who are against the plan are away. Despite several emails being sent to the planning department from residents in the area requesting a change of date, Cummins said the request has been refused.  Planning told the objectors that the applicant, RS Estates, was unable to change the date and as such the CPA would be going ahead with next month’s meeting.

Cummins told CNS that she and those opposed to the development now have genuine concerns as so many people are away at this time of year. Because they were only notified on Tuesday 12 July she said it may be very difficult to muster the real number of objectors in person on that date in order to demonstrate to the CPA that the development cannot be granted planning permission.

When Burns Conolly resubmitted the plans on behalf of RS States for Emerald Sound in December 2009 he said that “years of detailed consideration and thousands of hours of professional consulting have resulted in a very carefully thought-out development.” 

At a public meeting which followed the submission however, where more than 100 people attended, local mariners warned of the dangers of cutting a channel through the road.

Conolly previously stated that all precautions have been taken in addressing any potential problems associated with this development and he believes the complaints were more about people not wanting any development in their neighbourhood rather than any real environmental concerns.

Plans can be viewed at the Planning Department and more about the campaign to stop thedevelopment can be gained from

A meeting has now been called for next week Thursday 21st July – 6pm – at Hinds Way contact for details

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Top cop vows to find gunmen

Top cop vows to find gunmen

| 15/07/2011 | 80 Comments

(CNS): Speaking in the wake of Wednesday night’s shooting in which a woman leaving her place of work was shot by a robber in Bodden Town, the commissioner has stated that finding the gunmen is a top priority for the police. Island-wide road checks, increased police presence at gas stations and businesses, armed patrols and the squeezing of known offenders are some of the efforts David Baines said were being made to stop the escalating gratuitous and indiscriminate violence used in the two recent robberies, which he said maybe connected.

“We’ve now had two people seriously injured in the last two weeks as a result of robbery related shootings,” said Baines. “The violence used is completely disproportionate to the potential gain. In the jerk stand shooting nothing was taken. (On Wednesday ) night a woman was shot in the shoulder and leg for her handbag, which contained a small sum of cash,” Baines added, noting that the police could easily have been dealing with two murders.

Although Kemar Golding was shot through the eye on Wednesday 29 June, he miraculously survived and is currently undergoing treatment in Miami. Meanwhile, the 57 year old woman shot on Wednesday 13 July is recovering from her gunshot wounds at the Cayman Islands hospital.

“While we cannot definitively link the two incidents, the blasé manner in which people were shot, combined with the time and the modus operandi of the crimes, suggest that they may be linked. This has to stop now before people are killed,” the commissioner stated.

“Today I’m thanking the people who have provided information in relation to the crimes. The information has allowed us to carry out searches and vehicle checks – but unfortunately the information supplied has not yet led to hard evidence to arrest those responsible,” he added.

Police said they need the public to continue coming forward and helping officers by providing any information they have.

“No matter how insignificant it may seem, it may be the piece of information that helps us start to gather enough evidence to put these men behind bars.  We have information that what has been described as an ‘old blue/ grey beat up Honda’ may be connected to last night’s shooting.  Officers throughout the Island are currently searching for those types of vehicles through proactive patrols and road checks. If you know anyone who owns such a vehicle, whether it is licensed or not, please let us know,” Baines urged.

Although neither Golding nor the victim in last night’s shooting were carrying any takings from any businesses, the police are also reminding business owners to review their cash handling procedures and also asking them to ensure staff do not park in dark areas.

“It’s seems that the aim of last night’s robbery was to make off with takings from the gas station – but the gunman assumed, wrongly, that his victim was carrying the cash. Shooting a young man in the eye when he has no money or a 57-year-old woman for a small sum of personal cash – is that what Cayman has become?” Baines asked.

“I’m sure that even those involved in criminality on the Island will be repulsed by what happened last night. If they know anything, or hear anyone bragging about it, we need to get that information. As always, information can be passed to us in confidence.”

Anyone who has any information about gun crime should contact their nearest police station, the RCIPS confidential tip line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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CTC three men down

CTC three men down

| 15/07/2011 | 13 Comments

(CNS): The recent political interference and intimidation of civil servants by local politicians in the procurement process led to a number of resignations from the Central Tenders Committee, leaving the panel shorthanded, the country’s auditor has said. In his recent damning report about the government’s management of its procurement system, the auditor general revealed that resignations had plagued the committee, making it very difficult for it to function properly. Recently three members of the committee submitted their resignations and Ronnie Dunn, who is also director of the Budget Management Unit, was acting as both chairman and secretary.

Swarbrick warned it was likely one or both roles under such circumstances could not be performed appropriately and it was unusual for such a large turnover of an operational committee at one time, causing significant difficulty.

He said the committee had established that four members constitute a quorum. “While it is difficult to ascertain if the CTC has the capacity to function effectively with five members … it is assumed that the chairman would frequently be required to cast a deciding vote. This is far from an ideal condition under which such an important committee is expected to operate.”

There are currently five members serving on the CTC but there have been up to eight members in the past. With no criteria for how many members should be appointed to the CTC or the basis for their appointment, the financial secretary had been appointing members until recently when he decided to not to replace the three who had resigned. This appeared to be as a result of the difficulties in finding people willing to serve. 

“The government is experiencing challenges to appoint the missing members of the committee because there are no clear criteria for membership,” he said, noting the reluctance of people to volunteer. “We would have expected that the Financial Secretary, who according to Section 40(2)(c) of the Financial Regulations is responsible for appointing members, would have clear criteria for the qualifications and experience for committee membership. This is not the case.”

Swarbrick noted that there had, in fact, been considerable political interference about appointees, despite the CTC being an operational committee and not a policy one.

“For such a committee, to operate effectively and to have the desired level of trust from suppliers and of the public in general, we believe it needs to be free from any form of political influence. We found that despite the requirement under the Financial Regulations for the Financial Secretary to appoint members of the CTC, politicians have been recommending who should be appointed to the CTC,” the auditor general added.

The AG further revealed that a senior public servant had submitted his resignation as a last resort to demonstrate his unease with the level of political override, and members of committees were stepping down and not wanting to participate in the current procurement process because of the impact of that political interference.

“During our interviews, we found evidence that public servants no longer want to participate in the procurement function, or do so with great trepidation because of the risk of political interference and the possibility for abuse of the process that might be associated with such activities.”

Swarbrick explained the importance of theCTC to the management of procurement as he said it was designed to provide oversight and assurance to the suppliers that the process has the necessary integrity and could be trusted to be fair and transparent. The CTC is supposed to ensure that the bids receipt process is managed effectively and that the evaluations of tenders are complete and accurate.

“There should be clear guidelines for how the committee should operate and what it expects from the entities that conduct procurement in the government,” the report stated. “There should be clear guidelines provided for how bids should be evaluated and what is expected to be included in an evaluation report that would recommend a successful bidder from a tender process.”

He said the audit office had reviewed the recent minutes of the committee and expected to find a very thorough and precise record of the proceedings. “We found that the minutes were thorough; however, they have not been signed and declared official in some form. We are also concerned that there is no one on the CTC who is a procurement specialist or that the Committee does not have access to the resources necessary to provide advice on its operations,” Swarbrick revealed.

The audit also examined minutes for the last three years and found that the CTC often got into detailed discussions about the information in the tender documents and in the evaluation reports. Swarbrick said this was unnecessary and resulted from a lack of understanding of the role the committee. He said CTC’s oversight role, to ensure that the procurement process has been followed by the entities, has been compromised by not having the necessary guidance for its operations.

For anyone who has not yet seen the AG’s damning report on the management of government’s procurement process it is posted below.

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FOI reveals police clear up rate is falling

FOI reveals police clear up rate is falling

| 15/07/2011 | 12 Comments

(CNS): According to statistics revealed in a Freedom of Information request, the percentage of crime solved by the police is getting worse as the number of crimes increase. Despite there beingless crimes reported, in total in 2008 the police solved a greater percentage of those crimes than they did in 2010. The applicant, who showed the results to CNS, asked the police how many crimes in total were committed in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and how many of them were detected – in other words charges were brought against the perpetrators or the police determined that no crime had been committed. The statistics supplied for the FOI differed, however, from those given in the recently published compendium of statistics.

In response to the FOI request, the applicant was told that the in 2008 there were 2,596 crimes committed and the police cleared up 1,955 of them, in 2009 the police received reports of 2,951 crimes with 1,893 of those detected, and then in 2010 the applicant was told 3,136 crimes were committed and the police cleared up 1,886. The FOI request states that police had a 76% clearance rate in 2008 and around a 64% clearance the year after, falling to around 60% in 2010.

However, according to the ESO figures, police dealt with 3,124 crimes in 2010 and only cleared up 30% or 952 of those crimes. In 2008 the compendium says there were 2,591 with the clear up number of 1,927 and a rate of 74% – similar to that given in the FOI request answer. In 2009 the ESO states that 2,967 but only 1,833 were actually solved giving a clearance rate of 62%, which is lower than the 64% rate given by the police information manager.

Over the five years that the ESO measured detection rates, from 2006 to 2010 inclusive, 15,596 crimes were committed in the Cayman Islands and 9,792 have been solved, giving the RCIPS an overall average success rate of more than 62%.

The compendium also reveals in the types of crimes identified. In 2010 police were best at solving burglaries and common assaults.

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