Cops find loaded gun in bush

| 21/07/2011

(CNS): A police K-9 team recovered a loaded Heckler and Koch pistol which was hidden in bushes in the Red Bay area. The gun was found as the handler and his dog carried out routine patrol at around 4:10pm on Wednesday afternoon in the Admiral’s Landing area. Police said that the firearm (left) was hidden in some bushes and was loaded with a full magazine. The police dog that found the gun was Boris, a German Shepherd who recently arrived in the Cayman Islands with the team of Belgian Malinois. “This was a significant recovery by the K-9 team,” said Superintendent Kurt Walton. “The public can expect to see our K-9 officers and their dogs out on foot patrol in their neighbourhoods and in particular in bushy areas. On this occasion we saw the positive result of one of those patrols."

Walton also noted that the automatic pistol had one bullet in the chamber and another eight in the magazine. He said that now the gun is in the hands of the authorities it is no longer available for use by gunmen.

“Recent events have shown that the criminals who carry guns are using them indiscriminately to injure people. We’re lucky that no-one has been killed so far. The recovery of this gun means that there is one less dangerous weapon on the streets for the criminals to use to destroy innocent lives.”

The police will also be in a position to find out of the weapon reveals any forensic clues to its owner or if it has been used in the commission of any of the recent crimes.

Walton, who is one of the lead officers for this year’s gun amnesty, confirmed that 31 rounds of live ammunition had been surrendered at Bodden Town police station yesterday.

“We have got off to a slow start with this year’s amnesty,” he said. “But one round fired from a gun is all it takes to kill someone. We now have 41 rounds off the streets as a direct result of the amnesty. There are still a few days left until the end of the month for people to do the right thing and drop their unwanted, illegal and unlicensed weapons or ammunition to us,” the senior cop added.

He said that many people have criticised the police for holding the amnesty this year against the backdrop of gun crime. “But for every critic we have many supporters in the community who recognise that the amnesty is just one strand of our overall strategy to reduce the number of guns on the Island and cut gun related crime. Yesterday’s proactive patrolling shows that, despite those critics, we do get results,” Walton added.

The window of opportunity for the community to hand in firearms and ammunition during the no questions asked anonymous gun amnesty will close on Sunday 31 July. Last year the police recovered 27 weapons and many rounds of ammunition. This year, however, with the escalation of gun violence on the streets, so far no firearms have been dropped off at any the police stations.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Boris for C.O.P. !!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like Boris! i am gonna cal him BoBo like I does all my good fren.

  3. nauticalone says:

    Good job here Boris/K9 Unit.

    See guys….no need CSI….just need to "get out there" more!

    • Pending says:

      Holey Moley, finding that gun would explain why we havent had Thursday Night Robberies for the last two weeks, good job!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope that readers will not be commenting on the K-9 team negatively. I've lived in another country and have family scattered across the globe and fully support the use of police dogs. Dogs have an incredibly sensitive, heightened sense of smell and have aided in many cases such as this one. I commend both the dog and the officer for their find. Just knowing that police are patrolling areas on-foot provide me with a little more sense of security and peace of mind. We have to give praise where praise is due, motivating our officers to fulfill their duty of care to us as best as possible. Congratulations to the RCMP and K-9 team.

  5. Anthony Montana says:

    Can we promote Boris to commissioner please?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is Boris on a work permit and is he subject to rollover ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps a gun expert could comment on the aparent corrosion of the gun in the photograph, and the fact that the barrel appears to be bent upwards, perhaps making the gun useless. It looks as if it has been exposed to the elements for a long time.

    • a gun expert says:


       Since you asked…corrosion on a firearm does not render it inoperative unless it somehow caused the firing pin to be frozen in place and since most auto pistols have a firing pin which is housed in the slide mechanism, it is somewhat protected from the elements…as far as the appearance of the barrel being "bent", this is caused by the locking/unlocking mechanics of the slide/barrel interface..most H&K firearms use a "delayed blowback/rolling block" locking mechanism to achieve barrel/slide lock just prior to firing.  Upon firing the barrel and slide begin to move to the rear under inertia from the fired round, however they are still "locked" together and move as a unit a short distance. This is to facilitate the drop in pressure of the gases caused by the firing of the cartridge.  Upon traveling to the rear a short distance, the barrel then disengages from the slide and "drops" out of the path of the slide and stops and the slide then continues to the rear.  This is what causes the barrel to appear as though it is "Bent" in this photo…the slide is locked to the rear and the barrel is in it's dropped position…

  8. Facts says:

    Welcome and thank you Boris! Don't be offended if we start calling you BoBo. Just some good 'ole Caymanian-Expatriate love!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good job, Boris! (His  human partner needs a pat on the back too!) pat, pat, pat…



  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank God Boris is showing regardfor Tax Payers hard earned cash."Keepup the goodworks

    • Anonymous says:

      Good job Boris,

      Maybe there are some K-9s that can do some investigative work, and it should be a little easier to find out who this particular gun might have originally belonged to since a Heckler and Koch is a police issued weapon?? Just a thought

    • anonymous says:

      OK, now the Comissioner of police and Governor Taylor need to hire some JDF officers from Jamaica to clean up the streets of Cayman. I guarantee you, these criminals will run away with their tails between their legs at just the sight of a JDF  soldier! I'm sure this can be done if the authorities really want to stamp out crime in our society. these Jam officers would love to make some CI dollars!

      • An Onymous says:

        Hmmm, …but so far can't seem to find anything about the streets of Jamaica now being  cleaned up and crime free :o(

  11. Cat says:

    I agree with everyone that this is good news that Boris found this gun,and I really hope the K-9 team finds alot more, but….you all do realize you're sending your congrats by email to a dog right? Lmao!! 🙂 I mean he's good at finding guns, but I'm not too sure he's trained to read emails yet.

    I think you're better off going to the police station and asking the K-9 Unit if you can pet him and give him a dog biscuit. I think he'd appreciate that more.

    • Anymous says:

      I  must critize the police and Government for not installing the CCTV in bad areas.  Go and chek it out, the police have all of these CCTV Cameras installed along South Sound Roads and in Rich Areas.  There is not a single one installed in Bodden Town.  So I can see why criminals are not robbing South Sound and other areas of such they are protected.  What  a shame.

      • Anonymous says:

        CCTV's are cost ineffective, and are prone to abuse.  

        They will disperse crime to areas where there are no CCTV's until the whole island is covered with them.

      • anonymous says:

        You DO realise that cameras are put up in a series, right???   The CCTV System can't have EVERY camera installed at the SAME TIME…it's just like after IVAN…CUC couldn't fix everyones light pole at the same time…be patient, nah…it WILL COME….

  12. CRITIC says:

    To: Boris

    Job well done!

    Fr: Critic

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great!!!  Let the criminals know what you're up to so they stay one step ahead.  Geez!!!  Great job Boris, but thanks to the RCIPS telling everyone what they're doing, poor Boris won't find anything more.  Loose lips sink ships.

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is that if they say nothing, all the critics say they are doing nothing – and that is evident from the posters to other stories! Trust me, it will take more than a news release to stop Boris and his 'friends'

    • Anymous says:

      16:15 i agree with your comments, Loose lips sink ships.  I would expect the police to be searching homes near by, because no one is going to leave that gun too far from their home.

      Some house close by has the owner of that gun I am sure.  Now nex news I want to hear is that the owner has been found.  Thanks to the police.  I see them on every street corner, that is what the public wants.  Keeping criminals on the run.  Let them stay home day and night, pull them down search them and their cars and friends.

  14. Jayman From Cayman says:

    This is great that the K-9s are being utilised…. 'hats off' to the effectiveness of this dog and the police unit responsible…. now the investigators and forensics have their work cut out for them becuase I agree with the Anon. poster at 13:24….. this COULD very well be the gun that shot Kemar…. hopefully the spent rounds were recovered at the crime scene…. so hopefully our forensic team is as meticulous as the U.S. units because those guys DO find their guy or at least they match the 'weapon in question' to the crime scene……

    Think about it……… Red Bay is in VERY CLOSE proximity to the jerk chicken stand….. could it be possible that the thugs sought refuge down in R.B. because it is a large neighbourhood and many places to hide out…. or maybe they reside down in there…. and in my view you never know…… the trigger man himself could have made the decision to 'toss' the gun that same night as he was running because he knows he would be booked with Attempted Murder if he was to hopefully be apprehended……

    So…. forensics & CID….. let's get to work guys…. please work your magic so we can know if this is the case…. and maybe you can scour Red Bay with the possibility that these thugs live there…..

    Justice NEEDS to be served against these EVIL HUMANS……

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you're right but the gun looks like it's been in the shrubbery for a good while.

      • Jayman From Cayman says:

        Resonse to Anon. 16:58

        Yeah I was thinking about that too… I know I could be wrong…. just a hunch/suggestion…. worth checkin' it out I guess though…

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 15;59

      Good statement, but what baffles me, though…why didn't the police take the dogs in the bushes the same night of the shooting.

      Why didnt they set up road blocks within the area, it's all bush between where the shooting took place, and the  roads in  prospect.

      It would seems like  they ran into the bushes, and probably hid there for hours, untill the cops chilled out,  before hauling ass eastward towards  Prospect….and took that chance to dump weapon.

      It is very likely that the gun found between the Theater and Prospect is the same weapon…such a shame, they never even thought of blocking all roads surounding the bushes, then send in the dogs, their ass would have been grass by now. 

      It is such a relief to know they are finally using the dogs to sniff out the guns and ammo, holy cow!…what the hell were they waiting on.

      Did I hear right on the morning show, when Prentice said that the police shut down his store, and waited for the next morning to do the investigation, after the latest robery…I hope I dreamt this, and it is not true. If it is so, we really need to bring in a private security firm to to  police our Islands…God help us! 

      • Jayman From Cayman says:

        To Anon 20:18 21/7 …

        Thanks much for your input AND insight to my comment….. very true what you are saying…. $$ was spent on these K-9s so put them to their FULL POTENTIAL…. that would have served the thugs right if the dogs were used and attacked and subdued them….. they needed to 'tear them apart' and call it that…. the low-lifes…..

        I can attest to the situation with Prentice so it is of no surprise to me because i lived it too….. around about 6 years back when I worked in my dad's business there was a break in at around 3am one morning and I was called out of my bed to come to the premises because my dad was off island…. when I got there I was in complete disarray….. the thugs had broke in through a window at the top of the building and made there escape when the alarm sounded apparently by…. check this out…. literally ripping a computer monitor out and pelting it through one of the main entrance's glass doors…… it seems like the alarm scared them so in panic they ran and yanked and jumped and cleared the front counter and away goes the monitor(older, heavier TV type) through the door and I could not believe what i was seeing when I arrived there…. so….. the reporting officer did the normal protocol on me and then, to my surprise back then, told me the exact same thing that Mr. Panton experienced…' wait until 8am tomorrow when Forensics start their shift' before any investiagtion can be done…. HUH? Say whaaaaat right?  I had to do the most logical thing as an Asst. Mngr and call my security guard service to put a man through the rest of the wee morning hours until operational hours…. I was informed by the officer that morning that when we do go to open later no one is to touch anything to start cleaning up etc. until Forensics had come and gone…. and that they didn't even get there until like around 11am…. so…. you can imagine the frustration and inconvenience…. so I feel it for ANY business owner who experiences this wrath from these thugs…

        So….. this is my 2 cents…..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Boris:             1

    Amnesty:       0

  16. Anonymous says:

    We need more Boris's on the RCIP!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder what the plural of Boris actually is? Borii? Anyway….yay to Boris and hope to see many more interesting finds being reported.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Easy now!  You sound like you just won the Boston Marathon when you've just taken a step – a slow one at that…

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is great, good job dogs!

  19. Moer Toowit says:

    Just think – that gun could just have easily been found by children playing in the neighbourhood.

    • Jayman From Cayman says:

      Imagine that…. true what you said…. scary…. thankfully it wasn't found by kids…. we don't need anymore tragedies…..

  20. Solja Crab says:

    What a coincidence that our ‘dependable’ K9 friends discover a gun in some bush, only days following an unsuccessful gun amnesty.

    They can’t tell the difference at the airport between Kentucky Fried Chicken and drugs…but boy oh boy they can sniff out a gun…

  21. Anonymous says:

    Could possibly be the gun used to shoot Kemar……maybe we will one day know….maybe not


  22. the nose knows says:

    Hmmm…Boris, a GERMAN shepheard…finds an H&K pistol, made in GERMANY…hmmm…coincidence… I DON"T THINK SO…perhaps that RCIPS can train some local mutts to sniff out LOCAL criminals… 

    But on the serious side…this is the SAME type of weapon used by the RCIPS…I think the CoP needs to explain if this is one of theirs that went missing??

    • Rorschach says:

      Wow…I don't know about the rest of you guys, but the RCIPS silence in answer to this question is FRIGHTENING…

  23. I SAW IT COMING says:

    What good news. Leave it to the canines , they will do a good job. This is what we have been saying for a long time now. Stop cars randomly in different areas every night and have the canine and police search the vechicles. What man miss those dogs can sniff out.

    I'm elated to know that the police are finally using their heads. Now go into neighborhoods  and do the same, no good citizen should be unhappy about this, if they have nothing to hide they should welcome them.

    Good job Boris.

  24. Anonymous says:

    It should be easier to figure out who this gun belongs to especially if a Heckler and Koch is a Police issued firearm that also bears a serial number  and the only people that carry these type of weapons on island are POLICE!!… XXXX If I am incorrect in this assumption please feel free to comment.



  25. Anon says:

    Great!! The criminals are NOT going to turn in their firearms, amnesty or no amnesty.  RCIPS – Keep up the patrols – turn that aggressive intelligence into aggressive action.

  26. The Truth is Out There says:

    Please take the dogs to the homes and hang outs of every single one of the low-life gangster punks that the police have their eyes and see what turns up.

    • Anonymous says:

      bringing the dog into these areas would probably send the animal crazy with the amount of scents it would pick up

  27. Anonymous says:

    Good work Boris, Welcome to the Islands 🙂