The Coalition Ghost of an Election Past

| 14/05/2013

Whenever I now hear talk of a coalition government I am haunted by the memory of the 2009 elections – in essence haunted by the ‘ghost of an election past’. I ask voters to re-read ‘A Christmas Carol’ and be reminded on election eve, as Scrooge was reminded in that famous tale by Charles Dickens, that our decisions in life, and at the polls, have consequences.

I recall a discussion with friends and family who insisted that in the aftermath of the 2009 election there would be a coalition government elected. The reasoning was that ‘people wanted a change’ and they ‘did not trust Mac and the UDP’, nor did they want a party system. So the conditions were supposedly ripe for a coalition of PPM candidates, maybe some UDP, and many independents. Sound familiar? 

My response at the time was that come the day after election there would beeither a UDP government run by Mac or a PPM government. There would be no coalition government. The UDP supporters (at the time this included some who are now supporting or running as Independents, PNA, or C4C candidates) would vote straight, and either (a) the PPM would get sufficient support from the remaining majority electorate to form the government; or (b) voters who were seeking a coalition government would split their vote, leaving Mac and the UDP to win by default.

As we all know, the latter is what occurred, and in many cases UDP candidates just squeaked into the winners' row. A few more votes in George Town and Bodden Town for PPM candidates and the country may not have experienced the disaster and disgrace of the past few years.

In the days and weeks following the 2009 election I saw many people shaking their heads, wondering what happened? Well, what happened is that elections have consequences. There was little chance of any coalition formed by large numbers of independents being elected, yet many people voted for something that was unlikely and ended up with the government they did not want. Four years later we have a country in a mess. We can blame Mac and the UDP/PNA for the various scandals and horrible governance and waste of funds, etc, but collectively we can also take a look at our own actions on Election Day 2009 and take some responsibility as well.

Yes, elections have consequences. This time around the voters have many more ways to split their votes than they did in 2009. To add to the confusion, we have folks campaigning as independents but who behave like a political party and yet are campaigning on an anti-party platform. This in my view is not only dishonest but also increases the confusion of the electorate. I believe that in their hearts they must know that they are a party, even though in their heads they try to rationalise how they are not and at the same time they seek to convince the voters of the same.    

Why does it matter, you may ask. It matters because they are ignoring the real issues and are trying to convince the electorate that reverting to a system where we voted for personalities first and foremost and then left it to them to form the government as they wished, to select the premier and to then determine amongst themselves what policies they will to carry out for the country. All done post election with the electorate having no voice in the matter. This is a retrograde step back to a broken system, in my view.

Remember, the C4C-supported candidates have not told us what they will do specifically and collectively when elected other than “put country first” – whatever that means. And I suspect it means different things to different people. For example, I have heard some C4C candidates say they are for a minimum wage and others say they are not. So on this one issue alone, how do I judge what they will collectively support if elected. Do they have agreed positions regarding the GT Dump, the GT Cruise Dock, the ForCayman Investment Alliance, environmental protection, education policies, combatting criminality, taking care of the elderly, etc? Indeed, what are their agreed joint positions on anything? If they have none then I have nothing to vote for. 

If they have an agreed joint agenda and have not told us because to admit that would be admitting that they are a political party, then how will they get anything done, given the fact they do not have sufficient numbers to form a government? (This, assuming they get the majority of their seven candidates elected — in my view an unlikely event.) What I do know is that of the three ‘parties’ (C4C, UDP, PPM) with candidates in the race, only the PPM and the UDP have sufficient number of candidates running to potentially form the government should the votes fall their way (intentionally or by default). The C4C does not.  So, if they have candidates elected, will they support the disastrous UDP led by Mac, or the UDP refugees (a.k.a. PNA) if they are all elected? Who will the C4C candidates support as premier and deputy premier? I have my suspicions.

Please understand, there are candidates amongst the C4C whom I know, like and respect. But there are also candidates in the PPM whom I also know, like and respect.  Both groups have ‘independent thinkers’ with intelligent, good, and capable people. But in my view, that is where the similarity ends. Voters should, I believe, fully support the Progressives (PPM) candidates because:

(1) They are honest, capable, experienced, and will run a clean successful government;

(2) We know before the elections who the leaders will be. I trust Alden McLaughlin as premier and Moses Kirkconnell as deputy premier. They are both thoughtful and competent leaders. They are experienced in business and also in the affairs of governing the country and in working with the UK.

(3) We know before the elections what the Progressives agreed positions are on all the major issues – and these positions are reasoned and sensible in my view. I do not have to wait to see what deals are done after the election behind closed doors.

(4) The Progressives have, in my view, the best combination of government experience and new blood. Also the best mix of experience and perspectives of any group in this race – whether to do with small and medium business, tourism, financial services, or social issues.

(5) They have sufficient numbers running to form a government and thus to carry out what they have promised. This is what they did in 2005 when they made necessary investments in the country that were long overdue and that were promised during the campaign.

Some readers may believe that my support of the Progressives is based mainly on the fact that I am a member of the PPM. But from where I sit, my support of the Progressives is made with my head and not just from my heart. In my view, given the events of 2009, and given the points noted above, a vote for the Progressives is a thinking person's vote.

I will go on record to say again that come Election Day the UDP supporters, whatever their makeup, will support Mac and all his UDP candidates without splitting their vote. I sat at the counting stations last time and saw this happen. If the majority of the remaining voters (PPM supporters or undecided) splittheir votes again in sufficient numbers and vote for some PPM, some UDP, some C4C and the odd real independent candidate, then we may again inadvertently elect Mac and his new UDP and they may form the government. God help us if this should happen. 

In the Dickens story, Scrooge, noting the chains around the 'Ghost of Christmas Past', asks why he was so ‘fettered’.  To which the Ghost replies:

“…I wear the chain I forged in life … I made it link-by-link, and yard-by-yard. I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?”

Fellow Caymanians, native or new, if come Election Day we do not heed the lessons of the past, if we do not vote thoughtfully and we again chase the ‘coalition ghost of an election past’ and split our votes, then please do not be surprised when we again become fettered in the chains of a Mac-led UDP government. This time with a Mac being tried in Grand Court while serving as premier. If this happens, then such a ‘chain’ would be of our own doing – placed on our backs of our own free will. But its pattern would not be strange – we saw it happen in 2009. Let's not do this again.

Think carefully about your vote. When you vote, don’t roll the dice and gamble on our future. Support the Progressives candidates on Election Day and vote for a sure result — known policies and known experienced leadership and an open, honest, transparent and accountable government.

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  1. West Bayer says:

    I am not voting. Many I know are splitting their votes. Most in West Bay I talk to are either voting UDP or PNA. I don't know the people on the C4C train. I know some the PPM crew, but still I don't know. I just will leave it at that and not vote!

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS Readers, Voters. I would like to ask opinions here. PPM has 4 canidates in BT and C4C dont have any that I can think of. My question would be . When you have person of such good quality like Mr. Wayne Panton, Winston Conoly, Jude Scott, Roy Mctaggart, even Ozi in BT and Sukoo, , give me a reason not to vote for them?. How could I decide to vote for somone that is always broke and cant manage there own life and cant even manage a political rally? You see you really dont have to tell me who to vote for. I am tired of the mud-slinging and telling me who to vote for. I will vote for who I want. But at the same time. I am very afraid of the UDP. Its scares me to think what would happen if Mac is even close to the Cookie Jar, Mac has done more for the jamaicans in this Islands than for Caymanians. This is not to say its wrong, But same question, Give me a reason to vote UDP. Not one of them can back chat or dare oppose to Mac. With UDP, we will get the same old, Mac say and Mac do what he feel like. I do respect The PNA guys, but after hearing them defend Mac for so long, and now comming back to say they did not know anything, its hard to swallow that BS. But they do get an ounce of my respect, even was too little too late. This election seem to comprise of Caymanians versus Ja-Caymanians, and Educated versus Un-educated. I do not need to rub sholders with my elected MLAs. They should be in a class that show the public that they can have standards. Same as the Premier. the only difference is that the respect has been taken away from the title because of a Dictator style ruler. Lets have someone such as Mr. Wayne Panton as Premier. This throws all the parties in a spin. getting a good EXCO with qualified person from the elected officials would be a dream. But then we all have dreams. So Cayman, either way.Vote Smart. Only a few days to go. dont do it for me, Do it for Cayman. Please Vote Smart. And do I really need to know at last minute why the UDP split? who cares at this point.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kim, you are right.  I for one choose PNA over UNCERTAINTY !

  4. kim says:

    I am voting PNA and here is my reason:  Theywere brave enough to remove McKeeva from power, and still  they believe in working with Dart to get important projects up and running. It took alot of guts for Rolston to remove his own mentor. They were tested, yes tested politicians. At least we know some bit about them. They presently are doing a better job than when McKeeva was in for his three years. Imagine if they get another 4 years, I believe they will do what is right. To put PPM or C4C members in would be to experiment. But we know the PNA members. There is no experimentation with these individuals. Remember it is picking the worse of the evils. I recall when PPM was in they spent like crazy during a global recession and didn't stop until the country was in a deficit. They organized protestors to stop the current from negotiating deals with Dart and public-private partnerships to try to boost the economy. Instead what I am hearing from them, is their intentions to bring austere measure upon us, cut the civil service, and increase fees. Sorry but I think the PNA's approach to go ahead with deal making is the better option. PPM will bring us autere measures instead and that is what Cayman don't need. As for UDP, we all know they are done!  But PNA, let us give them a chance. It took alot of guts for them to get where we are now. Peace

    • Anonymous says:

      You're right about one thing: we know the PNA members. We know that they were a part of McKeeva's administration for 3 1/2 years and were happy to keep the carnival going rather than hold him to account. They were a part of raising taxes in this country. They were a part of lack of good governance. They were a part of the luxury travel splurging at public expense. Who can forget the $40K postal conference trip to the Middle East? Who can forget the $9m Hurricane Hilton or the paved parking lots in CB? They were a part of the nation bldg fund fiasco. They were a part of the deal with Dart that has shafted us. They defended McKeeva publicly over and over until like rats they abandoned a sinking ship. Now they claim they knew nothing about anything. Apparently they suspected corruption at the time but were too weak-willed to do anything about it. Two of them are still saying they would join back with McKeeva if they can get a Cabinet seat. So much for doing the right thing. We know about the drunk driving and the womanizing and the lying to the cops and wasting the court's time. We know about court scandal involving allegations of assault and hushing up a witness.   

      PPM with its mixture of new blood plus experience is the least of the evils. What they spent on is infrastructure we can see – schools, roads and govt. admin bldg.  Their construction provided employment which meant there was more money in the economy.     

      • Anonymous says:

        Ummm.. you still don't get it do you?  UDP and PPM is ONE EVIL!  They are together in bringing us to where we are today.  At least PNA took a stance and made a woman to run tings for a change, and see Cayman has never experienced so much peace for a long time these several months. So I do take my hat off to the PNA members: Rolston, Cline, Julie, Dwayne, and Mark. If they get back in, I know for sure they will be ready to break away from majority influence because they did it once, they will do it again. This is one thing they have over all the candidates running who many of us know nothing about.  

        • Anonymous says:

          No, you don't get it.  PNA (UDP Lite) and UDP are one evil. Up until last December PNA were a part of the UDP and 3 of the 5 current cabinet ministers were a majority of that UDP cabinet so if you are condemning what the UDP did while in office you must also be condemning PNA.

          Made a woman run things? She has been a disgrace as a premier. Being a woman is not a qualification for high office. 

          Quite the opposite, they have described how they were too timid to challenge McKeeva even when they apparently suspected corruption. He offered his resignation for ***sake if they didn't go along with a dubious transaction and they went along! This last bid was just to try to save their own hides. Nothing noble about it.  

          We only experienced peace because they are a lame duck administration. 

      • Dred says:

        I agree with this completely. It's baqsically where I am at. PPM is not perfect but compared to UDP and PNA….they are.

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM has mixture of new blood, but who are they?  One of them had a conviction.

        • Anonymous says:

          They are MBAs, attorneys, IT specialists, successful businessmen.

        • Dred says:

          One has a conviction. Well as for UDP probably one does not have a conviction…or some legal issue. and same for PNA…..

          Hell the leader of UDP has 11 charges with possible more to come….

          PNA Rolston DUI….John John…..Sacred vessel…

  5. Kent McTaggart says:

    So in short, I need to be willing to have second best or best of the worst in order to ensure Mac doesn't get into power again.  Is that what this point is about?  There is nobody on the PPM ticket that would make a better minister of finance than either Jude Scott or Roy McTaggart, and for that matter in my opinion either one of them would be a better option for Premier than Alden.  But given Roy's (Tatum) viewpoint I need to settle for an inferior representitive so insure the UDP doesn't get power?  I have a great amount of respect for Roy, as I do for several of the candidates of the PPM team, but I simply cannot swollow the pill of accepting Alden rather than Roy and/or Jude.  I could give many other examples of direct comparison, but I think you get the point.  This view point highlights the problem that the party system has instilled in Cayman.  I/we sould never have to accept an inferior MLA to keep the worst of the worst at bay.  I personally will not submit myself to this type of thinking, and ask each and every person that reads this to be a part of the solution by not voting straight.  Pick the best people for the job.  If we do this we can break the back of the parties that have us over a barrel.

    • Anonymous says:

      Congratulations. You managed to miss the whole point of the article: splitting your vote will result not in Roy or Jude being a minister of finance but in a UDP govt. with McKeeva back as Minister of Finance. Marco's background in Economics and Finance plus an MBA makes far better suited than two auditors to be minister of finance.   

      • Dred says:

        Agreed on some but Iwould say Roy & Jude would probably do a better job if all things remained the same. But I agree they would not see those seats except from a very far distance because even if they manage to squeek in if Mac gains outright control of house he won't give them anything.

        • Anonymous says:


          Careful how you say those things. Don’t say that Mac would not give them anything, because, if it was me, I would look at this as my way of handing you the rope to you know what yourself. If Mac was to give one or 2 a seat on EXCO with him, he would remind them how it happened and they would simply owe him when the time is right. Rolly and Mark are good examples of how you can take good men and turn them into cowards. Took a while for them to see this, but very curious how after all this time with so close to election they decided to grow a spine or have some beans. I can see Mac reading this now and smiling and the light bulb light up.

          And just for comparison who would be responsible for what ministry if UDP is elected to power? Is there any real talent on the team? I mean seriously, with PPM and C4C they have by far the various members that can make an excellent Government team. It bemoans me how the voters would vote UDP. They all voting for the one Mac. So if the candidates riding on him, how or when would they make their own decisions? Or will he have complete control and they just have the post so he can tell them what they will and will not do?

           What Cayman has not seen in a long time is to have a person that is good in a certain area put in charge of a portfolio that matches there ability.

          And by the way CNS are you able to pull off an online voting double? Would be just a try to see how close your online votes come to the real thing. This would be good to know just how vary your online readers are.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jude Scott and Roy Mctaggart are the best suited and qualified to lead our country during these critcal times. It is time that we have respectable individuals who are true leaders. It would be great to have the following:
        Jude Scott
        Roy Mctaggart
        Marco Archer
        Winston Connolly
        Sharon roulstone
        Jacqueline Haynes
        Wayne Panton
        Alva Suckoo
        Tara rivers
        Mervin Smith
        Moses Kirkonnell
        Charles Clifford
        Arden mclean ,
        As our cabinet and govement. Ezzard would make an excellent speaker , and we would finally have a respectable group that will restore the quality of life and opportunities for all Caymanians to succeed.

        This is a government that can make us proud and comfortable representing us locally and on the international stage,

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me??!! Have you not heard of Marco Archer? You want the best Minister of Finance for the Country? Jude nor Roy can come close to Marco for this role; sorry! Hope you can sleep at night come May 23rd should you and other similar so called smart thinkers give this Country another four years of McKeeva Bush rule!

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        Marco is a brillant individual and I have a ton of time and respect for him.  I will say that although he has the ability to technically do the work, as do Roy and Jude. I truly feel that both Roy and Jude are much better suited to be in the roll of Minister, as their proven track records of being leaders of large groups and players in the world market simply give them the edge.  I will continue to say that if Marco is elected and gains the position of minister of finance I would be very comfortable with that!  Regards  Kent

        • Lets Be serious says:

          Kent..  you are well meaning and you support your guys.  I understand that.    But I am happy that at least with regard to Marco you are admitting that the PPM have candidates that are competent.   Indeed there are many capable people.  That was part of Roy Tatum's point.  Both sides have competent and honourable persons.  

          But as we know competency does not mean you will be elected. Look at Mac Bush and George Bush in the USA.  In Jude's case it is unlikely that he will be elected in George Town.  Roy M has a slight chance but I dont believe that he will make it. So by splitting the votes between C4C & PPM we will elect the UDP again.  Hope I am wrong but we have history as a teacher. 

          I will close by adding that Roy McTaggart dissappointed me with his newest responses to a need for minimum wage. He seems to have changed from a few weeks back where I heard him say it was needed.  He is now saying that it might be needed but not now.  It will apparently cause massive inflation.  BUT.. he does want to ensure that immigration only grant work permits where employers will pay a decent wage.  

          So – he is happy to protect immigrants from being paid low wages but will not  protect poorer Caymanians; at least not now cause it will make things more expensive for the rest of us.

            Why is it that a minimum wage Caymanians in the lower rungs of society is inflationery but doing the same for a work permit holder (via work permit process) is not inflationery? Does not add up at all. 

          Sorry Roy M – but that is just dumb thinking and causes me to question your ability to make good, considered decisions for your people.  

          Kent – I hope you are noticing this.

          Peace out. 



    • Dred says:

      HI Kent.

      You need to look past the lesser of two evils and look at the ground rule facts.

      C4C would need complete control of the Gov for Jude or Roy to get anything in the Government. UDP will not give them any post. PPM may not either.

      What the writer is saying is basically a sad reality.

      My last election card was a split which is what I wanted to see happen. 1 UPD (I so regret that now) 1 PPM and 1 IND. This election it's 3 PPM and 1 IND and only because I know with 100% surity he is not siding UDP.

      The sad reality is this. For the most part people vote straight. Saying that UDP supporters in GT will vote almost exclusively UDP and PPM supporters will vote almost exlusively PPM and then what is left is the fencers people who saw the C4C ads and meetings and were swayed to the middle ground….

      What happens is this….many of these people are probably PPM supporters because I believe PPM supporters can allign with C4C better than UDP ones can simply because most UDP supporters are brainwashed or braindead. This means PPM gets weakened and C4C stregthened and UDP Strengthened….This is what happened in GT 2009.

      In the end we saw what happened…UDP went to power….and we got the crap we got….Independents got nothing and were not even really close either…

      Now do I believe a Jude Scott or Roy McTaggart would make a good politician and could contribute in a major way to the country? Hell Yes I believe so. But reality is too many vote straight.

      Honestly I would be quite pissed at GTers if someone like Elio get's a seat again….I would prefer a begger on the street get one first….

      I believe it is this point the poster was trying to make….by splitting the votes generally it's PPM that gets hurt more than UDP and it's still no where near enough to get an Independent in…

      And I hear your comeback already…..but we have to start somewhere…..

      What we need more than ever right now is UDP out of office…..this should be first priority….not about PPM or C4C but about the need for UDP and PNA to not have a seat in our LA….after that we can possibly get OMOV and this will mean C4C in next election will have a much greater chance…

      I only support PPM because sadly enough they are the lesser of two evils….it's not that they are bad or corrupt but they hesitate to act many times showing to me cowardess.

      • Kent McTaggart says:

        I completely get the point and I thank you for your time to go through it in such detail.  I would be a damn shame to have such capable people available and willing and not utilize them.  I will reserve other comments for another post.  Kind Regards  Kent

      • Anonymous says:

        Out of curiosity of the C4C was to gain enough seats tocontrol the house, who would be the premeir?

        I ask that question because they have said they would not support Mac, or Alden or Julie and not being a party do not have a candidate for premeir.

        Or is it at that point that you finally become a party (I mean take off the mask).

  6. Anonymous says:

    If there was a National Vote for Premier, there would not be a need for the Party System.  This is the real issue and this needs to be addressed immediately after election.  If the people of the Country had their say in selecting the Premier, uncertainty would go out the window and the representatives elected 'by the people' (and not by the PIP) would be forced to work together.  Is the PPM committed to changing the Constitution so that it serves the PEOPLE and not the PARTY?  If they are the ones to form the Government (with the help of Independents), can we count on them to make the changes immediately instead of waiting … and waiting…. and waiting… until it is too late again.

    • Anonymous11 says:

      I agree. It should be one man two votes – one for district MLa and the other for the Premier.

      • needlecase says:

        He wouldn't be Premier but rather President. And I don't think that the UK is ready for a small Overseas Territory to make their Westminister system or style of government look like a joke by us adopting a people-participatory-democracy like the United States. They want us to remain under them – get it?!  So please zip it with this one man two vote slogan

        • Anonymous says:

          You do realize that the public do not directly elect the president in the US?

    • Anonymous says:

      We are so much exposed to the U.S. electoral system that people keep confusing ours with theirs. In the U.S. there is complete separation between the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch of govt. The President is elected nationally in a separate election from the U.S. Senators and Representatives. He then appoints non-elected persons to his Cabinet. In our system the executive branch is drawn from the legislative branch and the premier's cabinet must comprise fellow MLAs. It would be an absolute nightmare if McKeeva was elected premier and then had the ability to handpick his cabinet from non-elected persons and was not accountable to the LA.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not if you amend in the Constitution that unelected officials are qualified, have a good education.   🙂 

        • Anonymous says:

          Some of the worst culprits have a good education. A good education is no substitute for integrity and ethics.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Absolutley. The qualified and educated Bernie Madoff for Finance Minister. We can save on costs by having attend meetings via skype. There will be inward investment.

    • Lets be serious 10:38 says:

      National Vote?  Wait till you see the confusion with a GT ballot with 21 names to choose 6.  Mobile voting was today andI understand that voters were confused.  Election staff also told me that when they did their practice runs it was confusing.  Can you imagine a ballot with 50 plus names and voters needing to choose 18?  Can you magine trying to campaign across three islands.  God help us if we go to national vote.  Solves nothing and complicates everything. Sorry – Single member constituency with OMOV is a better option.  


      Peace Out…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lol… we put PPM in and they put the country in debt, spending, spending, spending whilst the world was in Recession. In 2009 we then put UDP in whilst the country was in debt – UK refuse the UDP from borrowing money to get us out of debt – Mac then had to make deals with private sector and Dart – And then you hear of corruption. So I think people are sick with putting these two parties in again. Most everyone I am talking to are not voting straight. One party don't know how to handle the money – And the other one is said to have stolen a good sum of it. Sorry mi amigo Tatum, I am voting who I know!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, you are voting for the UDP, whether directly or indirectly.

      The FFR means that no party would be able to borrow and spend as they like.

      Just so you know, govt. spending on infrastructure during a recession is called economic stimulus and actually helped us avoid a worse recession.

      • Anonymous says:

        You don't get it.  We got in problems because we were in debt.  Recession or no recession if a country is not in debt it has nothing to worry about.  The records show, and are highlited in a bar graph in the Miller Shaw report,  that every year government revenues continued to increase.  Again, in spite of the world financial condition.

        So if we were not in debt we would have been just fine.  PPM spent like drunken sailors, got us in debt and that is when our problems began. No debt, no FFR, no problems.  We desperately need a balanced budget law.

    • Anonymous says:

      Borrowing money to get us out of debt? What an interesting concept.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    We cannot risk another mac-led government. It will be the downfall of the Cayman Islands and it will happen if the PPM vote is split. God help us!

  9. Cold Hard Truth says:

    Roy, Roy, Roy, do you really think that any one party can form the Government outright after 22 May, without help from other parties/groups/individuals?

    What does the Constitution say about the formation of a Government?

    In everyday language, Section 49 of the Constitution says that where a single party has an outright majority of MLAs, the leader of that party becomes the Premier. With the LA going to 18 members, a simple majority would 10 members. Does anyone in their right mind think either the PPM (fielding 15 candidates in the race) or the UDP (running 12 candidates) can get 10 seats all to themselves? Definitely not! Here is a realistic and possibly very best case scenario for the PPM:

    1 seat in WB

    3 seats in GT

    4 seats in BT

    1 seat in Brac and Little Cayman,

    this would be a total of 9 seats: still not the magic 10 seats. So, I believe even in a very best case situation for the PPM, they can't get 10 seats. All other parties will get even less than the PPM.

    The Constitution then says, if there is no party with a clear majority, the MLAs must vote in the LA amongst themselves to decide a Premier. The person that gets the most votes in the LA becomes the Premier. Let us say PPM gets 9 MLAs, their Leader must choose a total of 7 Ministers. Roy do you really think it is sensible for Alden to choose 7 PPM MLAs as Ministers and only leave 2 backbenchers? Don't you think it would be better for Alden to choose a C4C MLA and  a PNA MLA as Ministers to join 5 PPM Ministers? That way PPM would have more of its own on the backbenches. Remember 9 seats is a very best case for the PPM and, even then it is sensibe for them to form a coalition Government. As the PPM moves away from a best case scenario of 9 seats, the PPM becomes more and more forced to form a coalition Government.

    The next Government will be a coalition Government – but admitedly one that is dominated by PPM Ministers. Roy you are wrong, it will be a coalition Government. Don't be too shocked when you come to see this pass. Believe you me, most readers don't relate to /don't understand, references to Scrooge and Dickens, so leave any similar analogies alone in the future.



    • Anonymous says:

      Cold Hard Truth while I understand and agree with what you are saying there is something you need to look at.

      Ezzard/Arden in the eastern districts are so anti Mac that you might as well count them towards the PPM side and you can add Chuckie in BT to that list and these are the favourites to take seats.

      Also the political climate on the island right now appears to be anti Mac especially outside of WB. The problem is that a number of the independents have links to Mac and dont forget the large number of status grants in GT.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are forgetting Ezzard and Arden who have both said they would support a PPM government, so the PPM need a minimum of 8 elected to form the next government.

      • Anonymous says:

        The independents will support a Coalition Govt (C4C/PNA/IND group) much quicker than they will support the PPM as this way they have a much greater chance of gaining Ministerial seats and also one of them (ie Ezzard, Arden) serving as premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        Help us!  Ezzard wanted Independence!  If you get the PPM and its loyal supporters in, trust me, there will be no one in the house to oppose the way they spend our money. Then we will be in big sh%t !

        • Anonymous says:

          Ummm…. did you hear of the FFR? They won't be able to.

          • Camana says:

            That sucks. I guess its back to UDP then – United Dart Party  🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          ahh hello… anybody home?  There is no money to spend that is why we have the FFR!  The "Big Mac" made sure of that before he was finally ousted from office all be it 3 years too late by a bunch of cowards.

    • Anonymous says:

      4 seat in B.T lolol omg thats funny ….no even do nothing should retire Anthony will get in lol.No more parties thats the cool hard ……Truth PPM we only get one Seat in GT,1 BT and 1 CB&LC ….PPM over

    • Anonymous says:

      Isnt everyone sick of hearing "If you are not PPM then you are UDP"?  

      We need to move to thinking Cayman and Cayman Only.  Cayman People and Country should be the priority not PPM UDP PNA or C4C. 

      We need, we have to fill the LA with the most qualified people.  We need to think about what is in the best interest of the Country and not the group.  

      VOTE individuals.

      No matter what, all of these candidates will need to reach back in their memory of what they were taught in Kindergarten.  

      These are the things I learned (in Kindergarten):

      1. Share everything.

      2. Play fair.

      3. Don't hit people.

      4. Put thngs back where you found them.


      6. Don't take things that aren't yours.

      7. Say you're SORRY when you HURT somebody.

      8. Wash your hands before you eat.

      9. Flush.

      10. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

      11. Live a balanced life – learn some and drink some and draw some and paint some and sing and dance and play and work everyday some.

      12. Take a nap every afternoon.

      13. When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and stick together.

      14. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the Stryrofoam cup: The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that.

      15. Goldfish and hamster and white mice and even the little seed in the Styrofoam cup – they all die. So do we.

      16. And then remember the Dick-and-Jane books and the first workd you learned – the biggest word of all – LOOK.” 

      ― Robert FulghumAll I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

      • Anonymous says:

        You are asking people to vote based on individuals and ignore the big picture ramifications that come from political alliances. That is stupid.

    • Lets Be serious says:

      Cold Hard Truth…  three things:

      (1) If your 'analysis' is  correct then maybe all will be fine.  Maybe if we do split our vote in GT & BT between PPM, C4C & PNA that we will end up with a coalition Government led by the PPM.  But the operative word is "Maybe"!   if you are not right then what?  It seems to me that Roy's point is just that.  Like Roy, I dont believe that I will take this risk.  I will vote for all PPM/Progressive candidates  on election day and I pray that many more do this as well. 

      (2) You inadvertently highlight a good point – a problem with what you are calling a coalition Government.  If no one group has sufficient numbers to make up cabinet and have sufficient numbers on the back bench to support agreed policies, then whatever government is strung together may hang by a thread.  It may work or it may not.  Again – I really prefer a known outcome rather than taking a crap shoot at forming a government.  More reason to vote for all the PPM candidates.

      (3) Since you have no issue giving Roy advice I will do likewise and suggest to him that he ignores the 'ruder' aspects of your comments and continue to write whatever he wants.  I doubt that Cold Hard Truth (maybe 'cold hard opinion' would be a better name) is any expert on what the majority of readers will relate to or understand.  I enjoyed the viewpoint, it was thoughtful and easy to read.  I also found it enjoyable to read.  And yes I, and many many others,  understand the point you were making.  

      Keep writing Roy.  I miss your letters to the Compass & on CNS. 


      Peace Out… 


  10. Anonymous says:

    I have only just realized that McKeeva relies on my mixed voting style in George Town where i vote for a cross section of quality candidates,whether they be  Party or independent members.  All along i genuinely thought i was doing the right thing.

  11. Chris Johnson says:

    Well said Roy, a concise and accurate article. Of course if Mac gets in or Joey Ebanks, god forbid, and either or both are found guilty then we have all the expense of a by-election. That would be an expensive exercise and guess who foots the bill. Voters need know this.
    My message to all is vote for honesty and integrity above all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I believe that the real issue and onus is on the West Bay electors! We wouldnt have to worry about vote splitting and the inability to vote for who you want and who would do the best job if West Bay would give Mac his walking papers! Simple – DONT VOTE MAC! It will also save the Country the cost of having another election after he is no longer “Alledged”.

    • Anonymous says:

      And time and time again they elect him….the onus is on us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, many of the Voters that really need to read that message in West Bay, either; do not have a Computer, have no access to the internet, or have otherwise been convinced not to use their brain! End result: they only hear what Mac wants them to hear!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well said Roy. No one else has described it so well. I am still waiting for the C4C to give us their solutions and plans for Cayman. They speak well about the issues and what should be done and what has been done, but not one of them mention how they will go about fixing them, not just mentioning that they know the problens are there. NO PLANS and I am disappointed in the C4C.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Excellent Article.  I was reading a Cayman Compass article a couple days ago from right after the last election, which discussed how everyone thought many independents would be elected and only one was, and the article basically concluded that Party polictics was here to stay.  Thats how democracy works in every other place.



  15. Dee S says:

    I agree 100%

  16. CayStudent says:

    All these candidates want to get these berthing facilities going but only one, to my knowledge, has taken time to step back and analyse this potential investment. Shows most people are out for your vote and not what's best for business and the environment. Takes courage to stand alone and only Jude has come forward!