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Officer and inmate injured in two jail cell struggles

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(CNS): Local authorities have confirmed that a prison officer received a serious head wound during a struggle with an inmate last week, and in another incident an inmate was injured in a jailhouse struggle when officers used force to get him back to his cell. Prison officials confirmed Tuesday that on the evening of Wednesday 1 May, a prison officer was assaulted by an inmate with a history of violence and aggression. Then on 3 May, an inmate, also described as “violent and aggressive”, received what was described as a superficial injury when he was forced back into his cell following a police interview.

The prison has not stated if either the officer or the inmate in the two incidents werethe same. The police have confirmed, however, that they are investigating an allegation of assault on the prisoner.

Officials revealed that in the first incident the prison officer sustained a severe cut to his forehead and he was taken to the hospital in George Town, where he was treated and released.  “The inmate has subsequently been placed in an area where he can be monitored. The incident has been reported to the police for investigation,” the prison stated.

In the second jail cell struggle on Friday afternoon the inmate was being escorted from a police interview back to his cell when he refused to return to his cell block. “A struggle ensued between him and the escorting officer,” the prison officials stated. “Force was used to return him to his cell, where he subsequently received a superficial injury to his forehead. He was seen by the prison nurse and the superficial injury was treated and the inmate was returned to his cell. As is customary, the prison reported the incident to the police for investigation.”

The RCIPS confirmed that it is investigating the allegation, adding that, as it is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

The assaults come against a backdrop of recent reports that several inmates appear to have access to smartphones and are taking pictures and posting them on Facebook. The incidents are believed to involve both convicted and remand prisoners who are in HMP Northward in connection with serious and violent crime. The prison has not yet stated what action has been taken against the prisoners who had posted pictures of themselves in their cells on the social media site, which included one prisoner smoking what appeared to be a spliff in his cell.

Other sources have also reported to CNS that alongside recent ganja discoveries in the country’s prison, cocaine was also discovered in a jail cell, but the authorities have not yet confirmed the details.

Rumours of further staff shake-ups were denied this week by prison officials, who said that since November 2012 only one staff member has been let go after a contract was not renewed. However, it is understood that a new prison director has been recruited to replace Dwight Scott, who took early retirement last year, and he is expected to take up the challenging post next month.

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Cayman cultural icon passes away at GT hospital

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Speaker and Consuelo 36.jpg(CNS): One of the country’s fiercest defenders of local culture and a keeper of Caymanian history has died. Anna ‘Consuelo’ Ebanks passed away at lunchtime on Tuesday 7 May at the George Town hospital after she collapsed on Monday. Miss Consuelo, who was widely loved in the community, made an immeasurable contribution to local arts and was a staunch advocate of Caymanian identity. In the wake of her passing Tuesday afternoon, her much loved friend Billy Adam said she was "a true defender and protector of things Caymanian”, adding that many will not know much of what she did or that it was her who “sparked the consciousness of the need to fight to protect” those things.

“In her humble, unassuming way, that is how she would have it be,” Adam said. “It was not about her, it was always about what is best for the future of the Cayman Islands. Many, many times in the wilderness of greed that has enveloped us, she was the lone voice crying out love, protect and preserve for future generations the paradise God freely gave us. She understood that bigger is not necessarily better. Now in memory of Consuelo let us each ask ourselves what am I committing to do to love, protect and preserve Beautiful Isles Cayman?

"May God's comforting spirit be with her family at this time,” her friend said as he paid tribute to her unique and vibrant character.

Among her many achievements was the compilation of the book "The Southwell Years: Recollections of Caymanian Seamen and Those Who Served At Home". 

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Bank fraud suspect arrested on return to Cayman

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3625653.jpg(CNS): A woman who was wanted by police for questioning in connection with an alleged bank fraud in Grand Cayman last year was arrested on her return to Cayman last month, the police have confirmed. An RCIPS spokesperson said that a 45-year-old woman was arrested on 29 April on suspicion of theft and has been released on police bail until late May. Officers from the Financial Crimes Unit announced last October that they were conducting an investigation into the alleged misappropriation of mortgage commitment fees from the Scotia Bank and Trust Cayman Limited that directly affected a number of police officers.

In a message from the FCU to police and civilian staff, the FCU reveals that as the investigation progressed into “complexities of this internal bank fraud”, investigators found that many of the potential victims of this fraud were police officers.

The internal circular said the police were looking for Ilsa Archibold, who had left the jurisdiction. At the time that the investigation was revealed the bank said it was taking the situation very seriously but preliminary assessments had indicated that no Scotiabank mortgages were affected by the incident.

“We have notified the police and are working cooperatively with them during their investigation. We hold employees to extremely high standards and do not tolerate any actions that do not meet those standards – at the hint of wrongdoing we take swift and decisive action,” the bank said last October.

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Rotary goes ‘country’ to raise much needed cash

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cowboy.JPG(CNS): The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman will be country thisyear for the annual fundraising auction at the Ritz-Carlton on 24 May. More than three hundred people are expected to gather at the charity bash which this year will be a country and western style barn dance complete with long chuck wagon tables, hay bales and dude ranch style decorations.  As the service clubs biggest fund raiser of the year organisers hope the hoe-down will bring in funds matching last year’ s $100,000. The cash will be used for Rotary Club's Community programmes such as the Senior Citizens' Boxing Day party, Meals on Wheels, Hurricane Relief and the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Guests are asked to dress up in their best country get-ups complete with cowboy boots and StetsonsFor more details on the event with ticket prices starting at $200 see the attached flyer.

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Break-in attempt at condos prompts cop reminder

| 07/05/2013 | 17 Comments

(CNS): The police are reminding residents, holidaymakers and resort staff at local condos, apartments and hotel resorts to keep condos and hotel rooms secure following an attempted break-in at a Seven Mile Beach condo complex on Monday night. Acting Chief Inspector Ian Yearwood, of George Town police station, said simple security measures could help prevent residents and tourists becoming victims of burglary. Although nothing was stolen as the person staying in the condo disturbed the burglar, it was an unsecured patio door that tempted the would-be thief.

“The attempted burglary took place around 7.30pm last night when someone tried to enter a condo in Poinsettia through an unlocked patio door,” said the senior officer. “Luckily the culprit was disturbed by the householder and made off before entry could be gained or any property stolen. However, this once again underlines the importance of making sure that windows and doors are kept locked, particularly when access can be gained to some complexes relatively unnoticed via the beach.

“Our Neighbourhood Officers will be liaising with hotel and condo managers along the Seven Mile Beach stretch to remind them to underline the importance of these simple security measures to their residents and visitors. It’s basically a case of reminding visitors to take the same simple approach to security that they would do at home,” Yearwood added.

Anyone who requires advice about how to improve their home or business security should contact their local police station. Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the Poinsettia area at the relevant time last night is asked to contact George Town police station on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

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60lb coke haul found in NS

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Suspected Cocaine North Side May 2013 (186x300).jpg(CNS): Another major cocaine haul has washed up in the Cayman Islands, this time on Grand Cayman. Following the discovery of two 60lb plus loads of the drug that police recovered from the shore on the South Side of Cayman Brac last month, another 61lbs was discovered in the district of North Side on Monday afternoon. A police spokesperson said that the large bag, containing twenty-five packages of what is suspected to be cocaine, was found washed up on the beach off Old Robin Road. The packages, all wrapped in plastic, measure approximately 7”x 5”x 2”, only slightly smaller than the 8”x6”x2 packages found in the two Brac hauls.

Police have retained the latest batch for forensic testing and while the likelihood that the three hauls are all connected is quite strong, the police have drawn no conclusions yet about the appearance of over 180lbs of the drug on local beaches in the last two and a half weeks, which in total is approaching a street value of some $10 million.

Anyonewho has any information about the drugs, or of any drugs activity in the Cayman Islands, is asked to contact the Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force on 949-4222, the RCIPS Tip-line 949-7777 or Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

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Couple charged for illegal gun

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(CNS): A West Bay couple are expected to appear in court today after being charged with the possession of an illegal gun. A police spokesperson said that 26-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman were charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm Tuesday morning following their arrest in connection with an incident outside a West Bay night club late Friday night. The RCIPS received a report at about 11:45pm on Friday, 3 May, that a man had been threatened with a gun outside Club Inferno in West Bay. Officers attended the scene, where one man was arrested and the woman was taken into custody the following day, both on suspicion of threatening violence and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

The couple have now been charged with gun possession, which carries a mandatory ten year jail term if they are convicted, and the man has also been charged with threats to kill.

Police have not yet stated if the gun was recovered.

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More conflicts exposed at GT airport

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owen roberts (220x300).jpg(CNS Business): Correspondence between the airport management and the Cayman Islands Airport Authority Board chair reveals that, despite his own direct business interests at the airport, Richard Arch refused to sign a ‘notice of individual interest form’ in line with international accounting procedures at the time the government company was preparing its annual accounts. In emails leaked to CNS, which were sent just weeks ahead of the suspension of the CEO, the board chair queried why he or any board member needed to sign such a form, given that he had supplied a letter regarding his business interests at the airport and the fact that he had absented himself when necessary. Read more on CNS Business

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Missing teen turns up in Northward area

| 07/05/2013 | 2 Comments

Delcia Ebanks May 2013 (212x300).jpg(CNS) Updated Wednesday 10:30 am: A 17-year-old Clifton Hunter student who was missing from her home in Northward, Bodden Town for more than four days turned up in her local neighbourhood last night after police had called on the community to help them locate her. Delcia Ebanks, who is known to her family and friends as Dell, left home on Friday morning but did not show up at school in Frank Sound, where she is a student. She made no contact with her family, sparking a missing person report and a police search. The RCIPS said the teenager went missing last month on 28 April but had turned up on the same day after being in the Belford Estates area. Police said Wednesday that the teen has now turned up safe and well but gave no details of where she had been or why.

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