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Robber assaults elderly customer at BT mini-mart

Robber assaults elderly customer at BT mini-mart

| 28/05/2013 | 12 Comments

(CNS) Updated Wednesday: An armed man was confronted by an elderly male customer as he robbed the Lookout Fresh Fruit and Juices Minimart on Anton Bodden Drive, Bodden Town yesterday afternoon. Police said that about 3:58pm on Tuesday 28 May, a man entered the store in possession of what appeared to be a handgun and stole a quantity of cash. He assaulted the man who confronted him before leaving the location riding a bicycle along Hardy Street. No shots were fired and no serious injuries were sustained. The suspect is about 5'10"; he was wearing dark clothing and a dark coloured face mask. Police said that investigators recovered a number of items including the bicycle.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time and saw anything that could assist the investigation is asked to call Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2220 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).

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Alden’s top job now official

Alden’s top job now official

| 28/05/2013 | 94 Comments

al n juju (226x300)_1.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands governor has given his official nod to the country’s new political leader and has formally appointed Alden McLaughlin to the post of premier. The appointment came following news that the former premier, who only recently resigned from the UDP, has joined the PPM. Duncan Taylor said Tuesday that after he was informed that Juliana O'Connor-Connolly had joined the PPM and all of the other elected members of the PPM were offering him their support, the governor could make the constitutional appointment and he congratulated the new leader. Although McLaughlin's PPM team was by far the largest political party or group returned to the LA after last Wednesday's general election, with nine seats the Progressives were one short of a majority.

McLaughlin needed the support of at least ten MLAs before the governor could appoint him as premier. The news that Juliana O'Connor-Connolly had actually joined the PPM cleared the way for McLaughlin to be appointed.

“Iwas today informed that the Hon Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, MLA, JP has joined the People’s Progressive Movement. This, in effect, gives the PPM a majority of seats in the Legislative Assembly,” Taylor said.

Although O’Connor-Connolly had reserved any commitment to joining the party, last weekend she had offered her support publicly for the Progressives administration when she agreed to accept the speaker’s nomination. As the former PNA candidate made the decision Tuesday to become a card carrying member of the PPM, McLaughlin had enough support to formally become premier.

“I subsequently received a recommendation from all the elected members of that party as to who they would wish to be appointed Premier. In line with their recommendation and under Section 49 (2) of the Constitution, I have this afternoon appointed the Hon. Alden M. McLaughlin, Jr,MLA, MBE, JP as Premier of the Cayman Islands,” Taylor added. “I would like to congratulate the new premier on his appointment.”

Following the recent turmoil between the UK’s representative and the first premier of Cayman, McKeeva Bush, McLaughlin has said he hopes to improve on the relationship. The interim government led by O’Connor-Connolly made the first steps after Bush’s arrest in December to improve the soured UK-Cayman relationship. 

During the campaign McLaughlin spoke at length about the need to improve the relationship and work closely with the UK to address Cayman’s financial situation. He said he hopes his Cabinet can talk with the UK officials at the FCO about the long term budget plans so the PPM government can begin to lift the austerity tax package, giving the local economy a chance at recovery.

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Rivers to get labour ministry

Rivers to get labour ministry

| 28/05/2013 | 108 Comments

rivers on hustings.JPG(CNS): Although the full details of the new PPM Cabinet will be announced this evening, newly elected West Bay representative Tara Rivers has finally accepted a post in the new government and said she will take the job of labour minister, which includes the new National Workforce Development Agency as well as youth and gender affairs. Although Rivers spoke of joining a coalition government, there are no other C4C or independent members in McLaughlin’s Cabinet but it appears that the two George Town C4C members will be joining the government on the back-bench and could be given supporting junior ministry jobs.

Having been given a clear message by her constituents last night to take the cabinet position, Rivers said Tuesday lunchtime that she had accepted the invitation. “I have the ability and the necessary experience to be Minister for Labour,” Rivers claimed when she revealed that she had told Alden McLaughlin what ministerial responsibilities she wanted following his open invitation to her.

Encouraged by the PPM leader and premier in waiting's desire to form an inclusive government, she said she looked forward to working with the Progressives in Cabinet, although she would remain and independent member of government.

“The leader of the Progressives advised that I am under no obligation to join the Progressives and I do not intend to do so,” Rivers stated, although she will be bound by the rules of Cabinet responsibility.

Talking about support from the other Cabinet ministers in order to be successful, Rivers still seemed concerned about being the only independent in the Cabinet in statement released on Tuesday. “It is important that the public recognizes that it may be challenging for me to operate as a lone independent minister in a PPM dominated Cabinet. As a member of Cabinet, however, I expect to be given the necessary support from the Progressives to fulfill my responsibilities,” Rivers added.

Along with her C4C running mates, Rivers had held out for more than four days trying to negotiate for more, even though McLaughlin did not need Rivers in his Cabinet to form government but had actually wanted to include her specifically. Having finally recognised that the offer was not going to change and given the emphatic support for taking the job, Rivers finally accepted.

Rivers said she had also accepted the meaningful involvement and participation offered to other independent members in government, which she said meant there would be a minority coalition government.

Rivers stated that she would not jeopardize her independence. “I am committed to giving due consideration to the objectives and policies of the Progressives as an independent member of Cabinet, and I anticipate that I will be respected, supported and given equal opportunity to put forward and pursue my own ideas,” Rivers added.

The new premier will be holding a press conference at 6pm this evening to reveal where the rest of the portfolios and departments will be going and which of his PPM team will take the seventh Cabinet seat.

Check back to CNS for full coverage.

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Rivers accepts with strings

Rivers accepts with strings

| 28/05/2013 | 52 Comments

monday 034 (226x300).jpg(CNS): Despite the unequivocal message that was delivered to Tara Rivers on Tuesday night to accept the Cabinet position regardless, the C4C candidate who broke the UDP’s West Bay stranglehold at the election did not accept the PPM leader’s offer of a Cabinet seat until the eleventh hour and has reportedly done so with strings attached. The conditions on which Rivers has said she will accept have not yet been revealed but the premier in waiting, Alden McLaughlin, postponed this morning’s press briefing in order to discuss the issues with his team. McLaughlin said Rivers wishes to bring the other two C4C candidates elected in George Town with her but it is not clear in what capacity.

The PPM leader has postponed the conference, which will be broadcast live during tonight’s news hour on Cayman27 and Radio Cayman, when he will announce his government, with or without Rivers, ahead of Wednesday’s swearing in of all members into the country’s parliament.

“I have just received a response from Ms Rivers proposing that all three C4C representatives will join the Progressives government subject to certainconditions,” the premier elect said on Tuesday morning.

McLaughlin has made it perfectly clear that there is only one Cabinet seat available and because he wants Rivers specifically he has held out until the last minute for the West Bay candidate, who romped home just one hundred votes behind the eight term political veteran and dominant district member, McKeeva Bush.

However, Rivers has also been holding out for more seatsfor her C4C colleagues, with whom she spent Friday in closed door meetings along with the two other independent candidates, Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller. It is understood the five signed an agreement to push the PPM for more Cabinet seats or look for cracks in the PPM team and open the possibility of a coalition under an alternative leadership to McLaughlin.

When the Progressive stood fast, it is understood that the negotiations switched to the independents trying to get a bigger slice of government from McLaughlin on the back of the offer made to Rivers. However, the PPM leader has held steady to his specific offer.

Repeatedly declining what many observers have said is an extremely generous one, given that his party won the largest amount of seats in the House, Rivers finally said yes before 9am Tuesday. However, this was not the definite 'yes' which some 400 constituents had literally begged her to take at a public meeting on Monday night in the district.

Although Rivers was offered the Cabinet seat without having to join the PPM and has been given the option to choose from a range of portfolios, it is not clear exactly what strings Rivers has in turn attached or how she wants McLaughlin to accommodate her team mates, as he has said there will be no Cabinet seats for any other candidates.

This is not surprising as during the latter part of the campaign Rivers’ C4C colleagues, Winston Connolly and Roy McTaggart, both said they would not support McLaughlin as leader, as did returning North Side MLA Ezzard Miller. Yesterday Arden McLean (East End) denied saying he would not work with McLaughlin as premier, though the former PPM member left the party last year as a result of differences between him and the Progressive leader.

Despite the revelations by Miller that the group had signed an agreement to work together to prevent giving McLaughlin the majority he needed in order to get more the group, he has been reluctant to admit exactly what the stand-off was about.

Rivers said last night that she was “disappointed” that McLaughlin had publicly announced his offer to her before she had decided, as it put her in a “difficult position”. 

However, she did not fully explain what she meant by that during the West Bay public meeting, where it was overwhelmingly clear that her constituents wanted Rivers to accept McLaughlin’s offer. McLaughlin made the announcement when he revealed that he was able to form a government, as former premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly had accepted the speaker’s position.

Although he does not need Rivers in his government, McLaughlin has continued to hold the offer open to her in the hope that she will accept, giving West Bay a voice in government and adding female representation to a male dominated Cabinet.

Yesterday McTaggart, who was present along with the rest of the C4C’s slate of candidates last night at Rivers’ town hall meeting, claimed that he had no influence over Rivers decision, despite the deal that the five had signed. 

“I am aware that Tara has been offered a cabinet position by Mr McLaughlin. To the best of my knowledge, she is considering the offer and will make her own decision whether to accept or decline the offer. She is under no obligation to seek the advice/counsel of the C4C,” he said.

Meanwhile, Connolly also made it clear in a short statement released in the wake of River’s ‘strings-attached acceptance’ that he still wanted to see a coalition government, despite the fact that the PPM won and was already in a position to form the government.

“It is my duty to the people of the Cayman Islands to work in a strong PPM-led coalition government which puts independents in roles that are meaningful and allows the views of the people to be properly expressed and duly considered,” Connolly said but he did not indicate if this meant that Rivers was still holding out for a ministerial position for him or McTaggart.

Whether the PPM accepts the as yet unrevealed conditions that Rivers has attached to the offer, her decision is expected to be revealed during tonight’s conference, when the ministry that she will head up if she has accepted, as well as who the remaining PPM Cabinet member will be. If Rivers’ conditions prove too stringent, however, and the new premier-to-be forms his government without Rivers, the second elected member for her constituency will have some explaining to do to the people who elected her and last night emphatically encouraged her to take the job.

So far, McLaughlin has confirmed he will be taking on the new public affairs ministry with his premiership, Marco Archer will be the finance minister, Wayne Panton the financial services minister and Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell will take on tourism and district administration. In addition, Osbourne Bodden has been selected as a minister but his portfolios have not yet been confirmed. With education, health, community affairs, environment, planning and public works all available, Rivers is being given a broad and interesting opportunity to fulfill her campaign promises.

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George Town girl is Caribbean’s first top model

George Town girl is Caribbean’s first top model

| 28/05/2013 | 69 Comments

treveen (210x300).jpg(CNS): After three months of tough competition, Cayman’s Treveen Stewart has taken the first ever Caribbean Top Model title. The George Town native beat out some 22 other girls to win the finale of the TV reality showed, based on the original America’s Next Top Model, hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks. Stewart took the title in the last show Monday night from Stephany Francisca from Curaçao. Check back to CNS for more on Treveen’s win later.

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Local woman sues supermarket over painful slip

Local woman sues supermarket over painful slip

| 28/05/2013 | 23 Comments

images_46.jpg(CNS): A West Bay woman has filed a law suit against Foster’s Supermarket after she slipped in a pool of water by a freezer inside the store and damaged her back. Jann Smith claims that she is now unable to walk and suffers debilitating pain as a result of the back injury she has sustained and is asking the courts to award her medical costs, loss of earnings, legal fees and compensation. In what could turn out to be an expensive suit for Foster’s should the local store lose, Smith claims that the supermarket was negligent as the floor was particularly dangerous when wet and there were no signs alerting shoppers to the pool of water that had accumulated by the freezer.

According to the suit filed in the Cayman Islands Grand Court on 10 May by Hampson and Company on behalf of Smith, at around 9:30 in the morning on 13 May 2010 she was shopping for groceries at the supermarket and walking in a careful manner when suddenly and without warning she slipped in a pool of water and/or ice on the floor in front of a freezer containing bags of ice, falling backwards and landing heavily on her lower back and buttocks, injuring her low back.

“The presence of water and/or ice on the floor represented an unusual danger to the Plaintiff of which she was unaware and a breach of the Defendant's duty of care to ensure that the Supermarket and its operation and activities, were reasonably safe,”  the suit claims, pointing to a failure by Fosters to maintain the floor of its supermarket in a dry and reasonably safe condition for shoppers. Among other issues, the suit claims Foster's had used flooring which it ought to have known was slippery or hazardous when wet and provided no warning of the spill.

At the time of the injury Smith was taken to hospital and was treated at the emergency department and has regularly re-attended for further treatment over the last two years.

Smith states that she has undergone extensive investigation and treatment of her injuries including x-rays of her spine and an MRI and a number of epidural injections and more recently facet joint injections, all of which has provided only temporary relief for her pain.
She states that she now suffers from chronic pain in her lower back radiating into both legs; headache, neck, chest and knee pain; numbness and tingling in her toes; and limited tolerance for standing, walking or sitting.

The suit states that Smith is unable to walk any distance without pain, but equally sitting for any period of time brings on low back pain, and she has to get up and move around every 15-20 minutes, as advised in the Pain Management Programme. Her sleep is interfered with by the pain and she uses pillows at night to try to ease the stress on her lower back and to get comfortable.  A doctor stated on behalf of Smith’s claim that her pain and injuries, which are now chronic, are a direct result of the slip.

Her pain has prevented her from working, the claim states, not least because Smith was employed as a caregiver, which includes heavy lifting, bending and working in confined spaces, the suit states, before asking the judge to award $250,000 in loss of earnings, medical and legal costs and compensation.

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Local lab gets accreditation for testing

Local lab gets accreditation for testing

| 28/05/2013 | 0 Comments

HSA Forensic Lab2 (231x300).jpg(CNS): The local forensic laboratory has recently received international accreditation for its toxicology testing, making Cayman the first English-speaking island in the Caribbean to receive this high level of recognition. The forensic laboratory is required for many different types of analysis including forensic DNS and paternity testing at the HSA. It is a multi-functional entity servicing individual patients, law enforcement and also the corporate world, which can use the laboratory for their employee drug testing as part of their drug free workplace programmes. 

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority’s (HSA) forensic scientist Alan Glasgow said that rigorous examination of the lab by US based Forensic Quality Service (FQS) auditors led to this important accreditation. He said that

“Here at the forensic laboratory we have always upheld the highest level of standards,” said Glasgow. “We are pleased that the laboratory passed with excellent grading and had no major non-conformance marks.” The lab boss said that the community can be confident now in the local laboratory for confidential testing.

FQS is the longest established provider of accreditation to forensic testing agencies in the United States and the FQS ISO/IEC 17025 standard which the HSA’s laboratory’s toxicology testing received is the highest level of international accreditation that can be obtained. In order for the HSA’s laboratory to qualify, it was subjected to a random review and a full audit of case studies by a team of experienced FQS forensic scientists. In order for the HSA’s forensic laboratory to retain this coveted accreditation, FQS auditors will have access to the laboratory annually as routine maintenance. 

Lizzette Yearwood, Chief Executive Officer at the HSA said that this important accolade for the laboratory meant the Authority was able to offer the best quality service.

“Customers can have complete confidence in the results that are produced from the HSA’s forensic lab because the lab is held to the very highest standards through the FQS accreditation,” she said, adding that this accreditation was not a new event for the HSA’s forensic laboratory.
“The forensic lab’s DNA services, including paternity testing, have been accredited at the HSA since 2009 and have to meet the United States FBI standards,” Yearwood. “The latest FQS accreditation will stand alongside the existing accreditation and together they serve to promote the HSA’s forensic lab as one that meets the highest international standards ahead of most other comparable labs in the region.”   

For more information about the Forensic Laboratory, contact or call 345-244-2855.

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Clifford calls on PPM to deal with dump on site

Clifford calls on PPM to deal with dump on site

| 28/05/2013 | 21 Comments

dump demo (242x300).jpg(CNS): With almost all of the candidates who supported the relocation of the dump swept from power last Wednesday, the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free is calling on the new government to deal with the George Town landfill on site and via the proper channels. The activists said they are hoping that the PPM candidates who made a clean sweep in Bodden Town will stick to their promise of not relocating the dump to their district. With district’s ministers booted from office and the UDP candidates pushed out of the race by the Progressives, Charles Clifford, who came in sixth in last week's election, said dealing with the dump was a priority.

“We fully expect the new government to assume its responsibility of urgently fixing the George Town dump where it is, without ‘exporting’ the problem and contaminating a new site. We’ll continue to demand that the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) be mandated to find the best waste management solution for Grand Cayman, and that an open call for tenders be issued after that,” he said.

The PPM made it clear on the campaign trail that they will not put a new landfill in the district as proposed by Dart Realty Cayman in connection with the UDP government’s ForCayman Investment Alliance with the islands’ largest and dominant developer. With a new Progressive administration now in place, the entire FCIA is likely to take on a new shape.

The activists pointed out that the electorate’s rejection of all those associated with the promotion of the landfill move, not just in Bodden Town but across the districts, made it clear that the majority of people in Cayman do not support the proposal to move the landfill to the Midland Acre site.

“The people voted for change,” said Midland Acres resident and coalition leader Arlene Whittaker. “We’ve kicked out virtually every proponent of Dart’s dump deal, and almost every minister of the two previous governments. The people are fed up with corruption and back-room deals. Scotland, Seymour and Walling Whittaker – a key ‘salesman’ for Dart’s dump – all fared miserably.”

With the almost total rout of McKeeva Bush’s UDP, and the breaking of his stranglehold on West Bay by an opponent of the West Bay Road giveaway, Whittaker said it was a clear message.

“Out of the five PNA ministers, all proponents of the WB Road giveaway and of Dart’s dump deal, four have been kicked out,” she said. “These major decisions were made behind our backs, in complete disregard of massive opposition. We expect better from the new government. We expect them to represent the interests of those who elected them, not those of Dart. We expect them to keep their promises to the people they work for. We expect good governance, along with social and environmental justice,” she added.

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Medical scientists convene in Cayman

Medical scientists convene in Cayman

| 28/05/2013 | 0 Comments

images_45.jpg(CNS): Over 20 visiting medical technicians gather in Cayman earlier this month when the island played hot for the first time to the biannual regional council meeting of the Caribbean Association of Medical Technologists (CASMET). According to local officials delegates from the United States, Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Bahamas and the Cayman Islands medical laboratory professionals discussed developments and activities that will positively impact standards in the region, accessibility and training, improvements in diagnostic and therapeutic laboratory testing techniques, regional professional collaboration and regulatory issues.

CASMET- an affiliate of the American Medical Technologists (AMT) – is an independent, non-governmental association representing more than 1500 medical laboratory professionals throughout the Caribbean, Central America and the Dutch Antilles.

Medical technologists, phlebotomists and laboratory assistants discussed issues of concern in their country, regional planning and advice to educational institutions, funding agencies and government ministries on the development of medical laboratory science.

Jennifer Ahearn, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports & Culture (HEYS&C) pointed out the importance of medical technologists as they increase the capacity of “and are instrumental in health care development and patient care services, as well as
in the broader-reaching, critical role of disease control.”

CASMET provides avenues for the professional development of medical professionals by offering certifications and conducting examinations in the various disciplines of medical technology. Forums are also provided for the development and interchange of technical knowledge by hosting courses, meetings, lectures, scientific sessions and publications.

The three day conference was held at the Marriott Beach Resort 17-19 May.

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Tara urged to say ‘yes’

Tara urged to say ‘yes’

| 28/05/2013 | 51 Comments

tara rivers.jpg(CNS): There were close to 400 people crammed into a local school hall in West Bay Monday evening, all of them pleading with newly elected MLA Tara Rivers to say ‘yes’ to PPM Leader Alden McLaughlin’s offer of a no-strings attached Cabinet seat. Despite the overwhelming show of support for Rivers to take the offer of a ministry, she still seemed reluctant to give the crowd a definitive ‘yes'. Although she said her constituents' support had “made the decision easier for her” and she would be willing to accept the offer, she said she still wanted to talk to the PPM leader about what she called the “fine print” and her desire for some form of support from other independents in the new government.

She did not state if that meant she would still be holding out for another independent cabinet seat or whether she was now willing to accept McLaughlin’s offer, which was made on Friday. The PPM leader has stated that he was offering the Cabinet seat to her, and her alone.  

However, the offer came with no other strings and he had also stated that he hoped that both Winston Connolly and Roy McTaggart would be willing to sit on the government back-benches as there were many support posts available as counsellors and committee members. The premier in waiting has stated that Rivers does not need to join the PPM and she can choose from a wide range of portfolios.

McLaughlin has given Rivers until 8am to make up her mind as he will be announcing his full Cabinet on Tuesday at a 10am press briefing.

For well over an hour on Monday evening there were congratulations, positive comments, accolades, praise and unequivocal support for her, as well as a standing ovation when one member of the audience asked everyone to stand if they supported her accepting. The entire audience got to its feet and cheered for Rivers to accept. As comments continued, not one single person stood to say she should not accept.

As the meeting at John A Cumber Primary School drew to a close, Rivers appeared to imply she would be accepting the new premier’s offer but did not give a categorical unambiguous 'yes'. However, given the significant support for her to take the job and to stop holding out for her C4C colleagues, including from Gary Rutty, one of the Coalition for Cayman’s founding executive members, it will prove difficult for Rivers to now decline the offer.

All of Rivers' C4C running mates were present at the meeting, as well as the former premier and soon to be speaker of the LA, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. The audience was made up of a wide cross-section of West Bayers and all had nothing but support and praise for Rivers as they urged and even begged her to take the job, even though she would be the lone independent, as they all said they had faith in her ability to do the job, which is why they had all voted for her.

Check back to CNS tomorrow for details of the new government.

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