‘Twitchers’ in for treat with expert view from the hide

| 05/08/2013

(CNS): Coinciding with two exhibitions marking International Migratory Bird Day for 2013, "Passing Through: Migratory Birds of the Cayman Islands" and "Birdie" an exhibit designed for children, the Cayman Islands National Museum is hosting a special birder’s presentation entitled "Birding in the Cayman Islands". A panel of experts will discuss research on parrots, new birding records for the Cayman Islands, migrant birds, endangered species, and Trust birding tours. Around 230 species of birds live or visit Cayman during a given year many of which are rare and vulnerable.

Paul Watler, the National Trust’s Environmental Programmes Manager, Stuart Mailer a local field officer and birder, and Christine Rose-Smyth, a volunteer and keen birder, will make up the panel.

The event will take place at the Cayman Islands National Museum’s audiovisual theatre  at 3 Harbour Drive at Shedden Road on Tuesday, 27 August at  6:00pm. The event will cost $10 General Admission, $6 for Museum Members. This includes talk, refreshments to follow, and free entrance to all museum exhibitions.

Spaces are limited. Interested parties should contact the National Museum to reserve a seat as soon as possible at (345) 949-8368, info@museum.ky or maiamuttoo@museum.ky.

Both the current exhibits on birds at the National Gallery will run until November. For more information, go to the museum website.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let's hope Cayman does more to protect it's environment, trees, bushes, ponds, & other such areas that birds need.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In the UK alone there are some 2 million official members of bird watching clubs and a lot more non members…has anyone thought of attracting some of these "twitchers" here for tourism? I have former colleagues in UK who would think nothing of spending thousands to see a rare bird…"twitching holidays"?