Football boss pleased with Cayman contest

| 27/08/2013

(CNS): Jeff Webb, the president of the regional footballing body CONCACAF, said Cayman had done a "tremendous job" as hosts of the inaugural 2013 Under-15 Boys CONCACAF Tournament, which gave teenage football players from all over the region a chance to experience a real competitive tournament. There were many elements to make the development tournament successful, he said, noting that only two matches have been tied and there were almost 25,000 spectators, plus plenty of goals. “It’s been a tremendous success story from a CONCACAF standpoint and a Cayman one. I congratulate all the 22 participating teams,” he said last week.

“The tournament for us is vital for development, this new CONCACAF, having the belief that to spur growth, to inspire new generations, we must give them opportunities, he said, adding that this contest gave the kids an opportunity and has started to prepare them for what lies ahead.

“Not only are we preparing the kids on the field but this morning we launched our coaching D license course. We have 40 coaches here from around the region, US, Canada and so forth, who are participating in the coaching qualification D license. Everything we do is geared on us improving and evolving and geared ultimately to better football on the field and ultimately winning the world championship” the president added.

The Cayman Islands premier, Alden McLaughlin said the tournament had brought an economic boost as well during what is normally a slow period in the tourism season.

“All indications are that this tournament has been extraordinarily well organized and all those visiting for the purpose of watching the games think Cayman is a wonderful place,” McLaughlin said, as he thanked Webb for making it happen. “I believe all the money and investments we have made in the facilities over the last few years are now paying huge dividends and I’ve had discussions with Mr Webb and some members of his team and whatever improvements are necessary to ensure we are able to host more CONCACAF or other football tournaments will be made. I believe that sports tourism is a very viable prospect for Cayman,” the premier added.

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  1. pmilburn says:

    Well done Jeff.Keep up the good work.The results speak for themselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Jeff for your efforts to promote football to a new and better level in Cayman and for your genuine interest In Cayman's youth.  You are an incredible mentor and role model for our young men and women and I for one am most proud of your accomplishments.  -Shirley Roulstone

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks to Jeff for bringing this excellent tournament to Cayman and showcasing our youth and what they can accomplish with a litte time and attention. It is but one event however and I ask that you also ensure that a sustained effort and ongoing resources are committed to the proper administration and development of our youth football.  

  3. The lone haranguer says:

    Thank you Jeffrey, you is a good Caymanian

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Jeff and Alden we are proud of you both. However this is out of context on this page but worth mentioning somewhere. We are so surprised that nothing is being mentioned about the Cholera outbreak in Cuba . Most of this is being covered up because of the danger to Tourism God help us if it should reach here. Dont you Mr Premier think that for a while you should pull Cayman Airways out of Cuba? Money is not everything.

    CNS: Further cholera outbreak suspected in Cuba (CNS, 22 August 2013)