C&W rolls out first of LIME products

| 03/11/2008

(CNS): Telecommunications firm Cable & Wireless continued with the roll out of its new product Monday morning, 3 November, as it introduced AllTalk within its new LIME brand. The firm said that this is a new service that allows customers to stop worrying about per minute costs and talk for hours every day for a single, fixed monthly fee.

“Our customers told us they’re fed up of worrying about talking too much and facing a big telephone bill each month,” said Richard Dodd, CEO of LIME. “AllTalk allows our customers to talk for hours, at any time of day, from anywhere, to any LIME telephone Caribbean-wide.”

The first new service to be launched by LIME, the firm said it gives mobile customers 6,000 minutes of talk time each month for just CI$40 a month in Cayman. Calls can be made to any other LIME landline or mobile anywhere in the Caribbean – that’s more than three hours a day to talk to friends, family and loved ones.

The plan is for both pre-paid and post-paid customers, and if customers use all 6,000 minutes the cost of each call works out at less than US 1 cent per minute. Both new and existing customers can sign up for AllTalk from today.

“I’m not sure I’ve got enough to say to talk for three hours every single day of the month, but I’d love to see some of our customers making the most of the offer and coming close” Dodd added.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This place needs to get a REAL plan

    where i used to live you got for 40 dollars a month

    Free texting – any hour/any minute of the day

    Free calling after seven

    and free calls on weekends.


  2. Sad employee says:

    Its a Sad day for me as an employee to answer the phone…thank you for calling LIME how can I make your day special today?  Plain and simple the company sucks.  We are here like sitting ducks waiting for the company to shoot us down while they reduce the headcount by vasts amounts to increase their profit share.   We know full well thay they are making promises to customers that they do NOT have the ability to keep and it will truly become a very sour experience for all.  Black is the right color for their ridiculous website…looks like an MTV knock off.  LIME…SOUR IN DEED !

  3. Carleen says:

    Oh how much Cable and Wireless has fallen. The new brand exemplifies exactly what they are…poor quality, lack any cutting edge, reactive etc etc

    I wonder if this lime is ripe or green, sweet or sour.…I suspect it is green and sour.

    Sayonara…keep paying the price for non responsiveness to customers!!

  4. Anonymous says:

     Relax, it’s a typo. C&W has been called LAME and a lot worse because of the lazy, rude-mannered and inefficient way that customers are dealt with and because their service offering is so behind and yet so expensive. 

  5. Leb says:

    Digicel has made such a huge impact in the Cayman Islands in providing much more reasonable rates on Mobile and Internet services that they have made Cable & Wireless turned into LIME, LIME is bitter hope they add some suga, which they have already done by giving 6,000 minutes for CI$40 per month to LIME Mobile and Landline subscribers. 

    My question is, WHY Cable & Wireless did not do this until now?

    WHY were they charging us such high rates especially when using their "Mobile Internet" services, was it toFORCE us to become a Postpaid customer? (that is what I was told by one of their longtime employees

    Here is an example. Am a Prepaid subscriber with Digicel, I can send/recieve email on my mobile, it cost me two cents to send an email the same size as this message using Digicel. If I use Cable & Wireless it would cost about seven – eight cents WHY ?

    Cable & Wireless had to change their name bcoz of the damage they have done to their loyal customers especially while they had the manopoly, so a change of name would appear that its not Cable & Wireless anymore to try to get back many of their customers that have switched to Digicel the Bigger, Better Network, the first telecommunications network to provide: 

    "International mobile calls for 20 cents per minute" Digicel


    "Mobile International calls for 15 cents per minute" Digicel

    "30 minutes of FREE Digi to Digi local calls" Digicel

    "FREE SMS weekdays from 8pm – 6am" Digicel

    "FREE SMS on weekends from Friday 8pm – Monday 6am" Digicel

    those are some of the BEST mobile deals currently, also Digicel provides "Broadband Internet" with 1MB download speed and 512 upload speed for only CI$40 per month.

    I will never fogive Cable & Wireless for their greed for our need, and I will stay a Digicel subscriber forever and ever amen.   

  6. Ebanks the Plumber says:

    AllTalk is so new it doesn’t yet appear on the LIME website!

    Talking of which, this has to be one of the worst sites I have ever tried to navigate.  It is user hostile, parts of it are invisible.  (Well, 811 told me I should be seeing them – maybe I just can’t see pink.)

    And there are features without links –

    Special Services – Check out our special services.  There is no link. Maybe that’s what makes them special.

    Bundles – Choose from our bundles to get more for less.  There aren’t any. Proof that you can’t get something for nothing.

    HP PC package – Click here for more information on:
    Broadband Plans link to residential Broadband Internet plans – there is no link. Certainly not a case of too much information.

    LIME as a name really sucks!  Almost on a par with the Scottish Telecoms Company which rebranded itself as THUS.  Guess what –  it’s now owned by Cable and Wireless. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Relax ,maybe its to remind us of a thing or two:

    1 Remind us who the real bosses are

    2 To remind us of the sour taste we get when its bill paying time

    3 To let us know how green they are with envy of Digicels market share

    • Anonymous says:

      "3 To let us know how green they are with envy of Digicels market share"

      Oh please!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone PLEASE call LIME and let them know that those types of jokes are played on April 1.  I wonder how long it took to come up with such a name? Should CAL change its name to WHITE as in elephant?