Estella laid to rest

| 03/11/2008

(CNS): In the wake of charges against her murder suspects, Estella Scott-Roberts was laid to rest on Saturday morning at Prospect Cemetery following an emotional service at the First Baptist Church and tribute by her husband Rayle Roberts. Only two days before the funeral, Larry Prinston Ricketts (25) and Kirkland Henry (27) were charged with her murder, robbery and abduction. Henry also been charged with rape. (Photo by Lennon Christian)

The two Jamaican nationals, both work permit holders living in George Town employed as a gardener and a carpenter, were remanded in custody by Magistrate Margaret Ramsey Hale on Thursday 30 October and told to submit their applications for legal aid in order to gain legal representation before they next appear in court on Thursday 6 November.

According to the Solicitor General, Cheryll Richards, there is significant evidence against both the men for the murder including material evidence, as they were both said to have had possession of Scott-Roberts’ cell phones. She also said there wasforensic evidence against them as well as detailed admissions. Neither of the two men has yet entered a plea to the court and appeared without lawyers.

Estella Scott-Roberts was the former director of the Crisis Centre and a fearless activist against violence in the community. She joined Cable and Wireless as a Communications Manager in 2006, but continued with her work campaigning against violence perpetrated on women and children. She was also a member of the Human Rights Committee and had recently worked with the Sexual Harassment and Stalking Task Force to help introduce a law against these acts.

Her body was found in her own burnt out car in the remote area of Barkers in West Bay on Saturday 11 October. She was last seen leaving Decker’s restaurant after having dinner with friends around 11-11:30 pm. Her car was eventually found after an extensive search involving, friends, family, the Department of Environment and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The news of her death sent shock waves through the community and fuelled extensive speculation over the motivations and potential perpetrators of Scott-Roberts violent death. Despite the distractions of the rumour mill which suggested her death could have been connected to her work, the police persisted with their lines of enquiry and arrested Kirkland and Henry on Monday, 27 October. Once the police announced they were charging the men with her murder, they said they were no longer able to make any comment. So far no motive has been officially offered for the crime and there is no indication whether Scott-Roberts was known, or not known, to either of the accused men.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Cayman Justice – Excellent post.

    I wonder if Jahleb reads the court lists on a daily basis.  Obviously not because if he did, then perhaps he wouldn’t be so ignorant minded to think that all crimes are committed by ex-pats.  Perhaps these court lists should be placed in the paper on a daily basis so all of the self-righteous Caymanians can plainly see the amount of Ebanks, Boddens, Tibbets, Dixons, etc that are on that list on a daily basis.


  2. Anonymous says:

    The facts of this case will come out in the trial and I think all of Cayman will be interested in knowing the motive for this horrible act.  How could one human being do such things to another?  I only knew Estella casually and I still find it hard to believe that she was taken from her family and friends in such a cruel manner.  She lived a relatively short life but one that had an impact.  I think we should all work so tirelessly to improve our community.  Estella is now with God and watching over us.  I pray that we find out what really happened that night and that her killers get what they deserve.  Personally, I think they should be put to death for this crime. 

    • Alain says:


      Too young to die.You left us with an empty space and an unfinish job.You will be remebered by all who knew you.You were so nice and still very strong with people around you that you touched all of us. My friend (brother) Rayle must be strong to keep your memory alive. I am very honored to have known you. My wife and I are very sadden by your brutal death, but you will always be in our prayer


  3. The Angels says:

    Rest In Peace, Dear Heart..

    "So far no motive has been officially offered for the crime and there is no indication whether Scott-Roberts was known, or not known, to either of the accused men."

    We need motive, we need closure. Isn’t it ovious that Estella, didn’t know these (I dare say) men.



  4. Darlene Robinson says:


    May the memories of your loved one and those special times you shared together be of comfort to you now and in the days ahead bringing peace to your heart. 
    With Heartfelt Sympathy 
    Darlene Robinson, Cayman Brac
  5. Jahleb says:

    Prevention is better than cure, finger printing and also more in depth profiling of all who come here to work is a MUST, I suggest we go to certain places in this island example places like, SWAMP, DOG CITY, WINSOR PARK, where there are overly populated houses-rooms and dwellings of work permit holders and conduct a door to door survey to find out who is working for who, and to find out if all information submitted to immigration about that individual work permit holder is correct, and that he or she is a genuine work permit holder, and working within the law and regulations of the immigration and there work permit, in my view this is being PRO-ACTIVE. 

    The crime that was committed against Estella was horrific so or PRO-ACTIVENESS should be PARAMOUNT as to do our out most best to prevent crimes like this, we need to do this for Estella and for our own safety and the welfare of our islands.

    We have proof that there are criminals that have been deported from the US and Canada that have slipped into Cayman especially after Hurricane Ivan, anyone who has been following the increase in crime know that it has increased since Hurricane Ivan, and also since the granting of Status to thousands without in depth background checks, and now many of those who have status is bringing relatives here and trust me not all of them are?? …. I leave it there. (To Be Continued) 

    • Cayman Juice says:


      You sound like a self-righteous, ignorant person.  What about the Caymanian youth committing hit-and-runs, selling drugs, and gang banging on the streets.  Who raised these kids?  Ill-educated Caymanian mothers and abusive, absentee, and sometimes philandering, or molesting fathers.  Girls getting married at 17 and then having a bunch of children they can’t instill any morals into.  Illiterate sounding adults who can’t carry on a discussion without getting heated in the face, cursing, and threatening to have an ex-pat deported.  I could go on and on.  If it wasn’t for the British hand holding, the Cayman Islands would be an incredibly backward place.  Thankfully it is not, or no one would be going there to work (or commit crimes).

      Grand Cayman has a problem and it is getting worse.  CRIME.  Going into SWAMP, DOG CITY, and WINSOR PARK will serve what purpose?  To stir up animosity towards Caymanians who are already viewed as having a superiority complex.  Those people are living in ghettos because housing prices are ridiculous in comparison to the slave labor wages they make.  The money they make in Cayman is probably better than they could get in their third world country, but they are not buying third world food or paying third world rent while living on the "Rock" are they? 

      If immigration would actually do a proper police check (as best as they can anyway), perhaps some notorious individuals could be weeded out, but there is no telling what can happen to a person who leaves their country to end up in Cayman, only to find that they are being oppressed in a way they wouldn’t be in their own country.  Is it any wonder they hudle together in shanty town like conditions.  Minimum wages should be a government priority.

      Now, what happened to Ms. Roberts is stingingly painful for the whole community.  No one knows why this happened, but it could have been thwarted by forward thinking instead of lackadaisical, whimsical notions of Cayman being a safe place.  I’m talking about Deckers and their stupid, dangerous parking lot.  I have eaten there several times, and havewondered if anything were to happen, a car breakin, or robbery…who the hell would see?  There is no camera, barely any lights, and no vision from the street or restaurant.  As a matter of fact the whole island is unsafe, especially for women, and especially at night!  Perhaps the night workers walking down Seven Mile Beach from the Ritz to stay at Treasure Island might think twice now before they hitch a ride.  Then there are the unreported "rapes" of tourists by locals (yes locals!)  at XXXXX, and behind XXXXX. 

      What I am saying is – stop acting like it is purely non-nationals, or staus-holder’s friends and family who are creating crime and other issues in Cayman.  Don’t look to degrade ex-pats any further by busting into their shacks and asking them to prove that they belong on the island, fingerprinting and any other non-sense.  That is analogous to saying that since most of the crimes are being perpetrated by men, lets castrate them!  Caymanian, Jamaican, Cuban, Honduran, off with their balls since they can’t control themselves. 

      Don’t be ignorant!  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      Read my blog

       CNS note: The car park from which Estella was abducted is not owned by Deckers but is adjacent to it. Also, sorry, I’m not prepared to post the name of the bar where unreported crimes are said to have happened on the word of an anonymous contributer. I’ve linked your blog, though.




    • anti-hypocrisy says:

      Ah the anti-expatriatism comes out again.  Look inwards Caymanians at those who grace the doors of the summary court and grand court every day.  Most of the people are Caymanians – those who carry firearms with impunity who will not be convicted by a jury of their peers, those who murder each other over gangs, women and drugs.  Fingerprinting the expats is really going to make a difference to all of that!! Look inwards and stop blaming it on those who bring wealth and swell the economy of Cayman.  Without the expat money  Cayman would certainly not have the same economic growth and quality of life it enjoys.  Stop blaming the expats for anything that is wrong.  It happens these two were Jamaicans but as to who works for who – remember every business has to be 60 percent owned by Caymanians – so they are the ones employing these people.  Are we going to fingerprint the business owners too?