Pirates face bad weather

| 05/11/2008

(CNS): Despite rescheduling pirates week into November back in 2006 to avoid the worst of the seasonal rains, this year it looks like the pirates will still be in for a stormy time. The ten day forecast calls for lots of showers and with a broad area of low pressure that could become a tropical depression to the south of the Cayman Islands the pirates will need their rubber boots.

Executive Director of Pirates Week Dave Martins is undeterred by the inclement weather which has always plagued the festival and says all of the extra visitors arriving in Cayman for the festivities are in for a treat despite the rain. Although there is no tracking mechanism in place to monitor the expected number of tourists coming for the event hotel bookings suggest that the festival has boosted visitor numbers.

“We know lots of visitors are coming or coming back,” said Martins who described some of this year’s expected highlights. “A unique feature of the festival is the variety it offers. This year, in particular, we have the new cardboard boat race coming back, we have a new cycling race downtown, and we have a waveboard demonstration by Red Bull. That wide variety makes the festival special.”

With so much happening at the 31st annual Pirates Week Festival Martins advised anyone joining in the fun and frolics to take advantage of all the down town events as they are free and said he was looking forward as ever to the heritage days.

“Every year, for me, the most striking thing about the heritage days is the enthusiasm of the people who are putting on their own show in their own way for their own pleasure. It’s what makes the heritage days so much fun,” he added.

The ten day celebration period is always a busy time for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service which is tasked with policing events and parades to ensure law and order is maintained, patrolling the water in partnership with Port Authority vessels to ensure safety upon the sea and overseeing road closures and other logistical activities.

Detailed police plans focus around ensuring the safety of those attending festivities, assisting in the prevention of disorder or damage and preventing any illegal activity from occurring. Road closures start on Friday, 7 November at 6.00pm with Harbour Drive and Fort Street junction / Boilers Road and South Church Street junction / Shedden Road at Royal Bank, Goring Avenue and Harbour Drive junction / Hard Rock and Harbour Drive junction closed until 3.30am.

On Saturday, 8 November from 10am Memorial and South Church Street / Boilers and Walkers Road / Exit of Kirk parking lot and South Church Street / Exit of Kirk parking lot and Goring Avenue / Goring Avenue and South Church Street / Fort Street and North Church Street / Mary Street and Fort Street, Shedden Road and Dr. Roy’s Drive / Dr. Roy’s Drive and Edward Street / Edward Street, Fort Street and Town Hall / Hospital Road and Walkers Road (no traffic from 4-way to Elgin Avenue) Elgin Avenue and Hospital Road / Shedden Road will be closed until 1.00am on Sunday

This year the featured visiting band is IMIJ & Company, and there are also guest appearances by the two lead singers from the late Byron Lee’s  Dragonaires band, a Oscar B and Jumo. Local bands performing are Hit Depot, Bona Fide, Red White & Blue, Xplosion, Impulz, Heat, Musical Crew, Core, Panoramers, J.R. Douglas, and Wata Soaked.  Pre-Landing Entertainment, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, includes local dancers, singers, and musicians on Harbour Drive on Saturday 8 November from 2-3pm.

For full details of the events schedule go to www.piratesweekfestival.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Hard Rock Cafe also has Suckerbox and Smooth Bill Annie live down by their restaurant on the Friday Night. They are building a stage out there for them like previous years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They can move it to Mid-December, it will always get rain out. I think it is high time for the fading of Pirates Week.