Cayman business continuity in place, says Governor

| 07/11/2008

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Governor. H.E. Stuart Jack, in a statement Thursday gave his assurances that the islands’ business continuity plans for the financial services sector were fully operational. “It is anticipated that, similar to other storm threats that Cayman has experienced, our financial services industry will continue meeting the needs of the global markets without disruption,” he said.

Many of the larger professional services firms are housed in state-of-the-art, well-built commercial buildings, which can also be used as shelters for staff and their families, further ensuring continuity, the governor said.

Post event, he noted, a number of firms were prepared to move operations and staff, if necessary, to other sites within their networks. He said many private-sector firms also employed disaster recovery centres, as did government agencies that support and regulate the financial sector. These would assist them in securing data and ensuring fully-operational, connected working environments, in the event of damage to physical offices.

“I am also pleased to report that members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service are standing by, and that all off-duty officers are on call. All of government’s Hazard Management sub-committees are on full active duty,” Jack said. “Furthermore, the UK Government is on standby to assist, and a Royal Navy ship will soon arrive, in order to provide humanitarian assistance should it be needed.”

The Governor continued, “Our residents, also, are preparing in earnest. This multilevel preparedness – business, government, and residents – works together, for the continued strength of the country. Be assured that we are well prepared for Paloma. The Cayman Islands has a record of maintaining continuity of service, and of getting up and running in short order after a storm. We trust that this time will be no different. I wish everyone in the Cayman Islands all the best, as we approach this storm with our characteristic resilience and preparedness.”


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