Accused in Scott-Roberts’ murder allocated lawyers

| 09/11/2008

(CNS):  The two men accused of murdering Estella Scott-Roberts appeared in court for the second time on Thursday 6 November and a date has been set of 17 November for the preliminary issues. The two men have now been allocated lawyers to represent them throughout the proceedings and both were remanded in custody. On 30 October Larry Prinston Ricketts (25) and Kirkland Henry (27-left) were charged with the murder of Estella as well as robbery and abduction. Henry was also charged with rape.


During their first appearance the two Jamaican nationals, both work permit holders living in George Town employed as a gardener and a carpenter, appeared before Magistrate Margaret Ramsey Hale without legal representation they have since been allocated legal defenders — Lloyd Samson and John Furness will be acting for the men.

According to the Solicitor General, Cheryll Richards, there is significant evidence against both the men for the murder including material evidence, as they were both said to have had possession of Scott-Roberts’ cell phones. She also said there wasforensic evidence against them as well as detailed admissions. The two men are believed to have made confessions however no pleas have yet been submitted to the court by either of the accused.

Estella Scott-Roberts was the former director ofthe Crisis Centre and a fearless activist against violence in the community. She joined Cable and Wireless as a Communications Manager in 2006, but continued with her work campaigning against violence perpetrated on women and children. She was also a member of the Human Rights Committee and had recently worked with the Sexual Harassment and Stalking Task Force to help introduce a law against these acts.

Her body was found in her own burnt out car in the remote area of Barkers in West Bay on Saturday 11 October. She was last seen leaving Decker’s restaurant after having dinner with friends around 11-11:30 pm. Her car was eventually found after an extensive search involving, friends, family, the Department of Environment and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

The news of her death sent shock waves through the community and fuelled extensive speculation over the motivations and potential perpetrators of Scott-Roberts violent death. Despite the distractions of the rumour mill which suggested her death could have been connected to her work, the police persisted with their lines of enquiry and arrested Kirkland and Henry on Monday, 27 October. Once the police announced they were charging the men with her murder, they said they were no longer able to make any comment. So far no motive has been officially offered for the crime and there is no indication whether Scott-Roberts was known, or not known, to either of the accused men.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who held these men’s work permits?  Were they actually working 40 hour weeks as indicated or were they "overstaying" and lay-abouts?  Just run an advert in the newspaper for any menial job and you will get dozens of responses by overseas workers who say they are here on a six month temporary permit or in-between jobs.  Folks, this is our own fault!  Caymanians bring in workers so that we have a "helper" work for us one day a week and then put them on their own to make a lving.  Idle hands are the devil’s tools!  Make the immgration law fullproof (to our our devices) and we would not have this problem.  I do not think these two decided to rob and rape overnight.  Where is their police clearance letters?  Were they making a wage?  Did they have insurance under the Immigration Law?  Shame on US for purpetuating this situation!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutely abhorent that we trusted these men to enter our peaceful island without so much of a fuss and they so coldheartedly took away our safety net.  To now know that  we have to give our hard earned dollars to defend them in court too is insult added to injury and loss.

    Unfortunately there is not enough punishment that can be dealt out to them by our Justice system.