New Top Cop quits after less than 2 days

| 20/11/2008

(CNS): In a turn of events that makes the Cayman Islands law enforcement issues look increasingly bizarre by the day, the newly appointed Acting Police Commissioner has already resigned. According to a statement released by the Governor’s office on Thursday afternoon, Royce Hipgrave who arrived in Cayman on Tuesday has said that there is an unacceptable aspect to the role and he no longer wants the job.


H.E the Governor Stuart Jack said in his statement that Hipgrave who had been selected to assume the position of Acting Commissioner of Police for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force informed the Governor that he had decided to withdraw from the position after being on island for one day.  “There was an aspect of the job that was not acceptable to Mr. Hipgrave,” the Governor said but did not say what that ‘aspect’ was.

The Governor went on to state that after further discussions whatever it was it could not be resolved. “This is a setback for the RCIPS,” the Governor noted without irony, given the rather long list of setbacks to the RCIPS over the last 8 months. He went on to say that steps have already been taken to identify an interim replacement as Acting Commissioner until such time as a permanent Commissioner of Police is hired.

CNS was unable to confirm the speculation that the Special Police Investigation Team (SPIT) lead by SIO Martin Bridger and Operation Tempura were the “aspect” in question but a number of people close to the situation seemed to believe that was the case.

Until an another acting commissioner is found to replace the newly resigned acting commissioner, Hipgrave who was supposed to replace the out going acting commissioner David George, who had stepped in for the suspended but now sacked commissioner Stuart Kernoahn, the Governor confirmed that Deputy Commissioner, Anthony Ennis will assume the role of Acting Commissioner.

Ennis said on Thursday afternoon in the wake of the government’s statement that he would not however,be applying for the vacant post of Commissioner of Police,  but remained steadfastly loyal to the RCIPS, its members and the Cayman Islands. “I will do everything to ensure that the RCIPS remains a fit and capable organisation to meet existing and emerging challenges and I look forward to the appointment of the next Commissioner of Police,” he said.

He explained he was happy to serve in the role until an interim Acting Commissioner was found and accepted it as his duty and professional obligation to the RCIPS provided that the process progresses in an efficient and timely manner.

“I, like many of my colleagues, have invested a lifetime of service into the RCIPS and we are committed to consistently striving to enhance its services to the law enforcement and criminal justice communities. To achieve the efficacious outcomes, we shall need the support and goodwill of all law abiding citizens that share the common goal of ensuring that our beloved Cayman Islands remain a safe place to live, work and visit,” he added.


He said that he was confident that George had been effective together with the Gold Command Team in establishing clear strategic frameworks, including a service-wide policing plan. “I wish to publicly thank Mr George for his personal sacrifice that took him away from his family and for his outstanding contributions to the RCIPS and the Cayman Islands and offer him best wishes for the future.”

David George said he had worked with, and been supported by, some extremely professional and conscientious officers and staff who have continued to work very hard under trying circumstances. “I will miss them all,” he said. “It is unfortunate that Mr Royce Hipgrave will not be taking over the post. This is undoubtedly an unsettling and uncertain time for the RCIPS, and for the community as a whole. What is certain, however, is the commitment of the management team to ensure that business carries on as normal. Mr Ennis will be Acting Commissioner until a temporary replacement can be found and he will be supported by the wider Senior Management Team.”

He said he was confident Ennis would fulfill the role in a highly professional and competent manner. “The management team which supports him is strong and I do not doubt that the service will continue to go from strength to strength,” he said. “It is with regret that I must leave the RCIPS under these circumstances. When I agreed to take over the post it was for a temporary period of up to six months. I informed the Governor in August that I would be leaving in November and unfortunately, I have plans in place that I cannot change.”

He said he was leaving with very positive thoughts of the Cayman Islands and the RCIPS.

“The service is a contemporary one which is made up of many dedicated and hard working individuals who are committed to keeping the Cayman Islands as safe as they are. The service is undoubtedly one of the best in the region and should be cherished by those living in these Islands. Residents should not become distracted by other events and should remain proud of the men and women of the RCIPS. The men and woman who make up this fine organsation deserve all the support and assistance you can give them,” George said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Put simply the "aspect "as it understand it, Mr. Royce Hipgrave" would not accept " the post as the new Acting Commisioner of Police,"not being allowed" have"Operational Control" over  Martin Bridger’s SPIT for which he has an absolute right in law to do so. Martin Bridger and SPIT are all "Special Constables" of the RCIPS for which this authority is derived from the Police Law, for which the Commissioner has control and superintendence of all officers. 

    The Commissioner of Police at that time, likely Stuart Kernohan or another Gazetted Officer acting on his behalf or the Governor’s behalf, would have sworn SPIT officers on a "Holy Bible" taking an "oath of office" as Special Constables when they first arrived in the Cayman Islands over a year ago, to investigate these so called Corruption Investigations.

    However "Gazetted Officers" whom are Chief Inspectors and above, the Commissioner of Police while he has the authority to investigate them for any suspected wrong doing internally or otherwise, he does not have the authority internally to despense punishment in disciplinary matters against them, only the Governor has that authority.

    Special Constables such as Martin Bridger and others whom "are not" Gazetted Officers, are therefore subject to the Commissioner of Police or other officers directed underhis behalf, to investigate them and dispense punishent for any proven breach of Police Regulations or other laws.

    Therefore, Mr, Royce Hipgrave is a very wise man, when he opted not to accept the post of Commissioner of Police. Why would he accept this post when he has no "Operational Control" over these "Special Constables" under his command ??? If there is ever a "srecw up" and there have been many recently, who do you think would be held  accountable and liabe for these screw up’s ??? Answer = Mr. Royce Hipgrave.

    Trust me, that gentleman is no fool and any other Act. Commissioner that is recruited for this same post under these same circumstances, if he/she has any sense, he/she would do the exact same as Mr. Hipgrave did, not accept a contract under those said conditions.







  2. Anonymous says:

    "Would you want his job after seeing the way Kernohan has been dragged through the gutter by the police, the government, and the people of the Cayman Islands?"

    How bizarre that you would drag into this the people of the Cayman Islands who have nothing to do with Mr. Kernohan’s situation but have omitted the Governor and Mr. Bridger and his special investigation team who have everything to do with it. Incidentally, the latter are not "the police" but some private police force unleashed by the Governor who are not subject to the rule of law in the Cayman Islands.

    We must assume that Mr. Hipgrave is an intelligent man and would clearly have been aware of Mr. Kernohan’s likely future given the public spat between him and the Governor and between him and the Cabinet. It would not have come as any surpise that he was terminated. Instead, what is far more likely to be the case is that Mr. Hipgrave became aware that Mr. Bridger and his team would not be accountable to him as the Acting Commissioner and found this unacceptable. He would be right about that.    


  3. Rodney says:

    I suppose he wasn’t promised too many days relaxing in the sun with a drink in hand being fanned by some cuties and since that part was omitted he had no choice but to refuse the job.  If the former commissioners were handed a silver platter to eat off prior to his arrival and he got a wooden spoon and grape a leaf then I too would say have a nice day  to the Cayman Islands. 

    We are so poor right now we will be lucky if we can afford to buy dog food for the police dog, so i guess he will be the next to resign and call it quits with us too. 

    I am going to go catch me some fish now before they abandon us as well, so i can have something to eat, cuz we soon be broke because the Government has so many bills to pay they gonna be calling on me and you to pay them soon.  I gonna fill my deep freezer with fish so i can survive this collapse and watch the rich people fly out in their private jets waving a final farewell to all of us down here on the flyby.

    On MOnday I going down town withdraw the rest of my savings and go to the LA buidling open the front door and throw all my money inside for them before the come and take it forcefully from me……………..until next time.


  4. Sheila S. Smith says:

    It comes as no surprise that this Person of what seems to be obvious integrity, has decided that he does not want anypart in this Cayman Islands Corruption. Would you blame him, reflecting on the news int he recent press lately?

    I for one don’t understand the role of the Govenor. That to me merits a clear discription. But with in my limited realm of understanding I can only fathom and futher assume that he fits the part perfectly. "They shall be known by their fruits" as the bible shouts to me when I read it searching for answers. The only answer I find, which clear is that the Cayman Islands, peculiar and small will soon die if we a NATION does not come together as responsible Christians an Take back this country for God! I am speaking to every Caymanian in this place, pull up your faith and take a stand for who you use to beleive in, GOD. Don’t be fooled by the mere promise of a simple man, for God created even he.

    Is it not painfully obvious that we have lost our foundation as children of God? Is not painfully scary to see where we are heading with the desision of our leaders? In my humble opinion, and I am most sincere when I say this, Coruption begets Corruption! Some where down the line in regards to the leadership of this Island integrity was loss to the love of the $. I dare anyone to tell me that I am wrong!

    Integrity is a Godly tool that enables the person,or persons, or group, to be able to hold fast to that which is good and do the right thing. Standing up for what is right as apose to being bought or sole to curruption!

    Will you accept my Challenge?

    Kind Regards,

    Sheila S. Smith

    Servant of God and A Proud Native Caymanian

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can you blame him? Would you want his job after seeing the way Kernohan has been dragged through the gutter by the police, the government, and the people of the Cayman Islands?

  6. Anonymous says:

    This makes you wonder what he has discovered since he has only been here for such a short PERIOD OF TIME. Is there so much CORRUPTION in the RCIPS.

  7. Twyla M Vargas says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    O BOY!!  I hope they do find someone and stop all these robberies that are happening all over the Island. I have never seen anything like this before and I do pray that we can put a stop to these acts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Royce turned the job down immediately after Kernohan was sacked.

    The ‘aspect’ referred to relates to the fact that not having an appointed Commissioner in post significantly changed his status on the island.