Rockets and planes shouldn’t mix

| 20/11/2008

(CNS:) The Civil Aviation Authority Cayman Islands (CAACI) says that organizers planning firework displays for the coming season need to be aware of a requirement for coordination to prevent potential threats to aircraft operations when the displays take place near aerodromes. The Authority noted that rather than the potential physical damage it is concerned with the flash and dazzle.

“Firework displays can vary from the small-scale garden event to a major commercial or ceremonial occasion.  The associated risk is increased when such activities take place in the vicinity of aerodromes, and particularly during such critical phases of flight as approach and landing,” the Authority said.

 The hazard reportedly comes from the unexpected dazzle rather than ocular or physical damage to aircraft the CAACI said but it did note that the risk of actual injury should not be discounted.

“Coordination with the Civil Aviation Authority is required to mitigate such risks: for all firework activity that takes place within 3 miles of the airport or under the approach departure paths; and for firework activity outside this area where the display will exceed 200ft. above ground.  Diagram showing these dimensions is attached for reference,” it added.

Display organizers for events in what is considered a risk area should discuss their planned activities with the CAACI who can provide them with a copy of the form “Notification of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight or Firework Operations”. Contact information for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands is as follows: Air Navigation Services Regulation Division, Unit 2 Grand Harbour, P.O. Box 10277, Grand Cayman  KY1-1003, Cayman Islands, Tel: (345) 949-7811

Fax: (345 949-0761, Email:


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