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| 09/01/2009

(CNS): The first independent candidate to announce their intention to run in the forthcoming general election in May of this year is local activist Sandra Catron. Having already cut her political spursin the 2005 battle for the district of Bodden Town where she lives, Catron at 35 is not only no stranger to political combat, she is also an outspoken and sometimes controversial character.

“Between the last election and this I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “I know that because I’m not afraid to raise and talk about the controversial and tough issues — some people find it refreshing but others don’t. I’ve learned to get my message across (which) may mean a slightly different approach. I am, however, willing to stick my head above the parapet and there are certain things I will not compromise on.”

Asked by many supporters to get back in the political ring, Catron says she didn’t think she was going to run this time, but as a passionate community activist she says she feels driven to fight for office and wants to be the kind of representative that dedicates all her time to the role of Member of the Legislative Assembly.

“It took me a while to decide to run because I think an MLA should be full time, I don’t think you should do other things,” she said. “The electorate is your employer so to speak and you need to dedicate your time to them not your own affairs. Before I decided to run I wanted to make sure I had their support and then to make sure that I could put aside my own business interests and be free to serve the people if they chose to return me.”

Crime, society and education are some of the areas that Catron will be forming her campaign around and where she is likely to cause controversy. However, she also noted that  no one vying for office in the 2009 election can fail to address the economy.

“We can’t ignore the fact that government has shown a degree of fiscal irresponsibility with over-spending and an over-commitment on various projects. There is no single answer to our economic woes but the goal is to not make it worse with poor policies and to be much more aware of the influence of the outside world on Cayman,” she said. “It is a real concern that this government didn’t see these economic problems coming. We need to elect people who give a damn; we need people who are paying attention to the rest of the world. “

Catron has already demonstrated the lengths she is prepared to go to address what she considers important issues. This year she has spent a considerable amount of time working on a website that faces the very real and prevalent issue of child abuse in the Cayman Islands with the creation of a sex offenders list on line and she is likely to continue addressing controversial themes.

“Teen pregnancy is another area that causes me enormous concern,” she said. “And lets face it we need to get over the idea that telling teenagers not to have sex works – it doesn’t work. Educating them as early as possible even before middle school, giving them the tools they needed to make wise decisions, free condoms, free birth control these are the things we need to do to address this. Whatever it takes we have to address the teen pregnancy rate,”

She said despite the controversy, she intended to talk straight about teenage sexual behavior, family planning and other important social issues. She said that this year it was a damning revelation of where we are when the Young Parenting Programme was unable to cope with the amount of new teenage mothers needing its support.

She also said that there were issues within the constitution that hindered the elected government’s relationship with the police and that she would like to see the RCIPS answer to and be accountable to the Legislative Assembly but she also wanted the community to face up to the issues of gang crime that are now permeating the society.

“While people may think it appears isolated or contained, that is a false sense of security and Cayman needs to bring in experts from other jurisdictions around the world who have dealt with serious gang and drug related crime.”  Catron also noted that we could not as a community blame the PPM administration for rising crime as it was neglect on everyone’s part.

Despite not having any financial backer or a major party behind her, Catron said she was looking forward to getting out and about and starting the campaign at grass roots. “I don’t have a big budget and women are known for stretching the dollar, but my campaign will be about knocking on doors and talking directly with the community about what I would aim to achieve if elected and more importantly to listen to what they need and want,” she said. “In the last campaign I literally ran out of time so this time around I’m starting earlier to get my message out. People know me now and they see I have integrity and I hope Cayman is ready for a politician that is honest.”

Catron says she intends to be a full time hard working representative that will be available to her constituents and will be listening hard to the people. “I hope people will see that I am qualified to be an MLA,” she said. With no regrets about her last attempt she says the experience was a significant learning curve. “But this time I am all about winning for all the right reasons,” she added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent website!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Sandra! I hope that the voters in Bodden Town see what a gem of a person you are and what a real asset you would be for them. I have not been so excited about an election in a long time. Your passion is contagious and I love the website – job well done.

    Keep it up girl. We need you in there looking out for us all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sandra you have my vote and my entire family in BT. We are tired of having no say until election time and we know that you will go in there and work hard for the people of BT. If people would look at what you did on your talk program they would know what you are capable of and so much more. You gave the people a voice and let’s not forget how your show got cancelled because you were fighting for the people at Cayman Airways.

  4. Ron says:

    Dear Sandra,

    I am a foreigner on contract in the Cayman Islands. As such, I am a passive onlooker where your local politics is concerned. However, having closely followed your contributions to public debate over the last year, I must tell you that I admire your courage, passion, outspokenness, sincerity and outside-the-box thinking.
    This email is meant to encourage you to press on. Adopt a positive mindset to the task ahead and you will rise above the many challenges which are certain to arise along the way. I think you have the qualities of a good parliamentarian and you will do well, if given the opportunity. However, I wonder if Caymanians are really ready for someone like you. Your thinking on some issues is light years ahead. 
    Good luck to you and I will be closely monitoring your progress from the sidelines. 
  5. Anonymous says:

    I just recently read in another news media publication (Sunday/Monday the 11-12 th January) where it showed Sandra Catron pictures along with Gilbert McLean, which read that they were both running as Independent candidates for the disrict of Bodden Town. 

    I would hope that the smart people of the Bodden Town district remember this time around, that while Mr.Gilbert McLean was the former Minister of Health and under his portfolio, a contact was negotiated for a former CEO of the Health Services Authority whom was paid salary over $400,000.00 CI per annum. Interestingly, this same CEO also later sued the CI Government and Health Services Authority.

    Can you imagine this ??????  A CEO of the small Health Services Authority in the Cayman Islands was being payed over $400,000.00 CI per annum which is equal or more to the salary of a sitting President of the United States !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that is what I can "Poor A – – Leadership" for the Cayman Islands Government back then. !!!!!! This is exactly the kind of Leadership that we do not need for the next Cayman Islands Government in 2009-2012-13.

    I am sure that Sandra Catron will not be so stupid to give that kind of leadership if elected.

    Best of luck Sandra Catron.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The article about Sandra going door to door and interacting rudely is very clever andextremely effective in attacking Sandra Catron on many different levels.

    Someone is attempting to torpedo the Catron campaign even before it gets going. Someone must be worried. It will be interesting to see if anyone ever puts their name to that post.

  7. Barry says:

    Congrats Sandra, you will make do well representing us.  You are strong, and competent to hold a political appointment.  I feel more Caymanian women such as yourself should come forth and join the political arena because we know women are much more competent at organization, and mult-tasking than men, which will bring balance tothe political platform going forward.  I am going to step over the hedge here and suggest that another strong willed individual such as that spunky  (no nonsense) Cayman Bracker Kerry Tibbetts throw her hat in the ring too.  She will also make a good Candidate, as she has spoken on the talk shows about her love for country.  We need politicians who genuinely love this country and will stand up for it on all levels.  These two strong women should team up…..unna got my vote!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    If I could vote in Bodden Town I certainly would give Sandra Catron a vote but since I’m registered in West Bay, I will vote partly UDP and will await to see who else comes forward as candidates for that district.

    However, having lived in Bodden Town for 15 years previously and voted a number of times up there, I urge all Bodden Town voters to give strong consideration to Sandra as she seems to be very passionate on the real issues effecting the Cayman Islands. In my opinion, she certainly does not appear to be a "Yes Woman" and will not likely allow herself to be used as an "Extension Cord" like many of the present politicians up there.

    Bodden Towner’s, please make sure that this time around when you have casted your ballot, you leave the polling booth with a clear and contented mind knowing that you did mark your "X" for the right candidate(s) who will represent you for all the right reasons. For goodness sakes, don’t cast your ballots because the candidate(s) is your best friend’s friend or that he/she is a cousin of yours etc etc. There is no place and no room for error in this next General Election if the Cayman Islands are to remain afloat and stand against our adversaries who are attempting to sink us to the bottom of the ocean like Titanic.

    The election votes to be casted for May 2009 should be done with a view of "WHO" is best qualified to represent me and my country in these challenging times and allow stability and prosperity to again become reality. While the casting of ballot’s in all of the districts are equally important, I’m of the opinion that whether the country will go under or not, is dependant mainly on the quality of candidates coming out of the Bodden Town and the George Town districts. These two districts are where the "rubber hit’s the road" so to speak.

    Sandra, I wish you all the best and hope to hear on election night God’s willing, that your passionate desire to provide true service to the people of the Cayman Islands will finally become reality. 

    Good Luck !!!!!!!



  9. Anonymous says:

    Sandra – congrats on this decision. I honestly believe that you will make a difference in Cayman. Bodden Town needs you.

    I serve on Sandra’s committee and I know that first posting is not true for a few good common sense reasons:

    1. Sandra walked from a professional walking voters list. She spent a lot of money on this system. When she knocks on a door she would know if you were a voter or not. Once you are on the voter’s list she has that information.

    2. Why would she ask for your wife and child? NOT like she heard them speak. How did she know about them and not you?

    3. Sandra has an American accent herself. She was educated in the states and spent over 15 years of her life there; growing up from age 9.

    Sandra knows of many expats like herself that went overseas for opprotunities that would not be afforded them in Cayman.

    4. Sandra has defended expats on the radio including the fiaso earlier this year with Filipinos – so she does not seem to discriminate against people.

    5. Sandra is SMART – even if she thought that way she would NEVER say it. I can tell you that much. What you have said here only a fool would say and someone who does not want a vote – neither being Sandra

    Sandra had an expat husband with a foreign accent – so what?

    6. If your story is so true – post your name – be honest – because we still have the voters walking list and we can tell if Sandra ever made it to your house, date, time and what the voter said to her. All of those records have been maintained in a meticulious way!

    Thank God for computers and software like this.

    Amazing how when you lie and you do not have all the FACTS it is easy it is to be found out. My fellow Caymanians, what I would say to you is this. Vote for Sandra for the following reasons:

    1. She’s passionate about helping people and seeing a change in Cayman- see her track record on her website

    2. She’s a hard worker. Sandra was not born into any privileged family in Cayman but has made something of her herself thru hard work and preseverance

    3. She has good common sense solutions to some of our problems

    4. Her honesty with the issues is refreshing and she is willing to put herself out there even when it’s not popular to do so

    5. She’s educated. Bachelors, Law Degree, Masters and now working on her doctorate. All with honours.

    6. She’s a natural born LEADER; not a follower. Hence why she’s comfortable running on her own. We need leadership in a time like this – not want to be party members who only want to get into the LA and site on their butts all day long.

    7.  She has committed to working for the people of BT FULL TIME – giving up her current business to do so.

    People are afraid that this time Sandra will win. That is the only reason you will see postings like that one. Imagine having to complete fabricate a story? Wow, that must be some real fear!

    People know who she is and she’s operating like a Cayman Obama!!! I got excited about her running again and I’m behind her 110%.

    Just listen to what Sandra says and she what she has done. Do not be distracted by lies.


  10. Anonymous says:

    I know Sandra personally, and I have a hard time believing that the above "story" is accurate…I would think that if a candidate was walking door to door to discuss political views, they would request for the registered voters in the home, whomever they may be and wherever they are from…

    I am excited that Sandra is running for the District of Bodden Town.  The Caymanian politicians who were statesmen have now departed this earth and  instead we have sold out our birthright to people who are looking for a buck under the table for christmas ham/turkey and a fridge.  

    Cayman needs statesmen as their politicians – people who are willing to go against the grain and speak up for what is right.  Statesmen who have the country and its’ people’s interest at heart.  I think that Sandra has shown us as a country time and time again that she cannot be bought or sold, and that she is willing to do what it takes to make Cayman a better, safer place for us all. 

    I am tired of the "recycled" politicians and politics.  Its time for something new and different. 

    You have my support Sandra!

  11. Dear All,

    This posting about me asking someone about their accent is absolutely ridiculous and absurd and more importantly UNTRUE.

    This is so untrue that it would be humorous IF I did not believe that some persons might actually give this some credence. First of all, I went around with a database list with ALL the voters from the electors list with their homes and names on the list. If you were a voter I would have known before even knocking on your door. These walking list are commonly used in US elections and trust me; I used mine.

    Secondly, I have never asked a person such a question and surely I would recall if someone EVER asked me to leave their premise – none of this ever occurred. Many people will know that I myself has a non-traditional accent and do not judge people based on such ridiculous criteria.

    Let’s discuss the issues here and if you do not want to vote for me then being that this is a FREE country that is your choice. However, do not chose to make up stories about me as I operate on a foundation of honesty.


    Sandra Catron


  12. Anonymous says:

    Sandra is smart and eloquent.

    She now needs to reveal her plans to control crime.

    No candidate can get my attention unless they address the proble of security.

  13. Anonymous says:


    I recall her coming to my home last election to discus her political views. When I answered the door, she asked for my wife and child, I asked her what she wanted. She replied “I donot want to talk to you as you cannot vote”. I immediately replied “How do you know”? She said “Your accent”. I simply replied to her please leave the premises and by the way I am a Caymanian and was educated overseas and that my family and I would never vote for someone with that attitude, good day.