Police make arrest in shooting

| 09/01/2009

(CNS): Police say they have arrested a 33 year old man on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm following the shooting of 40-year-old man on Thursday night., 8 January. The incient reportedly occured outside Super C’s restaurant in West Bay at around 10:40 and officers from the West Bay CID made what was described as a quick arest by police Friday, 9 January.

The victim of this second shooting of 2009 remains in hospital, where his condition, as a result of the bullet wounds to his chest and stomach area, is said to be critical but stable. Police learned of the incident following a 911 call made at around 10:40 pm on Thursday night by a woman who said a man had been shot. Police  and medics responded to the scene but prior to the arrival of the emergency services the victim was taken to hospital by private car.

"It is unfortunate that this has happened and has somewhat marred the good reputation West Bay was developing due to a reduction in serious incidents,” said Area Commander, Chief Inspector Angelique Howell. “But I can assure everyone that we are doing all we can to bring a quick resolution to this incident and I urge everyone to go about their daily lives as normal and not allow this unfortunate situation to hinder them.”

The shooting comes less than a week after 17 year old Jerome Christopher Alexander Russell was shot dead outside Shir Reynolds Nightclub in George Town on Saturday night, 3 January, and another unamed man was also wounded.

Chief Inspector Howell also called for anyone who was in the area of Watercourse Road or Boatswain Bay Road who may have seen or heard something important to contact West Bay CID on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers. All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This article is about a man who could have lost his life because of being shot and all it seems that people are worried about is WHO gave away status! Suppose it was our own CAYMANINA THAT SHOT HIM? Would that mean it is ok? Who do we blame then?

    It is easy to point fingers, to want to have someone to blame, but we can all blame ourselves. WE put in the GOVERNING PARTIES, WE stand by and allow certain things because WE choose to stand back and point fingers instead of actually getting out there and DOING SOMETHING to HELP and not HINDER.

    I hope the victim in this case recovers fully, I hope the person responsible is held accountable as they should be and I pray that WE can ALL come together and look for solutions and not name calling or finger pointing to HELP lessen the crime in our country We cant sit back and expect that the GOVERNEMENT will do it..WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ohhh gosh.you people got time for these trival things….yes there are guns…yes these people are busting them..and yes we are living in fear..! Well, that what you call development.  It a new attitude not from Jamaica not from Honduras not from Cuba and not from America but a blend…It’s a Miami; a Cosmopoltian cocktail of girls, guns and weed laced with cocaine sales bringing forth the illusion of geeting mine and quick riches on our children.  They Look at the Range Rovers driven on West Bay Road and say I want that! Slim chances of them ever getting that with the police record they have for minor possesion of a substance or assualt under some alcohol induced night on the town..These types of honors (driving Range Rovers) are for the elite, the cunning and shades of gray in between.  They watch TV and think they can become a Pablo Esco by selling drugs but don’t realize the market size of the Cayman Islands will not allow you to become a kingpin by selling $10 dollar rocks.  You need to have like 300 million clients to reach that status so they qucikly become agitated about a OZ of missing coke or a lb of missing weed and there little $300 dollars a week of profit…So naturally they are killing of each other when someone steals their weed or what not…While not to endorse crime or anything but I feel that our youth and even the criminal elements think far too small..I wish they would dream big and shoot for the stars rather then each other..Why can’t they use their propesity to smuggle drugs in a big way and make real money since they cannot get a job here or since they want big things.  300 lbs of weed into Cayman is foolish or 10 kilos of cocaine doing it over and over till they get caught but still living with their mothers and selling to their neighbors. Luckly, this is still country where the clever still can get a good job and not have to resort to the above tactics but I think it is getting harder and harder and the system is not making it easy on people born here but rather favors people from overseas who understand how the system works and they know how to play the system.  Right now you have more criminals pulling white collar crimes and scams tainting the reputation of this Island far greater or on the same level then the local pistol pete and his crack rocks.  Ah the hell with it……I think everything is going to get better soon real soon…the coming impact of the global recession soon to be depression and the aftermath on the need to raise taxes will put pressure on this economy for a long time..It will act like thesocialist system that we have avoided…and then the problems assocatied with the Range Rover and West Bay Road will all but be a memory as we send home our remittences from some strange land….I am excited that in all our chase for development we have come back to where we started…But now instead we will live in run down mansions instead of under zinc roofs….Just a little pestimistic today reader go about your busy lives

  3. Twyla M Vargas says:

    THE PATH TO POWER The world, including Cayman Islands are only on a Path to Power and destruction, Today before I comment or make critics, I would like to ask those persons who use the internet and watch Television, have they been taking serious the news about wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, unrest by Governemnts and so on. It seems that we are heading straight for dooms day without giving it a second thought. Its disturbing to me at least for also getting caught up in this madness. The reason for saying this is because I feel every one is just on a path to Power. The root of all evil has entered our garden and we think nothing about it. All the comments and discussions we have been having about guns, killing, status, police, judge and jury wont end. These things must take place as we live in the final days, bible revelation. Cayman is such a small place, and have risen from nowhere to a place where the whole world knows about it, and it is a shame that money and greed has caused us to live so bad with each other. I always spend time with the older folks, questioning the way they lived back then. Sometimes I am saddned when I listen to some disturbing stories about how Caymanian were practically starving after 32 storm. I heard stories of having to boil wild parsley for food, and if anyone had the opportunity of getting a shank bone for soup, it was passed around the whole neighbourhood just to get a short boiling of it for a little soup substance. This letter is especially directed to us Caymanians including me, my family,friends and associates. Spend a few moments and think if I am talking sense. If If am not, thats ok, tell me so, I am not anonymous, and its never too late to learn. There is absolutely nothing you can do about our invasion of foreign nationals, and they should not be blame for anything. They bought a ticket to come here and they did not sneak in, they came direct through immigration line looking a better life, and we gave that to them, so let us try and work together for as long as it will last. Its not going to change, so get used to it. Please Give your undivided attention and support to the police in combating crime on this little Island. It is the only way we all can live in peace together. Yes we have had some negative foreign influence on your youth, but guess who is to blame. Me and you who has not played the role in raising each other,s children. It takes a community. I have two boy children, which I raised on my own, and you know what I told them. "Listen up in my house I am the DAN", if you cant obey my rules, I have a 36 inch front door and and 12 foot gate way with a nice black top highway in the front. Do tou get what I mean. Parents, Teachers and Guardians I say stand firm, It is the only help we have for the youth of today. To the Persons in the capacity to help them, I say do it now, do not be mean with money to educate and help our young people because that gun will one day reach your Business Place or your front door. You take my word, whether it be a foreigner or a Caymanian If you want a good business and live safe in your back yard, everyone had better play their part now, and that especially means giving police all the help they need. Give a smile to a young person today, even a pat on the head, just to let them know you care.. it does not matter whether its your child, your neighbour,s child or just a child on the street. They will remember you for it.. Be Blessed

  4. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to add my few words in regards to the person blaming Mr. McKeeva Bush for all the STATUS GRANTS. Don’t they realise that the present GOVT also have there share of blame for persons that were granted status, they turned in there LIST OF NAMES AS WELL not only Mr. Bush. Guess he got the blame because he were LOGB.

    Gods willing Come May 2009 Mr. Bush you have my X as usual.


    • Anonymous says:

      It seems to me a bit simplistic to try to spread the blame for the Status Grants fiasco on the PPM because they also submitted lists of names. Keep in mind that many of the grants were given to people that would have qualified under existing immigration criteria (had it not been for the moratorium).

      The responsibility for the mass granting of Status, bypassing the Immigration Board, and established guidlines and safegaurds lies entirely with the government that chose this course.

      If the PPM had taken the "moral high ground" and refused to submit any names, then the UDP would have had a complete sweep of 3000 plus status grants to recipients of their choosing, with the opposition having none. Political suicide. I think they chose the lesser of two evils.

      I would be interested to know how many of the undeserving recipients were put forward by each party. By that I mean those that had only been here a very short period, those no longer living here, those with criminal records etc.



    • Anonymous says:

      Kurt may have submitted names of WORTHY and DESERVING and DECENT people to this list can Mckeeva TRULYsay the SAME   NO  NO  NO  .Remember some was in prison some off island some never to the island and a whole lot more UNDESERVING ONES .We are only starting to feel the affects of CRIME from the status give away now .MORE TO COME do you know why ??. We cant send them back because they hold that sacred paper we call CAYMANIAN  ????We have been suffering all around the other affects from the day he sold our COUNTRY to foreigners . Look at our schools bursting at it sides with little offsprings of so called children for the status holder ,our social services list GREW with the status give away by 100% and i could go on and on of the affects that this is causing .McKEEVA is to BLAME for the crime here not the leaders we have in now they are just trying to clean the mess .What i want some one to do is check all the serious CRIMES in Cayman since the BIG GIVE AWAYand see how many are the NEW STATUS HOLDERS it will shock you . And check social services give away list and see how many NEW status holders are on there now .IT MAY SHOCK YOU .May GOD BLESS THE CAYMAN ISLANDS .  PS  PPM you still got my VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The local watering holes seem to have become the OK Coral these days.

    Hopefully there will be a prosecution in this case as it is easier to arrest than to obtain a prosecution here in the Cayman Islands.

    It would be interesting to know what the murder or attempted murder prosecution rate is here for the last 5 years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Guns, guns and more illegal guns in the country, compliments of the past Police Administration who dismantled and disarmed the (DTF) Drugs Task Force in 2005-2006.

    During such time, it allowed the criminals to re-establish their illegal enterprises unchallenged and with such being done, their confidence grew more and more and it continued on and on, until today. Consequently, here we are with lawlessness on our streets and with gun crimes left, right and centre. May I ask, what has the imported and embraced "MATRIX" policing practices brought positively to the RCIPS and to the people of the Cayman Islands  ????????

    Since I can no longer call upon the former Commissioner to address this present problem, I can  call upon the present Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations to arise from your seat in the "Ivory Tower" and get your act together and address these serious concerns that plague’s the Cayman Islands community.







  7. Anonymous says:

    I cannot see how McKeeva Bush can accuse the present government of coming up short on the rise of crime in Cayman. Mr. Bush CREATED the situation for us. Has he considered all the status grants he handedout without checking to see who had criminal records attached to them. Has he considered the many he has THRUST into this island onto our society that were already struggling to deal with. It is so Caymanian to point the blame at someone else who only inherited the lack of judgement on someone else’s part.