From turtles to politics

| 19/03/2009

(CNS): Native North Sider and Managing Director of the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm Joey Ebanks has finally confirmed that he will be contesting the seat, currently held by Madame Speaker, Edna Moyle, in the forthcoming general elections on behalf of the People’s Progressive Movement. Ebanks said that he has always dreamed of standing for office in his home district and is delighted to take up the reins from Moyle, who has decided to step down from the competitive side of the political arena after more than 16 years.

The much anticipated anouncement finally came on Wednesday afternoon, 18 March, at the Legislative Assembly when Ebanks said he would be the PPM representative for the district of North Side.

Ebanks moved to the top job at the Turtle Farm in 2007 following the controversial departure of Kenneth Hydes and has made his mark with an environmentally focused strategic policy that has introduced a new culture at the facility. Rumours suggest that Joe Parsons may well pick up the Turtle Farm’s top position as Ebanks turns his attention back to politics. However, Ebanks said that the board would make that decision and whoever takes over will have that defined strategic plan to work with.

Ebanks said he had always hoped to run for office again as he is no stranger to the political battle ground, having fought the 2000 election in Bodden Town as an independent candidate. He joined the PPM in 2005 and he said he has a tremendous amount of respect for the incumbent members. As a result, Ebanks added that there was never any question that he would run with the party once he was given the opportunity.

He said that he had long wished to return to North Side as that was where his heart is, and had been working alongside Moyle in the district since 2005, though his recent responsibilities at the turtle farm had prevented him from being involved in the community as much as he would like. However, having tendered his resignation he is now ready to start the campaign.

Ebanks also said he believed he had a lot of experience that would qualify him for the role of MLA. “I believe I’m well qualified to represent the people. I have a Master’s degree in Business and experience in the business and public sectors,” he added.

Moyle said that she was delighted to hand over to Ebanks, who she was confident would attain the level of popularity that she herself has enjoyed over the years in the district. She confirmed that she would be out campaigning alongside him as she was certain he would gain the support of her constituents. Speaking of her own future, Moyle said the matter of her remaining as Speaker of the House had not been discussed but it was something she would consider if asked by any future administration.

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  1. Mavita Rankine says:

    Although I am not from NS Joey let me assure you that you have my support and I can only hope that the people of NS know that they are getting one of the BEST!  I am confident that you will look out for the people of the Cayman Islands, no matter who there are or what their status might be. A level headed, well educated and mature young man like you is what we need in our islands to help us address some of the serious issues which we are now faced with. 

    Like Obama, you will be a refreshing change and I look forward to what you will offer the Cayman Islands!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Joey – the decision that you have made between being employeed to unemployeed should say a lot to the people of these Islands, especially the NS.  This means he has the people of NS at heart and would be an excellent representative. 

      If I could vote NS you would get my "X" on May 20.  However, I vote in BT and I will be voting for the PPM candidates there.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am pleasantly surprise to see Mr. Ebanks take this very big step and would like to take this opportunity to congradulate him for what I realize isa very huge decision.  I can’t say that I would be as brave espeically in this time of financial crisis to step down from a very stable and good job!  I can only assume from such actions that Mr. Ebanks has look beyond himself and has the people of our islands at heart!  Such an unselfish act will not be seen by many today!

    Mr. Ebanks my only regrett is that I am not able to vote in North Side, as I am from George Town but none the less, please know that you have my support and that of many others as well.  I realize that there will be some very negative and immature comments and behaviour, but I know that as a very mature and educated young man you are able to overcome such behaviours and keep focus on the most important thing right now – what is best for our country!

    Stay Strong.  My prayers are with you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hon. Speaker Moyle served the office of Speaker well. She walked well inthe similitude of Hon. Sybil McLaughlin.

    The NS consituency was challenged…in hunger for leadership there however.

  4. Voting North Sider says:

    We are there with you Joey!

    Mr. Miller would be a step back in time not a move forward.


    Vote Joey Ebanks!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    PPM Members set for unplanned retirement: Edna, Kurt, Chuckie, Ossie, Alden – Oh and I forgot Anthony, Lucille, and Alfonso (my god I forgot they were still there in LA – we hardly get anthing from these guys) what a waste of Public funds.

  6. anon says:

    Poor, poor things. What a sad, sad group.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me – how is this appointment in keeping with the PPM constitution? These parties are a joke.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mrs. Moyle for representing North Side and the Cayman Islands for all these years!! You have always put country before self which should be a leasson for all that follow.

    Enjoy your retirement and thank you again.

  9. anon says:

    I hope that Joey will not be another Charles Clifford for the PPM to Stand on. The PPM now seems to be accepting the fact that their current members are not strong enough to run this country so they are now weeding out the weeker ones to try and prove that they can do better.

    Poor things. They all need to be changed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure you are correct is saying that Mrs. Moyle is one of the weaker candidates for the PPM.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ms Edna was the best, but now she is stepping down, so we have another best for NS. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t you see PPM have the best. Go Joey i will be supporting you all the way.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How very interesting! Who will replace him at the Turtle Farm? They pushed Kenneth Hydes out?

    I hope he can hold a political meeting, better than he can take part of an interview on the TV. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    BODDEN TOWN, EAST END AND NORTH SIDE NEED TO HAVE ENOUGH POLICE ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES TO HAVE A PROPER POLICE PRESENCE IN THOSE DISTRICTS!!  HOW MUCH MORE MURDERS DO WE NEED BEFORE WE HAVE ENOUGH POLICE IN THESE DISTRICTS???  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE POLICE FORCE??? The first Kindergarten Step would be to have enough police in each of the districts as it needs!!!  Lord have Mercy help us!!!  How many times have people from these districts complain that there is no one manning the police station, they call for police who sometimes never show up, never can be found, or show up an hour later!!!  Cayman is not the same anymore, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MURDERED VICTIMS!!!  Not to mention those who have been terrified/harmed by intruders while they sleep!!!  Or those who come home to a broken into home and belongings stolen out of their home???  There is way too much crime on this island to have lazy police!!!  I think we need a MILITARY FORCE now in this island!!  And God forbid, our police aren’t even armed!!!  That’s why there is too much incompetent police on the force!!  Because if they had to go through all the rigor and training and psychology training and testing to be an armed Police Officer, then many of them would either not join or they would fail the training, thus weeding out all the incompetent ones so that we can have a good strong Police Force!!!  PLEASE ARM OUR POLICE WITH GUNS, BUT MAKE THEM GO THROUGH ALL THE RIGHT TRAINING AND TESTING FIRST AS MENTIONED ABOVE LIKE THEY DO IN THE USA!!  OTHERWISE PLEASE UK COULD YOU SEND SOME OF YOUR SOLDIERS HERE TO CAYMAN, WE NEED THEM DESPERATELY!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anthony Eden needs to step down also. When can we expect to hear that announcement?