Cuba is ‘willing to talk to US’

| 17/04/2009

(BBC): Cuban President Raul Castro has said he is willing to talk to Washington about everything, including human rights, political prisoners and press freedom. His comments came hours after US President Barack Obama said Cuba needed to make the next move if there was to be further improvement in relations. Mr Castro was speaking in Venezuela ahead of a Summit of the Americas. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said he will veto any final declaration as Cuba is excluded from the meeting. The summit, due to start in Trinidad, includes 34 Latin American and Caribbean countries. The US has said the gathering is reserved for democratic nations. 

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Are you kidding me that people don’t mind not being able to spreak freely, without the threat of being incarcerated for disagreeing with the Castro government. These people lack the basic human rights – unbelievable. You should try Communism here in Cayman, see how that works out for you.

    Have you ever seen the vessels they call boats!! Basically a bathtub with plywood walls. Why in God’s name would someone risk leaving their home to travels hundreds of miles across the ocean in one of those?? Most likely cause the alternative is even worse.

    This is an historic moment for the Cuban people and you make it about Burger King. The reason Camaguey looks like the Wild West is cause it was built at the same time and never been upgraded. Cubans aren’t even allowed to sell property for a profit.


    CNS: Very few people have the courage to put their names to comments. So disagree with Twyla all you like, but don’t put her down unless you are prepared to also add your name.

  2. Twyla M Vargas says:


    CUBA plays US of A.

    The Cuban Government should thread softly when in negociations with the US of A.   It is very funny that for over 50 years, not one President of the US of A. thought it necessary to ask the Cuban Government to make the next move.  US of A. always had its Chess Game laid out  on the table. and gave no one else the opportunity of saying "CHECK MATE"

    I am not completely in support of Communisim, but many areas of it are more welcoming than the Democratic. system.   I do not know everything, but I  have studied alot  about the revolution while speding time in Cuba, and I certainly know that  although most Cubans do not have a freedom of speech publicly they are happy with it.   I also know that Cuba is an UNSOPILT Island.  The Beauty is overwhelming,   The food is all so natural.  Yes it has its good and bad areas, like anywhere else, but I do not believe it should have a BurgerKing and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  

    Let them create their own  King Burger and Fried Chicken.    The workmanship on the buildings are unbelievable.  Some areas like Camaguey, remind me of those old Cowboy movies, with train track running through the Town.  The trees are hundreds of years old, and the Bici Taxi transportation is out of this world.

    The best security in the world is in Cuba, and the Government is very fair in their communication with visitors and Tourists.  I believe that if Cuba has the money to buy what they want, let them buy from whom ever they want.    EMBARGO?   You know what I call embargo, It is a threat to me that if I do not eat my vegetables I will be locked up in my room.   Suppose I do not like vegetables, why should I be forced to eat.   Cayman need to watch them own backside too, because as I see it  G20  will tell us eat your vegetables or  EMBARGO.   I do not feel US of A  will not offer this move for nothing.  Wings must be spread, bargains made on the round table, and the beauty and stability of Cuba becomes like any where else.   Crime and fast food.