Caybrew becomes Cayman’s first exported beer

| 24/04/2009

(CNS): Locally made beer, Caybrew is about to show what it is made of as it takes on the competitors in the world’s biggest beer market. Having won hearts and minds locally as well as a gold medal the beer is now heading overseas. The General Manager of CIB Allen Chu Fook has announced that Caybrew which is produced by the Cayman Islands Brewery has become one of the first manufactured products in the Cayman Islands to be exported to the United States.

"We are extremely excited to commence our export strategy just two years after the launch of Caybrew in the Cayman Islands,” he said.  “We have had very positive feedback from initial test marketing of Caybrew in the USA and we expect the brand to do very well in selected niche markets.” Chu Fook noted that it was a truly monumental move not just for the brewery but for the Cayman Islands too as Caybrew would be spreading the word about Cayman.

Beers that conjure up images of tropical vacations have done well in the US market but Caybrew is not just evocative of memories of great times in the sun, it’s a great tasting beer that can compete with the best of the international brands the brewery said. Caybrew demonstrated its quality recently when it received a gold medal at the Monde Selection Awards 2008. Given its standing, Fook is confident that Caybrew will be as successful in the US as it has been at home which will secure the future for CIB.

Caybrew’s foray into international markets will not only see it act as an ambassador for the destination, but it demonstrates what Cayman manufactures can achieve. Dax Basdeo from the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau, which has supported and worked closely with the brewery since it opened, says this shows what can be achieved with hard work, professional and commercial expertise and, of course, a quality product.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the CI Brewery and is an example of the potential of our local businesses and entrepreneurs. As a past client of the Investment Bureau, it is gratifying to see this business grow and succeed and to hopefully have an even greater economic impact locally through the expansion of its market overseas,” Basdeo noted.

The excitingnew development has been facilitated with the help of Florida based distributers who say that Caybrew is sure to be a hit in the Sunshine State and beyond. “This is a fantastic product and we are delighted to be partnering with CIB to be able to sell Caybrew here in the US. It’s not just got a great image that is attractive to people here, but it is a great tasting beer,” said Fritz Hofmeister.  “To begin with we will be rolling Caybrew out across Florida but then we will be taking Caybrew across the country.”

The first export of Caybrew set sail this week and it will be holding its own of the shelves in licensed establishments across the US by 1 May, bringing a little sample of Cayman and a great tasting beer to a whole new audience.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    congrats caybrew


  2. anonymous says:

    there could be lots more if the government remove red tape and encourage  large and small manufacturing.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Caybrew. You defy thetrends and strike out in Warren Buffet wisdom. "When others don’t….you do." 

    This is another mark of the Cayman resilience and indomitable spirit. 54,000 people can have their own beer, airline, world famous rum cake…


  4. Monique Simmonds says:

    To the Editor


    Re: Caybrew Becomes Cayman’s First Exported Beer


    We want to congratulation Caybrew and welcome them to the U.S. market. We know their Cayman brewed beer will be well received as so many Americans already enjoy our Tortuga rum cakes that have been sold there since 1989 and exported to many other countries world wide.


    We are proud to also be one of the first manufactured products in the Cayman Islands exported to the United States. Cayman brands sold in the U.S. promote our destination and introduce the vast American market and the rest of the world to an authentic island experience.  This is good news for every one. History shows that manufactured local thatch rope, canned turtle soup and home grown turtle meat were also exported in addition to coconuts and the fertilizer phosphate.