Mac vows to rescue CAL

| 01/05/2009

(CNS): The country’s National Flag Carrier, Cayman Airways may have haemorrhaged some $90 million during the last four years, the Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush said last night when he promised to turn the airline around if the people voted for him and his team the United Democratic Party on 20 May. He said it would be hard after four years of mismanagement but they could do it. He also said he would deal with Boatswain Beach and make that more successful too.


Speaking at the very last Chamber Candidates District Forum in West Bay last night (Thursday 30 April) the Leader of the UDP said that when he was in government he had set the subsidy for Cayman Airways at a specific amount each year and kept the deficit down. Since he had been in opposition he said despite his efforts he had not been able to get the government to reveal exactly how much they had given to CAL in the way of subsidies.

“We have tried very hard to get the figures… but they wouldn’t tell us anything…. but we found out that…since June 2005…its been something like $90 million in losses. It is only mismanagement that made that happen. We will have to work hard again to turn that around but it can be done,” He said adding that the country had to maintain Cayman Airways.

He also said Boatswain Beach can work and that the figures by the financial experts revealed that it could be a successful attraction. He said he intended to work with private sector partners to make it more so. Bush explained that the facility had been tied in with the plan to build a cruise jetty in West Bay which he said the cruise industry had agreed with and contributed some $8 million. He said they had supported it because it would have put thepassengers right by the farm. “If we are going to have cruise visitors here it should benefit our Boatswain Beach,” he said. “You elect the UDP and it will be come successful.”

All of Mckeeva Bush’s fellow candidates appearing on the same platform agreed that Cayman Airlines needs to be protected. His UDP colleague Cline Glidden explained that Cayman either subsidizes its own airline or a foreign one and if the country is going to continue in the tourism industry it was needed as a major partner. Glidden also stated that Boatswain Beach was created as a world class attraction and its problems were down to mismanagement as its financial position couldn’t be that bad given the significant salary advances that had been given recently, he said.

Bernie Bush an independent candidate said he had always supported Cayman Airways but was concerned over the growing losses and noted that there was a need to see the audited accounts. “Looking from the outside there is a lot of belt tightening that could go on and I don’t think the management have been listening to its own staff.”  

Henry Morgan also running as independent in the district said he didn’t know how much it was subsidized but he felt it should be supported by the locals.

During the much anticipated debate featuring the Leader of the Opposition the candidates discussed job creation, unemployment, fiscal management, gambling, (which no one supported), West Bay’s issues, development of small business, which McKeeva said would benefit from reduce duty, rollover, tourism and the proposed port development. The UDP candidates both stated that they supported the development of cruise birth facilities but not the plans to redevelop the cargo facilities in George Town but did say where that facility should be moved.

When asked about the constitution McKeeva Bush would not offer his own position despite being part of the negotiating team. He restated the UDP’s position that it is a matter of conscience and would accept the people’s decision. “While I agree with many aspects there are areas that I am not satisfied with and areas that will not do anything for these islands,” he said adding the constitution would not put a job in anybody’s hands and it was only going to be as good as those elected to run a government under it. Glidden however said that he felt he was able to support it especially as the UDP had been able to restrict some of the early proposals which would have given too much political control to government during the negotiations.

Bernie Bush who had been involved in the early days with the constitution and he said he would be happy to support it. A deciding factor for him he said was the support of the Cayman Ministers Association and the felt it made provisions to protect Caymanians.  Morgan said he had some problems with it and was not sure he agreed so wouldn’t be able to vote yes but he did not explain his concerns.

When it came to addressing perceptions about Cayman’s Financial Services industry overseas McKeeva Bush said that the current administration had failed to promote the Cayman Islands on the global stage and neglected the industry and the private sector had been forced to tackle the public relations position themselves. He said a UDP Government would work hard to improve the situation and work hard to help the world understand what we do the biggest issue he said was putting back the lobbyists that the government had sacked.

Bernie Bush agreed with his namesake and noted that the lobbyists needed to be re-instated. He also said that in recent conversations with a senior figure in the industry he had been told that eh and other professionals in the sector had experienced difficulty getting to meet with government to express their concerns.

When it come to the four candidates closing statements McKeeva warned that the country needed a united force in government after the election and while the UDP cold work with anyone the voters needed to elect a government with a plan and that was the UDP.

“We have been asked whether we will work with whomever is elected and I say of course we will. We must work with whomever the people select as their representatives if we are there in the legislature. Nevertheless, the country is in a position today where we must have a clear plan that has been discussed, a plan that has been refined and a plan that has been agreed upon prior to an election. If this is not so there will be unnecessary bickering, fault-finding and politicking,” he said. Using his experience as a veteran politician to steer the voters away from the independents Bush warned that any delay in forming government would be detrimental to the electorate. He said there needed to be unity and harmony in the Legislative Assembly and that could not happen with people who did not know what they were going to do when they got there.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does any one know if there were any commisions paid on the new CAL building?  Just wondering. Is the new restaurant open at Pedro? What happened to the old one. I really loved that. It was so much fun with the karaoke and stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where were you when Cable & Wireless allowed so many of their  staff to become redundant , transferring the jobs to Jamaica, boosting up the Jamaica economy. You were all for it.  You did nothing to help those  people that was out of a job. Now you take pleasure in blaming this Government for so many employees out of a job

    People living in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe he will finally sell out to Jamaica.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Maybe he will finally sell out to Jamaica".

        The fact that Air Jamaica ceased to fly here in March tells you what a disastrous decision it would have been had he succeeded. That is the sort of issue of national importance trhat ought to require a referendum. The continued existence of Cayman Airways is a matter of national security.   

  3. Lack of Integrity says:

    Vote Independents all the way!

    GT: Walling, Bo and Eddie

    BT: Sandra, Anthony & Theresa

    WB: Rivers & Bernie

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just have to say I nearly died of laughter when I read about McKeeva Bush complaining of a $90 million loss. He says his government limited KX’s subsidy! But conveniently igores the fact that during his most recent stint as LoGB his subsidies cost around $120 million! So today, KX is a bigger, more efficient, more modern airline with more routes AND happens to have a $30 million improvement in cash!

    And while I do like Mike Adam on a personal level, that fact that he and McKeeva have had more than 20 years to ‘fix’ Cayman Airways, yet wait until 2009 to promise any significant improvement is beyond reason!

    And Hindsight is 20 20. Had KX actually been sold to Air Jamaica, like McKeeva wanted, Cayman would be in the same position as Barbados, where Air Jamaica (their national flag carrier) no longer serves the country. At all.

    Way to go, Mac. I cringe just thinking of where you plan to ‘earn’ you next set of ‘commissions’. 

  5. Annoymous says:

    Yea Mac Vows to rescue CAL.  As I hear it CAL has been in the black for several months never before has the books been in the black.

    I know how Mac will rescue CAL, he will run up another $80,000+ bill with CAL to take his possies around the US, Caribbean for FREE and never pay it off until another Govt. comes in and forces him to pay up or go to Court.

    Rescue CAL….Mac better consider rescuing his drowning UDP party.  They are all a joke and doing nothing but running a DIRTY CAMPAIGN!!  You hear the PPM carrying on like them?  Never! 

    Mac really you want to do some rescuing, try starting with yourself and get professional help while you are at it.  We don’t want you back in control and you will never see the likes of control again as long as you live in this country because we are smarter this time around, much more than you think now.  Remember after you sold us out several years ago when your Govt. was in charge.  What makes you think we are going to go down that path again?  Never!

    I am a West Bay born and bread but I am ashamed of some of the idiots I have in my district who use your human ATM every election for a vote.  We are smarter this time around.  We are watching you and your party this election, and one slip Mac from any of your party members and we are on you like WHITE ON RICE!!

    Suggestion: Mac retire and leave the mess our children are going to be faced with cleaning up that you have created for us.  We will never ever give you the opportunity to do it to us one more time!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    At least if the UDP got elected they wouldn’t have to spend money on extending the airport runway because the planes could land on Elio’s flat-top.

    Elio, keep it up mate; even though Mac woon’t use your brains I knew he would find some use for your head!

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      In reply to: At least if the UDP Got elected>

      My dear, could you not find something positive or negative to say if the UDP got elected,  what you think would or would not happen?;   Instead of refering to Elio in a personal way.  I am sure no one is paying you to do this, and as a True born Caymanian the first thing you should ask yourself.  Has Elio done you anything personally? Even if he did I am sure there is room for discussion with him. 

      We Caymanians have to open up our heart more and embrase the fact that we all are a part of this little mountain rock in the Caribbean sea.  When election is over, are we going to regret being nasty to our own or are we still going to carry the tourch of hate for an X that was not even yours.

         I am going to defend the facts that is for sure,  but no poitician  candidate is going to cause me to fight a personal  battel  for them with another Caymanian  in order to win.  That is the reason I can support who I am supporting.   I have to live here, I have no where else I want to go, and by signing my name I am letting my conscience be my guide.    Agree to disagree, and disagree to agree, there is nothing wrong with it.  That is your right to choose but think how will you feel about Elio after he has won a seat.  Agree or disagree with me, fine, but targeting me because of my comments only makes me a stronger woman.  Blessed

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well it seems everyone is saying vote for an independent Candidate.

    But hold on her buddy!

    That can not work. We have 23 independent candidates, but only 15 seats. So stop fooling the Cayman people and say which independent candidates you must vote for.

    I say DaCosta, Delapenha, Rivers and Smith, or Bernie since most West Bayers don’t like women.

    Conolly, Miller and Whittaker in GT.

    Theresa in Bodden Town.

    Unfortunately no other independent stands a dog chance.

    Keep away from the UDP, Voting them back in Dog go eat you and your supper.

  8. Straight Talk says:

    I agree w/CAL Supporter. Hats off to Chuckie. New HQ’s for CAL…..Employees got 2 salary increases and one salary restructuring under the PPM……new routes…….rebranded the airline…..more efficiencies…..dont listen to Mac about the airline racking up $90M in debt under the PPM…..thats just another lie while holding that Bible tight and proclaiming to be born again……if Mac were born a hundred times it couldnt change him……Go Chuckie Go…..Mac will be replaced as the UDP’s leader on the 21st May when they lose the 2nd consecutive election and then he will fade into the darkness…..then perhaps we can have some intelligent debate from the UDP…….and by the way Mike Adam couldnt run the airline efficiently how in the hell will he run the country efficiently…….he’s just a lacky for Mac….u see how Mac wont take on anyone that has enough intelligence, will or courage to challenge him. Look at what he did after the last election…got rid of all of those who  would have challenged his leadership after the election and brought in a new crew of political students. Its over Big Mac (Jr. Whopper now)…Lol. 

  9. CAL Supporter says:

    Mac rescue CAL…..what a joke….CAL has never been better off. What is he planning on doing….running up another $100,000 bill in free tickets at CAL that he wouldnt pay until Chuckie exposed it after he got elected……..or finalising his plan to sell it to Air Jamaica……or launching non performing routes, like Boston,  that he personally chose because he wanted to go on an excursion there. Mac suggesting that he will rescue CAL reminds me of him saying he was going to rescue his people by involving himself in First Cayman Bank……and we all know how that ended…..people lost their life savings, houses etc !!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    MAC will rescue the airline. remember how he nearly did it with B STEWART  maybe he has another person who will buy it   WILL IT BE DART  who knows     come on voters remember the issues in the last election   same U D P POLICY  not good for the country.  come on anglin  eat your pride and walk BIG MAC do not respect you amymore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The gall of this man!………….Rescue the airline from what?

    People of the Cayman Islands, don’t fall for Mac’s crap…… this article again & again and let it sink in good.  Also, ask him how much $$ Mike racked up while he was there too!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    in response to "Stick to the facts maam"

    Wow, if you are not a PPM supporter they should hire you immediately because your answers are certainly what we would have expect ed from the PPM.

    How can you run a government or business for that matter for four years and say it’s the employees fault that the financials won’t done. The buck has to stop with someone. the PPM is the government in charge and they should have been screaming for financials from the first year. to say that it is not there fault becasue it started before they got in is absolutely ridiculous. The PPM nneeds to acccept responsibility and stop blaming the previous government. They had four years to fix this, not four days.

    Nice try but excuses are not what our country needs now.

    I’ll continue to wait for a PPM member or supporter (who will actually admit they are one) to answer my questions.


    • Stick to the facts Maam says:

      Anonymous, this is a fun game, lets keep playing.

      Fact – Audited Financial Statements were overdue prior to the current administration taking office.

      Rhetoric – Your post

      Me-1,  You- 0

      Over to you

    • Anonymous says:

      "How can you run a government or business for that matter for four years and say it’s the employees fault that the financials won’t done. The buck has to stop with someone. the PPM is the government in charge and they should have been screaming for financials from the first year".

      UDP could also have screamed for them as some are unaudited from their term in office. HGowever, the real point is that constitutionally this fall under the Financial Secretary’s Portfolio, not the elected Government.That is why we need an elected Minister of Finance who can both have the authority and be responsible for audited financials. Vote for the new Constitution.   

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am voting U.I.P

    United Independent People because we are going to get a mixture of all three!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Fellow West Bayers. I am tired of the rest of the country laughing at us. They must think that we are the dumbest voters in the whole island except for Cayman Brac who thinks they are voting for Jesus.

      I will give Fatso a vote since he spent a lot of money taking care of my folks. As for the rest of them, they can piss off as my hands will be tied also when I go to vote for them. Woody, Bernie, and Paul…you will round out the rest of my votes as we really need a change in West Bay and some real INDEPENDENT thinkers. 
      So far, everyone seems to be talking about audited accounts. Well, where are the audited accounts for both the PPM and the UDP? They are registered non-profits.
      Before I vote them and their parties in….they should tell us who is giving them money, who are their supporters, and how they intend to repay their debts as I know they owe many businesses that provided them goods and services.
      I also noted that the PPM is not contesting West Bay. Cant say I blame them as so far my fellow dumb ass West Bayers may vote back in these stooges regardless of what they say or do. Don’t care what Mac tells them….they will vote for whomever Mac wants them to vote for.
      West Bay….for the love of country and a better way forward at least put Eugene and Cline out of their misery. Cant you see the cuntry is sending us a message? This is the first time since God knows when that West Bay did not get a ministry. The rest of the country dont want big Mac and his three puppets. If we send them back again we will go another 4 years without a ministry. For the love of God, let us send CG and Eugene home and put them out of their miseries. At least CG will have more time for school and not miss sessions in the LA and Capt can find time to be a captain once again.  
      Well Mac…here is one for you…since you want the people to vote their conscience on the constitution….tell them to vote their conscience for their representatives and they shouldn’t make the mistake and vote straight.
      Come on West Bay. Yes we Can
    • Anonymous says:

      I am with U I P … United Independant People. Here is some food for thought , on 20th  5 UIP 5 PPM and  5 UDP.

      Now that would be a kicker!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Three questions to all business owners or business minded PPM members.

    Would you run a business for four years without Financials?

    Do you believe the open and honest running of the countryinvolves hiding financials of the country for four years?

    If you knew there was a recession coming, would you spend like crazy or would you cut back and make priorities?


    Now lets see if we can get someone from the PPM to give us some intelligent answers. No ploitical rehetoric please. Any takers??



    • Stick to the facts Maam says:

      Three questions, one answer. Sorry, I’m not a PPM member or supporter but I hope that is ok with you.

      These issues started prior to the last Government taking office and are civil service issues which have gone some way to being tackled.

      From the office of the Auditor General, as reported in the Cayman Compass on October 10th, 2007;

      "Mr. Duguay’s office has now received financial statements from most government agencies for the 2004–05 financial year but few for the 2005–06 financial year.

      One of the most behind schedule is the Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports and Culture, which has not yet submitted full financial records for the 2004–05 financial year, Mr. Duguay explained.

      The Ministry of Health and Human Services also have financial statements from the 2004–05 year outstanding, Mr. Duguay confirmed.

      Unsurprisingly, one of the most up–to–date is the Auditor General’s office, which is audited externally by Price WaterhouseCoopers. Mr Duguay also praised the Office of the Complaints Commissioner, and the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Investment and Commerce and the Portfolio of Legal Affairs.

      Among the tardiest statutory authorities are the HSA, the Public Services Pensions Board and Cayman Airways."

      Now you see, those were not all the PPM’s responsibility, so if we were that far behind by October 2007, inevitably we were only going to continue to fall further behind as we try to catch up.

      If you are going to try to play the blame game, I would suggest you do some research first. What would be of more benefit to the Country however is if instead you could assist with finding solutions.


  15. Anonymous says:

    This is what I want to see

    LOGB -Mr.D Kurt Tibbets

    Minister of Tourism- Joey or Moses

    Minister of Education- Mr. Alden McLaughlin

    Minister of Health- Mr. Anthony Eden

    Minister of Infrastructure -Mr. Action Man.


    Really think about who will have these seats! Cayman choose wisely  PPM is a clean corrupt free government put in the right ppl for the Job! Stay with PPM.


    These ppl are for the Cayman Ppl they are not gonna give this Country away !

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what I want to see too!!!  Moses for Tourism!!!! 

      Cayman people you need to vote PPM!!!! 

      • Anonymous says:

        "This is what I want to see"

        Cayman don’t VOTE fro PPM or UDP vote Independent…ALL THE WAY!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    we got to face it CAL spends more than they make which is mostly any airline… It is very had for any airline to make a profit or break even the cost of fuel is very expensive and not to mention maintenance an paying employees, in  2008 fuel was $155 a barrel how could we have possibly made any profit.CAL has been shaky in the last 4 years I do agree there was a need for change and It did not work as well as it should but CAL has come back to some normalcy since Mr. Olson is in as CEO.  In regards to the new branding that was so needed if we are promoting the Cayman Islands CAL the national airline should be eye catching to ppl when they see it land in any airport Good Job! we got bigger planes with better interior and sorry Cayman but we couldn’t get it for free we have to pay for it.

     So no matter if CAL  hemorrhaged $90 million(I’m not sure  if this is true ) in the last 4 years if we don’t have CAL it would be worst on Cayman, I’m sure if he get his hands on CAL that would hemorrhaged probably something like 900 mil ha ha!

    As far as the other destinations CAL promised this does not happen over night it takes some time but it will happen.

    "Yes CHOCKIE has us taking a boat to catch a plane he has taken us back to the sea plane days in the north sound" is a very ignorant statement No matter which government is in power there would always be mechanical problems or unscheduled maintenance! oh no actually not because UDP has a magicwand to make everything better!  becos under UDP we would have perfect tourism even  though the world is in a meltdown we would have a perfect Financial  sector even though the world is in a meltdown we wouldn’t have job losses even though the world is in a meltdown! get real ppl stay with progress it will take some time but Cayman is on the way to being better with PPM

    CAL did go under maintenance which had the 2 twin otters out of the air for about 3 days Safety is CAL number one priority 90mil cannot replace 1 life lost so next time CAL has maintenance pls remember that no Captain will fly unless he is satisfied that the aircraft is safe.

     Let me say that PPM is not perfect but way better than Mckeeva and his XXXX crew Cayman will be sorry if these ppl manage our affairs who we have for Ministers now with the exception of one are very respectable ppl and I pray that they regain their seats with Joey having tourism  

    Like I said I will laugh at Cayman if he gets his hands on this island once more Cayman will be begging to get from his leadership and watch if they get in they wont last four years as a "team" what kind of team leader does not notify his running mates of the Constitution since they don’t know and don’t want to read it should have PPM and the election office called to remind them of this!


    About the Constitution if we have been living by the old Constitution the new upgraded Constitution is not going to kill us UDP is Jealous becos they didn’t present it! SO vote yes!! It will benefit us Cayman we would have a Premier which will be a Caymanian and still have the assistance from Her Majesty which means things like the Met Inves could have been avoided if we had someone to object but Mac don’t want that he upset that he cant be Governor so having some one else to answer to beside the Governor he’s not gonna go for they are so stupid their like I’m voting no what kind of example are thesecandidates setting when they say they are voting no becos they didn’t have enuff time time to read it if they had their 10 year old read it to them a section a night since it was published they would have been done by now!






  17. Only For Caymanians says:


    Just another load of the UDP Hogwash and more crap….. Dont believe  the  "Dishononerable" Mac….  

    PureBroken Promises of twenty four years, lookin a push to twenty eight years and a Power Grab for the rest of our lives  with  the Premier  Grab in the Constitution that You should NOT vote for along with taking the downward spiral and there is   NO NEED FOR A PREMIER TO RUN D CAYMAN ISLANDS is reason enought to say " NO" to the Constitution….  "Dont say  YES" to the Constitution as there will be another time to rewrite another Constitution.

    Only For Caymanians

  18. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva will bring the kind of management to Cayman Airwasys that he brought to First Cayman Bank.

    Does anybody know of any success Mckeeva has had running a business.

    Look how mcuh was spent on the 177 affordable hosues that the Planning did not give permission to build $27 million.

    This is two examples of his success.

    Oh I am just kidding he bought the John Silvers Inn to make a hotel training school.

    He sold it to government from himself. 

  19. Bob says:

    Come on McKeeva, you really don’t expect anyone to believe you. You’ve had more time than the PPM to "fix" Cayman Airways in the past, yet you have done nothing.

    Let me guess, if you are elected, your first action will be to order an audit of Cayman Airways, and then put your buddies on the board. Remind us all, how many audits have been done on CAL already, and at what cost? Remind us all also how well your buddies did their job when they were in power?

    People won’t forget, when the election comes, that four years ago they put you out of office with a big NO to UDP after years of frustration with your government. Have people already forgotten why they voted the PPM in the last time? I don’t think so. We’ve had enough of your lies, thank you.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Moses as Minister in charge of CAL would be a step in the right direction.  CAL is important to our national safety and stability of our industries (financial and tourism).  We are a set of islands! 

    Moses Kirkconnell’s experience on the CAL Board of Directors for multiple consecutive terms under several governments gives him the knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. 

    If anyone can take the politics out of CAL and turn it into a stable business operation that supports our economic needs, it’s Moses.

    We need to vote PPM and hope they have the good sense to put Moses in the cabinet with CAL responsibilities.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you!!!!!! 

      PPM all the way and we need Moses for Minister in charge of CAL!!!!!

  21. Whatever! says:

    Theresa manifesto not out either. Guess the people don’t really deserve a manifesto anyway!

  22. Whatever! says:

    Where is MAC getting these figures without financials? Pulling them of out has a–?

  23. Sensible says:

    Especially since the UDP already knows who they promised ministertial positions to! Another one of their lies.

    They seem very good at lying.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Exposer that is so true!

    The reason for voting straight is to assure that a certain political grouping has the power and necessary votes to chose who they want for cabinet. So UDP… if you want us to vote straight then tell us why we should! Who will hold the seats in cabinet???? 

  25. Future Vision says:

    "The test of a nation is the growth of its people-physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Money and so-called ‘prosperity’ are of very little account. … Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain and France  [and the UK and the U.S. ] all had their turn in being the richest in the world. Instead of saving them, so-called prosperity ruined them"
    Money will not save us, "Only a sane spiritual revival which changes the desires of our people will save us. We must be filled with a desire to render service, to seek strength rather than security, to put CHARACTER ahead of profits."  Today we see the opposite !  Just as in Rome before it fell.


  26. Future Vision says:

    "The test of a nation is the growth of its people-physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Money and so-called ‘prosperity’ are of very little account. … Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain and France  [and the UK and the U.S. ] all had their turn in being the richest in the world. Instead of saving them, so-called prosperity ruined them"
    Money will not save us, "Only a sane spiritual revival which changes the desires of our people will save us. We must be filled with a desire to render service, to seek strength rather than security, to put CHARACTER ahead of profits."  Today we see the opposite !  Just as in Rome before it fell.


  27. anonymous says:

    CAL in 4 years 3 chairman of the board 4 CEO’s many employess fired , failed routes not to mention some that were announced and never started. new paint job on aircrafts costing millions 400 employees for 4 aircraft  ? and now MINISTER Chockie  Yes CHOCKIE has us taking a boat to catch a plane he has taken us back to the sea plane days in the north sound. MAC will Be Back to save CAL and the country from further decline (PPM call it Progress)

  28. Jedi Dread says:

    Why Bother?

    The rescuing of Cayman Airways is the whole reason no one can afford to go away anymore.

    Let it die… Please. Like a sick dog, put it out of it’s misery.

    Get rid of CAL; lo and behold, Air Travel to and from Cayman will become viable, once again. Like when we were kids and our parents would take us to Florida at least twice a year.

    Now you have to get a personal loan from First Caribbean to go on vacation, and 2/3 of that money, will be spent just getting off of this rock.

    Jah Know, Cayman Airways, die already…

    to think of how many small businesses could have benefited from that 90 mil…or even Mt. Stinkmore.

    When will common sense prevail over blind, and useless vanity and pride?

    – Jedi Dread –

  29. Exposer says:

    UDP Supporters

    Tell me why I should vote straight for the UDP if we don’t know who will the Ministers will be?

    • Anonymous says:


      The PPM hasn’t said who their Ministers will be if they are re-elected, and for good reason because they themselves doubt that they will form the next Government.

      That said, a reason why you should vote straight for the UDP even though you don’t know at this stage who the Ministers will be is because what you do know (hence your question) is that the UDP – unlike the PPM – can and will provide the leadership the Cayman Islands needs to get out of the current disaster its in

  30. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same minister who had an HUGE amount to Cayman Airways on his "personal accounts"?

  31. anonymous says:

    MAC had his chances to rescue CAL for years now….done nothing! He is so full of hot air and promises! If you listen to UDP you would swear they were going to ‘fix’ all our problems overnight…no more poverty….no more borrowing… more debt….no more crime…no more unemployment….and best of all, they going to do this without spending a dollar!

  32. fuzzy says:

    It seems that Cline has already changed his mind and today on Radio Cayman said he will not be supporting the Draft Constitution .WOW. Iguess Big Mac got to him too.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM Manifesto

      The PPM Manifesto won’t be available until May 7th 2009 – less than two weeks before the General Elections.

    • Anonymous says:



      Your reception must have been fuzzy today, because I very clearly heard Cline say that he was supporting the constitution and voting yes, and he gave his reasons why. Saying that even though the constitution was not perfect he thought it was better than what we currently have and that we should continue to strive for improvement.

      I personaly was impressed to see that even though the members of the UDP are all part of a party they have the opportunity for a conscience vote which allows them to vote differently.

      He also made the point that the reason for the party taking that position was that they each had an individual choice and it didn’t matter that it differed because after May 20th they would be given a mandate by the people and whether they voted individually or not they would have to follow the desires of the majority. So even those that voted no if the referendum passes and there is a new constitution they would have to work with it and vice versa.

  33. fuzzy says:

    It is really disappointing that someone claiming to be a North Sider would be against having a Minister in cabinet whilst other districts are fighting for this privilege.

    • Anonymous says:

      To answer "dissapointed" we are not saying that the representative from that district should not take a ministers seat just not who is telling every one that he will take n/side and the ministers seat. North side needs representation not a drive by with a wave once in a while, thats all we ever got and we are tired of it,always last on the list.

      Any one that has common sense knows that we were like the stepchild in the house as no one was representing us, that is a fact.

      Now Joey want to say that he will give us the same representation that Edna gave us, NO, we want more, we want to know what is going on in the house and when issues that affect us are going to be discussed bring it to us and keep us informed.

      Joey took the reins in 2005 he dropped them in 2007 went south , no one knew what happened, would not answer his phone, all of us that he dooped about getting on committes with him was left holding the bag, he was no different than the pass MLA, just using up govt funds and helping his and her croonies, how many poor people in n/side needed help when he was supposed to be helping out, still no assistance, but their friends got what they needed,he was not fair and that is why we need some one that will be fair and give of their time and knowledge to bring this district back to pre 1992, Oh for the good old and friends alike got on, not today.   I have VOTES  in my house but PPM will not get them.                

  34. Thanks, but No Thanks UDP says:

    I think the UDP has a few strong candidates, namely Cline, Rolston, Jonathan and Mark. However, I cannot support anyone associated with McKeeva Bush. There is no question that he loves his country, like most of us Caymanians do, but he has demonstrated repeatedly his inability to be a cooperative leader. His bully antics and manner of speaking in a condescending tone to anyone who does not agree with him should not be rewarded on May 20th. He has a track record of victimizing individuals who do not share his views, and this is my fear for some of the younger, promising candidates aligning themselves with Mr. Bush.

    Furthermore he is inarticulate and is not able to think on his own feet, as evidenced by his performance at last night’s forum and his debate with Kurt Tibbetts at the recent Cayman Business Outlook. So having said this, I will thank Mr. Bush for his contributions over the years, for there have been some, but it is time for you to step down and allow one of your mentees to take up the reigns. I am sure you will continue to find fulfillment in serving as an advisor for the UDP. But in no way should you continue to be the face and the leader of the party ,and by virtue of this you should not be the face or leader of the Cayman Islands either.

    I am also disheartened to learn of some of the previously-held-in-high-regards individuals you have fooled into publicly supporting the UDP. But I and other voters will not be hood-winked; a leopard cannot change its spots.

    I am no big fan of the PPM either for they also have their share of shortcomings, but I will be making my choices from among them and the independents on Election Day. We need representatives who have the ability to work alongside others because no one group has all the answers.

    So maybe next time UDP; find new leadership and I’ll be happy to re-consider in another 4 years.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I agree Joey needs to be thought a lesson and Mac keep the spirit up don’t lose face. You have a group of excellent guys. Teach them all that you know. And they will not let you down. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    Issue or not CAL needs a pro, mac you have ****** and lets pray that Mike makes it so the two of you can give us back our dignity with our airlines once more. Mac dont let the pea brains get to you, you do what you do well and that is to lead, Rolston you are a great man one day the leader and we  applaude Cline, Eugene and Bernie too, Good luck to all of you and Mac if you win and Joey get in in north side do not let us n/siders down, by giving him a ministers seat and if he loose PLEASE PLEASE, do not put him back at boatswain beach, he needs to learn a good lesson on abandonment, that is what he did to boatswain beach and what he did to n/side after the ppm gave him the reins in our district, only the blind are voting for him.

    GO Mac we need ya

    • Anonymous says:

      The biggest let down North Siders could get is to have Mr. Miller as a representative. Can yoü imagin Ezzard, Mac, Rolston, Elio, and Juliana in cabinet? Do not give me any crap about Ezzard not wanting a seat in Cabinet!! Only the blind and ignorant will be voting for Ezzard. The intelegent people of North Side know it is Ezzards way or the highway!!

  37. People For Realism says:

    McKeeva, keep your phone on, the calls will soon be flooding in from all the worlds struggling airlines begging you to be their CEO now that you have it all figured out. Given your stance against overspending, I am surprised you are able to utter the words "Boatswains Beach" with a straight face.

    Bernie, Mr. Treasurer sir, can we see the CIOC audited accounts as well as those of Cayman Airways please?

    Cline, Big Mac’s back is not as strong as it once was, he can’t keep carrying you and Captain Eugene for another four years.

    Henry, thanks for coming, thanks for the $1000, it is sorely needed, you are free to go home now.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Bernie you were the star of this form, even the people in UDP t-shirts applauded what you stood for and had to say!

    I don’t think Mr. Makeeva Bush was the star of this forum! Maybe you could have focused a little more on Mr. Bernie Bush and all that he has PHYSICALLY done for West Bay in your article next time. This man needs to be recognized for all the great things he has done for our children without proper recognition. He can walk down the street and say whose child this one and that one is for and understands "real concerns’ for the people in West Bay.

    Mr. Bernie – The first time my child saw you she knew you were a kindred spirit. Children can sense good people from bad people and she loves you!

    Bernie you have our families vote! Keep up the good work and God will truely bless you for all you have done and will do when you make it to the House!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t vote for WB but I know Bernie and he has done much for our country’s youth and is exactly the type of change WB needs!  I hope your district supports you all the way and see you at the LA!

      • Anonymous says:

        Going forward, I would truly like to see more women take up the mantle of politics in ‘West Bay.  We have some truly amazing  and inspiring women in this district, even a few who are on executive committees of the UDP: you should be running but guess this will give you the experience when your turn comes around in the next general elction.   Could name a few but won’t, will leave that to someone else.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The posters comments that this is not a winning issue for the UDP shows that there are some people in this country who truly fail to realize that the real losers to these failures we call PPM is not either Party (their leaders and members grow increasingly wealthy at our expense, but rather are the ordinary Caymanian people.

    Please hold our politicians accountable on May 20th

  40. Caymanian to the bone says:

    If there is anybody that can guide CAL to make a meager profit or break even is W. McKeeva Bush. He did it before, but then came along Poor People Mistake – Chuckie and the rest is History.


  41. Anonymous says:


    It is not whether this is a winning issue for UDP – I could give a rat’s a#2 who is winning on the issue – what I do know is that Caymanians loss $90M on the issue, and can’t be "progress".

  42. Anonymous says:

    Mac had 4 years to deal with CAL and even threaten to dump the national airline if it couldn’t break even.

    To make a long story short, CAL lost money with Mac and then with Kirk so this is not a winning issue for the UDP.

  43. Anonymous says:

    $90M Loss!

    Now we understand why the PPM don’t want audited financials to be prepared until 2012.