UDP to be endorsed by local names

| 03/05/2009

(CNS): Four well known names in the business and local community will be appearing on the United Democratic Party hustings on Monday night to declare their support for the opposition’s George Town team’s bid for office in the elections on 20 May. Norman Bodden, Richard Arch, Eldon Rankine and Dr. Edlin Merren will be present at the meeting in the parking lot of Kirk Home Centre on Eastern Avenue to give their public endorsement of Mike Adam, Pearlina McGaw-Lumsden, Jonathan Piercy and Ellio Solomon.

The UDP said it is expecting a high turnout because of the presence of their four high profile supporters. “It is a great honour for us to attract such support from these esteemed icons from within our community. Their endorsement reaffirms for us that our vision of a better future for these islands is one that is shared by the people,” said Adam, the former CEO of Cayman Airways who is standing for election for the first time.

UDP party and opposition leader, McKeeva Bush, will also be speaking at what is being described by the UDP’s press and campaign managers as the most significant of the UDPs rallies so far during this year’s election campaign. The 4 May public meeting starts at 7:00pm and will be broadcast live on Cayman 27, Radio Cayman and Vibe FM.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid remark.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a flop of a meeting! A big let down after all the hyped advertising….I’m still waiting to hear why these prominent and well respected Caymanian businessmen believe that the UDP is the best way forward.  Talk about false advertising!! UDP trying to milk all they could out of Mr. Norman’s endorsement of Mike Adams…what a joke….he happens to be a friend of Mr Norman – simple as that…just doing a favour for a friend….and we all know that Mike is not the right man for the job so Mr. Norman’s endorsement not going far anyways! As for the content of tlhe rest of the Meeting…well, let’s not even go there…..the false advertising pretty much sums up the entire mess.  Only thing worth listening to was Mr.Norman….it was oh so sweet to hear him stand on the UDP platform and endorse the Constitution!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Mr. Norman is a friend of Mike Adam and that is what friends do, endorse them.  Mr. Norman would not endorse anyone who did not have the high standards that he has.  Mike Adam has integrity and honesty and I think will vote his conscience as did Mr. Norman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on David…. Norman and Dick are doing what they need to do so Cayman will be a place of business come 2010   

      • Anon says:

        Norman’s daughter is Deputy Chairman of the UDP. 

        This is all about capturing the GT ‘white’ vote for Mike Adam in particular.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Norman had already publicly announced that he would be voting "Yes" for the Constitution long before this Meeting so if the UDP though that this was a problem he would not have been invited on their platform.  It just goes to show that the UDP have no problem with supporters voting their own choice as will some of their Candidates.  No PUPPETS on that team.  Mr. Bodden did indicate that he was their to endorse Mr. Adams and this he did.  Sorry to dissapoint PPM but Mr. McKeeva Bush is not the Dictator that they would like to have us believe.  Good Meeting and very well attended.  

  4. BobRivers says:

    What I saw from the meeting last night was that Mr. Norman’s sole purpose for being there was to endorse Mike Adam and state his position on the Constitution. I didn’t hear him criticize the PPM or support the UDP.  It must be disappointing to the UDP Party…

    Mr. Norman is a busines man first and formost – he has to keep his options open at all times. However having said that, why would Mr. Norman have to openly support the UDP, his just being the thei is evidence enough and like the other poster mentioned – this shows the kind of party and party leader we do have – one that does not dictate as he is so often times accused of, this is a party of inclusiveness and not one of division.

    • Anonymous says:

      Keep dreaming BobRivers, Keep dreaming maybe one day you will wake up and come back to the real world. In the meantime enjoy your dream.

    • afraid of guns and cameras says:

      Evidendally, he sees hope in Mike Adam…Integrity and honesty must count for something…Also, hes very color blind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The unsophistication and downright rudeness of some of these comments is very dissapointing.

    Some people really need to grow up.

    I thought Cayman would do better than that?

  6. Anonymous says:


    Here is what I think of the "PPM Government" and the word "PROGRESS" …
    P – Poor
    P – People
    M – Mismanagement  
    P – projects galore…none complete
    R – recession …everyone feeling the pinch
    O – organization…lacking organizational skills
    G – goals … none achieved
    R – rapid spending …deficit, we are in the RED
    E – expensive, high cost of living… now a 2.4% increase for CUC
    S – stress…no salary increases
    S – social services …never been so stressed!!

    Vote straight for UDP Cayman Islands, the only way FORWARD!! 
  7. Anonymous says:

    There was more weight in what Mr. Norman did NOT say than what he said. He mainly endorsed nice-guy Mike Adams and gave strong support for the Constitution. Although he sat on the UDP platform, never once did he endorse the UDP as a whole, and neither did he endorse McKeeva Bush as party leader. So obviously he is not a strong supporter of the UDP. When I first read this news story I questioned how Mr. Norman could align himself with McKeeva Bush, but from his delivery last night I’d say that he still remained neutral on the whole party politics issue.

    Personally, as a GT voter it did not change my mind on how to vote. I had already decided to vote yes for the constitution and I will be supporting a mix of candidates at the polls on May 20th.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is going to be a change in George Town. The current political leadership will dissolve. Norman Bodden remains a credible, unassailable citizen of note and influence. His independent thoughts on the constitution articulated on the platform of the party he has now endorsed speaks positively  to the man. It did nothing to diminish the constitution concience provisions espoused by the opposition party.

    The endorsements last night cost the current George Town leadership over 35% of their base especially among the voting group ages 40 through 75 years old, who know these men and their track records. This previously solid core of PPM supporters are experiencing serious doubt as to the current track of government and where it intends to take them. 

    Norman Bodden and Dick Arch can hardly be considered political light weights. They remain community leaders. Any political thought suggesting that last nights happenings did not constitute a game changer, is hallucinating.

    The loud clatter we hear do not take away from the inevitable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Still the Best! Mr. Norman my faith and confidence in your integrity and character can never be shaken. I watched you with pride last night as you so capably adressed the crowd and had the backbone to advise to vote YES for the constitution, thanks Mr. Norman, I will! I only wish you were a candidate, you wouldn’t have to hold a meeting to top the poles in GT again as you have in the past!! In and out the political ring a giant of a man who still enjoys the respect and support of GT. Kudos Mr. Norman you are the best!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I really don’t think that this meeting did for the UDP what they expected that it would do.   Mr. Norman maintained his integrity and from what I heard he did not endorse the UDP Party he only endorsed Mike Adam. He also endorsed the Constitution which is contrary to the UDP Party with the exception of Rolston. Mr. Arch did not come across as being genuine in his support for the UDP, in fact he was very unconvincing.   Still voting straight PPM in GT.  

    • The UDP have a very well organized campaign, that’s for sure. However, what they have failed to do is produce a slate of candidates for George Town that have earned the respect of the majority of GT voters.  Notice that Mr. Norman endorsed Mike Adams (not one reference to any other member for George Town)!

      That in and of itself was quite remarkable. I am urging the people of George Townto look closely at some of the INDEPENDENT candidates who have so much to offer and will work side by side with whatever party candidates get elected.

      George Town, you do have a choice, and  is in the enviable position of changing the way Government is constituted.

      COALITION is the way to go. Pick the best that is on offer – if that happens to be one PPM, one UDP and two fine INDEPENDENTS for George Town – then we will truly have the better team for our country.

      Forget this nonsense of voting for anything that the parties throw together just for the sake of making up numbers.




    • Anon says:

      "The current political leadership will dissolve…The endorsements last night cost the current George Town leadership over 35% of their base… Any political thought suggesting that last nights happenings did not constitute a game changer, is hallucinating".

      At least you would like to think so. Actually, endorsements count for very little and certainly not "35% of [the PPM] base". I give the UDP full marks for propaganda though. Goebbels would be proud of you.

      George Town will split between PPM (2), UDP (1 possibly 2) and Independents (1, may be 2).    

  9. Anonymous says:

    DID everyone hear what I heard???…Mr. Norman ONLY endorsed MIKE..never did he once make reference to the UDP.


    • Anonymous says:

      YES heard it loud and clear. Thanks Mr. Norman. The UDP Party could learn a lot from you about integrity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well it appears more PPM members stayed home and watched the UDP on television than went out to support their PPM meeting. Good for you! Even if you continue to critisize, at least we know you are watching and hopefully you will tell by the some 1500 people gathered at the UDP meeting last night that things are about to change for the good.

    Before this meeting Mr. Norman was a nobody and lambasted by every one of you PPM members just because he would get on the same platform as the UDP. Last night because he took the opportunity to state his position on the constitution, he is suddenly revered. The difference between you party and the UDP is that that you are telling the people to only vote yes. The UDP is saying "vote your conscience."  Does the PPM really believe that every UDP member is voting "no" on the constitution? Even Mckeeva says it should be our choice, that leadership not political dictatorship as you so often accuse him of.

    Excellent Meeting!    Good speakers! Good cross-section of people and good Caymanian fellowship! Good to see Cayman pulling together for "a better way forward!"


    • Anonymous says:

      What I saw from the meeting last night was that Mr. Norman’s sole purpose for being there was to endorse Mike Adam and state his position on the Constitution. I didn’t hear him criticize the PPM or support the UDP.  It must be disappointing to the UDP Party that he did not boldly encourage voters to support or vote for the UDP Party. And most importantly he did not give kudos to Mr. McKeeva Bush as Leader of the Party. That in itself speaks volumes.

    • Anonymous says:

      This PPM supporter stayed home and watched the meeting and I am glad I did, as I heard nothing to change my mind aboutvoting for the PPM.  Mike might have gotten a vote from me if he hadn’t aligned himself with the UDP. Sorry, Mike, can’t give the UDP a vote. A vote for you is a vote for McKeeva Bush and the last thing that needs to happen in this country is for McKeeva Bush to get back in power.   So this GT Voter intends to vote straight PPM in GT.  

  11. Fed UP Caymanian says:

    WOW………….The PPM MUST be shaking in thier shoes after that dynamic meeting last night. It was a meeting filled with caliber, character and meaning. It is obviuos and clear to me now that the UDP have the majority of Cayman backing them. Whilst I dont concur with everything they say or ‘preach’; I do support them 110% as there simply is NO alternative. And yes PPM supporters, you can still support a party/team although your views and beliefs dosent match those of the party in every way. Unlike the PPM candidates, the UDP candidates welcomes constructive criticism and feedback; which is what has always made a good politician. The arrogance of the PPM is but one of the reasons why they will lose this election.

    Mr. Norman did a fantastic job. As always, he was well articulated and spoke at the common mans level. And yes he is voting for the constitution- SO WHAT? As Mac has ALWAYS said, this vote is a personal/conscience vote, so to the bandits that are being critical and asking how McKeeva feels about Normans decision’s, I say Mac feels FINE. He has always said and will continue to say that he is not directing the voters how to vote; he has only said that he encourages them to vote and use their conscience as their guide. In typical PPM style, they are very keen to attack personalities, but they CAN NOT and WILL NOT address the real issues this country faces as they have NO answers.

    PPM- your time has come, that time that you too will be rolled over. So enjoy these last few days in ‘defacto-power’ and on the 21st of May- look back and realise the mess that you have left this good ship Cayman in. PPM= Pathetic People Managers

  12. may 20th VOTE PPM says:

    Watching the UDP meeting and I’m so proud that a gentleman like Mr.Norman Bodden endorses the Consitution and he urge everyone to vote YES!! I wonder how UDP feel for a man of his caliber to stand on their stageand support the consitution something that they are bitterly against!

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to 21:47 What a man Mr Norman Bodden is and always will be .I watched and he done such a wonderful job as usual .But the crowning GLORY of the night is when he spoke about the Consitution and all the reasons why  we should vote ( YES ) for it .Mac must have felt like a big lump of  C R A P what a blow to those of the UDP who say  to vote no .And the worst part he did it on the poor UDP plat  form now that is what you call a real  M A N !!!!!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bodden does not own Cayman Travel Services. Get your facts straight when you are going to bad mouth decent persons in this country!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    God Bless these great men. To the poster that they are true leaders in our society I agree. And I too am very humbled and proud to see them stand for the people of this country that we all live in.

    Good job Gentlemen. Stand Strong and proud. 

    I will be there tonight to hear your address to this nation.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If the UDP is so great why do they need anyone to endorse them?

    You sure you can even vote, or even understand what is going on, and has gone on for the past 4 years since our last election in May 2005!! 

    You are one arrogant human being, and stupid with it…also must be a PPM (Poor Poor Mis-Management) supporter. God help you and me if they get back and into full power  for another 4 year term!!

    These gentleman have seen what has taken place here in these Islands and the only way forward is to vote straight for the UDP on 20 May, 2009.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I can vote, have being voting since 1976, every election. Yes I have seen what has gone on the last four years and yes I also saw what went on during the UDP reign 2001 – 2005. Sorry it is not enough to say that we need the UDP because the PPM is so bad. Please state all the things that make the UDP so great. At least try to come up with one good thing if you can. Dig really deep you may find something,  sorry it won’t be enough to convince me to vote UDP.

      • Anonymous says:

        Candidates should be able to stand on their own merits getting endorsements shows you don’t really have what it takes, you need someone else to convinvce people to vote for you because you are not able to convince them yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          The post of 17:22 is simply uninformed.

          While it will not work every time, andit ceratainly depends on the strength and quality of the candidate or candidates themselves, candidate endorsements are in the political marketing mix for a reason…such have been effective. 

          The endorsement of Colin Powell for Barack Obama pre November 08 elections in the US crystalised his win of independents, disenchanted Republicans and first time voters over 28 yeras old. An endorsement by Dick Chaney would have withered Mother Teresa’s chances at recognition for all that she accomplished in her life. Jacob Zuma faced a split party, an emboldened opposition, and credible charges of corruption. The ANC won with greater stride than would have been conventional political logic, why…an aging but wizzened Nelson Mandela’s endorsement of the ANC leadership just before the elections two weks ago.

          The right endorsement at the right time for the "right" candidates is the formula that works. 

          Norman Bodden, Mr. Norman, Richard Arch, Mr. Dick, Edlin Merren, Dr. Edlin, and to a lessor extent Eldon Rankine, are not people of inconsequence. The rush to asault them by some, for the defined position taken, will neither deter their influence or dissuade the many who have known them as fellow citizens, and value their opinions as reliable, fair and forhright over time. 

          The government at one time drafted on the solidity of their reputations not long ago. The political and business endeavours of some in leadership were not attained without sage assistance by at least one of the quartet now endorsing.

          There would be much wisdom gathered if note be taken, that this shift for these men with many years, in the twilight of their lives, summond unquestionable courage to state their positions, as they have little stake left in the future as we know it.

          What is abundantly clear is they see danger and are calling for a shift of track as a train heads our way at frictionless speed. 

          Endorsements work. Not for every one and by every one.

          This time it will. Tough for those who can’t validate that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone shocked.  Mr. Norman et al are supporting their country and are following their hearts.  Kudos to all of them

  17. Anonymous says:

    To the poster…Please be reminded how…Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 05/04/2009 – 09:28.

    Obviously you are a PPM supporter …People Pestering McKeeva, why don’t you and everyone else just let the status grants go…remember Mckeeva was not the only one that granted these, they all had a hand in it!!

    There has been no PROGRESS only a DEFICIT …only OUR ISLANDS BEING LEFT IN THE RED by the present Government.

    I fully agree these four have seen what damage was done in 4 years, and yes they have switched, best decision they could have made!!


  18. Anonymous says:

    I am very pleased that persons like Mr. Bodden, Arch, Merren and Rankine – sound leaders in our community are stepping up and taking a leadership roll in the direction of this country once again. Thank you Gentlmen for giving us the people the courage to be strong and make a stand when we see things not going right, things which are wrong and things that are hurting our people.

    We should all take a page from their books and stand up. For they are showing the people that we do not have to be a member of the legislative Assembly to make a difference in our country, that we can still lead from the outside.

    Gentlemen you have made us proud once again. And that is the reason why you will always be great men in our society, becuse you are not afraid to stand in the face of adversity and speak out for the betterment of your country and its people.

    I am both honored and humbled by your stance. May God bless and keep you safe.

  19. Stick to the Facts Maam says:

    Status grants? Still?

    Ok then, the main issue remaining surrounding the granting of Status is that the issue they claim to seek to have addressed still exists. There are still people here who have been here for 20, 25, 30+ years who were not granted Caymanian Status at that time and many who still have not been. So you see, these 3000+ did not resolve the problem it supposedly sought to, only created others. The issue is not with the granting, it is with who the grants were made to, or not made to as the case may be

    • Anonymous says:

      When one retires from politics they should stay retired.

    • Anonymous says:

      I voted for Mr. Norman in GT and I also voted for Kurt in GT when Mr. Norman asked George Towners to vote for Kurt when they ran together with Linford Pierson. Mr. Norman represented the country and retired with his nose clean. I find it really strange and very distrubing that Mr. Norman is now aligning himself with a party that is power hungry and  constantly being accused of  dishonesty, corruption and putting self before country.  I will wait to hear what he has to say tonight but I am really not optimistic about this partnership/association.  

  20. Anonymous says:

    It seems that the only thing that some people remember is the granting of status by Mac and the Cabinet. Most of the members of this Govt and their party had their lists of persons whom they wanted Status granted to; I think it’s enough about this topic now, we need to deal with the issues at hand and get on with it!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    It seems that the PPM Govt and supporters are quite concerned about the endorsement of the UDP by these distinguished gentlemen of OUR country. Mr Bodden served this country for many years and served it well!!  He was a Member of the Executive Council when salaries for MLA’s were a fraction of what they are today.

    If the PPM Govt is confident that they have served this country well, then it does not matter who endorses who, they will be returned to Office. However, if they have not, then they should be concerned, very concerned!!!

  22. Richard Wadd says:

    To- Shocked Voter: Have the Balls to publish your name when you attempt to slander good Citizens of this country. If I have ever met a True, Loyal, Patriotic and upstanding Caymanian, it is Mr. Norman Bodden, and whether or not one supports his Political choice, NO-ONE has the right to speak badly of this gentleman. If I knew who you were, I wouldn’t hesitate to knock your teeth out !

     I don’t have much use for ‘Dick’ Arch,(his name suits him), and, as for cousin Mike, after so many years at Cayman Airways he STILL couldn’t ‘get it right’! I think this says a lot about his ability to perform in ANY office.

    Dr. Merren & Mr. Rankine I can’t say anything negative about …. certainly well respected.

    At the end of the day, it is better to have a useful puppet, than a useless clown.

  23. Lack of Integrity says:

    A sad day for Cayman!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Mr. Norman, Dr. Edlin and Mr. Arch for recognizing what a mess we are in and coming forward to give their views. I believe that Mr. Bodden originally supported Kurt et al, but it seems to no longer be the case. I’m sure he has his reasons, he’s a man of deliberation, not impulse. Let’s see what they have to say.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please be reminded how McKeeva Bush so willfully gave 3000 + status grants to people that might not have even deserved it.  Some did I am sure, but not all!!! Now you tell me Cayman…did he really have Caymanians at heart? I don’t think so!!! You tell me of any other country that would have allowed this to happen.  Wake up Cayman it’s PPM TIME!!! Don’t stop the progress!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Messrs. Norman Bodden, Richard Arch, Eldon Rankine and Dr. Edlin Merren, four well known names in the business and local community have seen the damage that has done by the PPM Government (Poor People Mismanagement)!!

    There was no PROGRESS…and we have to stop the PPM now!! 

    The only way forward for the Cayman Islands is for me and you and the future of our children and their children is to vote STRAIGHT on 20 May 2009…We will be victorious and walk down Freedom Street!!


  27. No me son ! says:

    Cousin Norman, Mr. Dick and Dr. Edlin have just dropped completely off the radar of respected Cayman Islands citizens. What a shame…….it is unbelievable that these men would condone such unlawful behavior. Shame, Shame, Shame !!!

  28. Playing the Field says:

    Just popped in to remind everyone that even under the new Constitution, should it be approved, these Gentlemen will still have the right to vote for and/or endorse whoever they choose. Unless any of them are gay of course, in which case they would have no rights whatsoever.

    Also, I never really thought the day would come that I agreed with the Good Doctor but I have to admit that maybe Mr. Frank might be on to something when he saysthat these "Parties" have little in the way of fundamental differences. Scrap the election procedures and lets do this American Idol phone in style as it is clearly nothing more than a popularity contest at this point!

    • Anon says:

      "Just popped in to remind everyone that even under the new Constitution, should it be approved, these Gentlemen will still have the right to vote for and/or endorse whoever they choose. Unless any of them are gay of course, in which case they would have no rights whatsoever".

      Gay people have the same rights to vote, endorse candidates or run for office in the same way as anyone else. No disinformation, please. We’ve had enough of that from the HRC.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Someone please explain to me why, I should concern myself about how any of these men think?  There are only a small fraction to the bigger puzzle that helped develop Cayman.  If they chose to back UDP so be it, but I will refuse to levy my vote because of their decision.  It is our duty as citizens to educate ourselves, each person it entitled to make a decision which reflects what one perceives as the best possible solution of our country. 

  30. Fed UP Caymanian says:

    I am sure that these men of integrity, honor and success have NOT been forced into anything by anyone. They, like the majority of Caymanians are tired of the PPM administration and their (PPM) inability to provide leadership, fiscal management, progress and sound policies for the country. Do I sense some jealousy here by the PPM that such distinguished gentlemen have chosen on their own volition to publically endorse the UDP. After all, their endorsers (Thursday nights meeting) was sad. 

    It saddens me that we have so much discord and dis-content in this country that we call Cayman. As a small business owner, I am approached on a daily basis by persons searching for work willing to do anything for small wages. Maybe what the Government should be doing is to cease the issuance of all work permits for a 90 day period so as to at least be seen as trying to do something about the un-employment situation. But then again, as has been said before- the government Ministry repsonsible for labour is staffed by a majority of non-Caymanians so that would be a dis-connect as well. We need to put our people to work and we need to do it fast, in as much as we dont-I fear the worse!

    To Mr. Norman, Mr. Dick, Dr. Edlin and Eldon- congrats for being men with back-bone and men with courage. You have truly struck the PPM nerve and it shows that thy are concerned that their support is weaning and that they have now realised that come May 21st, many of them, will be like many Caymanians- WITHOUT JOBS.

    IF the PPM has brought us PROGRESS, them I be damned if I want to see REGRESS!!!!!!!!



  31. Whatever! says:


    You can’t be serious?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’m shocked at Mr. Norman supporting this party, cause I heard he was still supporting Kurt, Mike and Burns and I know he don’t like AL. It must be his daughter he is supporting, I can’t see Mr. Norman voting for these unexperienced candidates. Cayman don’t be fooled!!!! 

  33. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like PPM supporters are scared and angry that these three distinguised gentlemen in their own right is endorsing UDP Candidates.  I know Kurt and he will still have the greatest of respect for these men whether he wins or not.  I look forward to watching this Meeting on TV as the last PPM (Poor, Poor Meeting) held last week  by the Court house was so dissapointing.  The unrecognised lady endorser did a poor job…she endorsed Ms. Lucile twice and forgot about hardworking Alfonso. 

    • Madam Speaker says:

      PPM Supporters aren’t scared or even fear the fact that Mr. Norman Bodden endorsed this party as I hear it Mr. Bodden only doing it so to help the UDP as they are slipping severely in their popularity with the voters.  I know Mr. Norman and he aint’ going to put an X for any of them UDPer’s if he giving an X it is for the Independants and the PPM. 

      UDP is so scared they need the Queen up in Windsor Castle to come down off the Throne and rescue them in this election. The selection of candidates they have are drowning in their own mess. 

      If they call me I would goan endorse them too but come May 20th, no X for the UDPers.  You think I am one them fool-fool people or wha!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with 18:19 and 19:31 comments  they hit it on the head . I would like to add Mr Norman watch your SOUL that the devil in McKeeva dont get it back .Remember you gave up politics and started to serve the LORD and was doing good now you got me wondering is everything ok with you sir . My RESPECT for you has gone down several notches sir as well as many other Caymanians who held you in high respect .I would really like to here what a man of CHRIST is going to say about such a team as UDP or is it really about the good man Mr Adam well i wont know from coming to the meeting as i DONT want to here the GARBAGE mac is about to spew out .I supported you all my life Mr Norman but this is where we will part I cant follow you down the evil UDP road sorry. I am PRAYING FOR THE PROTECTION OF YOUR SOUL GOD HELP YOU .Remember Matthew 16:26

    • Anonymous says:

      I sure if Mr Norman were standing for PPM  you would be shouting for joy and he would be the most wonder christian man this side of heaven.

      Mr Norman I have always had great respect for you and will continue to, as you stand for what you believe.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Please show me a PPM supporter with a level head, command of the English language, who isn’t channeling Ann Coulter, and a decent respect for this medium and I will jump for joy. If you all quit being so rabid, maybe your words will carry more weight.

  36. Anonymous says:

    about time someone had the guts to tell norman bodden the reason why he and his daughter support the UDP i dont have to say no more,the socked voter said it all

  37. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe how low these PPM supporters will go. These honorable men who have served our country well and who we all know as honest, hardworking good Caymanians are being bashed just because they don’t support the PPM.

    Kurt, Alden, Chuckie and the rest of you PPM party members, please I beg of you call of these hatemongers.  Lead by example! It is time that we remember that we are all Caymanians. Some of these same men voted for the PPM last time. They believe things are not going right. They have a right to say that without being accused of everything from politically helping their businesses to revenge for the PPM throwing out Mr. Norman’s daughter. I know Mr. Norman and I know he is not a revengeful or hateful person and his and Mr. Arch businesses have done very well for years despite what party has been in power.

    The PPM is in desperation. I have never seen larger signs in any campaign.  Larger signs show desperation not that you are better than anyone else.  You have to market yourselves better than that, we all know that the PPM can spend, we don’t need to be reminded that they can spend more than any of the other candidates which is what these signs say to me. I have never seen so much hatred towards anyone who doesn’t support them. This was supposed to be the party that would reach out to anyone. Now instead of trying to do that you are tearing down and trying to discredit anyone that says they support someone else. Stop the hatred and nasty talk and let’s be Caymanians first.


  38. Anonymous says:

    Experience, Integrity and nothing to gain but trying to save our future, and what they spent their lives trying to build. Respect, people! These gentlemen are not blowhards, or ill mannered like some of you on this thread. You all benefit from their efforts today. I am sure even Mr. Kurt Tibbets would agree. Let’s please try and keep this on an intellectual plane. We owe it to our parents.

  39. Shamrock says:

    Say it ain’t so Mr. Norman! I’m so disappointed; will have to drop you down a few notches in my books because I could never take seriously anybody who endorses McKeeva. He must have promised you a pretty hefty package in return. I am sooo disappointed 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      "Say it ain’t so Mr. Norman"

      Mr Bodden is not doing any thing that is against the law, so why can you (we) respect him for where he  stands in this election …bet if he was standing wiht PPM he would be   the best thing since slice bread.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Well if Norman Bodden is supporting the UDP it s all about Bodden Corporate and Bodden and Bodden.  That is for sure.

    If anybody is supporting  is McKeeva there has to be something wrong!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I have been shocked to see Mr. Norman align himself with the UDP…I keep hearing that he is not supporting the UDP Party..just Mike Adams….well Mr. Norman, if that’s the case, you been taken for quite a ride cuz the UDP Party sure as hell using your name to the fullest as giving them your support. I never thought I would live to see the day that I would lose some of my respect for Mr. Norman but sadly that day has come.  Mr. Norman accomplished so much for himself, he is so well respected throughout these Cayman Islands however this move is a real disappointment….and there are many more feeling same as I so.  There is no explanation he could give that would change my view on this! Politics is a strange animal….since this election campaign has started I’ve gained back some respect for Rolston (by publicly supporting the draft Constitution) but lost some respect for Mr. Norman…….Mr. Norman, Dr. Edlin, Mr. Arch, the UDP is NOT the better way forward for the Cayman Islands!

    • Speaker of the House says:

      I too am shocked to see Mr. Norman Bodden, Mr. Dick Arch and Dr. Edlin Merren rise to support the UDP. If they truly are doing this for Mike then that surely confirms my comments earlier in this Campaign. Mike should have run as Independent and he would have bee guaranteed a seat. Now , I don’t know – so many are against the UDP style of politics and so many realize that the UDP is a bought and paid for party.  If the UDP returns to power, God help Cayman Islands – it’s not going to be pretty.  There are too many scores to be settled.

      Overall, our best bet is to put in enough of the good, distinguished Independent candidates, such as Bo Miller and Bernie Bush that they can have enough numbers to cause a coalition government to be formed.  This will be the best outcome and will have the required Watchdog measures to ensure that the cronyism, favouritism and spitefullness of the past will be banished forever more.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I know they are four good men however unless they have turned into miracle workers the fact remains that the four GT UDP candidates do not have what it takes to run this country.

  43. Anonymous says:

    The endorsment of Barack Obama by Colin Powell…not a trivial political thing. There is, was sound reason for such.

    Each of these four men have muscled for country in various ways. Older…wiser…unafraid…unquestionably patriots, unable to rest even as body may need. Can’ts not retire while house is on fire. 

    The speach before they speak… with effect of voices searing through clouds, flashes of lightening and thunder. So much said already, as yet voices, unheard. They see the ravine and shout for driver change they must as horses bridled, bilnkered in red. 

    The clarion call for a seimic change.

    The Sanhedren has, is about to speak, and we will listen as we must.

    The C check is on.

  44. Shocked Voter says:

    Is Mr. Norman, Mr. Dick and Dr. Edlin ok ??? someone please get them checked out by a psycho quick !!! Well if I had to hazzard a guess I would say that Mr. Norman is pissed at the PPM for removing his daughter (the recently appointed Deputy Chair of the UDP) from the Chair of the Business Staffing Board where she commanded significant influence….hmmm……I wonder if business at Bodden Corporate Services has fallen off since her removal from the Board ? Surely Mr. Norman understands that this is about the future of this country and not about his family’s personal fortunes. Mr. Dick….what is your problem ? Perhaps you dont like the idea that because CAL is operating so efficiently now they have taken most of your aircraft ground handling contracts  from Air Agencies Ltd. ? Well Mr. Dick this is not about your family’s personal fortunes either, this is about the future of this country. Dr. Edlin….what sayeth you ? Well maybe you just like Mike…..after all he is a very nice guy….but guess what….nice guys cant help us manage the several international challenges we are facing. Mike is simply McKeeva’s puppet and I know that all three of you understand that if you support Mike which in turn helps get Mac back in charge of Government that dog eat your children and grandchildren supper…..yes you heard me right….have you gentlemen even paused for a minute to think about your children and grandchildren’s future. Shame on you 3 !!! Thank God that neither of you command the type of influence that you did 15 years ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shocked Voter, Thanks for shedding some light on what is really going on here. It all makes sense now. I will be watching the meeting tomorrow night and listening very carefully to what they have to say. I seriously doubt that they can say anything to get me to vote for the UDP.

  45. Twyla M Vargas says:


    All four of these men I strongly believed in from way back then.  They are men to be trusted, and men who have helped build the Cayman islands.  Men  of knowledge and understanding, Men who know about Cayman,  the good , the bad, and ugly, and was around when  there was little to eat, but what we had was shared, was around when mosquitoes killed  cows, and we waited until sunday to get a piece of heavy cake.  

    If there are men who know where we came from and where we are heading, it  is these four men.   I am sure they will have some interesting stories to tell.   Listen to them.  Be blessed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to disagree with you Twyla but three of these four "men" don’t even know where they are presently much less where they have been or where they are headed!  Please be more specific as to who these men have "built Cayman" besides populate it!

  46. Anonymous says:

    These men have been to the persicope many a day for us. They now peep…and aghast…. they look…there are distroyers every where, the sound of enemy engins echo near and deep.

    As seasoned Captains, stripped and ripe…they must cry turn away…run now a different path or blow.

    Life has seen them they have seen life and want the better that choices grant. They know change oil for engines cry aloud and fire seems alight.

    If they don’t shout to turn…who will?