Caybrew export after dive trip to the Caymans

| 05/05/2009

( If only it were that easy. Go on vacation. Taste the local beer. Declare, "I should import this!" Then, to get through a recession, actually do it. Easy it isn’t. But the exclusive importers of Caybrew lager are proof it is possible. "This beer has never been off the Cayman Islands," says importer Fritz Hofmeister. And yes, he has a great name for a beer man. "It’s like divine destiny," he says. Mind you, he and partner Larry Glover are not a couple of drunken frat boys. Hofmeister, 38, is a general contractor who builds luxury homes in south Tampa. Glover, 44, supplies windows and doors. There just has not been much demand for big houses lately. So Glover went on a dive trip to the Caymans. In a bar, he sampled his first Caybrew: smooth, crisp and hoppy. He liked it so much, he started bringing six-packs to the condo.

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