Cops don’t want Jones back

| 07/05/2009

(CNS): Existing officers within the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) may not welcome suspended Chief Superintendent John Jones back with open arms. CNS has learned that the Cayman Islands Police Association may be preparing to make it known that they do not want the Chief Superintendent to return to his post. While Jones has persistently said all he wants is to return to his job, even if he his exonerated and reinstated, his troubles may not be over.

The Chief Superintendent was suspended by the governor in March 2008 along with Commissioner Stuart Kernohan in connection with the so called Netnewsgate and Deputy Commissioner Rudy Dixon for unrelated investigations as a result of enquiries by the Special Police Investigation Team, which began working in Cayman in September 2007.

Since that time Jones has remain suspended on full pay while SPIT continued Operation Tempuraand Marlon Bodden was placed in this job as acting Chief Superintendent last year.  Since the departure of SPITS’ SOI Martin Bridger last week, Acting Commissioner James Smith cleared both Jones and his former Colleague Kernohan of any criminal wrong doing. However, Smith stated last Friday that investigations were still continuing with regards to whether or not there would be any disciplinary action regarding Jones.

While Kernohan has already been dismissed, Jones contract was due to end this month, but CNS has learned from other sources that this may have already have been renewed despite the objections to the senior cop’s return from within the service.

“I believe they may be walking off the job,” one former police officer told CNS with regard to the feelings of those currently serving in the RCIPS. A police spokesperson said no comment when asked about this situation.

The instability within the police as a result of the suspensions and the investigation has been blamed for the decline in both police morale and the increase in resignations as crime stats climb. Following Kernohan’s dismissal by the governor last year, over which Kernohan is now seeking damages, the search for a new commissioner began.

Last month an announcement was made that David Baines from the Cheshire police service in the UK would be taking up the permanent post as of 1 June, surprising many people in the community who expected the job to go to  APC Smith.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what ever happended to this story?

    Is Jones back or were RCIPS officers successful in the petition?

  2. Nicky Watson says:

    Having just approved the comment from "keen eye on the inside" supporting Mr Jones, I know I’m going to get more comments from someone (apparently a fellow officer with a less favourable opinion) accusing us of bias because we haven’t posted his previous comments. Anonymous, as soon as you post something publishable I will approve it but this requires you to think a bit harder about what you are writing and not just let rip. In the meantime, suffice it to say that Mr Jones is not universally loved.

  3. keen eye from the inside says:

    Having just returned to the island I am dumb founded by the comments placed here, I have been following this story with interest upto the start of my vacation and have now come back to this?!?!?!?!

    I agree, there are some officers that would not like to see the return of Mr Jones’ but from what I see, these are the same ones who will lose their temporary or acting rank and also the ones who will be shown to be able to talk the talk but not walk the walk as was pointed out in an earlier post.

    Yes Mr Jones is an ex-pat and yes that may not go down well with many especially as he and Mr Kernohan did ‘shake things up’ for what I believe was the benefit of the RCIPS – but if the people and officers of Cayman don’t want ex-pats in the high ranking posts or in the police service generally then they should step upto the plate and prove they have what it takes to do the job.

    There are officers now being trained as new recuits who haven’t even passed the physical entrance test or written exam but have somehow been offered a job??? (I will leave you to work out how)

    How can you expect to have a professional, respectful and non-corrupt service if this goes on at the very bottom rung of the policing ladder let alone the top tiers.

    All I can say is welcome back Mr Jones’, you have my support and I hope that you will be able to pick up where you left off and assist in moving the RCIPS in the right direction, the direction it is meant to go in and the direction the public in Cayman deserve.

  4. Anonymous says:

    if you want corruption rooted out . stop inporting it from the united kingdom.there are many kind of corruptions

    • Anonymous says:

      You poor sad fool, you think the corruption in the RCIPS is from the UK? hahahahahahahaha you need to look a lot closer to home i’m afraid. If you want to delude yourself by taking part in the national passtime of the Cayman Islands of blaming foreigners you go right ahead…… 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    CAYMAN, CAYMAN, CAYMAN I can’t believe what i witness lastnight on the Streets of Cayman a Police Car and a Motor Bike in High persuit going thru Bodden Town Man let me Tell you these people was doing 100 miles per hour and i’m not exgerating this, it could have been even more. I’m wondering  when the police is going to learn to jot down license plate and deal with it later instead of putting people lives in danger not only the cyclelist but also there own.


    Come on police department when are we ganna learn.

    • keen eye from the inside says:

      I appreciate what you are saying but 100mph is impossible.

      It can’t realistically be done in the police cars used by the RCIPS and certainly isn’t possible through Bodden Town as there is no significant stretch where the speed could be attained before breaking or cornering would have to be done.

      Comments like this just detract from the real issue at hand


  6. ky_observer says:

    It is a shame that certain senior officers are now trying to block the return of John Jones.

    But then it is to be expected, as the present RCIPS command structure is now overwhelmed with officers who are known, both inside and outside of the Service, for their ability to think very quickly on their feet, and provide answers which sound good, but fail to follow through in completing the promised actions.

    In the short time that Kernohan and Jones were with RCIPS, they implemented a training program designed to give local supervisors at the Chief Inspector and Superintendent rank the opportunity to attend the International Acclaimed Police Collage in UK known as Bramshill, where they, alongside other International participants, received exposure and training to modern policing techniques.

    It is understood that these officers were given sound instructions into the concepts and implementation of community policing methods and given the opportunity to provide feedback on how they would seek to implement such systems within their home force.  They were also exposed to serious and organized crime fighting techniques as well as the various tactical police responses to these issues. They were then asked to highlight the problems posed by the implementation of policing methods designed to address Community Policing, Serious and Organized Crime with their home Service, and asked to devise strategies on how they would address these issues.

    This training course gave local officers both the practical and academic foundations needed to one day see them assume the Top position within the RCIPS, and is the same training given to UK police officers of the same rank who are expected to supervisor departments or units which  comprise of more officers than are presently within the RCIPS.

    From all indication the RCIPS attendees acquitted themselves exceedingly well, and most were invited to return to pursue further studies at an even higher strategic level.

     Unfortunately based on the performance by some of these officers, who were afforded this opportunity, over the past year it would be very hard for the RCIPS to justify the money it invested in them, as their performance has done NO justice to the training they received while in the UK.

    One would have thought that with the training and exposure received, and given the opportunity to  assume command of the various sections within the Service these officers would have stepped up to the challenge and demonstrated that there was local talent available who are able and willing to assume the top positions at the RCIPS. Alas this did not occur, and which I believe is at the heart of why some of these same officers do not wish to see Jones return.

    They are aware of what he expects them to do and the professional standard of work that is expected from them. Unfortunately I strongly believe that they know within themselves that they are not up to the task required and worse they know that he knows quite well their limitations.

    It is nice to want to have the top jobs within the RCIPS, it is quite another matter to be able to do it.

    I am happy to say though that not all of the valuable training afforded to the RCIPS senior ranks was in vain, some of the officers, although no longer at RCIPS have, and still are putting the training received to good use within various sections of the Government.


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know why you are harping about training!!!!!!!!!!

      Kernohan, Jones even David George didn’t see the need for local officers to be trained overseas!!!! They preferred to send their UK brethrens to training, if you don’t know facts get them straight.


      • ky_observer says:

        To theAnonymous poster who said “I don’t know why you are harping about training!!!!!!!!!!”

        I only deal in facts, and less you doubt me, I would respectfully ask you, or any other person to contact the RCIPS or submit via their web site and a request under the freedom of information law requesting RCIPS provide you with the number of RCIPS officers between the ranks of Chief Inspector & Superintendent who attended the International Commanders Programme held by United Kingdoms National Police Improvement Agency at Bramshill between 2005-2009.

        You may also like to request the names of these officers as I am sure that the RCIPS would not deny a request prove that they have some of the finest trained officers within their ranks and should be more than proud of their accomplishments wile on the Commanders Programme.

        For information related to this programme please see sites:

        You may also wish to note the cost of the course, bearing in mind that most RCIPS officers attended when the US dollar was at almost 2 US to 1 Pound.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back Mr. Jones.  Good luck.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ‘WE do not want Jones in our territory again, because this time he might do the same thing again, he needs to stay where he is. HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE’

    What has he done exactly you moron? The whole point is he was not found to have done anything.

    ‘I actually believe he dosen’t want to come back but is making it appear so, knowing that it will  bolster his upcoming law suit against government, as being "a victim of circumstances"

    Mr Jones has repeatedly said he just want his job back, if he wanted to move forward with a law suit he could just go ahead with it now, he has been shafted and would have a strong case.

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘WE do not want Jones in our territory again, because this time he might do the same thing again, he needs to stay where he is. HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE’

      Hmmm,  wonder who posted this….one of 4 senior officers that i can think of. The only "might do the same thing again" i can think of is to get a grip of the middle ad upper managers who havent got a clue what theyre doing.

      Watch this space as the same few officers trying to stop Jones coming back are also trying to get rid of the best senior investigator in the RCIP too. I guess that will leave Kim to continue to "investigate" all the major crimes……

  9. Chris Randall says:

    I agree with Mansfield Cumming.  The Police Service is not a democracy; no law enforcement organisation can be. A serving officer must accept the authority of one senior in rank to himself and certainly cannot have any say in who should be appointed to that position.   

  10. Caymanian to the bone says:

    The RCIPS is supposed to be a "Disciplined Organization" or at least it was when I was working there in my earlier years.

    Can you imagine John Jones a Chief Supt- of Police Operation being re-instated now and having to accept instructions/directions for which he is expected to follow, from Anthony Ennis his boss(Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations) in light of John Jones and others prior secret investigation of Anthony Ennis for alleged corruption/wrong doing with Desmond Seales ??????

    For this to work, you would first have to tame/train (Ennis) the cat not to eat (Jones) the mouse and believe you me, there will be additional cats on the prowl as well, whom would also need taming and training too.

    If Jones is re-instated, for sure there will be "fireworks" in the RCIPS like the 4th of July in the United States or like "fireworks" at the George Town Harbour during Pirates Week. It never ceases to amaze me anymore, the trials/tribulations the RCIPS faces on a daily basis.

    It’s no wonder they lost 40 officers last year alone and those remaining are seeking an early retreat as well.





  11. Anonymous says:

    Fortunately for all of us, it is not the decision of the disloyal individuals, who incidentally, do not represent the views of the majority of officers.

    John Jones has had to put up with enough injustice and all he wants to do is get back to work and put the hugely flawed "Operation Tempura" behind him.

    RCIPS desperately needs officers of his ability, experience and integrity.  They should be doing all they can to retain their staff.  It is obvious that those who don’t want him back have something to fear or to hide.  Whether his contract was renewed or not is not up to them, nor should it be.

    What is it coming to when police officers go to the press when they disagree with a decision of their superiors?

    The Commissioner is in charge of the police and that is how it should be – and how it is – not the politicians – not the junior ranks.

    We should all heave a sigh of relief that Jones is coming back.

  12. Mansfield Cumming says:

    A closer look is needed

    I think that if one looks closely at the individuals who are resisting the return of Mr. Jones you will fid that they are the same individuals who constantly resist the desire for positive change within the RCIPS.

    I would venture to guess that the main point of resistance to Jones’s return comes not from the constable level but rather from supervisors that do not want to be held accountable for their ineffectiveness.

    The overall mind set of these supervisors need to be changed.  The professional image and quality of service being delivered to the people of the Islands has seen a sharp decline as a result of persons being promoted to the level beyond their ability. Policing methods which may have been deemed successful 15 years ago are no longer acceptable by today’s society.

    RCIPS officers and supervisory must remember that the diverse community which they are asked to police are not to be treated as mushrooms (kept in the dark and feed only Bull Shi%) and that only by open dialog and community feed back can the RCIPS be successful in preforming its duty.

    The motto of the RCIPS is “We Care, We Listen, We Act” but far too often the impression that is left is that the motto should really be “We Act like we Care when we Listen”

    Upon commencing duty with RCIPS, Mr. Jones sole intention has been to improve the professionalism of the RCIPS and its officers. From trying to ensure that the concept of community policing was imparted to EVERY police officer, to ensuring that officers delivered professional police service to each person, no matter their status in life.

    The policies and procedures which were introduced were intended to improve the professionalism of the RCIPS and ensure that its officers conducted themselves in a manner above reproach. These policies were designed to help RCIPS avert making the same mistakes that other forces within the region and in the UK have made in the past. Unfortunately far too many supervisors saw these changes as requiring them to do more work and, were and still are, reluctant to follow through.  Unfortunately there are far too many supervisors within RCIPS who think it far easier to sit back any continue to do business as usual, rather than take the necessary steps to improve the professional image of the RCIPS, and when asked take action to correct these deficiencies spend more time highlighting reasons why it cannot be don’t, as opposed to finding a solution to the problem.

    I would offer this observation. No matter how effective or successful the new Commissioner of Police may have been in his old force, the people of the Cayman Islands will not see any improvement in the quality of service being delivered by the RCIPS unless the senior ranks of the RCIPS decide to collectively come together and make a change for the better, and to set aside petty differences, and internal politics.

    Neither Buel Braggs nor Stuart Kernohan failed as Commissioner because they were incompetent or did not have the strategic vision. They failed because other senior officers who were/are responsible for ensuring that objectives are met were either: not interested, professionally incompetent, or too busy with their own agendas. The ability to expeditiously and effectively deal with these officers was also a major blockage to the RCIPS achieving its full potential.

    In closing, I venture to say that with the right support and collective agreement of the RCIPS senior staff this new Commissioner can succeed in improving the professionalism of the RCIPS. This starts with allowing Mr. Jones to complete what he started when he first came. Prior to this incident he was a well respected, and well thought of supervisor, who’s sole desire was to see the RCIPS improve its professionalism and quality of service.




  13. Caymanian to the bone says:

    Even though John Jones hasn’t  been arrested-charged or disciplined for any wrongdoing, (He won’t be) I agree that he has no place back into the RCIPS at this time.

    I actually believe he dosen’t want to come back but is making it appear so, knowing that it will  bolster his upcoming law suit against government, as being "a victim of circumstances"

    I suspect the main proponents of his return is Marlon Bodden and Anthony Ennis, whom is using Kim Evans of the RCIPS "Police Association" to lead the charge in this regard.

    Marlon does not want him back because he would take back the Acting Chief Supt CID position that he Marlon does at this time and is being paid for. Anthony Ennis dosen’t want him back neither, because they were all "former bossom buddies" until Stuart Kernohan and John Jones pulled the "rug and carpet" from under him which resulted in him taking a great fall and tumble.  

    At the end of the day, particularly Marlon Bodden and Anthony Ennis both deserve all the "falls and criticisms" they face on a daily basis due to their "crime fighting incompetence" because when officers of past and present were warning both of them to tread slowly, they both ignored the repeated warnings and jumped unto the great "UK Bandwagon" and so the results are a big "Humpty Dumpty" fall. 

    With so many skilled investigators no longer in the RCIPS and a demoralized staff, crimes are difficult to solve and none of the former investiagtors I know, don’t even want to walk inside the "front door" much less "the halls" of an RCIPS police station anymore.

    Learn your lesson guys, you should have known that history has shown over and over again that the UK people are one of the "greatest strategist(s)" in the world and they always looks way ahead and beyond (3-4) three to four feet in front of themselves, to accomplish their set aims, goals and objectives. They are smartest strategists in the world and you all knew that, but being so naive and gullable, you fell just where they wanted you to be. Good Luck, it’s not over yet, more to come !!!!!!!!!! Tread carefully this time around, Tony and Marlon.


  14. expat999 says:

    I am a bit confused by this.

    Shouldnt any federation be in place to protect and serve the best interests of its workers?

    I believe, reading through the above article, John Jones is still a serving Officer and is still employed by the RCIPS. Therefore, should he also have the same protection as other workers?

    I guess if you are a police officer who is subject to an allegation which resulted in no charges or anything else, then you are left to fend for yourself.

    If that is the case, who do they actually represent?



  15. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you RCIP. He has done nothing but seek the truth – something that many of you would do well to follow – and this is how you would treat him,your own smear campaign! This is typical of the way the Setvice treats people. No wonder no one wants to stay or join. Shame, shame on you.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is where it all starts to unfold….The Police Association is being manipulated and controlled by a couple of officers who fear that he will return and discover either another bag of "dirty laundry" or impropper behaviour.

      Is it any wonder that Officers are leaving in droves and they are unable to recruit new staff?

      I suspect that Mr Jones knows who they are and he has remained out of the lime light in the vain hope that once the whole corruption business fizzles out , he could return to work and use his knowledge and skills as an eminent officer to put an end to this nonsense.

      Why don’t they just leave quietly before they get caught and cost the Cayman people another couple of million dollars in legal fees? 

  16. Anonymous says:

    WE do not want Jones in our territory again, because this time he might do the same thing again, he needs to stay where he is. HE IS NOT WELCOME HERE

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a load of rubbish!!!

    The vast majority of officers in the RCIP would welcome Mr Jones back with open arms. He is a well respected senior officer who had the respect of the rank and file officers. I personally feel that the Police Association is bang out of order leaking this stuff to the press, have they surveyed the officers in the organisation to establish how we feel about this? No, a couple of senior officers are behind this whole move and to use the police association to try and achieve the selfish goals of one or two is a disgrace.

    One or two officers of senior rank are worried that with Mr Jones’ reinstatement there little empire building power base may start to dry up. Some of the upper management have been making disastrous and extremely costly decisions over the past year. Hence the consistant bad press and unprecedented amount of officers leaving.


    If reinstated Mr Jones will provide a huge boost to the RCIP and make a significant positive impact on policing here.

  18. Mr GM says:

    Yes we would like to know who these "Cops" are and not hide behind the association with their hidden agenda. We the public want corruption rooted out of the RCIPs

  19. Twyla M Vargas says:


    That na goin wok.  Ever heard that "Hell has no Fury like a woman scorned"  You really think that does not apply to man too, think again..