CAL Express back to full schedule

| 08/05/2009

(CNS): Cayman Airways Express, which experienced interrupted service after both its Twin Otter aircraft were grounded, is now operating its full schedule to the Sister Islands. One of the Express aircraft returned to service on Wednesday, 6 May, and is operating the regular schedule in conjunction with the temporarily-leased Twin Otter. The remaining CAL Express Twin Otter, which remains out of service for mechanical repairs, is expected to resume operations by the end of next week.

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  1. Twyla M Vargas says:


    A few weeks ago for the first time I flew  on the CAL EXPRESS  to Cayman  Brac.  It was a full flight.  On theground I felt good as we boarded, sat down and waited for take off.

    Wow!!! at first I felt like I was sitting on top of a Kite.  I was accompanied  by my sister and other friends,   As we enjoyed our first class seat,  where we could have just reached out and touched the pilot. I felt like I was sitting on the top of a Kite as we soared.  but  in no time a sence of closeness, comfort , serenity and safety took over.  

    Exchanged a few jokes with my friends, read a few lines from the news paper, and the 45 minutes ride was completed.  We were looking at Cayman Brac.  Gosh! what a beauty, what a good flight.  What good pilots.   I enjoyed the flight, the landing was good and I would do it again.   I do hope that everything that has to be done, is done to see that this CAL EXPRESS is always given the best of attention.