UK top cops prefer Cayman to London

| 10/05/2009

(Telegraph): An unprecedented 37 police officers – most of whom were British – applied to become Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. By comparison just seven candidates are known to have declared an interest for the position of deputy chief at the Metropolitan Police, the deadline for which closes at noon on Friday. It has an office on the eighth floor of the 19-storey grey tower block that is Scotland Yard, in the heart of London.

Forget the prestigious roles on offer at the very top of policing at Scotland Yard. For police chiefs this Spring, the job in the Cayman Islands was the only one to aim for. But it was David Baines, scuba diving enthusiast and Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire police, who was named as the new chief.

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  1. WarLord says:

    Mr Baines,


    I hope you come with open ears and a strong hand. DON’T be fooled by the tone of the hist in the grass and the warmth  on your arse. Snake can bite you in places you’ve never dreamed about.  Every one want a glass of juice, but be careful of who’s glass you drink from.


    As for the previous commissioners well you know the deal just don’t make it a series>>>


    We’ll be watching….

  2. keen eye from the inside says:

    I’m sorry but on this occasion I have to agree with Anon, yes the job of RCIPS Commissioner is a very high profile and highly skilled role but as long as the required rank criteria for application remains as it is there will always be alot of applicants.

  3. Twyla M Vargas says:

    OH DEAR ME, 

    The commissioner has been seated.  

      I say the constitutiion unfolding in front of our very eyes, that is more important than Top Cop right now.    Everyone has been afraid to speak publicly about on their platforms about our new  constitution.  Well come out on Wednesday Night and hear the ABSOLUTE TRUTH being told by  THERESA PITCARIN  at Savannah.   Dont miss a word, a message every Caymanian need to hear this message.  Blessed.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid story. As far as i know the qualifications for commisioner of the RCIP require an officer to be of the rank of Ch. Supt – of which there are 1000’s in the UK.

    Deputy Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police is a bit of a different story……

  5. Anonymous says:

    well would you rather be policing the white sands of  Cayman…… or the dirty , rainy streets of London where violent crime is a daily occurance 

    • Anonymous says:

      The white sands of Cayman definitely seems to appear more desireable.  I wonder if the 37 applicants have been following the news of what’s occurred with previous commissioners.  It may not be so desireable…..I’d suggest that Baines not say goodbye to his current life completely as his chances of success in Cayman are slim.   Would hate to see him out on his ear with no recourse.

    • Anonymous says:

      The job looks great on paper but once they are here believe me they would rather be back in London!  To the one who talks about the streets of London being full of crime – come to the summary court any day of the week – the streets of Cayman are full of crime too!  And if you were to follow the litigation through the dozens of mentions where nothing actually happens but the legal aid board continue to pay at $135 per hour to the defence attorney plus the cost of the Crown lawyer too – and then at the end of it all 3 years down the line nothing happens to them!