“Bring back the Brac” clean-up

| 11/05/2009

(CNS): Around 100 people on Cayman Brac gave up their Saturday morning this weekend to take part in the Chamber of Commerce annual clean-up on the island most affected by Hurricane Paloma in November, called “Bring Back the Brac”. The volunteers tackled some of the mess left by the storm, on land and sea, as well as discarded beer bottles, cans and trash along the roadside. James Moses, Project Coordinator for Phoenix Construction, who organised the Brac clean-up, said this was a community effort, with volunteers aged between 7 and 70.

An anonymous expat donor pledged $1000 to the Cayman Brac High School (CBHS), to be used at the discretion of the student volunteers, if 30 or more high school students participated in the “Bring back the Brac” project, and at least 35 showed up for work Saturday. Each of them will receive a certificate of good citizenship and appreciation.

Also participating were members of the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac and two political candidates – Moses Kirkconnell and Lyndon Martin. Volunteers came from all walks of life and from many nationalities that live and work on the Brac with the common goal of improving the community they live in.

“I believe every person involved not only worked hard, but they also enjoyed the work they were doing and in the end were also proud of the effort,” said James Moses. “We cleaned up the island, promoted community responsibility, and everyone relearned the value of not polluting.”

Volunteers from local dive operations removed garbage from the sea, while others got busy on land, from east of the Coral Isle Club all the way to the western end of the island on the south side, and from Cotton Tree Bay to the Old Airport on the north side.

After the clean up, Moses Kirkconnell provided lunch for the younger volunteers at Scott’s Dock, while Captain’s Table Restaurant and several individuals laid on a mid-afternoon lunch for the adults. Other sponsors include Fosters Group, Caybrew, Scott Development, All Pro Engineering, Reef Divers, Indepth Watersports, Department of Environmental Health, Kirkconnell’s Market, Billy’s Supermarket and The Market Place.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Who are you calling unsuccessful?  If you are referring to the brackers, look at who pays you at the end of the month.  If you are talking about the recovery look at where we are compared to Grand Cayman six months after. 

    Any way you look at it Brackers are more successful.  If you can’t offer some assistance by working then keep your comments to yourself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    While there are still homes to repair in Cayman Brac, many have already been completed. I don’t think that anyone should expect that all repairs could be completed at the same time or that all repairs could already be completed. Some things just take time. I think its time to be positive about all that has been acclompished.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to see two future MLAs working together.

  4. anonymous says:

    How Come Juliana nah in the picture? Brackers, unny see it only Moses Kirkconnell in the picture. Even Mr Percy in the picture.


    Come on Brackers, DON’T STOP THE PROGRESS



  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s truly wonderful that Volunteers are helping with the clean up as we can use all the help we can get, But for as many times people have come to help clean,  I have not ever seen anyone one on our road.. And believe me it’s a Big Mess!! I paid with money I do not have to have my yard cleaned, only to see it get messed up with all the things that have blown into it again, so now I just do not care.. I can not do thisall again without out help. Maybe it’s the old saying "out sight, out of mind" , as we are a side road??


    One more thing, why do we have a junk yard in the middle of our Island, by Mr. Billy’s store??? Was bad before, but now it’s a down right disgrace!!


    I do want to Thank everyone that helped with the clean up, The Island is starting to look better..God Bless.


  6. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I visited the Brac about a month ago with  our  team, Mr Brad Patico from Belieze, Ms Nasario Suckoo and Ms Trilby Lyngard, bringing  Gimmy story to the Brac.  We spent the whole day travellig from school to school  entertaining with story telling and music.  We ended the night at the West End Park.; and  It was an experience I will not forget for a  very long time.   If we could have stayed the whole night until morning, the crowd would have stayed.  Imagine they came from all the way in Spot Bay to West End.

      My first impression when we landed, got our rent a car and began to proceed to Mango Manor was one of shock.  I could not believe my eyes that Cayman Brac is in such a state of disaster.  Believe me folks when I tell you Cayman Brac needs help.  I was totally shocked and saddned to look at the many houses in rubbles with blue tarp on the roof.  Some of them look like people was still living in them and some had looked vacated.   The first thing came to my mind was the memory of HURRICANE IVAN.  My friends believe me, Cayman Brac was destroyed.    Now, I am left to wonder why this beautiful island has been left in this state.  The people  and children are still in shock.  It was very painful listening to a lady tell us, "I have everything to cook, lobster, conch, whelks and more but there is no one to buy my food."

    Patties and brownies, Cayman Brac has the Best.  Ice cream, Cayman Brac has the best.   But Cayman Brac needs our help.  It is beyond me why people have not gotten their roofs fixed by now.  Cayman Brac are people who take pride in their yards.  The cleanest yards on the whole three Islands are to be found in Cayman Brac.  The people are trying, I can see that,  but they need help financial wise.  and they can use some uplifting in other ways.  When I think of all the foolish ways money have been spent on Grand Cayman  I am vexed to see Cayman Brac in such a state.   Even some projects being started now on Grand Cayman, is not necessary.  Take for instance the Big project being planned for the Bodden Town Coe Wood public Beach.   I am going to identifiy projects in my district, because that is where I live. 

    Trust me, i would prefer to see the money that is being spent  on a boat ramp  and strip malls at the Bodden Town Public Beach, being spent on Cayman Brac.  Give them people their roof back, help the restaurants and Hotels to get back on track so that visitors and tourist can go there.

    Encouragement, Volunteer, material, and labour is needed.  Cayman Brac Needs you Grand Cayman.  So step up to the plate and do something to help.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please!!! Stop talking crap. There are so few blue tarps around and most places have already been fixed that I have no idea what Island you landed on. Whose glasses were you using. Yes it is a slow process but it is happening – and thousands and thousands of dollars is being handed out – lets just hope it gets to the right people

      • Twyla M Vargas says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Are you for real or did you just visit from another planet? There are many homes and other buildings that still needs to be repaired, although you may not see them as you drive along the main road.  I suggest you drive down each side road that you see and take a very good look. People like yourself can be so unreal in the foolish things that come out of your mouth.  Not because you do not see blue tarps on roof tops does not mean inside the properties does not have damage. I also suggest that if you don’t have anything positive to say, then be quiet and stop sounding like such a miserable tyrant you are.

        • Twyla M Vargas says:


          I  should have known, that I would certainly get the worst of a bargain when I exchange ideas with the wrong persons. 

          An important attribute in sussessful people, is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people.

          If you want to exchange excellence in big things, we must first develop the habbit in little matters.  Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.  Blessed

        • Twyla M Vargas says:


          Receiving advice from unproductive people can harm us.  And discussing problems with a person who is incapable of contributing to the solution is worthless, because those who never succeed themselves are always the first to tell you how.  Blessed