Big name endorsement for Burns Conolly

| 12/05/2009

(CNS): George Town independent candidate Burns Conolly has picked up a high profile endorsement from former politician Truman Bodden, who publicly backed his candidate at a campaign meeting on Wednesday evening 6 May. Bodden, a former leader of government business and education minister, said, “Burns is highly qualified; he is someone that this country can have as a leader… It takes people like Mr Conolly to take us to the next level where this country can go back to prosperity.” He went on to say. “Mr Conolly is very competent, experienced and a highly qualified professional and something that this country badly needs in the legislature.’’

According to a release from the campaign, Bodden stated that with a former legislator as a father (Warren Conolly) and a chief education officer as a mother (Islay Conolly), Conolly “comes with the appreciation of the dedication that is necessary to give when you are a member of the Cabinet or Legislative Assembly. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Mr W. Burns Conolly.”

Bodden went on the say that as an independent candidate, Conolly had the ability to “provide the balance” between the political parties that was badly needed in the legislative assembly at the current time. He said, “I am voting for Burns. I have assessed him. I am satisfied that he is good for the country and I am asking the people of George Town to vote for him and please put him in the Legislative Assembly.”

Conolly said, “It is a distinct honour to have someone of the stature of Mr Truman, and someone with the deep knowledge of the Legislative Assembly, endorse my campaign. I have worked hard to be above the field, providing solutions to issues rather than mudslinging and Mr Truman’s endorsement is a testimony to the result of that work. I thank him wholeheartedly for the support.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think Burns would be ok,, eventhough i have slight doubts about his intensions,, he is a developer and his wife a real estate agent,, you can shave a zebra,,,,,,

    What concerns me is his weight – how can you uset an example to people when you walk around looking like a heart attack waiting to hit you – and that goes out to quite a few of the candidates,,,john john,, Mr Bush,,, Tibbets,, come on guys,, take some pride in your apperance and think of the message you are sending out. You want us to vote for you – sorry but with your weight there is no no knowing if that vote will be wasted as you might not be around to hounor du to obese related heart conditions,,, think about it folks! These are our leaders looking like stuffed fat cats.

  2. GT voter says:

    I have been reading with interest the posts on this website and note that stories with the most hard hitting issues there are a few comments posted only but bring out the cattiness and immaturity and the comments are ablaze.

    Why are we so quick to tear down our own?? ..I mean I read the post about Justin and was flabbergasted..Justin is an intelligent hard working dedicated man of character and the ridiculousness of some of the posts were appalling. We really need to stop with this self destructive behavior and push each other up instead of constantly bickering and fighting amongst ourselves. No wonder expats treat us with such disdain and weariness. Because if we are able to do this mess to our own country men what would we do to them?

    I was listening to Burns today on Rooster and was quite impressed with him. No mud slinging no cattiness no promises of grandeur just someone who is dedicated and willing to get in there and work on what’s best for the people of the CAYMAN ISLANDS and not UDP or PPM.  This nonsense that nothing can be done without a party —are you kidding— what has eugene, alfonso, ossie and lucille contributed over the past 4 years???? Nothing but dead weight -SORRY! When you are elected on your own merit you then become more accountable for your actions and to the people of these islands which is where your priority should be and not to some party!!

    For goodness sake we only have 15,000+ registered voters do we really need to be so divisive? It is so difficult to have an intelligent conversation with die hard party people. I remember the Wight brothers would call the talk shows and blow up the phone over Mckeeva and the Ritz Carlton and anytime Mckeeva stepped out of line which lead to healthy debate and difference of opinions…now they have been completely muzzled and in FOUR years they could not find one thing that was not done properly in this administration that required healthy debate?

    Now because Burns is intelligent and successful by his HARD work and determination people are looking to tear him down over his weight??? How pathetic does that sound? Instead of trying to throw stones at the man for being successful why don’t we try to congratulate him and emulate his success story..



  3. Anonymous says:

    Wally was the Human Resources Manager! Who else do you think was responsible?

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Then why did he ensure that over 75% of the employees at that bank were Caymanians? "

    Why? Because Wally knew he would be running for election soon!  And, who’s to say that was all Wally’s doing??  I guess he could have hired a lot more if he actually spoke to people.

    • 1norsider says:

      Burnes and Wally. Now there is a team for ALL the people, RICH and POOR. Keep working boys, the end is near. You can do it

      • Anonymous says:

        I had high hopes for Burns, until I saw who was endorsing him. Have you seen the garbage Truman has put out about the draft Constitution? He confuses the whole issue about the Premier vs. Chief Minister. It doesn’t depend on the name, it depends on the powers given in the Constitution. The Chief Minister of Gibraltar has far more power than the Premier would have under the draft Constitution. He is only concerned about the exercise of power by locally elected politicians, but not by the Governor. For him the Queen or her representative is above question, or check or accountability notwithstanding the devastating consequences of all the bungled enquiries, investigations andpolice helicopter debacle under the Governor.  

        No wonder he was rejected at the polls in 2000 – he does not belong to this century.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Agreed. I was very surprise at his explaination on the subject. I did not plan to vote for Burns anyway, so this is not a deciding factor for me.

  5. GET REAL PEOPLE says:

    The negative comments made against Mr. Conolly here are laughable!

    What is this constant obsessesion with weight and his profession? Are you seriously saying that, because of his chosen career path, and that of his wife, he is automatically a greedy and corrupt person? OH PLEASE- SPARE ME.

    Burns Conolly has the interests of the people and this country in his heart – NOTHING ELSE motivates him. He is willing to pull up his sleeves and do the dirty work of getting this country out of the mess that it is currently in.

    He won’t waste time insulting his opponents like a child. He won’t refer to people who question his ability and integrity as "donkeys"- YES, I AM TALKING TO YOU MR. BUSH!

    PEOPLE- I implore you to use your heads in this upcoming election! Put aside childish and meaningless ideas that have NO BEARING on the issues that this country faces.

    GET REAL and vote for someone who can actually lead and represent this country on the national stage. Mr. Conolly is that somebody!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Burns is a Developer snd his wife a real estate agent. Thnk about it…..Long and hard.

    • Anonymous says:

      This will certainly be an area of possible conflict, but not necessarily a disqualifier. I am voting UDPall the way though. Burns is not a bad person, but I don’t consider him the right choice at this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Like I said, there was a resounding public rejection of Mr. Bodden’s candidate and his position on the draft Constitution.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I find that wally doesn’t answer his calls.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think that Wally could be of better use to the nation if he could help us deal with the dump. This is where his training started. Before his human resources, which is not the best use of his talents.


  9. Anonymous says:

    If Wally is so selfish and cheated his way in to getting his last job.

    Then why did he ensure that over 75% of the employees at that bank were Caymanians? The man has a track record of getting people jobs… and with the unemployment rate rising, I believe he is exactly the man that we need to have in the LA.

    Vote Wally and the other independents on May 20th!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Poor Truman! He must be PISSED.

    This forum is more about Wally than it is about Truman’s endorsement of Burns.

    As a bodden town voter I wish I could vote for Wally. Such an inteligent man and he must be shaking things up in town if you all are attacking him so.

    I encourage everyone to vote for independents. I’m tired of Big Mac and Kurt as leaders. Our government needs a complete face lift.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You must be the only one voting for Wally.  Many people saw him as simply inefficient and self serving when he was Director of the Labour Board.  If he didn’t get something out of it he wouldn’t do anything.  How do you think he got his last job?  Do not trust this man people.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You party supporters sicken me!!! I want the electorate to notice who are the ones that sling mud. It is the party candidates and their supporters that are tearing this country apart. Wally, Burns, Eddie & Bo all stick to the issues while they get attacked by both the PPM and the UDP.


    Vote straight for INDEPNDENTS!  

  13. Beware of Know-it-alls says:

    The problem with Burns and Wally is that they think they have all the answers to all the problems.  No-one has all the answers and Burns and Wally are only setting the people of Cayman up for a major disappointment!!

    I won’t bother touch on Wally’s hoggish attitude!

  14. Anonymous says:

    One thing is certain, I am not prepared to waste my vote on at least three of the UDP idiots in GT. No vote for "Empty Barrel" Elio, or "Petty" Perlina or Mike "the Mimic". Jonathan is the only one of them worth voting for! 

    I will vote for Wally, Jonathan and Kurt. I might give the last vote to Frank. At least he didn’t lie about his degree like Elio. LOL

  15. A weight was lifted says:

    Big name, little man, little substance. A weight was lifted from the Country when he was rejected at the polls

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha… Poor Wally???

    You mean Poor Alden! If he listened to Wally in the first place then HE might have actually stood a chance to be re-elected.

    Alden, yes we needed new schools and reform ineducation but everyone knows you spent too much on these schools. And if a child’s parents are unemployed and they send the child to school hungry no fancy school is going to help.

  17. Anonymous says:

    To "Poor Wally"

    You can’t blame the labor issues of our country on Wally! He was not your elected representative in charge of that department…. Alden Mclaughlin is. In the same way that he forced the huge schools down our throat he could have forced reform of Labor department down our throat. But the facts are that Labor issues obviously aren’t important to him otherwise he would have done something about it.

    You can’t blame a civil servant for the inabilities of your elected representatives. Do you blame Lizette Yearwood for the problems with the HSA, or do you blame Franz Manderson for the problems within Immigration? No you don’t! Civil Servants are paid to do what their elected representatives want them to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wally is no match for Alden. Wally had his chance in the labour department, and did nothing to help caymanians.

  18. UDP Blameless says:

    Burns needs to look at his manifesto one more time. His GT action plans calls for over $100,000,000 in Capital expenditure, that does not include the dock or Airport!.

    Is this not the same Burns Connolly who said the Government is broke and has borrowed too much and has spent too much?

    Where does he intend to get the money from?

    What  would Truman know about a good candidate?

    Did he not also say the same thing about McKeeva before Mac put him in mothballs?

    Talk to me.

  19. Knal N. Domp says:

    The only significant point to make about The Horse’s endorsement of Burns Conolly is that he assumes that girth, not intellectual or political capacity, is the sole criteria for premiership. Consider the precedent- Burns, added to Kut and McKeewa Mk1 would equal just shy of 1,000 lbs of blobbo. The Horse surely jests, no?

  20. Soldier Crab says:

    Nice man he may be, but his behavior and attitude over the cruise terminal leave a lot of unanswered questions.

  21. Anonymous says:

    W Burns Connolly will win.  The big candidates with the mustaches always have an advantage.  Take McKeeva Bush and Kurt Tibbetts for example.  Any further debate about Connolly is in vain.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what walling whittaker meeting you’re talking about. He had at least 200 at his last one at shedden road. And CNS described the crowd at his public meeting in prospect as "enthusiastic and not insignificant".

    You must be confused! A backyard Barbeque is not a meeting my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor Wally

      I really feel that if he had done a better job while he had a chance at the Labour Department people might actually believe his promises to do something if elected.

  23. anonymous says:

    Big name endorsements don’t necessarily hold any water….Mr. Truman’s certainly did not add to Burns’ meeting by Kirk Home Centre….he had approx 12 people in attendance and prior to that he had to cancel his South Sound meeting cuz only 1 person showed….Burns is a nice intelligent fella….and he might be trying his best not to attack the other candidates….but that’s his way of trying to get his foot in the door….he is for big name foreign investors and will think nothing of his promise that ‘it’s the peoples time’ if he gets elected…he trying ta fool una!  PPM must continue to run this Country for the sake of all future generations to come!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ican’t say one way or the other if Burns is the man for the job. 

    Mr. T must want something out of the next government though.

  25. Unhappy Pig says:

    Just to clarify Dr. Frank had 12 ppl last night.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Just to clarify…"

      Thanks for the clarification. You might be right about there only being 12 people at Dr. Frank’s meeting last night – there is a good chance I may have counted a few shadows in error. It kinda reminded me of Wally Whittaker’s meetings, viz. a church sermon gone bad.

    • Anonymous says:

      12 person you say was at the meeting…Don’t let the numbers fool you…I remember so years ago going to Frankin Smith meetings in BT with only two people. Don’t know if Dr Frank will get in, but  I have heard of a munber of persons who will be voting for him.

      All the best Dr Frank.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you were around when Franklin Smith was elected your memory is probably fading; so I won’t question that. What I will say that is the Frank McField’s chances of getting elected are like the ‘snowball in hell’ scenario.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh yes, I am sure that at least two people will be voting for Dr. Frank. My only point was that it will take about 1800 people voting for him if he wants to be a possible winner and that is not likely to happen.

        Its like Wally Whittaker – he will get a few votes as well, but these are just wasted because they are not enough to win.

  26. Nicky Watson says:

    To Anonymous – "I agree the Johnny come lately’s…."

    Can you email me here

  27. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Conolly my advise to you would be…Don’t  do it!!, leave Mr. Turman Bodden where the people of GT put him..out of public office.

  28. Anonymous says:

    To the person who asked the question "where does these recycled politicians come from", I would like to ask you to this question!!!

    Why isnt the PPM picking up big named endorsements from persons such as Mr. Norman and Mr. Truman? If you dont know- the answer is simple- the PPM are not worthy of endorsements.

    Envy and jealousy are a bad thing and the PPM tean and its supporters are filled with both.

    8 days and counting PPM and while 1 or 2 of you MAY win a seat- the party in its entirety will be dismantled and disbandoned.

    My breakdown on the May 20 election are as follows:

    West Bay- 4 UDP

    George Town- 2 UDP (possibly 3), 1 PPM and 1 Independent

    Bodden Town- 2 UDP and 1 Independent

    North Side- 1 Independent (Ezzard is simply is mis match for Joey and will trounce Joey)

    Cayman Brac/Little Cayman- 1 UDP and 1 PPM

    East End- 1 PPM- though I hear John Jr is giving Arden a run for his money so who knows.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Mr. Truman’s endorsement certainly helps indentify Burns’s position on the draft Constitution. It means that it is ultra-conservative, euro-centric, British domination forever. For some people that will be the kiss of death for Burns. 

      The PPM doesn’t need those endorsements. These are for little-known politicians who have no rep of their own.   

      As for your breakdown

      WB – UDP will only get 4 if Bernie is secretly UDP, otherwise 3 UDP plus 1 independent

      GT – PPM 2 (you are misguided in writing off Alden McLaughlin. Don’t believe those Net News polls too much). UDP will be lucky to get Ellio. One independent. 

      BT – You are definitely off there. UDP may actually get zero when the court rules that those two are disqualified. On second thought forget about Seymour; he’s going nowhere and won’t need to be challenged. 2 PPM; 1 independent. 

      NS – There is still more fight in Joey, but right now Ezzard has the clear edge. 

      EE – Arden. On polling day people will sober up and realize that little Johnnie has no clue about public affairs, the constitution or anything else outside of Johnnie’s world. 

      CB – PPM Moses. Julianna falling fast. We could actually get a convict elected.              

  29. Anonymous says:

    Where do these recycled politicians come out from?

    • anonymous says:

      Not sure how to view this endorsement.

      Mr. Truman did not retire from politics, he was rejected by the people at the polls.

    • Anonymous says:

      Having listened to Burns Connolly I believe he would be a far better representative than any of the other independents in George Town. Interestingly, none of the other independents in George Town have been able to get anyone of recognition to endorse their campaigns, and some instance attend their meetings (I believe Frank McField had about 20 people at his meeting last night by Kirk’s on Eastern Avenue).

      Wally Whittaker is probably the closest independent in my mind after Burns Connolly, XXXXXXXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      The sillver fox as Mr. Mac had reffer to his as.

  30. DanDan says:

    I personally had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Conolly recently and I must say the following:

    1. He is a very educated and well spoken man, very likable personality,

    2. Even though we met in the most unpolitical of places he was very open and honest about his views in respect to the solutions we need for our island and

    3. He didn’t say a mean thing about any of the other idiots running for Office or the ones who are currently in there giving away as much money as they can in as little time as possible.

    No disrespect to the other candidates but Mr. Connolly is one of the few running this Election that when he speaks you don’t want to pull out your hair or slap your hands over your ears because of the garbage coming out of their mouths (contributing to Mount Trashmore no doubt).

    Good Luck sir and I hope if you are voted in you will not forget Mr. Bodden’s belief in you or the belief held by those who are considering to vote you into the LA.

    Better wake up now cause this is Cayman and maybe if you openly steal something, or berate a police officer when wasted, or sell the majority of East End to one contrator and make yourself rich and popular will the Cayman people consider you for such a prestgious and important role in our Society.

    I hope to goodness I will be proved wrong! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh yes I agree that Mr.Conolly is a well educated decent man, I pray that GT people will give this man a chance, though I must say that having Mr Truman speaking for him may  not over well with most GT people…they vote him out!!!.