CUC power outage yesterday

| 14/05/2009

(CNS): A CUC power outage that affected West Bay, parts of Georgetown and areas from Spotts into the Eastern districts due to a technical problem at the North Sound plant, CUC have said. The power went out at 2:39 pm yesterday but there was no damage to any equipment and CUC was able to restore power within two hours. The power firm apologizes to its customers for any inconvenience caused as a result of this outage.

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  1. Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

    Facts- You are so going to get blindsided- alot of us are doing our  fruit comparison shopping on Costa Rica.  Anything you can do about converting Mt. Trashmore into cheap energy?  Your CUC profit will be, how shall I say, transient?  Good luck with your spinning career.  Over and out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Afraid, I think you are confusing me with someone else. You seem to have lost the plot and are now rambling.

  2. Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

    Listen Spock-

    CUC is making a freaking sweet profit from this sweetheart deal by any other standards in the world…Duh…

    • Anonymous says:

      Afraid, you keep making extragavant claims but cannot support them. You also have to compare apples with apples, not oranges.  If you are going to call this deal a ‘sweetheart’ deal you will have to show that it is a better deal for CUC than its old licence or the one previously proposed in the 2004 Heads of Agreement. Any deal which sharply curtails profits previously made by CUC cannot, by definition, be a ‘sweetheart’ deal.  

  3. C E. says:

    Thanks CUC my expensive stero, that I hooked up to my Tv to give me surround sound like the movie theatre, works fine with the TV but when I change it to TURNER to pick  up any of my preset radio stations the don’t come in, I will be calling next week, cause I either want it reparied at your cost or a BRAND NEW one, A PISSED OF CONSUMER.

  4. Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

    Is that you, Just the Facts, or somebody who sounds just like you- someone who is looking at the exact financials of CUC with the objectivity of a paid professional spin doctor?   

  5. Anonymous says:

    If anyone should complain about power outages it should be the people who reside in the eastern districts, we experience frequent power outages, whereas there are rarely power outages in George Town and West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me see, which one is more objective: (1) an emotional rant; or (2) hard numbers. Mmmm this is just too difficult.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ladies and Gents – I suggest you check you home equipment for any damage. When I got home after work my clocks around the house were all flashing. I reset all except one which is situated on my oven in the kitchen. Now my oven clocks are all screwed up. When I go to set the clock the oven lights come on. Thanks CUC

  7. Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

    Oh, Stick a Sock In It!

    Who is it who is coming to the rescue of CUC, defending her honor like a damsel in distress?   They are a monopoly and they’re taking advantage and they have a sense of entitlement about how much profit is due them at the expense of those who are truly suffering on this island.  Even with the grey list, nobody from CUC is gonna take a dive from the roof of the Hyatt!


    • Anonymous says:

      To the afraid guy. The ignorant, belligerent one. For the financial year ended April, 2008 CUC had earned 11.1% return. By December, 2008 (under the new licence) CUC’s return was down to 8.5%. It is expected to be lower as at April, 2009. Some ‘sweetheart deal’!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Are these outages somehow related to the public bickering over the proposed rate increase?

    • Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

      No- this has gone on for as long as I’ve been on the island.  The power disruption is so commonplace that I’ve place a placard for my guests telling them to reboot the phone, internet and TVs as soon as they walk through the front door.   U C, I  C, we all C that we’re not getting the service that we’re paying for.

  9. u goh de powa says:

    IC,UC, We all C….you are so wickedly on target.

    We could Net Meter each other during the nex match

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well make the outage island wide and save us the headache. Just doing it when it’s not a bad idea – like in the mornings after we have all left for work.

  11. Afraid to strap on a pair also says:

    We already get a once weekly 2 hour power outage in Cayman Kai.

  12. I C, U C, we all C says:

    Thanks CUC, that should cover the $2.44 for this month. Could I request a once weekly 2 hour power outage for all customers which would help us all to save a little?

    • 1norsider says:

      CUC is up to their old tricks again.

      Do they think our memories are gone. This is CUC’s prelude to a rate hike that they know will be unpopular with their customers so we will have a few more blackouts before their PR machinery steps in to tell us that it is because they are not making enough money so they have to cut back on service. Then their paid henchmen (those with free shares) in Government will start their rhetoric supporting their claim and slandering anyone who dares to object to what I call theviry.

      This old play has been rolled out so many times in my lifetime that I know the script by heart. I can assure anyone that once they get the rate hike we will have no more blackouts for 18 months, then they will start occasionally and increase in frequency over 6 months until they apply for another rate hike, all the while paying their PR firms to tell us how lucky we are to have uninturrepted power and why another rate hike is necessary because they did not exercise their "right" to go up EVERY year as their PPM contract says they can.

      I C U C we all C, I love your sense of humor but unfortunately, the ironic part is that the $2.44 you saved will soon have to be used to pay their rate hike so you need to ask them to shut down for more than 2 hours per day or we all will soon be in the poor house, at least those who do not own shares in CUC. However the polititions who bought shares in CUC (do we know any?) or were given shares free byCUC will be laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Anonymous says:

        1norsider, if you think CUC is rolling in profits and their shareholders are laughing all the way to the bank I suggest you check out their most recent financial statements and stock price.

        Oh, by the way, not sure where  you got that from, but CUC’s licence does not allow them to go up every year. If they make 11% return they get no increase. If they get 13%, the customer gets a decrease.   

        • Anonymous says:

          It is such a pity when ignorance is in vogue. You can demonize your target without any basis in fact and there will be widespread agreement.   

      • Anonymous says:

        I can see that you are an idiot.  Can you go back and look at your light bills 6 yers ago and see the difference in what per KWH you are now paying?

        • Anonymous says:

          6 years ago every residential consumer was paying more per KWH than he is paying now and more than he will be paying after June 1.

        • Anonymous says:

          Quite right to make the comparison with billing rates. The average residential consumer consumes 824 Kwh/month.  In 2002 CUC was charging 15.91 cents per KWH for the first 500 KW hours and 15.81 cents for the next 324 Kwh. It is currently charging 10.15 cents per kwh for 824kwh/month. If this is increased by 2.4% it will take you to 10.39 cents per kwh, i.e. 34% less than 2002 billing rates.