TV apologises to independents over mistake

| 17/05/2009

(CNS): Cayman 27/CITN has issued a letter of apology to four of West Bay independent candidates for a production error which resulted in their paid for advertisement being attributed to the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), but not before the United Democratic Party (UDP) were able to use the error to accuse the four of being PPM members. “Sadly the UDP in its infinite wisdom and maturity chose to smear the reputation of our independence by illegally reproducing a portion of the segment and projecting it onto their platform backboard during a recent meeting,” said Woody DaCosta one of the candidates.

The independent candidates that paid for the airing of their launch rally on local TV explained that CITN had issued the apology because the programming guide had inferred that their public meeting was paid for by the PPM. The four candidates, Woody da Costa, Lana Mae Smith, Paul Rivers and Choppy Delapena, said that after the UDP used it as a political tool to try and suggest they were posing as independents but were really PPM, they were forced tomeet with CITN to negotiate damage control, one remedy among many they said was a letter of apology.

The open letter from General Manager Mike Martins explains that the PPM attribution was made by one of CITN’s vendors dealing with the TV guides and acknowledged that it was totally incorrect. “CITN would like to make it clear to all electors, the programme that aired was 100% paid for by independent candidates and not by the PPM or any other political party,” the letter states.

The issue of the genuine independence of independent candidates has been particularly contentious as both the political parties have raised the issue that independents will be forced to support one party or another if they were to be elected. The UDP has already claimed a number of independent candidates for itself during the campaign, such as Ezzard Miller, Theresa Pitcairn and John McLean, while they in turn have jealously guarded their independence.

Although the PPM has not staked a claim to the West Bay Four independents, the members of the UDP have nevertheless accused them of being PPM in disguise. The unfortunate mistake by CITN offered the UDP an opportunity to make further political mileage on the subject.

Meanwhile, last month another inferred error in attribution made by the PPM was corrected by the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, which denied having any connection with the party following the appearance of Christine Sanders, one of its employees, on the PPM promotional billboards.

“Neither Ms Sanders nor the Society is affiliated with any political party, group or individual,” the board of directors said in a statement. “The PPM never asked Ms Sanders or any member of the Board of Directors for approval for the use of any imagery featuring the Cayman Islands Cancer Society or its directors or employees, and no such approval was ever provided. As such, the use of such imagery was not authorized by the Society.”

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  1. To Poster 12:14 19/05 says:

    You said one thing correctly. 

    "With UDP changes may take a time longer as it requires further structuring to efficiently begin changing the country"

    The same stuff ol Mac has been promising in 1984, he promises today.

    Yes the UDP is McKeeva. Why did Lynford resign from his Cabinet?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for responding.

      I do not agree with McKeeva’s promises. In addition, any political body that does not accomplish what they planned will always the same. 

      He can argue the same Mt. Trashmore that he promised to remedy from 1984 still needs it. 

  2. Twyla M Vargas says:

    REPLY:  Well, Well the truth is out.

    Who were you voting for, MacKeva or Theresa Pitcarin? and who do you think you are fooling. Darn I could not change my under—–that quick.

    I do not believe you were voting for Theresa in the first place, this is just a twisted political stragety.   I do not know why some people do not understand that soon and very soon it is going to be GOVERNMENT BENCH AND BACK BENCH.   The party system will be dismantled whether we like it our not.

    The truth is that majority of the people do not want to hear the name PPM or UDP.   We have some very good responsible men and women running  now and THE PEOPLE is asking for a change.  I do not see anything wrong with that.   If I had done nothing,  for four years, why would I want to stay and be rediculed.  Hell!!!  no, I would rather quit.  BUT MONEY WILL MAKE A MAN KILL HIS MOTHER.   Cant get enough, cant satisfy, greedy,  selfish and dont want to be rolled out of LA.   Promises and lies, and all you can hear is MY HANDS ARE TIED, As long as some of them have been claiming to have hands  tied up , and still they do not want to be released.  Whats going on anyway.

    Bodden Town people need to think carefully about the few hours they have left to make changes.   Remember how you was crying six months after  2004 and walking about sayng  you wish you could have changed what you had done.   I heard every one of you and smiled to myself.  Sorry pal you have to wait another 4 years.   Well  the circle of 4 years is closing.   You better make up your mind real fast.  Dont be cheap and be fooled by 25.00 dollar bills, mattress, stove and fridge.  They are all cheap and cannot put your child or grand child in college.   Its nothing about who you like or not like, its about building a better Cayman, where we can be good friends like back then.


    And the leader of that Change with a way forward, with a Vision of Capeabality in Bodden Town, none other than THERESA PITCARIN LEWIS. #6.   We are only aking for one X for her, Just one X by #6. THERESA PITCARIN LEWIS.   and make sure when placing the other two, you want to place them by persons who will work with THERESA, other wise IT NAW GOIN WOK.


  3. Anonymous says:

    All this is is, is campaigning, nothing but pure, unadulterated politcal campaigning. If this error occurred then the UDP should not be blamed, it was an error by CITN. In this case, CITN is at fault and unfortunately this has resulted in the backlash UDP is currently absorbing. I for one said the same comment while watching the program as to why is PPM paying for these broadcasts?

    In my opinion, UDP has done nothing wrong, PPM, UDP, Independents all do it, it is called campaigning. Remember, both parties sit like watchdogs waiting for either party to ‘slip’, then elaborate it into a ‘slide’. I am not saying this is correct, but unfortunately, it is the way of politics, whether it be here or the world, it is what it is.

    Do you notice the one apologizing? CITN. In the same breath, in the same way UDP have used it as a weapon(understandably – seeing it was on national televsion), the backbiting begins now when people are starting to use this to judge UDP. If this turned out to be true, that PPM paid for the adds, would UDP have done soemthing wrong?

    We all attempt problem solutions, unfortunately, behind our calculated 87% chance of success, there is still 13% left of failure.

    To Young Caymanian,

    I do understand your concern, unfortunately, there is no way to predict who will be the most productive in the future after placing them in power. What I do know is that you have to use one’s record/past to judge their future. What I can say is, it may be easier for PPM to continue its proclaimed growth as it is only continuing. UDP changes may take a time longer as it requires further structuring to efficiently begin changing the country. The problem is, do you agree with where PPM could carry us faster, remember its always easier to get in, rather than get out. 


  4. Anon says:

    If UDP takes power there will be lots of instability.  1) the usual teething period with any change in government and especially by time they figure out which very inexperienced MLAs will be ministers (unless he gives them all to the West Bayers and one to Julie —  bad for the rest of the country) AND when mark and dwayne’s seat are challenged!! Cayman cannot afford that kind of instability!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      If UDP takes power there will…

      Instability???… why don’t we let go and move forward??? The people will decide in a few hours who will fill the seats to become the new members of the LA.

      It is human nature to feel upset especially if we are supporting a particular person. But in no uncertain terms should we allow our inner being to be overpowered by hate!!!

      Let us wish the best to whom ever fills these seats. Let us be UNITED rather than DIVIDED. As citizens we also have to play our part. With this in mind our island will become a much better place for us to live and for future generations to survive.

      No matter the circumstance at the end of the day all who are running for office are some mothers child and needless to say for those of us that have children of our own we need to understand that being critical of others is a step back for us.

      I wish all the candidates the very best as it takes alot of courage and stamina to adhere to such negative remarks.

    • Anonymous says:

      If PPM takes power there will be lots of instability. The usual teething period with failed government remaining in power.

      Cayman cannot afford another 4 years of failure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As a young voter with only one day to elections, I am as confused as I was months ago. all the candidates running in this election have something to hide and everyone is about money and power not God nor the people of this island but what they can get for themselves and their families oh and maybe the freinds that help them sink Cayman deep.

    side tracking a little i keep hearing about the USA and others putting Cayman on this List because we are tax haven so if my memory serves me right how did Cayman become Tax Haven from History was it bestowed upon us when a royal family member saved in the wreck of the ten sails bestowed Cayman to be tax free as long as we was a member of the UK?

    I am a member of a few sports club and when we had a meeting some years ago to hold a big sporting event here in Cayman we met with then Big Mac/ Big Boss of the island and outlined the details of the event, at the end of the meeting Big Mac said "well folks i appreciate your desires and i see the event would be a big event for Cayman but at this time i do not see West Bay having the facilty to hold this event so i cannot help you maybe if you sit with the other members of each district and get them to contribute we could do it cause its actually their juridistion"  well the event never happen and i draw that to draw this with all the talk of PPM not doing anything and Alden not doing this and that folks take a look around you the kids of today and tomorrow are our future if they dont have modern schoold to teach them the foreigners will forever eat or jobs, so we need the schools. Alden not only building schools in George Town he building around the islands FOR THE PEOPLE. he repaired the sports feild not only in George Town but all around the island FOR THE PEOPLE he did not leave for each member in each district to do cause it was there juridisctation big difference to me thePPM worked together to accomplish things thats how things should run unlike UDP where Mckeva runs the whole camapaign and the others follow like puppets on the string thats the kind of government McKeva runs where if he doesnt support it it doesnt happen or if it doesnt benefit west bay it doesnt happen.

    Yes PPM made some errors in their time but the wprd time is a big thing here we give them 4 years of which the first year they spend surviving the projects and promises they promise and evaluating the past government projects to see which ones can continue and which ones can hold by the time that is completed they got the budget to fight out and get approval for of course they step on some corns getting there but it happens by the time the approvals are through and things are done its time to fold up and start campaigning again. why have the usa gave each president 8 years the last 20 years? to have continuity thats y.

  6. Dear Young Voter says:

    Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 05/18/2009 – 08:46

    Dear young voter – this is a lengthy reply but I hope you will take the time to reason with me.

    While the mudslinging isn’t ideal it’s a fact of the Caymanian society every day of the week.  As a people we are constantly talking about each other, back stabbing, etc.  We can’t really hold our candidates to that much of a higher standard than we aren’t willing to do for ourselves.  Don’t be discouraged by that. 

    From the description you gave of yourself you seem to be a very motivated and intelligent young person and I am sure you are interested in education. You’ve also asked to see a candidate that can fullfill promises.  As another young person, I encourage you to look at Minister McLaughlin.  He and his government promised to reform education in the Cayman Islands and they have delivered on that promise:

    •  advanced the national cirriculum
    • developed a profile for what a well rounded educated Caymanian should look like.
    • putting a plan in place for vocational training including already increasing the number of technical courses available
    • extended the school age to allow for an extra year (to either re-sit exams, do techncial or vocational, or preparation for tertiary education)
    • the International Baccelorate will be available to kids locally.
    • increased funding for scholarships
    • involved teachers and stake holders in a national education conference annually to ensure that we are delivering the type of students that our country needs.
    • increased training for teachers (helps increase moral and hopefully make them more pleasant teachers)
    • the buildings are also a positive.  Our children deserve the best facilities that we can afford.  These buildings will allow so many more extra cirricular activies to develop well rounded kids.

    You may think that some of these points aren’t positive or some of these things could have waited.  But these are some of the things that Mr McLaughlin and his team promised in 2005 when they ran and they have either completed or progressed.  While it may appear that these things are only coming out 6 months before the election, I trust that you will appreciate that this kind of progress takes time.  It is a lengthy process to 1) brainstorm exactly what legislation should include 2) draft the legislation 3) put it out for discussion – which was done and we the public of Cayman had an opportunity to provide feedback on and 4) for legislation to be passed. The legislation was recently passed and if you and the people of Cayman allow Mr McLaughlin and his team another four years they will be able to implement that work with the vision that they created it. 

    After election, I also encourage you to stay involved.  Read the news, listen to the weekly Government press briefings, listen to the LA, etc.  because what you need to know to vote smartly is happening way before 6 months leading up to an election. 

    To conclude, Mr Mclaughlin and the PPM team (everything is best done as a team, we learnt that in school) have delivered on their promises.  I encourage you to give the PPM government another four year term.  I state clearly that I am not a member of the PPM party. I am informed voter and I will be voting for the PPM. 





  7. Anonymous says:

    All you PPM and Independent supporters need to flush yourself of the hatred. I have no objection to a persons feelings as it relates to who he/she thinks is the best candidate for their X, be that person a ‘party’ member or Independent. What I do object to is the hatred that are posted daily on this service. Because I support party Y should not mean that I am castigated as a human being.

    In this life, we are ALL human and are therefore subjected to mistakes and inconsistencies in our daily personal and professional decisions. Does this make us bad people? NO! Does this make us stupid people? NO! Both the UDP and PPM administrations have faltered in their tenure of rule. Both parties have misled the country and have not been forthright in every thing that they have done. BUT does this mean that they are intentional BAD people? I say no- they are HUMAN and like everyone else, they deserve that repsect. As a UDP supporter, I do NOT dislike the PPM government as people, but I do dislike their way of governing this country. Unlike some PPM supporters who have spoken to me directly and through this forum, as well as some UDP supporters, the tone of the anger in their voice makes it evident that their oppositon to either party is based on personalities- and personalitites is NOT going to solve any issues. IF personalities was able to solve issues, then we would have no problems in the hospital as Tony Eden is a very personable problem. On the other hand, Arden has no personality and he got things done!! I am in no way making fun of either Tony or Arden- I just said what I said to make the point about personalities.

    Quite honestly, Arden is THE ONLY one out of the PPM Cabinet that should be returned as he has been the most productive- And from a UDP supporter- Thank You Arden. Maybe you (Arden) should join with Mac as the 2 of you have the same go-getter attitude in that you want the job done no matter what it takes.

    As a BT voter, I see NO independent that appeases me so I will vote straight UDP and give Tony Eden the third vote. See, this goes to show that even though I am a strong UDP supporter, I can still see through the differences and vote for Tony. And you know what- Tony will work well with Mac and the UDP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a young voter with only one day to elections, I am as confused as I was 6 months ago.  All the hate, mudslinging, backstabbing and pure foolishness is just beyond me. I understand that is what they do to get votes but really this election has been taken way out of terms. I want candidates which will help us Caymanians with our future, not just get up and make promises and when elected they wait till 6 months before the next election to start working on those promises. 

    As for me I am a young person who has a high school diploma and working on my associates and every time I apply for a job I do the interview only to get a call or letter saying that the position has been filled. I took the liberty to go back to one establishment 3 weeks after I was told the position was filled and sure enough there was an expact there. I am not against expacts because they do help build our islands but we also do need jobs. There are Caymanians that want to work and make a future for them and their families.
    I hope whoever gets in will try to regulate the building of all these 7 story buildings on our island.  We are a small island and ourown people can’t enjoy the beaches because they build these hotels/condos and our people are not allowed access. They give us a 2ft beach access with no where to park, go figure.   
    So the question still remains, who is really going to fulfill their promises???
  9. annonymous says:

    Awwww.. now we see more of the the real colours of the UDP

    Green = envy.  Envy for the Independents who will run them over on May 20th.  I plan to send the UDP a coffin on Thursday so they can all bury their entire group in.  I voted UDP last election because I wanted a stongopposition but this time I am voting Indy’s because not only will they be a strong opposition, they will also get stuff done in our district and not sit back in their airconditioned fancy cars driving around looking at ALLL THAT THEY HAVEN"T DONE for our beloved district.  I cannot believe we paid them all these high salaries every month to do diddly squat.  Shameful and they are all fraudsters. 

    Saying the PPM didn’t do anything for this district, well that’s a lie, all they had to do was ask.  They never put forward any requests as this was their ploy for four years so the idoits who follow them could think that the PPM was not helping West Bayers.  The first them in history the PPM cleaned up all the drug infested land around West Bay, but the stupid cops didn’t do anything about the crooks, they just drive around like Mckeeva and his disciples looking pretty and wannabe celebrities in the District.  Yeah, all Mckeeva did was host a party for the old timers of West Bay at Heart of Cayman and spend thousands of dollars and only invited the elite people in the district what happened to the others (middle/lower classes?) whom they forgot to send an invitation to.  Yes, andMckeeva appreciates west bayers…well I am a west bayer and I do not appreciate him and on May 20th I am voting against him and his croonies.  UDP stands in my books at the Ugliest Democratic Party. 

    I hope the INDY’s win the majority of seats and banking by the crowd they had at their last meeting and comparing it to the UDP’s last meeting in West Bay that is proof in itself.  The INDY"s had three times the crowd any of the UDP’s meeting has had. 

    UDP’s only aim in life is to survive on someone else’s downfall, and in this case they didn’t even give the situation time to be corrected before they ran off with it and now guess what?  They have EGGS in their faces,and serves the right.  It just shows you their mentality – STINK STINK STINK!

    To from one West Bayer to the rest of the UDPer’s let me wish you all good riddance.  You have lost the race so stop grasphing for straws!!!

  10. annonomous says:

    Mac and his three stooges have done a lot to set our country back. If people want to move backwards vote for the UDP. PPM is just a little bit different because Kirt is a dummy and needs to be replaced. Independents are our only salvation to right the good ship Cayman. The UDP is a one man show with McKeever as the puppet of the rich foreigners and the Seaga rejects from Jamaica that we don’t need. The parties put party first our country and it’s citizens last and it don’t work like that except here in Cayman because there are a lot of clueless wonders. If people are stupid enough to bring back Mac, then the only future we can look forward to is a job on the Turtle farm. If Kirt had a brain, he would be dangerous. That is why we need the Independents to strike a blow to these parties that put us last and violate our sacred trust. People for get Mac destroyed a bank that thousands of our citizens lost tons of there money. Mac got into a financial arrangement with the owner of the ritz Carlton and made money of of us. He added hundreds and hundreds of people to the status list when the ministers were fighting against it. Mac negoatiated away our insurance money on government buildings after Ivan with no recording of the negoatiations. Why? Mac has people bused in to meetings all over the Island to give an appeance that the UDP is strong. Do buy into the illousion. The Independents will put our citizens first. When Sandra exposed Elio’s dishonesty, they attack her with outragious accusations. Mac had his stooge attack MLA Seymour in the ledgeslative assembly with foul accusations. Mac don’t put women on his ticket in West Bay but the clueless wonders in west bay still vote for his slate. Why did Mac tell Gov. Dimwitty he had to move out of the beach property? What is Mac planning to do with the people’s property? Why is Mac against the constitutional review? Mac is a Mr. Danger my brothers and sisters. Mac made a stupid blunder when he tried to protect Elio from his dishonesty by saying "you don’t need education to govern Cayman". That tells me that our children’s education is in trouble. That’s enough to vote against all things UDP. If you send him back with this terrible track record, you deserve him and you will get it. Get it?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well well, the truth is out UDP has another candiate in BT, NS and EE. It is of no suprise, just wondered why it wasn’t admitteduntil now, when I was planning on voting for the Theresa. But since she is associated with Big Mac, I have to say sorry T, NO WAY, don’t want any affiliation with BIG/SMALLER MAC.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, well the truth is out…

      It is apparent that you never had any intention of voting for Theresa to say the least. Had you come to her meetings or just directly had a personal conversation with her perhaps you would be more at an advantage to know what she stands for and what her views are on any subject you may have or is unclear about.

      My learned friend this election is not about Anthony, Theresa, Chuckie or the many others that is seeking office. It is about our country.

      Now, I wish to ask you just exactly what kind of prospects do want for your children? Do you want for them to have a first class education so that they can fend for their own children in future years? or are you thinking that the Government you elect are going to hand it to them?

      Perhaps you should revisit in your mind the reality of such an important issue and cast your X for persons who can be leaders rather than an elective.

      I pray for people like yourself who can open their hearts and receive persons for the good and not the bad for whatever we "sow we shall reap." Do not for one minute think that this simple line only applies to you. It applies to all of us.

      Should the bad times arise out of our bad/poor judgement for this election due to fear, hate, or just plain envy then we shall surely reap what we sow.

      The election is a couple of hours away, spend time praying my learned friend because it is prayer that we all need to help us through this matter. 


  12. Anonymous says:

    It takes a fool to know a fool.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So sad and of course the UDP fools jumped all over this and had the other WB fools convinced it was true. The damage was already done I suppose.