Governor starts cyber space journal

| 18/05/2009

(CNS): Sevens months before he is due to leave the islands, Governor Stuart Jack has announced that he has started a blog, which he says is an attempt to communicate more and an opportunity for people to tell him what they think. “From time to time there are things I want to say to the people of the Cayman Islands which do not always justify a formal press statement,” Jack said in his blog. “I cannot be on the talk shows all the time. Sometimes I have had complaints that the Governor was not communicating with the community frequently enough.”

He also suggested that people both here and further afield would like to have a better idea what a governor gets up to and thinks, and as a result he would be updating his blog once or twice a week.

The governor’s blog is located on the governor’s office website and has a comment box for readers to submit their thoughts. In his first entry he talks about the trip he and his wife, Mariko, took to South America, the newly appointed governor, Duncan Taylor, and the forthcoming elections and referendum on Wednesday.

During his trip to South America he said he saw that each of the countries had its own strengths and its own problems, many of them around economic difficulties, poverty and crime. He said that while the Cayman Islands has problems we must keep things in perspective. “Compared with most other countries in the Western Hemisphere we remain blessed,” he wrote. “This is still one of the safest places to live in or visit that this seasoned traveller has known,” he said.

He said Cayman was lucky to get Duncan Taylor as he has an extensive knowledge of the Caribbean. “His style will not be exactly the same as mine, but I do not expect any radical changes in the policies he pursues or the FCO wants him to pursue, for example on good governance,” Jack wrote.

“Anyway Cayman has still got me – and Mariko — for the next seven months. A journalist recently asked me if, now that my successor had been named, I was winding down. While it is perfectly fair for someone to ask that question, the very suggestion that I am winding down is more likely to wind me up!”

He said he was determined to push ahead with the work, including the problems in the police force, improving parole arrangements, efforts to modernise government and to start implementing a new Constitution. He then asked everyone entitled to vote to use the last few days to study the text and take part in the referendum, and told voters to look for candidates in the general election who think seriously about the whole country and all its people not just their constituency and supporters.

He said Cayman needed to think hard about the future as a result of the current economic uncertainty and climate change, which he said was a major challenge for small, low lying islands.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Governor Jack has been very bold and more involved in trying to better the country by attempting to root out corruption than any other governor that I can remember.

    I defy anyone to say that there was no reason to deal with corruption in the country.

    All those who are aware of such corruption and collude with such should be ashamed to look at themselves in a mirror.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why is the Governor doing this when his replacement has already been named?

  2. Twyla M Vargas says:


    In respect of what others may say  negative about His Excellency Governor Jack, I speak of a person as I find them.  I say he is a man of Good Governance, a man who wanted to be a part of the Caymanian community, but because of certain political parties found this very unhealthy.   Will we ever be satisfied with any Governor which we cannot manipulate.  I do not think so.  

    Remember he is a human being just like you and me with a heart and blood running through his veins.  I am most embarassed at the anonymous disrespectful comments made.    Should I venture to say by this  so called CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY……..  There is a right and wrong way of doing things, and I still stand by my words if you are so bold to say negative things about the Governor, the Head of State, you should at least show your strength by signing your name, otherwise you are just being coward and and should not deserve the space you are standing on.  We are the ones to be blamed for things that took place here, Commissioner, judge,  police and deputy,  drugs and explosion, newborn, and false teeth, helicopter, professor, and jewel thief,  money laundering, G20, New world order and the list goes on.

    As for me, My name is boldly signed above, and trust me I do not care a rat behind what is said about my comments.  Because if all those horrible things can be said about the Governor, then who am I?  Good grief, I can imagine what you all will response about me.   I really coould,nt care less.  CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY?????? Give that name a break. PLEASE.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Papa Smurf you should have been "rolled over" a long time ago…all you did is cause the Cayman Islands money that PPM has made sure that we don’t have!!

    God Bless you and keep you safe…Good byyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  4. annonomous says:

    Jack needs to go home. We are tired of his bad governace of these Islands.