UDP accused of influencing voters in George Town

| 20/05/2009

(CNS): Update 5:30 pm:  Following this morning’s reports of the United Democratic Party (UDP) workers handing out cards, to voters, printed with the names of the four George Town candidates and their ballot numbers at George Town Primary polling station election officials have confirmed further reports of similar activity happening in Prospect. Police liaison officer Deborah Dennis said the RCIPS were investigating the incidents. “Police are aware of the allegations and will be carrying out preliminary enquiries while awaiting legal advice and guidance from the elections office,” she added.

The first reprots occured around 11:00 am this morning when election officials and the police were called to the polling station at George Town Primary (20 May) following the reports that representatives from the UDPwere handing out cards or slips (as above) to voters arriving there with the names and numbers of their candidates, in contravention of the Election Law. Orret Connor said he could not directly comment on the allegations but the Elections Office was establishing another base by the political representative’s tents to keep an eye on the situation.

“I can’t commenton this at the moment as we are still monitoring the situation and if it is proved to be true we have to check out the implications with regards to the Election Law,” Connor said, adding that it could be considered undue influence.

A number of voters, passers by and field agents representing other candidates in the area all said they had seen the cards, which were the size of a normal business card with the four UDP candidates’ names and numbers listed there. Election officials also reported that some voters had gone inside the polling stations holding the cards and when asked where the cards came from they indicated that they had just been given the cards by the UDP representatives outside.   

Although candidates from both parties and the independents are, according to officials, allowed to have their representatives near the polling stations, those agents should not be influencing voters and they should not be giving out any campaign literature of any kind, let alone what appeared to be instructions on how to vote.

Aside from the potential of undue influence, Connor said he was concerned that voters may be confused by the political representatives outside the stations who legally hold registered voter lists but are not election officials. He said voters should check their names with officials from the election office and not with political agents.

One observer noted that she had seen the cards been given out all morning and suspected dozens had already been given to the voters who had been to cast their vote in the General Election at that station. By 11:00am, around the time when officials were called out to that station, almost 40% of voters registered to cast their ballot at that station had already voted.

Allegations were also made from a number of observers that it was the George Town candidates themselves who had given the cards to their representatives at the tent to hand out to voters as they arrived.

However, following the arrival of election officials and the police, Jonathan Piercy one of the UDP’s four George Town candidates arrived to discuss the matter with Orret Connor. Piercy said that the accusations were merely hearsay and there was no proof that any had been given out by their people on Election Day as the cards had been in circulation for about a week. However, Piercy, one of the UDP’s four George Town candidate, told CNS that if the cards were being given out on Election Day, he accepted that it would be illegal.

According to Section 92 (3) of the Elections Law, on polling day candidates are not allowed to publish any printed material which invites or induces the public to vote for a particular candidate or group of candidates and anyone contravening this section is liable to a fine of up to $500 or six months in prison. The question of undue influence, however, could also give rise to a more serious question of whether the vote and ultimately the result would be unfairly influenced.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Remember, people, these posts are going world wide….Let us please engage our brain before opening our mouth, so as not to embarrass ourselves. Air your opinion, but if neccessary, write it on paper first, to get your spelling and punctuation somewhat legible. It would impress those that may be reading these to assume that we are at least minimally educated. Let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face.

  2. Anonymous says:

     are you saying that the Caymanian people are surprised that their leaders are not following the rules?  Good one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, am an expat and I have been living here in the Cayman Islands for the past fourteen (14) years.  I was very disappointed when I was not put on the famous list for the status grants under Mr. Bush administration and the manner in which the grants were giving out. 

    The Cayman Islands needs to be very careful when making these types of moves..  They are not hurting we the expats, they are hurting you Caymanian’s..  We can all go home.  Mr. Bush please don’t disappoint your people and sell them out altoghter because you are already set.

    PPM sorry, you guys lost because you love the Cayman Islands and your people too much, you never stole from your country or the caymanian people and you forgot to make the right deals. PPM team, am an expat and I would like to say THANK YOU, you are good people. 

    Mr. Bush, run the Cayman Islands with integrity and I hope am here to see what the Caymanian people will be saying in the next four years.

    God bless the Cayman Islands because these islands will sure be needing your help for the next four years.



    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      I have read your comments and observed your  disapointment on not receiving Caymanian status as you mentioned under the Bush Admin.  I have also noted your comments. That, "Caymanians need to be careful when making these kind of moves, they are not hurting we the expatriates"  You know I do not believe a word of that, and if you were granted status you would have been singing a different tune.  You third paragraph is unclear, as I am trying to picture what is it you are looking for.  Anyway, living here for 14 years do not automatically get you Cayman Status, and furthermore it should not.

      After careful consideration, ask yourself if you have done enough beside live here for 14 years to earn the grant of  Cayman Status.   Fourteen years is a longtime, and during that time can you say that you have contributed to  any of the following  below.; ……………

      The Parent Teachers Association,   The Meals on Wheels, The Little League, The Youth and Community clubs,  Youth scholarship, The Senior citizens home, The Pines retirement home.  Are you a millionaire, or just a hard worker like myself.  Do you have a home and property or business here.  If you become sick tomorrow, who pays, you or the Cayman Island Government.

      Dont be dissapointed, consider all of the above that I have noted. If you can answer yes to at least  8 out of the 10 questions, I dont see any reason why you would not get on board.  Time and money should not be the goal.   However, give careful consideration to my questions, dont give up, make a better plan and welcome to the Cayman Islands.

      Walk Good. 



      • Anonymous says:

        "Anyway, living here for 14 years do not automatically get you Cayman Status, and furthermore it should not".

        Last I remember Twyla was all for 2003 grants and for more status grants to convince people to stay, now all of a sudden she is concerned that people have the right qualifications.

        Someone who has been here for 14 years and is not granted Caymanian status has every right to complain in the context of persons being granted who did not even reside here or had been here only a few months. It demonstrates that there was no level playing field and grants had nothing to do with some supposed threat by the UK that they would step in unless everyone over 10 years (or was it 5?) was granted Caymanian status. That was simply a falsehood fabricated to fool the simple-minded.   

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am so happy and honored to know that someone in these Islands share some of my views, the PPM Governement had giving the three Islands too much.  All of you Caymanian who voted for the UDP should be ASHAME of yourselves today.  I am so ashame to be called a Caymanian today……… Ungrateful, Ungrateful ………………………………………………………..

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am also a young Caymanian and if it was just one year later, I would have voted. All I can see now is that in reality the elected are only as good as the electorate. I sympathize withthe youth who try to educate themselves and can read a book, observe and put two and two together that apparently some of our ‘wise’ and ‘experienced’ elders can not! How fickle some are.

    In four years, the mindful youth of this country will have to pick up after our easily misled elders. It is so disgusting to sit back and listen to people sit down and scream at each other in the name of love for their country and their god!

    Cayman is under the international microscope like never before. This isn’t because of something our government did, but because of the wrongs that are beyond our control- and when we have an opportunity to put ourselves in a safe position, we do what? To have someone like McKeeva XXXXX sit as the figurehead of our community is a disgrace! I grew proud of my country during these past years. We grew. We expanded. There were bumps, but those come with growth. None were like that of the past. Cayman was beginning to come into the modern world.  Now I am disgusted. We have to sit down and hear people complain about the lack of progress?

    Money wasted? On roads? On schools?Aid? In another country, people would be BEGGING their government to invest in the infrastructure instead of looking to serve only themselves. Ungrateful. you’ll be the first to complain in the future. Two steps back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i am a young caymanian, i didn’t have to chance to vote this year, i was 2 years to young.
    but boy let me tell you something
    next time around I’m going to be the first one, at them voting stations.
    i was highly upset when a young boy of my youth called in to a radio station while Mckeeva was there and was cussed because he had research some information informing the people about the good PPM has done. And they had the odasity to say that the PPM put that child up to it.
    if this public  wants to put  somebody like that running this country,somebody who doesn’t even think that this youth has enough sense to google up some raw facts,  then i do not know what is wrong with you all.
    i listen to the radio and the news and I’m not going to lie I AM A STRAIGHT PPM..
    and i know the tactics UDP has resorted through this whole election
    one thing i know now is that a clean campaign is not a winning one.
    politics is a deadly game, where it can drive people insane and tear families apart, and even send people to do illegal things just to get in that house.
    i hear people praising these UDP candidates like they are gods, well as far as i was concern during my 16 years is that there is only one god and mckeeva is not him.
    and let me tell you something, i know what i am talking about, and i don’t need nobody telling me that i don’t know no better because i am young.
    I’m not an adult, but I’m old enough to know i don’t want UDP running my country that i have seeing with my own eyes PPM built up in the pass four years.
    i know there is nothing much any body can do now but i do know all anybody can do now is sit down and watch cayman go down the drain.
    a better way forward? how ironic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Seeing the posts from the Young Caymanians gives me some hope for the future.  And hope is badly needed and in short supply right now!

  7. Anonymous says:

    And once again…….nobody in Cayman has any power to deal with any wrongdoings, nobody has the balls and brains to step up to the plate! In my opinion the polling stations that were tangled in these controversies should have been shut down right away. Don’t even understand why the people running are allowed even to be close to the polling stations.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is my prediction: now that the UDP is in power nothing will happen as a result of the investigation. Welcome to Corruption City where intimidation and political victimisation and cronyism will hold full sway.   

  8. LBV says:

    everyone that here talking down on UDP needs to get a life! for all you know, it was probably PPM themselves in disguised handing them out trying to frame UDP!  furthermore PPM isn’t any better than UDP if that’s the case….when some of them should have been attending THIER OWN POLITICAL MEETING!!! where were they? IN THE BAR ROOM drinking. and that’s the example you PPM SUPPORTERS want us to go with?! HELLO WAKE UP!!! WHat’s done is DONE we need to stop acting like children and grow up… Everyone deserves a chance and clearly PPM never made the cut…theonly cut they got was CUT THE PROGRESS…i don’t know what progress that is… but seriously, everyone whats done is done, all we have to do now is sit back and observe our new government….UDP won fair and square people, the majority of this island have spoken with thier votes who they want to represent us. and guess what? IT’S NOT PPM!!! if UDP was not running in this election… i would have never casted my vote for them! damn if i would even vote period! I just hope UDP do a better job at Listening not only to the older folks, but to us young people with what we have to say. We have a say with this country…. anyways….and for the UK person…you sound just like a PPM person try so GET OFF THE COMPUTER go home or something…you’re arguring as if we want to hear what you have to say…if it’s not UDP!!! it’s not worth it! Better luck next time. the BEST have won…the people have chose thier candidates! UDP!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is exactly the irrational and highly uncooperative behaviour that we need to avoid in our beloved isle. I can’t believe that we as a people have missed the mark by so far. Why are we bickering over men taking up office? Honestly, why? What purpose does it serve? Do we really believe that any of these people hold our fate in their hands? Why are we worshipping these people and risking our families, friends and our own lives for them?

      Please people, get back to basics. I for one trust in the Lord God Almighty.  We have to be careful putting any man up on a pedestal, please stop idolizing these people!

      Remember Ephesians 6:11-12.


    • Ray Parsons says:

       Why do I sound like a PPM person? Is it because I am disgusted by the corruption that has been taking place? I never mentioned either party by name and yet you assume that my contempt is for the UDP. I wonder why. Are you aware of widespread UDP corruption? Do let us know.


  9. Ray Parsons says:

     What sort of country am I living in? If we were independent we could be called a “Banana Republic.” I know, and have concrete evidence, that one of the two main parties was dishing out grubby brown envelopes with between $100 – $500 in them and, like everyone else, I’ve heard rumours that the other main party were up to the same thing.

    If I know this, then the police must too. I’ve heard, however, that a defence lawyer would argue that there was no proof that the moneywas to buy votes but it was intended to benefit needy constituents. The fact that this money was only being paid out in the two weeks before the election would be insufficient evidence for a conviction. Although, how they could afford to pay a lawyer now that they’ve given away all their money, would be a problem for them.

    The party workers giving out cards yesterday morning said that they didn’t know it was against the election rules. What? Either they were lying, or they are too thick to understand what they read. Both are quite possible.

    This next bit will annoy Caymanian readers but here goes anyway: In the UK if two candidates had failed to obey election rules, their names would have been immediately removed from the ballot paper. New papers would have been printed and the election would then proceed. Here, apparently, If you say, “Sorry, I forgot,” you can possibly get away with it. It seems that there will now be legal proceedings. This high cost could have been avoided if their names had gone before Wednesday.  Also in the UK, if a candidate stated that Muslim and atheist teachers should be sacked, she would never be selected to stand and certainly never get elected.

    I am really fed up. It’s all so pathetic and so avoidable. How can anything proposed by our government ever be taken seriously anywhere in the world?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Boo Hoo Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo!


    Now let’s wait for the PPM political machine to launch their lawsuits to overturn the will of the people.  Because they sure can’t win at the ballot box.  Let’s see if they can win in the courthouse instead.


    Whaa Whaa Whaaa!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think that the four UDP Canidates needs to be disqualified for what they was doing. I did not see any PPM Canidates there handing out any form of Paper to the voters. Althought i might have been one or two UDP Canidates, then all four  or the entire UDP TEAM SHOULD PAY FOR WHAT HAS HAPPEN.

    On Monday May 18th 2009 I had an UDP Canidate from George Town came to my house and asked me who i was voting for and i told him PPM and he said well if you change your mind come out this eveing and give UDP some support. Where does UDP can go to people house and demand that people should vote for them instead of PPM.

    All i have to say that Caymanians we cast our votes and yes some that we voted for did not get in but guess what "WE STILL DO NOT HAVE A SAY IN ANYTHING" but i will see how things work out now, because big mac was saying that for the 4 years PPM was in they did not audit their finances, but as i recalled when big mac was in as the leader of Government he did not audit their finances when the UDP was in so what now POT CURSING THE KETTLE.

    When Cayman start to go down, i for sure will not be going down with them. SO good Like to UDP

  12. Nicole says:

    I’m so tired of  all this talk about handouts, so let me just say a thing or two about this.  I have been offer handouts by both the PPM & UDP, also independent.   As you all can see their is no difference between them all, politicts is down right dirty and it’s a game everyone plays, if the money is free I’m going to take it, and thats the bottom line about that.  

    So since almost everyone of us got a little piece of the pie, we should all be happy and get back to more important things, like moving forward.  The people has spoken, they have made their choice and now we need to work with them all in trying to get this country going.  So STOP your foolishness about this one did this, and this one did that.  You got your share and I got mines now get back to work and do what y’all do best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very well said.  They were all trying to buy someones vote.  Now what we need to do is all pull together as a country and try to make a brighter future for our kids.  I think we all have been focusing to much into who did what.  Lets all pull together, unite and not be divided.  This Island is way too small. 

      As for the poeple talkig about the drunks and crazies of West Bay, please tell me what district you go into that you don’t find those.  At least I going give my West Bay drunks, crackheads and crazies a plus, go to West Bay Primary and you will see them picking their kids up from school.  I have gone to other Primary schools and see the smallest kids walking home alone.  By the way as one crazie from West bay will tell you, "why he going work when he can ask you for a dollar and you will give it to him".  Don’t think they are that crazy.

  13. Put the Mud Down says:

    It’s easy for the minority to sling mud. 

    As a UDP supporter I see lots of Political "trickery" or what I call political tactics done on both sides but this only works on the minds of those that don’t educate themselves on the political issues.  Granted both parties will try to illuminate themselves, as being the best candidates by various means and in the end the majority will make the decision. 

    With a strong voter turnout clearly the majority wanted a change in leadership by electing who they thought would best run the country.  The majority represents individuals of all walks of life from doctors, lawyers, bankers, everyday employees, retirees, homemakers and business owners and the result is no trickery.  If the PPM favorites did not win don’t fool yourselves into thinking that we were all influenced into voting wrong.  All the text messages I got about voting McKeeva out in 05 and vote again to keep him out didn’t change my view that we need a strong leader capable of making changes to push this country forward in this Global recession.  I didn’t feel that a PPM regime could provide us with the necessary leadership so I voted with the majority and put the "Mack Attack" back in.

    I do however support the opposition because I believe in "Checks and Balances" so I am very grateful that Kurt got a seat in the house and I strongly encourage PPM to help steer the country forward. 


  14. LBV says:

    Well done…looks like we made it! UDP!!!


    all UDP Supporters….please grab your brooms cuz we’re goin to LA to sweep them out! haha


    it was a pretty tight race in GT though..nevertheless….The BEst Team WOn!!! FAIR AND SQUARE!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is a SAD day for me! SAD! SAD! God help us all over the next four years!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    A new day is dawning and rightly or wrongly – the people of these islands have spoken. We have two choices on how to start this day. We can chose to continue to promote hatred and anomosity or we can work together for the good of a UNITED Cayman Islands. I for one hope it is the latter because no matter which team is in control, these are serious times and a house or Island divided cannot stand. As a God fearing island- I hope that we can respect each other no matter what our own political views are. Further, I challenge the outgoing PPM to live up to their motto “for the love of country”. Set aside pride and whatever you do before you do it think whether it will hurt or help our beloved Cayman Islands. Elections come every 4 years and their actions today can make a difference in the future for voters. Bless you reading this and do have a wonderful day.

  17. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    PPM ran a clean campaign and may God bless them and give them hope for the next four years if we still have a country to run once UDP gets their way with us!  Lets hope that big mac at least dont try to give out 3000 more statuses!  Our poor Caymanian children soon won’t have anything left on these islands!

    • Anon says:

      The people have chosen. Only time will tell whether it is a wise choice. We should now all pray for our country and our leaders. My earnest hope is that this is not a return to the 2001-2005 era.

  18. Anonymous says:


    Ok, now everybody go to Cayman Brac and jump off the Bluff. I am writing it so you need to follow. This is just pure foolishness. Anybody can hand you anything but does that mean you have to follow what they say. To say that the vote was compromised because of this is stupid. They cannot make anyone do what they do not want to do. 
    Why don’t I hear about PPM buying the votes in G.T. by buying fridges, stoves and so forth?  Everyone is going to try to get in. I am in for another holiday so let’s do a revote next Wednesday, who’s up for it?
  19. LocalVocal says:

    Hopefully, the bright side of this is that the UDP stupidly did this early enough in the day that perhaps they lost a few votes – in GT and the other districts. God don’t like ugly.

  20. annonymous says:

    Amazing…the UDP knows they don’t have a strong support in George Town with half their candidates living in other districts.  Do you think you can fool all the GTowners.  Pearlina, Elio and Jonathan all rented apts in GTown and registered there they will move back out when the Elections are over and Mike he lives in West Bay.  Jokers!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is it not obvious that the law in cayman is only enforced when it suits,, i dont know why you bother,,   seriously,, this is a joke.

    I feel sorry for you caymanians – I am only a visitor – I can shake it of and laugh you  and your  children need to live with this.

    I sincerely feel sorry for you – bless you all.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Where is the report about KEY PPM supporters calling employers and telling them that they DO NOT have to allow their employees time to vote? And this was done mainly to employers where a significant number of employees were UDP supporters.

    So PPM, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE- you guys are definately no saints either and you too have MANY under handed tactics. Your integrity here is JUST as questionable and most like more questionable seeing that you have ridiculed the UDP yet you are doing the same antics and maybe much worse.

    PPM supporters- get a LIFE and brace yourself for a floggin. You may though save 4 of your seats. This election belongs to Independents and the UDP…..PPM you have had your time and without hesitation- YOU FAILED MISERABLY

  23. Realist says:

    The election’s office needs to step up to the plate and do something about this. Enough that they cannot do anything about Mark Scotland – BUT PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS SLIDE!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    How Low Will  UDP GO Do We Want Them To Run Our COUNTRY

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear writer of question at hand,

      In regards of query think we the people have spoken and little to none of minority i see have agreed with you. So sit back and watch this island grow ONCE AGAIN….

  25. Anonymous says:

    The PPM are by no means innocent today either! I was at the GT Primary School and when I walked by the PPM’s tent I was called over to ‘register’ with them before I could go any further. They just didn’t hand out any cards.

    There is a lot of blame to go around here. Some blame needs to be placed on the PPM & UDP because there is no reason for them to have seperate booths outside of the polling stations. The elections office allows each candidate to have ‘polling agents’ in the polling station for the purpose of checking their candidates voters’ list. The added booths outside the stations was confusing to many voters, myself included.

    But we must also blame the elections office because they are responsible for monitoring this kind of activity around these stations. THIS SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED!

    I for one am glad I voted for independent candidates. They all ran clean campaigns, they stuck to the issues and none of them have been accused of voter tampering on election day like the parties. They played the game the right way… and I wish all the independent candidates the best tonight.

    • Clearviewer says:

      The electins office need to have honest people out side the areas and not allow no canidate or their agent to be within six  hundred yards of the polling station. I too saw unfair practice on wednesday in north side by the PPm folks, harrassing voters by calling out to them and blowing horns at the voters and telling them where to vote as they went by, even at the sign in booth people were heckled, so no canidate no agent should be in the area, vote and go home or away from the area. So many times the other two canidates had to complain about their tactics. it was a disgrace to grown people.

      Election office wake up and stop having  blinders on, too many attrocities.

      • Anonymous says:







    • West Bayer with a brain of her own says:

      No they had their committe members do their dirty work for them, like "setting up their mother to look like she was getting money for a vote" SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    UDP already costing us money? First Mark Scotland situation and now this?

    Sad that the UDP has no respect for the law.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Looks like McKeeva was wrong – UDP NEEDS some educated people. LMFAO!!

  28. Anonymous says:


    Come on now people, are you really surprised? Snakes in the grass will do ANYTHING to gain power!!! Have you forgotten the story of Adam & Eve & the forbidden fruit??? I DEMAND A DEMONSTRATION FOR A RE-VOTE IN GT – someone start the petition…I’ll sign it!

    What baffles me is that UDP must have felt a high enough level of desperation tosuccumb to such devious acts to build number in votes – sounds like it goes against what their campaign message was all along to the PPM – they proclaimed such high certainty in the outcome of the elections being in their favour.

    Mista Bush from WB is no easy force to be reckoned with – BE AFRAID OF HIM PEOPLE, BE VERY AFRAID!!!  There is no limit to how far he will go to get what he wants and today he has proven that for himself. AND SHAME ON THE GT UDP CANDIDATES FOR DEGRADING YOURSELVES TO CARRYING THE UDP FLAG – You would have stood a better chance if you ran independant – now look what you’ve done, you’r gonna get what the duck get! 

    Jonathan Piercy said it himself right up in Welly’s to a group of us,  when asked why he runnin with UDP? "Because PPM didn’t offer"  and Ellio ran with them as a second choice to PPM because they wouldn’t let him in the back door. AND NONE OF THIS IS HEAR SAY but of course they will probably deny it if you ask them… It’s the UDP style

    Let dem Bayaz continue to be brain washed and live unda MAC rules BUT keep dat in WB, don’t try bring dat in MY GEORGE TOWN!!!!!

    As for Pearlina PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hollerin up un stage about "my number is…."  and "my sister number is….."  and then "my  mother’s number is……" which one of us really in our right minds is gonna call Meldine with our country’s issues and affairs??? I guess that is the UDP’s idea of raising the bar – well that’s ok I rather keep the bar at the level it’s at right now.  

    If I was a UDP supporter right now I would feel so ashamed of my party leader and the way he does business hanging my head down indisgrace… How do you feel?



    • West Bayer with a brain of her own says:

      I feel great!!!!! greater than I have for the past 4 years. Guess what?!!!!!! you got our Leader in "YOUR GEORGE TOWN" Because he is going to lead "OUR" country. Progress now begins!!!!!

  29. whodatis says:

    "No doubt who’s party all of these people who are commenting represent!" ?!?!


    Is that your main concern here…the party affiliation of those of us that are appalled by these accusations?!

    I am not a GT voter – however, had I been, there are/were actually 2 UDP candidates that were guaranteed an "X" out of me…but after hearing about this!? Hell no!

    I trust this issue is not washed over like so many other scandals that have taken place in this election!

    Unbelievable! "Politricks" committed done the very last minute…absolutely disgraceful!

    To the young Caymanians coming up…I hope you are paying attention – this is the new Cayman that awaits you.


    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry that you gathered that the fact that the comments were coming from PPM supporters was my "main concern".  This was merely said to hi-light the biased approach which was being taken. There is no evidence or proof that these allegations are anything more than just that, if they are proven to be true then I too agree that it is sad. However it is a fact that these "cards" were being distributed before today and the persons who were in possession of the cards could have gotten them earlier. I also agree that "Politricks" is being seen down to the very last minute but who’s tricks are they really?

      Please also note that the article stated that it was being alleged that "representatives" were responsible for this distribution and not the Candidates. Also that those representing others at tents nearby saw the cards but they did not see the "representatives" actually distributing the cards. Its important to have all facts before drawing conclusions.


      • whodatis says:

        Re: "I am sorry that you gathered that the fact that the comments were coming from PPM supporters was my "main concern"…."

        My point to you was that I myself am not a "PPM supporter" – yet I am appalled by these "allegations". Any properly functioning Caymanian should be as well…regardless of political affiliation!

        The simple fact remains that such an allegation should even have the chance to be made…that alone is huge failure on the part of the UDP!

        I listened to their little pee-pee stroking party on Rooster yesterday evening and to be honest I was left with a creepy sensation…sort of like when that weird "uncle" only comes over when he knows you’re home alone. Sumtin’ just nah right!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Not surprising of the PPM to try to discourage voters with their disqualification tactis.


    We have seen this over and over and over again.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I think the PPM is realizing they are losing and grasping at every straw to discourage voters from voting in this election.




  32. Anonymous says:

    God help us if this is what my islands have come to. These people have NO respect for law nor do they have any ethics.

  33. Anonymous says:

    No doubt who’s party all of these people who are commenting represent! There has been absolutely no proof that these accusations are true. For all we no this may be another low and futile attempt by the PPM! And as for West Bay, that does not and has not happened here. I have been voting in this district for years and have been around all of the polls and have NEVER seen or heard of this. What would even be the sense of giving the papers to a “drunk or half crazy”. I pray that God will be with these Islands and who ever is chosen to represent us. God knows it has to get better than it is now!

  34. Dexter Rivers says:

    This is not much different from any other election year.  In 1988 McKeeva Bush had 308 absentee votes.

    On the Official swearing in ceremony, a demonstration was held in front of the Legislative Assembly Building. Surely people must remember the late Leewell Ebanks with the sign that said " I am vex, someone stole my X" .

    Caymanians have a short memory!

    • West Bayer with a brain of her own says:

      I am from West Bay and I don’t remember seeing that, but if it did occur I have no doubt he was paid by the sore loser to stand there and hold that sign.

  35. Eco-man says:

    Respecting democracy…..

    The integrity of an election is everything in order for people to have trust in their future government they have to believe it was elected fairly. This particualr party has already demonstrated its disdain for the election process regarding the qualificaiton of its Bodden Town candidates who think the law does not apply to them now we are seeing the same disregard by some of the Goerge Town candidates as well.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I saw it with my own eyes. Dem too damn thief. Its so unfair. The UDP should be disqualified in George Town. I dont want any of them to represent me.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Spot the pattern. UDP is mix up in every single scandal!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The elections laws in Cayman need to be upheld. To simply announce a law is meaningless without the political will to enforce such laws.

    There are challenges ahead for the judicial and court system to uphold the laws of the land.

  39. Anonymous says:

    They have been doing this in West Bay for years.  Not sure if they are doing it today or not, but they are usually a good distance from the boundary around the polling stations. But they have been giving out little pieces of paper to the dozens of drunks and half crazies in that district before they go to the polls.

     I guess the past election contests in WB have been so wide open that no one has bothered to complain.  So they probably figured out they could do the same in George Town.  What a shame!  Now we will never know the real outcome of the election. 

    • anonymous says:

      Stop putting down West Bay.  At least our drunks can make it down the road.  Yours just stay in the bars ’cause they can’t get up.  And as for the "half crazies" comment, don’t ever underestimate a West Bayer.  They might seem crazy but they’re not.


  40. Anonymous says:

    I was approached by the UDP field agent and handed the same paper along with pleas for me to vote for them. I am so disgusted with their behaviour and cannot believe that this was allowed. I was told that my friend’s grandmother was also given a paper by Pearlina and told that these are the only names she needs to vote for. Now tell me, are these the unscrupulous kind that we want running our country??? Something more has to be done!!! I can’t believe that all that will come out of this is a $500 fine. A real spank on the hand? PLEASE!!! If I knew this was the case then I would make sure to hand out papers with the candidates I want to represent me. After all what is $500 compared to running this country amok over 4 years!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen!!! I concur

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it’s not good-against the law etc and not common in Cayman where we handle elections calmly and without shooting each other. It should be investigated but does anyone seriously believe it affected who people voted for. There are numerous strange truckloads of good quality "fill" in various people’s yards in the BT district, "anonymous donations’ we’re led to believe by the happy recipients. Does even that affect the result in a secret ballot?. Take the fill and vote your choice would be most people’s method.

  41. Knal N. Domp says:

    It seems that the UDP candidates have once again shown scant regard for either the Constitution or the Election Law as it applies to them. If this is a precursor of a general lack of appreciation of the rule of Law, we maybe in for an interesting time should they get to form the new Government…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Wow! if this is true, and I have no reason to disbelieve it. You don’t have to ask "just how far these people will go to win the election" Thats the UDP mentality for you. Come on George Towners I think you are smarter than to fall for this kind of politricks.

  43. Geral Bush says:

    The GT UDP candidates just buried the whole UDP!!! We will need a big cemetery!!!

  44. whodatis says:


    You have got to be kidding me!! There is absolutely no defense or excuse for even a rumour of a hint of a half-truth of such a thing!!

    Wow…what has Cayman become?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised that the UDP is both this stupid and desperate!!

  46. Anonymous says:

    And this is the type of government we could end up with?!?! We like to talk about how our young people are a lost cause but look at how these big people who should no better are behaving!! A disgrace!