Local contractor to build East End Road

| 25/05/2009

(CNS): East End’s own local heavy equipment operator to KP’s Heavy Equipment has secured the National roads Authority contract to construct five thousand six hundred feet of rural road in Winters Lane Road in East End off Farm Road, worth CI$464,013 the Central Tender’s Committee has said. The CTC as also recently awarded two Health Services Authority contracts for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to a number of local and overseas firms.

Nearly US$4 million worth of pharmaceutical supplies for the HSA was awarded to ten overseas companies in the U.K., U.S., Barbados and Jamaica as well as two local companies totalling US$3,896,209.40

A further US$1,024,824.77 contract for the provision of medical and surgical supplies to the HSA has been split between nine overseas companies in the UK and US and three local companies US$1,024,824.77



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