Man stabbed in the head

| 27/05/2009

(CNS): UPDATE 4:40pm Wednesday —The brother of a 31-year-old man, who was attacked and stabbed a number of times in the head yesterday, told CNS that the victim fought back, wrestled the knife away from his attacker and chased him as he fled the scene. Police say the victim is recovering in hospital from what is being described as non-life threatening injuries following the assault at the Treasure Island complex on West Bay Road on Tuesday afternoon, 26 May.

The victim has told police that the attacker was wearing blue overalls. His brother said that he saw the man in the parking lot but did not pay attention to him, walked into the elevator and closed the doors, but they opened again. Telling the story to CNS, the brother said the attacker was standing in the doorway and would not let the victim out but pushed him back into the elevator and “immobilized his arm” behind his back.

The victim managed to turn around and fight back, and during the struggle, he punched the attacker several times in the eyes and nose and managed to get the knife away from him, the brother said. At that point he said the attacker ran away and the victim tried to run after him but he was bleeding too much and couldn’t catch him.

The man, who lives in the area, called 911 at around 5:25pm and told operators he had been attacked and required medical attention. Police and medics responded to the scene and found that the victim had been assaulted on the ground floor of the building.

The victim has told officers that he defended himself against the attacker and the offender ran around the front of the building. It is thought that the suspect may have fled the scene in a blue vehicle. The circumstances around the motive for the assault are currently being investigated.

Detectives would like to hear from anyone who witnessed what happened or has information about the assault. Anyone who can help should contact Detective Constable Dave Morrison on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800 8477. All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Expat 567 says:

    "I don’t care which fat dude is in office. I just want a peaceful, safe, and beautiful island to call my home. I’m in my early 20’s and I’m sad to see how much negativity we have floating around this island in recent times. "

    It’s not really my place to tell you how to live your life, but you really should attend to and care about this and participate in the political process – this is your country and the future belongs to you.  After the theatrics of election time are over there is still much to be debated, and everyone should offer their input to what is under discussion (and not be troubled if theirs is not the path that is ultimately chosen).

    Negativity is unfortunate, but when you run into it just call it out: "Look, when you’re done calling so-and-so a such-and-such, I want you to tell me what positiveideas you have or steps you can take to make a contribution, and how you are going to do it.  If I agree, I’ll help you."

    True democracy happens when people still have and take advantage of the opportunity to provide (constructive) input even after the election is over.  Otherwise, you’re just picking your dictators every 4 years.  You really should stay involved.  If you happen to think of a better way forward, send it in!

    • the forgotten says:

      I appologize for not making a clear statement that I do care about the political process. I voted just as I believe every young caymanian should do.

      My problem with the whole process is that political parties ruin individuality and creativity.(Look at the G.O.P in recent times) I believe we should vote with a clear intention to better our country, not because of race, religion or social standing.

      When I said I didn’t care which fat dude we had in office I should have finished my statement by saying that whoever is our leader we should help to make this island a better place not just sit here and blame past or present leaders.

      The blame game has gotten too old. If you want to better this country think positive and constructive criticism instead of blame blame blame.

  2. the forgotten says:

    Ok here is the proof of party politics ripping a country apart. I read the story in 3 minutes and took another 15 to read the comments.(I don’t read all that fast complements of our education system)Cant people just be concerned that this happened and offer their best wishes and support to the victim and help with any information regarding the incident?

    I don’t care which fat dude is in office. I just want a peaceful, safe, and beautiful island to call my home. I’m in my early 20’s and I’m sad to see how much negativity we have floating around this island in recent times. Stop being old miserable people and try to work together and be positive about our future or we will have none!

    Be a sheep and follow the heard. Thats party politics!

  3. Spelin Natzi says:

    "If not, please stop with the verbal diahreah (OK grammar Nazi’s, I know that’s wrong, CNS, we could do with some spell check in the comment box) and start talking about solutions to the crime!"

    U kin doun load and instoll Google Toolbar on any cimputer; it komes wit a spel-chek buton to chek anyting in a box on a web paige.

    It hatted dis box…

    Tat’ll stopp demfarkin boo-stairds frum pessting us ohf agin!

    CNS: I’ll find out if spell check is possible

  4. anonymous says:
  5. Up The Down Staircase says:

     Ah, Ray.  Legible means "capable of being read or deciphered" and while I could not think of the exact word I wanted to use at the time (and intelligible would have been the better choice) since I did not have a dictionary at my computer while I sat and typed my thoughts and emotions, I felt that using legible in quotations might still get the IDEA across that given the typing skills of most folks I know, we are lucky any of the messages submitted are "decipherable".  🙂

    Your correction of my wording highlights what I was trying to get across:  If anyone wants to want to debate proper grammar and spelling on a comment area of a website, I believe they are wasting everyone’s time, since that certainly has NOTHING to do with the ISSUE of violence in society.  So I will stop.

    Spelin Natzi is correct.  We should both take the advice.


  6. Spelin Natzi says:

    Demfarkin boo-stairds pessting mi ohf agin.  

    Dis posting is fer eye-deas, knot spelin.  

    Don kall no body no moron, moran, or da spelin natzi gon come doun on u.  Ray, u knot a nice man dude.  Loosin up fool, and stop pik’n on people.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Come on now does anyone remember what MAC said this election you dont need education to run a country so one word miss spelled is not so bad as some with out common sense or education .And may i remind you all borrowing took place when we were using pounds and shillings ask Dick Arch thats his line of work not politics for sure .God help you all…

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow you all are obsessed with MAC! What the heck? I have never seen an
      individual get so much attention. He has so many that either love him,
      fear him, hate him or a combination of the three! Everything is “what MAC
      will do” and “What MAC has done”. I swear the more people talk about him
      the more empowered he becomes. He is not jesus christ people. Stop blaming him
      for everything and stop praising him for everything. Rather his supporters or
      opponents want to admit it, he is an ordinary person who has been charged
      with a great responsibility. We just need to wish him the best and pray that
      God guides him to make the right decisions for the betterment of these islands
      because if MAC and the present government fails…we fail. Just as I supported
      the past leader and his government, I will support this one….for the sake of
      my children’s future and the continued success of these islands.

      • Anonymous says:

         OK, as disgusted as I am with some of the comments,  I have to write. Not everything that happens in Cayman boils down to UDP vs. PPM or Caymanian vs. Expat. Get a grip people! Is there any relevant information anyone can offer like what did the assailant look like? What kind of car was he driving? How tall was he? 

        If not, please stop with the verbal diahreah (OK grammar Nazi’s, I know that’s wrong, CNS, we could do with some spell check in the comment box) and start talking about solutions to the crime!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cayman wake up!

    The elections are over and this incident is a prime example of why we
    should put down the campaigning for our politicians/parties and focus on
    the issues now facing our country! Crime, debt, unemployment, homeless
    people, discrimination, and the list goes on! We need to come together
    as a society and tackle these issues. These issues are much bigger than
    the UDP and PPM put together. If we don’t re-direct our energy on making
    these islands a better place – we will all FAIL. Now put down this bickering
    and fighting against each other and let’s use forums such as CNS to help
    us work together by posting constructive feedback and suggestions for
    the people in authority to action.

    RCIPS the public has lost confidence in you and are reluctant to share
    information about crime. Perhaps having an anonymous electronic post
    board, restricted to the RCIPS personnel, would provide the public with the
    comfort to pass on tipsand information relating to crimes in the community.
    Unfortunately, until the RCIPS earns the confidence of the people, they will
    have to come up with creative ways to get information from the public.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone notice that this whole story sounds like some scene from a horror movie (blue overalls/elevator/stabs to the head etc.) Hope this is not some nut acting out his favorite movie because its hard to imagine how any police force much less the RCIP in its present condition could deal with an individual like that intent on committing truly random acts of violence.

  10. Ray Parsons says:

     Talking of spelling again: You are doing this deliberately aren’t you? Don’t look for, "grammer" lessons. It’s spelt, "GRAMMAR." 

  11. Anonymous says:

     Okay, morons:  a comment area on any website is not the place to look for perfect spelling and grammar.  People are sitting at their computers, typing their responses, trying to quickly but clearly express their thoughts and feelings, and given the typing skills of most folks I know, we’re lucky ANY of the comments are "legible".  So… cut the crap with criticizing the spelling, etc.  It’s way off point any way.

    And some of you still insist on making this some sort of political issue.  If you really think that someone getting stabbed in the head is a result of one political party or the other being in power or not being in power, you really should invest heavily in birth control because we sure don’t need more idiots like you around.


    • Ray Parsons says:

      OKAY MORONS: I suppose you meant, ‘intelligible’ and not, ‘legible.’ Every comment is legible. None are hand-written!

  12. Ray Parsons says:

     Talking of spelling: It’s "you’re telling people,"  not, "your telling people."

    • Anonymous says:

      "Talking of…"

      Thank you for the grammer lesson Ray Ray, I promise that once our education system gets up to speed I will enroll in some grammer classes.


  13. Anonymous says:


    The Cayman Islands is like any other mixed country it has problems. They need to be hard on criminals like the death penalty for the harsh crimes . Also stop blaming people from other places . Those people from other places do the jobs you people won’t  It’s the same thing in Florida , the latin and haitian people do the jobs the white and blacks won’t do and not because they can’t but because they are lazy bums!!!!!!!!



  14. Expat 567 says:

    I’m not sure I like "Foreigner" very much – seems a touch "crusty".

  15. Anonymous says:


    Come on People!  This man could have been more seriously injured or even killed!  And seriously, I can’t believe that this man’s injuries have become a political debate!!!!  Now I am a PPM supporter, but I am also a good sport.  UDP won, we need to get over it, move on and wish them and the Cayman Islands all the best in their/our future endeavors!  I sincerely wish UDP and PPM, the health, strength, wisdom and knowledge to work together for the betterment of the Cayman Islands – the constant bickering and fighting will get us absolutely NO WHERE.  As a Caymanian I refuse to believe that we are an ignorant nation, but if we continue to tear each other down, then that is exactly where we will always be and continue to be NO WHERE!

    May the good lord bless you all as well, and I hope and pray that as a nation, together we will work towards making peace with our neighbors.

    And for the injured gentleman, I also wish him a speedy recovery and pray  justice will prevail.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if you saw this, but the Indian rupee fell for the first time in days on concerns that overseas investors will pull money out of Asia after North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Monday.

    Word on the Marl Road is that McKeeva Bush promised to have North Korea sorted out shortly after being sworn in, while folks in West Bay say they have proof that the PPM supplied the nuclear material for the test and are responsible for the whole thing.  

    Anthony Travers has been dispatched to India to stabilize their economy.

    Stay tuned for further details.

  17. Anonymous says:

     Whiners.  Crime is not a by-product of any government or political party but of a society.  Every society has good and bad, the Cayman Islands are no exception.  The tragedy in the Cayman Islands is that friends and family will knowingly protect the perpetrators of crimes leaving them free to commit more crimes.  If the residents of these islands had true pride in these islands, they would "take the high road" and make the sometimes difficult decisions and do whatever it takes to rid our society of those who have no respect for it.  But people won’t do that.  And if you won’t take a stand and rid society of those who chose to hurt our community, chances are they will wind up hurting you.  Good thing that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Not to make a joke of it, but how can someone get stabbed in the head 4 TIMES and not have a vital organ hit??  What was the assailant using?  A sharpened staple?

    • Anonymous says:

      Goodness gracious!!! If someone told me that there are people out there who could take such a serious issue and make it political I would call them liars.

      Some of you people are sick and retarded, not to mention outright dumb and disgusting. Not everything that happens is political. Some of you try to blame politicians for your children low grades in school without realizing that your children are following in your dumb ass footsteps.
      Go and get a life. Sick. Sick. Sick.
  19. Anonymous says:

    Will these PPM’ers stop their hatred and vindictiveness, please?  A man is seriously hurt here and they make light of it. Is that really the type of mentality we want leading the country.

    By the way, this happened before McKeeva was sworn in so if you want to use your stupid logic. It happened on Kurt’s watch and in his district.

    PPM, why can’t you put your differences aside for the love of your country and help us unite these islands.  There is so much we can do but fighting amongst each other will get us nowhere.


  20. Anonymous says:

    it’s just that on the campaign he was saying that under PPM crime was at an all time high…lets see what he is going to do to tackle crime!!

  21. Apollo says:

    Funny how UPD supporters are now saying crime is not the fault of McKeeva. But yet, when PPM was in power these same UDP losers were blaming him for all the crime (which funnily enough increased after McKeeva gave out the Super Statuses that can’t be revoked).

    When your beloved McKeeva gets rid of the visa requirements from JA I want to hear UPD supporters says good things about their beloved leader while their calling 911 because they came home to find someone broke in their house and stole their new fridge.

    UDP has 4 years to do the job. They claim PPM didn’t do anything in 4.

    If UDP can’t perfom miracles in the 4 years… heh heh… The shoe is on the other foot.. feels tight don’t it UDP?

    • Foreigner says:

      Sometimes Caymanians make me sick.

      Your first reaction is to blame politics and Jamaicans.

      Really people, you have such a beautiful Islandswith so much potential, but you act like everything should be given to you on a plate. You always blame the expats (who should shoulder some blame) – if you don’t blame the rich for taking up high paying jobs, you blame the people from JA for crime and taking up basic jobs. This is nothing other than racism.

      There is no reason any Caymanian should not have a job – you are just too proud/lazy to do the hard work and study to get a decent job if you don’t have one.

      Instead of this constant us vs. them mentality, stand together and work harder for you country. Including all those who make this place a temporary home.


      • Anonymous says:

        Foreigner, there is plenty of blame to go around and Caymanians certainly share in it. You are also right that there is too much of an entitlement mentality. This has been fostered by the politicians. We should certainly not assume that crime is being only or mainly by one nationality, but at the same time when the intelligence is clear we cannot pretend it does not exist in order to be politically correct. For example, the visa requirement for Jamaica is an important national security measure because it allows us to screen people before they arrive. Yet if one voices support for it you are immediately accused of racism.

  22. Brac Beauty says:

    Ahhh boy! Treasue Island is a hot mess. The stuff I hear that goes on around that area, this incident was bound to happen. The crime in Grand Cayman is getting far worse. I soon take my kids and carry my ‘a – double – s’ back to the Brac! My prayers go out to the victim.

  23. B.A. says:

    I’m sorry to pass this remark to the first comment, but I feel you are very ignorant and to some extent arrogant. How can you expect Mr. Bush or any other LoGB to change the crime rate of any country in one week?

    You may have said it as a joke but you have also shown your pure ignorance.

    Whether it’s Mr. Bush or Mr. Tibbetts whom helps decrease our crime rate, it will inevitably be someone that will turn it around, it can happen. Cayman is an absolutly beautiful island and I know goverment officials will bond together to address these situations, it should have been dealt with from the previous government hopefully the present government will invest the necessary time and effort with the RCIPS to improve the safety of Cayman again.

  24. A YOUNG CAYMANIAN!! says:

    My God man!!!

    Times hard boy…sigh! Social oppression

  25. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Are you for real?

      Mr. Bush will have to address this issue after he finds money to fund the civil servants salaries since your brilliant leader left the country broke!




      • Anonymous says:

        Darling Get A Life !! Go ask the finance dept if this is the first time money was borrowed to pay salieries .It been going on for years . Mr Bush just needed something to give theNOT NEWS  Paper so they could get a few more sold today .SO that is NOT NEWS to us who understand FINANCE unlike you .And as of today any thing happen in my island i will lay the FULL blame on MAC and the UDP TEAM .

        • Anonymous says:

          "Darling" perhaps the education department should liaise with the finance department to borrow money to help people like you learn to spell….its salaries not salieries. Regardless if money has always been borrowed to pay salaries, the fact is that the PPM mismanaged government funds! Perhaps PPM should have revised the budget and cut back on some of those big unnecessary capital projects and take a more conservative approach to spending until the economy picks up! But with so called FINANCE people like you working and supporting them then there is no wonder we are in this mess! The reality is that it doesn’t matter who is to blame – we will all suffer the consequences of such irresponsible actions. So go ahead and continue to be ignorant and blame the UDP for everything that happens on the island as of today ………and your telling people to get a life?!

          God bless the Cayman Islands and grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      People like you need to shut up and stop making light of a very serious situation. Mr. Bush is just a human like all of us just a much much better leader than what we had before – he is by no means a magician and only a fool would think so. If you dont have a sensible solution shut up

      • Anonymous says:

        [Mr Bush] is by no means a magician and only a fool would think so = UDP supporters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed. Mr. Bush will be sworn in today; making him the new leader officially. Sorry, Mr. Bush’s magic wand retired 20 years ago. He did mention that in his campaign.

        That was the worst comment Ive seen on this site.  

    • Anonymous says:

       really  you thought that in the one week he could clear up the mess the previous LOGB took 4+ yrs to make. ppl with this kind of delusions need to be banned from voting.