Ennis writes of own injustice

| 28/05/2009

(CNS): The Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Anthony Ennis, has written a letter to the Caymanian Compass, copied to CITN, in which he sates that he too has suffered an injustice and has laboured privately with the shock and disbelief for 15 months over what he has called the “reprehensible and egregious acts” that he says were brought against him by the former Commissioner Stuart Kernohan and others.

Following the announcement by Kernohan that he is filing suit against the governor, the acting commissioner, the attorney general and the former senior investigating officer of the Special Police Investigation Team (SPIT), Ennis indicates that he was damaged by the actions of the former commissioner and is still looking for answers over what happened.

“I am eager to know the full extent of all the actors involved; their actions and their motivation, although I have a compelling working theory as to the latter,” Ennis wrote.

He stated that he wanted to know why warrants and letters of suspension were put forward against him; why a basic investigation was not done to clear his name before Scotland Yard was called in and why, given that Kernohan was aware of Ennis’ own potential legal action against Desmond Seales (the proprietor of Cayman Net News whom Ennis was accused of being in a corrupt relationship with) a six month clandestine investigation was launched against him without the FCO or SPIT being aware of that action.

“Before engaging Scotland Yard at significant expense to the Cayman Islands taxpayer, why weren’t certain basic investigative techniques undertaken that could have easily established that the allegations were false or rubbish,” Ennis stated in the letter.

He said that as a consequence of the actions against him, his career will be defined indefinitely by the events. “Any opportunities to seek employment here or abroad potentially will be in jeopardy since a simple Google search will reveal these events and while I too was exonerated it will make any prospect of employment very precarious,” he wrote.

Ennis went on to write that he had not had an apology from anyone and he and his family had suffered from an unwarranted and ill-advised investigation, and he looked forward to the whole truth being revealed.

Although the letter does not state that he will be filing his own suit Ennis, told CNS in an email that he would not be commenting further on the content of the letter and was taking advice from his attorneys.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He who feels it knows it. I have no sympathy for Ennis or any of the RCIPS big wigs who have been made to squirm.

    Now the shoe is on the other foot and the top brass of the RCIPS don’t like one bit how it feels to be under a cloud of unjustified suspicion.

    What about all of the innocent everyday ordinary Caymanians who are wrongly arrested and charged by the RCIPS on a regular basis? Who are handcuffed, searched, fingerprinted, swabbed, locked up, verbally abused and humilated? Who can be held for up to TWELVE DAYS without being formally charged with any crime?

    Who lose their jobs and have their reputations damaged forever even when the charges are dropped for clear lack of evidence? Or when no charges are even laid?

    What about all the young Caymanian men rotting in prison, unable to earn an income or support their children on the basis of vengeful and/or inept police "work"? And a justice system that plays along and provides no real justice at all? What about the months and years lost while on remand – and even when you are found not guilty – there is no recompense?

    Hopefully, these lawsuits by prominent people within the ranks of our country’s justice system will finally pave the way for justice to be done for the "little people" too.

    Every day the RCIPS tramples on the rights of Caymanians – just because they can do it and get away with it. Because they abuse people who they know that no one will believe or listen to. Because they have the weight of the system on their side.

     If there is any justice in this world, the government coffers will feel the pinch from more and more challenges to the RCIPS’ systematic abuses of power. And maybe then, and only then – as in Cayman only money talks – will the RCIPS be cleansed and the Caymanian people have rights in their country.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Deputy Commisioner Ennis has been investigated and proved to be innocent. Those who criticise him should remember that. Others were not fully investigated as they never returned to face the accusations, those people hide behind their expensive lawyers. If anyone is deserving of compensation it is Mr Ennis. The people of Cayman should be supporting him not accusing him after he has been proved to be innocent.

  3. FoundAClue says:

    Okay, he’s got his hand out looking for a nice payday, jumping on that old band wagon.

    Maybe experiences like this simply remind them to not be so complacent & judgemental, being on the other side of the fence should open their eyes.  If it’s some little guy who’s been wronged they probably deserve it but when these guys receive a little injustice, they want to bankrupt the nation to fill their pockets. 

    Just consider this payment for your indescretions (cause i’m sure none of these men are squeaky clean) and call it a day.  Do it for the sake of your country and leave us with a little dough so maybe we’ll be able to afford to stay afloat for just another year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The writing is on the wall  Cayman Islands- the nex law suit is on its way. Can’t blame the man, if an injustice has been done against him , then, the perpetrator must be held accountable.. I say. go for it Ennis, everbody else has except you.  Get yourself a good QC and you will be the next instant millionaire walking these here shores.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ennis wanted to sue Desmond Seales…??? Whats the story with that?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s not about money, it’s about injustice and it’s time justice be served and people start answering for their mistakes and wrongdoings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless you Mr Ennis, thank you for being the stalwart of RCIPS, without you there would not be a force.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think most miss the point here.

    to my understanding the SPIT investigation was as a result of information which claimed that Ennis was doing something that he should not have done, however, at no point during this investigation was he suspended, placed on requried leave, or subjected to anything else that the other persons involved in this fiasco have been.

    For all accounts, it was not until after the investigation had run its course and had proven these claims false that he was told that there had been investigation.

    So to now hear from the person who was originally at the centre of a very serious charge but that was never suspended, never placed on requried leave.Who it would appear was concidered to be inocent until proven guilty by the same persons he accused of harbouring ill feelings and wishes simply does not make sence.

    I am sure that Kernohan Jones and the Governor must have felt some uneasiness during the months of September 07 through February 08 at having him privy to sensitive material especially in view of the information which they had. However they did not seem to treat him as a lepper or place him on leave. I think this speaks to the integrity of them and their desire to see a fair and impartial investiagtion through.

    To compound my misunderstanding of his claims is that the fact that he has never been crucified in the press and associated with possible misconduct or an other criminal acts almost on a weekly basis for the past year, and who in fact, at every mention of his name and association in this mess it has been emphysised, was cleared of any possible wrong doing.

    To say that his personal and professional image has suffered is an overstatement. He had full opertunity to apply for the Commissioners spot but chose not to. In fact this is thesecond time that he has not applied. So to say that this will in some way disenfranchise him is a bit of an exageration.


  8. Pale Rider says:

    The speaker blares: "Now serving number 37!  Please pick up your settlement cheque at pick-up window #3."     ROFL!!!   So true!!!


    Can you say, "GRAVY TRAIN,  WOO WOO!!!" ???



    • Anonymous says:

      That’s right Ennis, might as well join to queue. Seems to be working for everyone else.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh get the violin out……

  10. Thankful says:

    This country is more because of you and the service you provided and continue to provide.  I dare many of us felt a little easier during that fiasco that you were still there providing invaluable continuity-leadership.  You showed great strength under what must have been tremendous hurt and pressure.  Thank you for showing your true heart and love for this, our country, and not leaving the ship rudderless at its most challenging times.  Thank You Thank you Thank you sir.

    God Bless you, God make His face to shine unto you and be gracious unto you and grant you His peace.

    Money is not eveything and sometimes just having a right wronged and an apology is all that is needed and you need and deserve this.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Ennis is trying to get some of this ‘free money’ from Govt.

    My opinion: ironically, he is the one person the upper echelons of the police force who is relatively unscathed by all of this. Put it down to experience Mr. Ennis, and do not be looking for any payout. We cannot afford it.  

  12. Anonymous says:

    The speaker blares: "Now serving number 37!  Please pick up your settlement cheque at pick-up window #3."