Golding sends best wishes to Bush

| 28/05/2009

(CNS): Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding has sent a message of congratulations to Cayman’s new Leader of Government Busines, McKeeva Bush, on the United Democratic Party’s victory in last week’s General Election. Golding said that he recalled that the Cayman Island’s new leader had always been very supportive of him and had attended his own swearing-in as Prime Minister of Jamaica in September 2007.

According to a release from the Jamaican Information Service, in a message to Bush, Golding said his the victory was a clear and convincing statement of support from the people of the Cayman Islands. He said his government looked forward to continued good relations between the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

During the PPM administration the long standing relationship between Jamaica was shaken with Jamaican’s living in Cayman feeling disgruntled when the government began to implement the rollover policy and removing a number of Jamaican nationals from the islands. The implementation of a visa requirement on Jamaicans by the PPM government in 2005 was quickly reciprocated by the then Jamaican PM PJ Patterson

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  1. Caymanite says:

    Rather we voted UDP or PPM we would have still been connected to Jamaicans.
    The leader of UDP has a great relationship with Jamaicans and the leader of
    PPM is a born Jamaican! Can’t we all just get along?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no problem in our leaders being born in Jamaica so long as that leader’s loyalty is to Caymanians and to Cayman and he doesn’t have strings to be pulled by foreign interests.   

      • Anonymous says:

        “so long as that leader’s loyalty is to Caymanians and to Cayman”

        Too bad we have never had such loyalty. Only God can help us now….

  2. Anonymous says:

    YTo: A Proud Jamaican

    I would like to say that people like you are why I don’t tell people that am a Jamaican.

    You really jumped on this and insulted the Caymanian people in this manner, why are you here in there country?

    Am sure that the Caymanian people are trying to addressed these problems and I can hear that they are alarmed through their writing as to what is happening in their country.

    We as Jamaican are known throughout the WORLD and some of those things am not proud of.

    I have never heard of a Caymanian coming to Jamaica and taking the life of a Jamaican. NEVER

    I have never heard of a Caymanian going anywhere in the WORLD and taking the life of someone.  NEVER (It looks like we have if wrong)

    To talk about the education system, we too have problems here in Jamaica and we have very young men who will spend the rest of their life in prison.

    I guess you may have a certificate in "How to Hold a Job", so see if you can get a job in that field to help the Caymanain people.

    So, please don’t come on and do this agian, because it really makes us all look bad.

    Signed: Am also a Jamaican

  3. Anonymous says:


    @Fancy- Please learn to construct a sentence properly by applying  good grammar as I have no time for intellectually challenged individuals.
    I am here to bring balance to this never ending attack against EDUCATED, HARDWORKING, CIVIL and LEGAL JAMAICANS CITIZENS who call these islands home.
    Incidentally, Caymanians destroy their own country and not Jamaicans.
    I suggest you all  stop pointing fingers and take a look among yourselves.
    Cayman is made up of diverse nationalities, why single out JAMAICANS, back up and examine your own people who constantly derail each other.
    Yes, I will agree to the fact that there are good and bad people in all countries but I also believe that the Caymanian community has a meritless attack going on against
    The Jamaicans residing here which is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.
    UDP won because Caymanians voted them in, why blame Jamaicans for an election result; another prime example of Caymanians not able to accept  responsibility for their actions and always blaming someone else.  
    Time to move on and attack the REAL issues threatening  this country and our children’s future.
    Sign: A Proud Jamaican
    • Anonymous says:
      "UDP won because Caymanians voted them in, why blame Jamaicans for an election result; another prime example of Caymanians not able to accept  responsibility for their actions and always blaming someone else". 
      There is no question that the swing vote for UDP was by ‘new Caymanians’ largely made of the 2003 status grant people. But aside from that you are missing the point. This is not about blaming Jamaicans. I don’t blame Jamaicans at all for voting for a party which has shown them umerited favour over other nationalities and given them the vote. I do blame the Caymanian sellouts who did this just so they could gain and maintain political dominance. They  do not care about their country or fellow Caymanians.   
  4. Anonymous says:

    You got to be kidding me Proud Jamaican, you are not a Caymanain and you will never see what we as Caymanains see.

    We used to sleep with our windows open and when we forget to lock our doors at night we were still feeling safe.

    How dear you to insult us about our education system and are you qualified to do so.

    Do you know how much children in your home land who does not attend school every day for some reason or the other.Post those numbers for us all to see. 

    We have Caymanian students attending school in your home land, but they too fear of leaving home in the morning like some of your family members not knowing if they will get back home safe.  Most of our staudent here does not have that fear and we are trying to keep those numbers down.

    Tell me something, do you fear going home like some of my Janaican friends who lives here?  I have to tell you that some of friends can’t and would not even tell a friend in your home land that they are coming home. Why, because of that fear of being rob.  (Hello Proud Jamaican, have you ever heard about provention is better than cure) 

    Yes we have young Caymanian in prison, but what about the number of Jamaican prisoner being there too.  Could you please post what our young caymanains are in prison for and while you are at it,  post what your young jamaican prisoners are in prison in Jamaica for. 

    I look forward to your results.

    Many thanks


  5. Anonymous says:

    You all need stop being so racist and leave Jamaicans alone.

    There are other issues to be dealth with such as;

     The growing number of young CAYMANIANS in prison.

    The literacy level of the entire CAYMANIAN population, most with less than high school diploma.

    Teach your people how to KEEP A JOB through higher education and proper business etiquette and stop thinking that being caymanian is an ACADEMIC  QUALIFICATION


    Sign: A proud Jamaican

    • Anonymous says:

      Proud Jamaican, you are obviously that you have a govt. that represents YOU (and not us). We have every right to be alarmed as Caymanians. If this had happened in Ja. there would be a bloodbath and you know it. Because YOUR govt. is in power you obviously feel that you can now insult Caymanians. You have messed up your own country leave ours alone. Sooner or later we will rise up.    

      • Me says:

        To the person who refers to no world leaders flying to the Obama Inauguration. 

        No World Leaders attended the Obama Inauguration because they were not invited.  ln fact they were barred from attending due to enormous crowds and security concerns.  Obama expressly indicated that he would only allow foreign Ambassadors and their spouses.  So that argument fell flat on its head.

        But plenty world leaders congratulated him:

        Some of you people on here are so full of shit with your grossly inaccurate speculations.  It is entirely normal protocol for world leaders to congratulate other nations at times like this… entirely customary on a worldwide basis that is… so why would it suddenly be so suspicious here in Cayman for our closest neighbour with whom we have held a constitutional relationship as a Jamaican dependency from the 1700’s right through to Jamaica’s independence in 1962 when the Caymans chose to remain under the British Crown?

        Some of you’s need to grow up and get a life.

        And before you say it… NO I’m not Jamaican, I am just a quiet observer who likes to remain objective rather than being subjective as seems to be the case with most replies here.

    • Fancy Pants says:

      To: Proud Jamaican

      Please improve your own literacy skilled before criticising us, please.

      From: A proud Caymanian who is sick and tired of taking insults from Jamaicans who have come here to ‘capture’ our Islands.


    • everybit Caymanian says:

      Reply to you all need stop being so…

      Say wa?

      Please return to your comment and check you frigging grammar.

      There is no such thing as “you all need stop being.”
      The wordis dealt not dealth
      Please capitalized C for Caymanian, don’t be disrespectful.

      There are so many young Caymanians in our local prisons However, while I don’t condone their behavior or crimes which they have committed. In their defense I say, they are my Caymanians. The few that have committed crimes overseas are few in number and far apart. Can you say the same for Jamaicans who are incascerated in Jamaica, Cayman, England, the USA and every other place in this world? Hundreds of Jamaicans are deported from East, West North and South. They are like a plague. No other country want any thing to do with some of them. It is those like you that is so naive and full of hatred yourself that cause Caymanians to dispise you. Jamaicans are the second largest populance of prisoners in the Cayman Islands. Some of you would kill your own mother for a better life.

      I am a peaceful Caymanian, I am not a racist, I have opened my heart to everyone whom I have come in contact with. I have been to Jamaica many times before, I love the island I have met a lot of nice people from Jamaica and I have a good relationship with them. Those who I call “friend” know how I feel about my friendship with them. I have a friend from Jamaica whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for over 30 years. She and I have never had an ill word to say to each other. However, there are people like yourself who cause this segregation between Caymanians and Jamaicans and vise versa. Persons such as yourself try to take advantage of Caymanians simply because we don’t say much, we are not considered fierce. XXXXXXX However, now that you have just opened a can of worms. Let me finish by saying that while I don’t have any statistical figures available for you, I am sure that if you did the research yourself, you will determine that there are more people in Jamaica that are illiterate per capital compared to the average Caymanian. Now, I am a High School Graduate with 4 O’levels and 3 CSE’s. I am a mother of four, I work hard, I have my own home and I am currently attending a local college to better myself. I must inform you that I have held my current job for the past 25 years while gaining promotions. Gone are the days when you simply had to be a Caymanian to get a job. I knew it then as I know now that being a Caymanian is not a qualification. However, it should be mandatory that Caymanians come first and are given every opportunity to be employed as long as they have some qualification ( all depending on their qualifications and the job which they are seeking). I strongly believe that people can be trained and taught and they can develop on their skills. I also support Caymanians and believe that they should come first in our islands. You would feel the same way if the shoe was on the other foot. XXXXXXXXX
      You’re probably an opportunistic Jamaican who came here cried down the place, made it and have a nerve to now call us names. Our people can’t keep a job because, there are those like yourself who will accept little or nothing to stay here and therefore, you will be given every opportunity because we will not settle for crap.
      XXXXXXXXXX Now, that you know how illiterate we are, let me direct you on how to get to Owen Roberts International Airport, yes it actually has a name. If you are in West Bay simply take all the Bypass roads, pass the New Testament Church on North Sound Road, that leeds you towards Paramount Carpet, take the first right, pass Subway and take the left opposite the Airport Post Office, keep straight for about 1/4 of a mile If you are travelling from the eastern side of the island there is only one major road. (unless you are using the East West Arterial Road (Savannah Bypass). Keep left on all roundabouts, Pass the roundabout next to Kings Sports centre. Travel on the inside right lane, take Crewe Road keep straight and take a right after Jose’s Esso. As you pass Mango Tree Restaurant give it a wave while keeping on the right inside lane. Pass FFF Airport road. Take the final roundabout after the airport park (keeping right) and 1/4 mile and you have reached your final destination. If you are in George Town I know that you can now find your way from the route which I have provided for you. Check in, catch the next available flight and don’t return. Nonetheless, abide by all traffic signs, at all times and avoid accidents if you can, please don’t block the road way as I maybe behind you.

  6. Anonymous says:

     Why all the hatred and the cynicism, Surely it would be really sad  if PPM’s loss is blamed solely on the 3000 Status grants by the Bush Adminstration, as so many of these posters would want us to think.

    Didn’t the native original Caymanians vote?  Have they given up their right to vote or is it easier to blame the Jamaicans for everything that has gone "wrong"? This is your country, the majority have spoken, and its time to rebuild, rather than jumping on the bandwagon.  "JAYMAN????..Just plain stupid insinuation.

    and what about the congratulatory message from the BVI? That’s what heads of states do! They congratulate each other . Its called protocol!!!!  Kurt Tibbets also congratulated Portia Simpson-Miller on her victory.  

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/28/2009 – 17:35.

      You seem not realize that the UDP was not supported by an overwhelming majority of the those voting (let alone the electorate) but for example in Bodden Town Dwayne Seymour only won with 1030 votes over Osbourne Bodden’s 992 (relatively small lead of 38 votes for a large electoral district). BT is district the fastest growing population in Cayman. Much of that growth is from ‘new Caymanians’. If even 1/10th of those status grant holders (300) were eligible vote and voted in BT that would more than account for these small differences. Moreover it is easy to detemine from the UDP meetings, motorcade and rallies where their real support comes from.  We also saw who sat at front row at the swearing in ceremony. We know who the big money donors are and where they hail from. We know the connections with the JLP.

      Clearly we are not merely talking about a congratulatory message. Incidentally, none Bruce Golding , the Ja P.M., the BVI Premier, the former Leader of Govt Business or the current Leader of Govt. Business are or were heads of state.   

      This is about acute insight and concern for our future in our country and has nothing to do with hatred. Cayman is no longer for Caymanians. WHERE IS MR. MILLER, WHERE IS MR. SOLOMON if PPM are too weak to do anything?      

  7. GT Ninja says:

    For those of you who have commented saying that it is common for other carribean leaders to congratulate newly appointed governments yadda yadda yaddaa…..

    The most interesting part of the article is what you are ignoring  (or are too nieve to see).

    READ WHERE IT SAYS: "Golding said that he recalled that the Cayman Island’s new leader had always been very supportive of him and had attended his own swearing-in as Prime Minister of Jamaica in September 2007."

    Did any other world leader fly in to the US to watch Obama get sworn in? Nope.

    Did the PPM Fly over to Jamaica to watch Portia get sworn in?  NOPE.

    Why would a Caymanian government member fly over Jamaica with pom poms in hand to cheer for a Jamaican Leader. Why all the butt kissing… hmmmmm?

    I know wool feels soft and warm when it’s pulled over your eyes, but for the sake of your survial young grasshoppers learn to read between the lines. Some times you have squint your eyes to see the grey areas printed in black and white. There is where you will find the truth!

    Rise up my ninjas!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I guess we will all be true Jaymanian!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe Mr. Bush can put the finishing touch on the Island Council by giving  Mr. Golding a seat .

  9. Yeowman says:

    Welcome to JAMROCK some need to get their PHATMATIC because we are going to need it to defend Ya and ina dem yard sa!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the finger printing when people enter our country (whether it’s visitors or locals).  I think this would greatly help in protecting these islands against crime.  Imagine if a crime was commited, the police would be able to obtain finger prints from the scene and compare them against the Immigration data base to help identify persons who were there to either eliminate potiential suspects or identify the culprit.  And if we could have an international crime stoppers site that police and Immigration from all countries could use as a way of combating international crime.

    I don’t think should be considered a version of invading ones privacy if it serves to perserve the rights of innocent people.  After all, what’s the use of having rights if the only ones who get to use them are the criminals!

  11. A REALIST says:

    And if any of you read todays Caymannetnews you will see that the BVI also sent congrats.

    I am sure some fool will find an unsavoury reason for that too.

  12. Anonymous says:

    WOW, a three paragraph congratulatory message from the leader of one country to the next for winning an election (which is quite customary) insights so much anger and words of hate, my gosh!!! It’s a good thing I’m no longer living in your country too much hatred and badmindedness, man. Jeez!!!  

    • Anonymous says:

      "WOW, a three paragraph congratulatory message from the leader of one country to the next for winning an election (which is quite customary)".

      You need to know the whole context of that message, simpleton. Pointing out the very real dangers to our country is not "hatred and badmindedness". If you don’t agree, I’m glad you’re no longer here too.     

      • Me says:

        Sometimes I think this (otherwise excellent)  news service should stop allowing people to respond to articles on here – as most of the replies to most articles seem bitter, twisted and full of hatred – even where its not even appropriate or relevant. 

        I wonder about the people (of all nationalities)on this lil Rock – the election process and its aftermath have been extremely revealing – people showing their real colours and it aint nice to look at or experience at all, regardless of your country of origin.




      • Anonymous says:

        So now that you have pointed out the “very dangers to our country", what do we do to correct this? How can we solve the issues that are being raised? Why sit down and watch and “point out the dangers to our country"? Stop b@*ching and complaining on CNS and the talk shows! There is power in numbers! Rise up people and attack these Issues in numbers! Gather as a people, meet together, march and protest together! March outside the LA building or in front of the government offices and demand to be heard! What are you afraid of? I am tired of reading all the complaints about no one challenging the persons who broke the constitution, about visa requirements being lifted, about more status grants, etc. Simply pointing out what is wrong is not good enough! If you aren’t prepared to make a change or do something to stand up for the country or what you believe as a people then please shut up and take the licks!

        CNS: … and yet you comment anonymously.

        • Karlene Michelle Bodden says:

          CNS: … and yet you comment anonymously.

          Yes CNS, I commented anonymously because I am not the one posting how unhappy I am!  I didnt realise that you required participants on your forum to post their name, so I have now posted. I hope that satisfies you or would you like me to post my telephone number and address as well???

          I am sorry but I like to have a little more information first before I start arriving at conclusions that the cayman government and the jamaican government are involved in a conspiracy to destroy the cayman islands!! There is enough hate and animosity between the two nations as is so why would I want to create more by fueling something that I have no proof of!


        • Anonymous says:

          Good Point@CNS…..

  13. Anonymous says:

    "If anyone doubted that McKeeva was in bed with the JLP that should now be put to rest. Look at what the Ja. parties did for their own country. It was they who brought gun violence to Ja."

    I guess the say can be said of Kurt Tibbetts; when he quickly dispatched congratulations message to Portia Simpson-Miller on her victory.

  14. anonymous says:

    The poor Jamaicans do not realize Mac used them…to win the election….and Mac does not realize that the rich and famous Jamaicans used him….to win the election!! Cayman, ah sorry for una!! Dog eat up more than supper in Jamaica once the corrupt politicians took control and dog going eat more than supper in Cayman same way!

    • Anonymous says:
    • The Poor Jamaicans do not says:


       Why don’t  you find out how many Jamaicans voted and you would realize that there were more Caymanians who voted for the UDP?

  15. A REALIST says:

    Man the stupididty of this country is growing worst and worst. I am certain that every country in the english speaking Caribbean would send acknowledgements to Mr. Bush. That is simply protocol. That statement probably was written by some unknown staffer on behalf of Mr. Golding.

    If this website choose to highlight Jamaica then they must know why.

    But sending congrats to a newly elected leader means that there is something nefarious going on?

    I used to hear most intelligent people say they stay away from the talkshows and certain websites due to the fools that call and post and I can’t disagree.


    • Anonymous says:

      You can spin all you like "Realist" but we know the truth. Of course this website knows why it chose to highlight Ja. That is the point. Surely you are only pretending to be clueless.   

    • Caymanian 2 de bone says:

      To the "Realist";

      Yes you must know exactly what a fool is, becasue it takes one to know one.  Do you really need to be a rocket scientist to see that Big Mac has aligned himself and his party of puppets with the Jamaican Government.  We should be very afraid of this.  Do you think that Jamaicans left their country and their children to come to Cayman because they wanted to.  Most of them had no other choice because they need to feed thier children and provide for their families and they could not do it in Jamaica.

      So should we now welcome the Jamaican politicis here in our backyard??? Hell No, I want no part if it and Jamaicans that are living and working here should be very concerned with this.  Bush will soon have this country just like Jamaica and where will you all go then???


  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s always a good thing to have the regional leaders unified. The relationship between these two countries in particular has become somewhat strained during the PPM administration with their continued message of hostility and hate. I hope these two leaders will work together to find a mutual resolution and bring back some unity between the two countries.

    In the first instance i think Jamaicans in the Cayman Islands should not be looking for a UDP that is working in their interest alone because they wouldn’t want the Jamaican Gov to be working only for foreigners in their policy implementations. That would definitely defeat the purpose of the Caymanians electing them in the first place. This is the Cayman Islands and the Caymanians needs have to be addressed first. That’s the only logical way to look at things.

    The Visa issue needs to be addressed from both sides because personally I think the idea to begin with is seemingly childish. I look at Caymanians going to Jamaica for their Visa to the USA & have to firstly obtain a J’can Visa. That’s somewhat ridiculous. (A Visa to get a Visa!!). Both countries need each other and there are several other ways to protect borders in the Caribbean than imposing Visas on each other. For one, the implementation of an effective finger printing system would go a long way in ensuring that unlawful citizens are kept at bay and restricted from free movement across borders.

    This may sound prejudice, but i think that when immigration officials from both countries see persons looking raggedy or too ragamuffin in their appearance, theyshould not allow them entry because most of those committing crimes often have that kind of bad man appearance. I sometimes wonder if it hurts to look decent.

    May God bless us all..

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are referring to the Ja. implementation of a visa in respect of Cayman, then that was certainly childish retaliation. Why is it OK for Cayman to have visas the nationals of other countries but not Ja.? Why did nobody object that it was "childish" to require visas for people coming from Honduras? A visa is an objective method of screening out undesirables. Fingerprinting can be a part of that process. It is not an either/or situation. The U.S. requires both for the nationals of most countries. It is pretty silly to leave it to an immigration officer at the point of entry to determine whether a person is likely to be a criminal based on whether he looks "raggedy or too ragamuffin". What is the message – criminals intending to come to Cayman need only invest in a new wardrobe?! 

      The UDP govt. is obviously not for Caymanians, but soon that won’t matter at all. If the PPM won’t speak up, what happened to Ellio and Ezzard who are supposed to be for Caymanians? Have they sold out too?      

  17. Anonymous says:

    If anyone doubted that McKeeva was in bed with the JLP that should now be put to rest. Look at what the Ja. parties did for their own country. It was they who brought gun violence to Ja.

    The whole idea that the PPM ‘rollover policy’ targeted Jamaicans or impacted upon them unfairly is preposterous. First, the rollover was contained in the Immigration Law passed by the former UDP Govt. Second, it was UDP hierarchy members who went around telling white expats in the financial sector that they did not have to worry since the rollover provisions were not intended to affect them, it was only for the Jamaicans. Third, it was the PPM that implemented what was already contained in the Law and applied it equally accross the board – Canadians, Jamaicans, English, whoever. What it did not do is favour any particular nationality in its application. 

    The visa requirement is essential if we are to combat crime. It exists for other countries as well. Those other countries may well cry foul if it is removed for Jamaica but not for them. 

    I thought with the new faces in the UDP there would be a change from the 2001-2005 administration but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is ‘same old’. With the UDP plan to grant thousands of permanent residencies who will go on to be voters in the next election (as the 3000 status grant holders did in this election) Caymanians will have lost this country for good simply so the UDP can maintain political dominance.         

  18. GT Ninja says:

    That last paragraph should have read:

    "During the UDP administration the long standing relationship between Jamaica was shaken when then LOGB McKeeva Bush irresponsibly gave out  the infamous 3000 irrivokable Status Grants to hundreds of undeserving Jamaicans. This heinous act left Caymanians and other deserving HONEST Jamaicans who did not recieve status feeling disgruntled when the UDP government left the PPM holding the bag."

    Cayman implimented the visa on Jamaica because of the large ammount of JA criminal offenders that skyrocketed after Ivan. The "Petty" Patterson said if Cayman was going to do that to JA then he would do the same to us to "Protect" his country. Due to the large ammounts of Caymanians who go to Jamaica to do burglaries, sell drugs and kill people. Because as you know THOUSANDS of Caymanians who are up to no good fly to JA on a Daily basis. (can you detect my sarcasm?)

    What we did with implementing visas on Jamaicans is no different that what the UK and the US and hundreds of other countries have done through out the world. I think the Visa thing should be mandatory for ALL nations. It’s fundemental to protect our national security.

    Caymanians are digruntled about alot of crap here. Our government is suppose to be on our side. Now we got a Government that is blatanley spiting in our face and forcing another country’s political stylings and culture down our throats. Thanks alot!

    Good bye Cayman… Hello JAYMAN!

    • Anonymous says:

      GT Ninja It cant be any clearer than that any blind or deaf person can see where we going now with BUSH  LAWS  Welcome  To Jayman is true as it gets

  19. Fed up with MAC says:

    We should not be surprised by this. McKeeva is trying to turn Cayman into Jayman. He should think closely about these decisions and how they impact the average Caymanian.

    I know that he’s only concerned about winning an election and will do so at any cost but think about our country. Stop using the poor Jamaicans to do your dirty work for you.