Miller opens MLA’s office after years of disuse

| 02/06/2009

(CNS): Fulfilling one of his campaign promises to have regular office hours and rejuvenate life around the civic centre in his district of North Side, independent candidate Ezzard Miller has refurbished the local MLA’s office and reception area to encourage his constituents to come and visit. Having vowed to represent his people in the most democratic way possible, Miller says he will be having the first of his district meetings on 18 June, where he wants to hear from residents what they see as priorities so he can make the necessary financial requests as the new government prepares the 09/10 budget.

Miller, who says the office has not been used for years, said he intends to encourage people to come see him there but to also to get involved in the initiatives he is introducing to fulfill his campaign promise of participatory democracy.

He said that he was also hoping to begin the process of establishing the North Side District Council. He said his team had already done a considerable amount of work on how district councils operate and they were looking at the English model. He said that he wanted as many people as possible in the district involved and that he hoped that people who were born or raised in North Side but had moved away would also get involved in the local democracy he hopes to inspire in North Side.

“I want all North Siders to have a say, and when I go to the Legislative Assembly I will go to represent what it is the people of this district want and need,” he said.

Having examined some of the possible priorities that he thinks the people want to see addressed, Miller said the public beaches in the district needed reviving and he would like to see a public beach created in Old Man Bay, but the civic centre was one of the major issues to tackle with the start of hurricane season.

 “We need to get the civic centre back up to standard as a hurricane shelter,” he said, adding that while he and a team of volunteers could address the landscaping and make the area more attractive, the main internal repair work that was required would need government finance.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    "so what if Mr.Miller use the $2500.00 for cleaning it up"

    Either he personally paid for the changes or he used government funds to do so.  Please get the story straight!

    • na me says:

      Why,Why,Why cant you all stop this bull, you all should be happy that the place is fixed up and that it was done on a shoestring of a budget. You need to come and see what  the people did on their time and at no charge to mr Miller or your government. It is done and  most of us are proud north siders not sore loosers. Get a life, go find some one to help out and stop bashing Mr.Miller.

      • Anonymous says:

        To "na me" You still have not said where he got "the $2500.00 dollars from. I am glad that it is fixed up but you all need to get a life and stop making people beleive that it was done for the people of North Side, because if you are honest you know us North Siders don’t go to MLA Offices to see the MLA and you know that is the main reason why it has not been open in years. So come on start telling the truth.

        Talking about having Civic centres free for certain functions I thought the Government was broke and that every little bit would help.Just alittle something to leave you with.

        • Comingupto says:

          To Na me and who ever, if you knowso much , you should all know that each MLA gets $2500.00 per month to run the mla office in their district, so that is where it came from, but for you lame brains, the office is there for all, and as far as I can see and hear so far a lot of people are making use of the office, you should get off your high horse and get on level ground as every one else is doing,   the civic center have always been for the people and if some one wants to have a special event yes they should pay for it. Govt waste more money on other ways than a little time for the use of the civic centers, to the community clubs.  get a life.

          • Anonymous says:

            To Na me and who ever-If the funds came from the MLA office monthly allowance. Then it would appear that Mr. Miller has gotten an advance as he was elected on May 20th and sworn in on May 27th, therefore his first monthly allowance would be the end of June, Correct?

            • Clearviewer says:

              I agree with Na Me and who ever,   It is a fact that the MLA,s get  $2500.00  to run their office, and yes, Miller got elected on the 20th may, But dont be so lame brain for Gods sake, , we all know that his pay would not start right away, SO, the money has to come from his pocket, dah,   I  do  not  begrudge him of the pleasure to show his people that the office can and should have been run as it is supposed to be,  effiecent and with intelligence.   Mr Miller do not allow them to deter you, we need you in this district to do what is needed to be done, lead the people.  Good luck.

        • Anonymous says:


          You should rethink your words more often” Since you stated & I quote” if you are honest you know us North Siders don’t go to the MLA Office to see the MLA & you know that is the main reason why it has not been open in years so come on start telling the truth.

          One’ don’t try making the other North Siders seem Blank Minded like yourself.  Two’ is this the best you could come up with for that Office being closed for so many years? Three’ If that Office were open to the public she would have had a great number of people visiting her there. Four’ us none N. Siders know that $2500.00 dollars are given to each MLA  for each Office in each District. Five’ what you should seek & find out for those of us who you so dearly think are Blank Minded is …Six’ where has the EXTRA $2500.00 dollars gone to over the years since you clearly stated” North Siders don’t go to the MLA Office & this is why the MLA Office has been closed for years? Seven’ Investigate this infomation then update me on this matter. 

          Eight’ as for N. Siders don’t go to the MLA Office nor do they go there to see their Repesentative I know for a fact this my dear friend is a pack of bull****. Nine’ when you say” tell the truth, first  you need to know the meaning of truth before demanding it.  Ten’ the North Side People never went to their past Repesentative at the MLA Office due to one simlpe explanation & that is..Eleven’ she never made herself  available to the other 99% of her people muchless made the time to open the MLA Office & that’s as plain as it gets.  Twelve’ you can afford to make such statements though given the fact that you could always find her on your door steps or lifting your pot covers.  Thirteen’ You had no need to take a run down to the MLA Office even if that Office were open to the public” like I said” she were always at your door/pot. Fourteen’ you asked for the truth so here it is……..Fifteen’ your past Repesentative thought’ there were no need for her to Open that MLA Office. Sixteen’ she were too busy catering to those few chosen ones like yourself isn’t that the truth????? 

          Seventeen’  N. Siders has been calling for that same Office to be open for years & finally is. Eighteen’ N. Siders will be getting what they so longed for…wait’ I should say their getting it as we speak. Nineteen’ N. Siders will no longer be left in the dark when it comes to any decision being made in their community muchless the Country.

          Twenty’ Just alittle something to leave you with


  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope this does not mean that the rental rate for the civic center has gone up in order to pay for potted plants and bottled water!

    • backstroke says:

      It seems to me that no matter what is done for you folks in north side that you wont be happy, could it be that you are so used to complaining and trying to stop progress that you cant see the beauty and ambience  of the area for your out rage .  You shouldbe happy for the change that have taken place there, why would the rent go up because of that?  at least it looks a lot better than what it did, so what if Mr.Miller use the $2500.00 for cleaning it up and making it presentable to you the public, now I say it is worth the fee that you have to pay to use it.  You all cant seem to accept defeat, it is like a football game, some one have to win and some one loose, thats a fact whether you  all like it or not.  A poor bunch of loosers, Can I suggest that you all show your true colors and get the district on the right track, work with the man, who knows who you voted for it is still your district.

    • na me says:

      I hardly beleive that the cost of the civic center will be going up,  see I asked Mr.Miller that today and his response to me was that he have already talked to the minister in charge to have the civic centers across the islands remain free to the community groups such as schools, seniors and other community groups that would need the use of them, how ever if you or i need to use it  for a wedding  meeting or other  function you should have to pay to use it.  The plants and bottle water he will be paying for it his self,  so just thought that I would let you all know, a good move i say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is just another example of what we hopped Ezzard could be; and he is sure doing!!!

    Keep up the good work Ezzard, you will have my vote again if you stay on this path.


  4. TRUTH says:

    The PPM put piped water through the entire district, paved the main roads almost into Rum Point, rebuilt the playing field and spectators stand, commenced compulsory acquisition of the property for the affordable housing scheme etc…..and you call this neglect. Take off your UDP blinders !!!

    • Up North says:

      “The PPM put piped water through the entire district,paved the main roads
      almost into Rum Point, rebuilt the playing field and spectators stand”

      Blah blah….too bad the people of north side can’t eat the paved roads and
      playing fields! You did all this for who? We need jobs! Develop and promote
      our farming/agriculture district, expand tourism opportunities in north side, etc
      Where we going to get money to pay for the piped water? Where we going to get money to pay for the
      cars to drive on the paved roads? And what the heck we going to do with a
      playing field when we struggling to pay the mortgage?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard is looking more and more like the cream of the crop.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hope Mr. Milller sticks to his promises and helps NS as they had been so neglected by Edna Moyle and the PPM.  I hope things improve especially with respect to the farmers.  Some time ago, I heard about a lot of plans concerning farm roads being requested by North Siders in inaccessible areas and that they had discussed it with the PPM.  Unfortunately, as usual with the PPM, nothing ever came of it.  Farming should be a major focus over there so Cayman can have its share of the produce pie.  I’m so sick of having to eat tasteless, refrigerated, importedfruit and vegetables as local stuff is not always available.  Farming could be quite viable for NS.  Lots of people are counting on you for these roads Mr. Miller, and for goodness’ sake, even dirt roads would help for the short-term! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats to North Side and its new MLA .  Finally – a new day  has dawned for North Siders in the form of Mr. Ezzard Miller.  I know for a fact that you were badly left out under the leadership of the PPM.    I vote in West Bay and am very involved in campaigning here, but I feel a  strong sense of excitement as I read these glowing comments about what is transpiring  in NS under the leadership of Mr. Miller.  Wish I could be there.

      What time is it?   Miller Time!!!!


  7. 007 For Sure says:

    As a PPM member in George Town I would love to say to Mr Miller stick to your plans for North Side and you will see them through to the end.I was disapointed on the many short falls North Side had gotten along the way out of all the districts.You have a good team of workers in North Side now that will help you along the way you have 4 years to do your thing .So do it right and you wont have no trouble next election .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Archie Whittaker for a wonderful job well done with this event and for all you have done during the election and what you continue to do.  Thanks for the youth, i didn’t know we had any youth groups in North Side. WOW! You had to see them, it was so good to see our children perform(and i say our children because they all belong to us North Siders).

    Mr. Miller keep your eyes on those kids they are our future. We are going to need one of them to look after me/you in our golden days.

    God Bless North Side!

    • Anonymous says:

      Reply to, Thanks to Archie


      Well said,

      And there’s more to see North Side, he’s doing wonders for that office embrace yourselves N. Side cause their about to uplift the entire District not just the MLA Office. Archie both you & your assistant is doing a marvelous job along with Mr. Miller.


      Keep up the Great Work & keep those young Birds at hand all the time.

      God Bless!


  9. Anonymous says:


    Let me be the first to say The Civic Centre Looks GREAT.  What a transformation! I saw awards hanging on the wall that i didn’t even knew we had won!

    I was there on Saturday night, as we honored Ezzard and Donnie for their achievements and it was an awesome experience. You had to be there to see the Youth of North Side perform. I was well impressed with the girls singing. Boy, did they rock the place. If they continue, we will be amazed where they will be in a few years time. Cayman National Choir???

    Frank Sound Church Youth Group- if you have never seen them, then please take the time to visit the church when they are in action ( the last Sunday of each month is Youth Sunday and they take over Frank Sound Church and conduct the service). They have a dance group that is POWERFUL!  It is so refreshing when you see youth so active in the church and advocates for GOD. 

    Pastor & Sister Peguero and the Youth coordinators, Let me congratulate you for standing behind these kids and being there for them 100%. Keep up the good works and God will continue to bless you. Parents keep these kids active in the church and they will be a BLESSING not only to you and your family but to others and the entire Cayman Islands. Who knows maybe we have our future MLA in there too.

    • Clearviewer says:

      I too was impressed saturday night at the event that was planned by Archie and the rest of Mr. Millers committee,  a well planned evening I must say,  thank you guys.  What a way to start.  The transformation of the civic center in it self is pleasing, Mr Pouchie you did a good job at short notice to touch up and make it look good.  The north side youth have done a excellent job on their skills and talent  and I would like to say to the parents that you should continue to support your childrens gift of talent.  This is just the beggining of a good thing and I was very proud the the event that took place.   

      Mr Miller you have an awesome team working with you, I would also like to be on your district council if I may, I will come by the office to see you at some point. Again.

      God bless all of you and the effort that you are displaying.  

      One people, one north side