Kids get hooked on fishing

| 12/06/2009

(CNS): A record total of 54 anglers in the children’s category took part in the Rotary Club of Cayman Brac’s annual fishing tournament on 6 June, in which children on the island are encouraged to ‘Get hooked on fishing and not on drugs’ – the theme of the event each year. Eulalee Bodden won US$1,000 and the trophy for catching the heaviest fish for the second year in a row. Sanya Scott, Curtis Connor and Noel Evan were awarded for bringing out the most children.

Rachel Dilbert, who won in the female youth category with a catch of 18.8lbs, and Nathan Walton, who won the boys’ section with a catch of 14.9lbs, both received two tickets from Cayman Airways. The youngest angler of the tournament went to 3-year-old Janae Scott, who won a bicycle.

According to President Alphanso Gayle, the main purpose of the event is for parents, guardians and organizations with boats to partner with Rotary members in taking as many children as possible fishing for the day. “Although it is not a competitive event, the girls undoubtedly out-classed the boys in the number of catches made on the day, in spite of the fact that the boy/girl ratio for those in attendance leaned more favorably towards the boys,” he said.

“The highlight of the event was witnessing the first timers catching their first fish; the expression on their faces was unforgettable for the adult anglers who were coaching them. This new adventurous idea was initiated by Past President Richard (Moss) and is our way of passing on the embedded tradition of fishing. We appreciate the kind gesture of Reef Divers in taking fourteen anglers and five adults to Little Cayman,” Gayle added.

In the adult category, there were fourteen anglers, who each paid US$100 to enter the tournament. The weighing of the fish took place at Panama Canal from 2:00 to 4:00pm.

“Everyone turned up on time and shared in the excitement and curiosity of who caught what,” the president said, adding that Rotary member Audley Scott was on hand checking the scale, recording information of each participant, while Gayle, himself, kept was busy placing the fishes on the scale. “While this was taking place most of the kids, being exhausted from the tournament, chose to take a dip to cool off and relax nearby. Also,while passing the time some kids were seen racing with their boats having fun. To top it off, someone turned up with a Jet Ski bike, which added more fun to the already exciting day.”

Gayle commended the committee chair, Past President Sandra Solomon, and her team for a job well done. He went on to say that this event has helped to bring back some level of normalcy to the way of life of these children and commended all the children for their determination, which made the day undoubtedly a success. He also thanked all the sponsors, noting that without their input Barracuda Bonanza would not have become a reality.

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