Miller won’t take HSA chair

| 18/06/2009

(CNS): At his first open public  meeting of constituents as a sworn Member of the Legislative Assembly, Ezzard Miller said that he has decided he will not take up the role as HSA chair if he is formally asked as it would detract away from his ambitions to serve the people of North Side.  He told CNS that he would work with the ministry to address the issues surrounding health care and insurance but the chair role was not necessarily a positive move for him.  “I am still prepared to work with the Ministry of Health in any capacity to assist the country with the health care and health insurance issues we face,” Miller said.

An impressive number of North Siders came out to Miller’s first ‘participatory democracy’ meeting, where he established a committee to set up a district council, updated everyone on what had happened so far, asked them what he should be trying to get funding for in the next budget, and told them some of the ideas he had and wanted to put forward to the new government. Fulfilling his election promise, Miller engaged his constituents in open discussion and asked for their input. He told them that during his previous times in office he found it very difficult to access genuine public opinion but this time he was going to do everything possible to find out what people wanted and what they thought about his plans.

One of the major issues that Miller discussed was to reverse the decision of the previous administration to acquire a piece of land in North Side to build both a retirement home and affordable homes for the district. He said that during the campaign most of the elderly residents in North Side had made it clear that they wanted assistance to stay in their own homes rather than be put in a retirement home, and he said he would rather devote resources that way. He also said that the affordable homes should be built in several places in smaller numbers rather than all in one place. “The two won’t sit well together either, so I propose to ask the new government to stop that purchase and look at other options,” he said.

Asking if anyone objected, a debate ensued among the North Siders about the need for at least a smaller  old folks home, but everyone agreed that it should not be built with the affordable homes and that he should go ahead and stop the purchase of the piece of land in question. It was suggested that he look at existing Crown land in North Side for affordable housing and not rule out a small retirement home in the future.

Miller also managed to get people to volunteer for various initiatives including getting five people to commit to serve asspecial constables in the district so they could open up the long unused North Side Police station.

The North Side MLA told his constituents that while people thought he was going to be the HSA chair, it seemed to have helped him pull a few strings and he had already sorted out some of the fundamental problems at the clinic. He said the water heater had been fixed and the mouldy ceiling replaced. He also said he was starting work on getting the civic centre, in which the meeting was held, up to standard for the Hurricane Season, but he also wanted to take over the management of the centre so that it could be more readily used by the community. Miller said that at present the bureaucracy regarding the centre was ridiculous and he wanted to cut through the red tape, fix the building up, landscape the surrounding area and have the community start using it.

The need to clean up and develop North Sides beaches, public access, the erection of right of way and no dive signs and water sport zones, historical markers, the completion of the seamen’s memorial, erection of bus stops, repair and construction of roads were just some of the issues that were raised, and Miller said he would do what he could to get things started.

The meeting was well received by the local residents and a number of people noted that it was something that should happen in every district. Miller himself said he was delighted with the turnout. “This was an excellent meeting,” he said. “In the past I was lucky if ten people showed up but this was a great showing and very encouraging.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clearviewer, enough with the "crabs-in-a-bucket" genaralizations.  Everyone wants to see a Caymanain continue as HSA Chairmanbut Ezzard is not the person for the job and MLA’s should not sit on these Boards-plain and simple.  If Ezzard’s is as smart a he claims to be, he should have known better and told Mac that from the beginning.  Get over it.

    Also, I thought the land was being purchased for an old person’s social center where they could spend their days engaged in activities with other retired persons?  Why does Ezzard keep referring to it as a retirement home which it was never going to be?  Otherwise, great start with the district meetings, hope he keeps it up.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearviewer, enough with the


      Clearviewer you thought wrong when you thought the land was being purchased for an old person’s Social Center. Keep in mind here you/I were misled by both Joey  & Edna. Their  plans from the get go were a Retirement home, they pushed for a Retirement Home not Ezzard. Ezzard can only refer to it as it is or should I say” what it was planned to be. This were the original idea from our last MLA. 

      Ezzard you said what many North Siders are saying, instead of having an area set aside from the rest of the community, you would rather buy several house lots in Frank Sound, Old Man Bay & the Hut Land for these affordable homes. Who in God’s name would build a Retirement home muchless a old people Social Center right in the midst of the Low Affordable Houses? Ezzard along with the N. Siders we can stop this from taking place, please do us right by stopping this from going through.  

      At this meeting, lots ot people including the elderly said they would rather see a Social Center and not a Retirement home. Ezzard the most important thing here is’ the elderly has spoken give this to them with out these people you/me would not be here. Their worth every cent of this building.

      Do Them Right Their Worth IT.


    • Summer Time says:



      Well Said,

      As for hoping Ezzard will keep up with the district meetings, he will my friends, he will !

      Funny thing is, here you are hoping Ezzard will keep up with the meetings, What you should be wishing for is that Joey will let by gones be by gones. If he’s planning on running for election in 2013 that is. Since the election he’s been invited to many meetingsfrom Ezzard’ has he showed up to one yet? Well the big (A) to that (Q) is (NO).

      Here’s an update for ya’  there will be a District Council Meeting once a month including many  others that’s being formed as we speak. For those of you walking around with Politics on your shoulders you should know these meetings are open to anyone who wishes to join. You people are acting as if these meetings are only open to those who voted for Ezzards, please take note ”Elections is over.   

      During the Election you had North Side at  your best interest  right? So my question is, where is all this love that you all had for N/S gone? At the end of the day someone had to win. I’ll be darn if am going to sit back, regardless of who I voted for or not am going to have my two cents of say in whatever is going on in my district.

      Unfortunatly you can’t put the past behind & come together for the betterment of N. Side, isn’t that the saddest part of all? One would think that your geat Leaders of all the people would be the prime ones encouraging you to get out there & take a stand for N. Side, mainly for the sake of your kids. Some leaders I say, yet you dare call them ”past Learders….my backside.

      Good things are happening in N/S problem here is, you didn’t expect this right? Like one caller stated on Rooster” Ezzard you did a big turn around where as Joey/Edna seems to be the old Ezzard we all knew years ago. Keep up the good work E/Miller

      Go North Side, You go!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So now that Pastor Al has exposed that Ezzard being HSA chairman would be a conflict of interests, Ezzard is suddenly declining to accept a position that was never publicly offered to him…and Ezzard is lauded as a statesman…

    Come on people…the only reason Ezzard has now made this statement is because he put his foot in his mouth by indicating that he would consider taking up the position in the first place!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      The worst problem with Caymanians is that we are our own worst enemies. It would be such a better Cayman if when we see someone trying to do good – to support rather than attack them. Before posting about people who are trying their best to help – would it not be better if each and every one of us just said to ourselves – lets help our country and fellowmen? Lets stop beating up on ourselves.. That is soooo small island thinking.. Its a big world out there against us all…

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t care what Ezzard tries to make the people believe he had no choice in this. He is trying to make himself look big that all. He wanted it, he would have taken it but he wasn’t given it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Appears like Mark Scotland is taking charge of his ministry and not being Mr. Bush’s puppet. Congrats Mark, keep it up. Take a stand.

      • Clearviewer says:

         Yes, the worst problem,  with us Caymanians are our denial and begrudging each other, we all know that it was said by the leader that he would ask Miller to take chairman of HSA board, and now as Miller said I do not want to start out on this journey with out the support of the minister, so, if mark do not like or want this man why should he shove himself on to them, and after all the fiasco with pastor Al, if I was Miller I  would have done the same thing, every one beleives that if you hide behind the pulpit that you are the best for a post, but that is far from the truth,  He pastor Al made it clear that he did not think and asserted that  Miller was not the one for the post,  see what  I am trying to tell you all about us, we  cant help our selves with  this habit of not wanting to see one of our own prosper or move ahead,  we complain about the foreigners taking over but we are doing it to our selves.  There is something about each of us that rubs the other the wrong way but we need to move on and stop this attack.  Mr miller is a good man and we all know it, now does he rub some one the wrong way? I dare say he proabally do, so do I, but we are not perfect.  we just need to be more considerate of our fellow man.

  3. Rootical Messenjah says:

    Oh Bullocks!! Ezzard and the UDP has something else up their sleeves.

    More shall be revealed, just wait and see.

  4. Anonymous says:


    Miller won’t take HSA Chair, I think this heading should read Miller not offered HSA Chair. In all the news I have read and heard I didnot hear or read any where that Miller was even considered for this position. People as well as himself just assumed he would be given this position. Well done Miller for getting this out before the people realised that you were not even been considered for the job. I hope you have learned your lesson, if not it is this "To Assume some thing will make and Ass out of you and me".

    Good job with the meeting in North Side hope you will keep it up for the next Four years.

  5. WOW says:

    What a refreshing change to have a Politician actually listen to the people and take guidance from them. And yes Mr Ezzard, stay away from the HSA, let the Minister take on that headache, you worry about North Side, that is what you were elected to do. I predict that Ezzard will be unmovable from the NS MLA Seat for many elections to come. I am slightly ashamed as well, because years ago Mr Ezzard told me to my face it was time for Caymans young people to take back our country, run for office and become leaders. That didnt happen and as a result individuals such as him and Gilbert Mclean were forced to run again for the good of Cayman. Lets never forget them, they are heroes.



  6. Not as stupid as I look says:

    I wonder if what he meant to say was that he and those making the appointment realised that it would be inappropriate for him to sit as chair but instead of admitting to their inital mistakes, decided instead that it would be better to try to deflect some of the heat by refusing to accept prior to an offer being made?



    • Anonymous says:

      To Not as stupid as I look. First of all I cannot see you through the internet so I cant comment on your title.

      Can you educate the rest of us and state your reasons for saying it would be "inappropiate" for the most qualified Caymanian to take this post in order to help the Cayman Islands out of the mess that is the HSA?

      O ya and don’t bore me with any opinions without substance and not backed by fact just because you dont like the man personally.

      The truth of the matter is, there is no legal impediment in our statutes that would prevent Mr. Miller from taking this post wether he is an MLA or not.

      I am proud to know that Pastor Al’s campeign worked to keep a Caymanian down. Now let us see some devine intervention to fix the problem.


  7. Anonymous says:

    A statesman is defined as  someone who exercises political leadership wisely and without narrow partisanship. The decision not to take the HSA chair at this time in order to work with the people of North Side suggests that Ezzard is on the way to becoming a great statesman for North Side and Cayman.

    Now if the other districts could all produce and elect statesmen and women and fewer empire building self-enriching politicians think how much better our country would be.

    Well done Ezzard.

  8. Anonymous says:

    With Pastor Al stating that he was resigning at the end of his term it is important to get someone who can face the challenges at the HSA in to carry on there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Miller won’t take HSA Chair?

      How exactly can Miller take something that wasn’t offered to him?

      • Anon says:

        "Miller won’t take HSA Chair?

        How exactly can Miller take something that wasn’t offered to him?"

        You appear to have some inside information. Perhaps you can explain what the LOGB meant when he announced that Mr Miller would be responsible for the Health Services Authority but Mr. Scotland would be the Minister for Health.  Did it mean that Mr. Miller would be a Junior Minister to Mr. Scotland? Can you please direct me to the provision in the Constitution (either current or new) where there is provision for Junior Ministers?  

      • Anonymous says:

        How exactly can Miller take something that wasn’t offered to him?

        The more important question is why was this not offered to Miller? He is certainly the most qualified person in the Cayman Islands, local or Expat,  for that job. Pastor Al appears to have pulled off a miracle.

        One of the first announcements by the UDP after elections was that Miller would be asked to head up the HSA and the whole Island rejoiced. Did the new UDP young guns show their own self importance and overrule the Leader of the UDP? Another Pastor Al miracle?

        The word on the street is that Mark Scotland is telling people that there is a new UDP policy in place that says that they will not appoint any MLAs to chair Government Boards. How does this square with Elio Soloman being head of the affordable housing and Cline Glidden being head of the electrical regulatory board? One more miracle can fix this for the UDP.

        The truth is, this country heeds the help of every citizen in whatever capacity, MLA or otherwise, they have expertise in if we are to pull ourselves out of the mess the previous government got us into. Otherwise we will need alot more than a Pastor Al miracle.

        The whole idea of eliminating Ezzard (as well as CG and Elio) who can contribute their expertise because fo some stipid new UDP poloce is like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

        Anyway Ezzard the true beneficeries of this new UDP polocy are us the people of North Side. Keep up the good work

        • Anonymous says:

          That is right Ezzard don’t make them use you and make the unexperience minister look good.  I think that Mac set Mark up to fail.  I can understand him getting Sports but be honest what does he know about the Health Services.

        • Anonymous says:

          " He is certainly the most qualified person in the Cayman Islands, local or Expat,  for that job."

          I hope that you are joking.  

          Running a pharmacy into the ground and being one of the most anti-expat polticians does not make you qualified to head the HSA (largely staffed by expat nurses and doctors).

          • Nonnorthsider says:

            I hope that you are joking.

            No I was not joking when I asked for some substantiated facts instead of stupid, unresearched opinions like the one you gave.

            As I recall Mr Miller had 2 successfull pharmacies (Miller’s Pharmacy I & II, the first Caymanian owned pharmacies on the Island) when he went into politics that he sold when he became the Minister of Health to avoid a conflict of interest.

            The fact is that the new owner closed them down many years later for whatever personal financial reasons that new owner had.

            The fact is he develouped both pharmacies from scratch and sold a successfull buisness to the new owner, otherwise I am sure the new owners would not have bought it.

            Now answer the question factually. What oter person, Caymanian or Expat is more qualified than Ezzard Miller to run the HSA and fix the problems that exist there?

        • Anonymous says:

          Fair’s fair. Great start in North Side Mr Miller. Forget the HSA etc and focus on being an excellent MLA for the district. Show all those people who think you simply cannot keep your genius and talent out of the national limelight by letting the Minister of Health be just that and reserve your mighty ability for giving North Side its old people’s services, its new ceilings and other facilities in the Health Centre and Civic Center.

          And, please, prepare better before going on Crosstalk and saying things that are demonstrably incorrect. And tell Joey to stop acting like the Ezzard of many years ago, interrupting aggressively, knowing it all etc.

  9. 1of8norsiders says:

    Ezzard I too have to give you credit where credit is due, this is an excellent start. You have changed and this Ezzard is absolutely, positively better and having interacted with you since the election I find I actually like you now dispite the rhetoric I was fed in the past that I actually believed.

    I am a North Side voter who switched from being a strong PPM supporter who voted for you based on the fact that I thought it was time North Side had stronger representation and the promises you made in your campeign that you would involve the people of North Side in the running of the district. I am impressed with how quickly you were able to accomplish this. Keep it up.

    One word of caution. Do not be led down the wrong road just because a constituant says this or that is what we need. It is your job to look at all alternatives, reason them out with your constituants, and together come to the best solution for North Side.

    Yes I agree with you about purchasing the piece of land in question. It makes no sense to purchase 5 acers of land because 2 acers are usable. It makes far more sense to buy a more suitable 2 acres someplace else (or better yet use some land thet the Government already owns in the district) and use the savings to address the needs of the elderly, after you have consulted with the elderly of course.

    As I told you to your face, do what is best for North Side and you have my unwavering support.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Great start Ezzard!  Now if other politicians would follow your example this would bring about a dramatic change to the island and create a more positive outlook for Caymanians and expatriates alike.

    May I please suggest that you figure out how to stop our pensions being pelted at the losing U.S. stock markets and at least a greater percentage of it being utilized in free enterprise ventures and mortgages for Caymanians?

    Also if the money being sent to America every year for over expensive medical services were invested in our own medical facilities, this would enable us to have the greatest medical care system in the world.

    Keep up the Good Work Ezzard!