Atlantic’s first storm could be Pacific’s first hurricane

| 23/06/2009

(CNS): According to weather predictors Andres the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season which formed off the Sothern coast of Mexico on Sunday evening is now expected to grow into the Pacific season’s first hurricane today. Mexico issued a hurricane warning for the strip of coast from just south of Manzanillo to near Puerto Vallarta. To the south, the storm dumped heavy rains on Acapulco, knocking down trees, flooding houses and forcing a few people to evacuate their homes yesterday (Monday 23 June)

Forecasters said Andres was likely to brush the coast at hurricane strength around the port city of Manzanillo with forecast models showing its centre moving up the coast near towns such as Barra de Navidad. Surfers are also being warned to take note as Andres could work its way to the resort town of Cabo San Lucas the tip of Mexico’s Baja California later in the week.

The U.S. National Hurricane Centre said Andres could bring coastal storm surge as much as 3 feet (nearly 1 meter) above normal while dumping as much as 12 inches of rain in a few spots.

Andres has already made history according to the Hurricane Centre which said it has been 40 years since it took so long for a named storm to develop in the eastern Pacific.


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  1. Terry Ally says:

    There is a slight confusion in this article.

    Andreas is not the first storm of Atlantic Hurricane Season but rather the Pacific Hurricane Season.

    It formed in the Pacific Ocean.

    The first storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season will be named Ana. See