Rapist gets 12 years

| 29/06/2009

(CNS): Christopher Omar Samuels, who pleaded guilty to the 2002 rape of a visitor to the Cayman Islands in the rest rooms of the Westin Casuarinas Resort, was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Friday, 26 June. Thirty-three-year-old Samuels was charged in January 2009, nearly seven years after the offence was committed, after DNA evidence linked him to the case. The victim of this crime commented on CNS in January, "First I’d like to say to the person who has a great sympathy for Mr. Samuels that I do as well. I feel very sorry for him."

She continued, "It seems pathetic to seek sex by breaking down a toilet stall door and putting a knife to the throat of a 48 year old woman. But there is also the possibility that he was seeking to find pleasure in inflicting pain and humiliation. In this case I would have to say I truly despise him, and he deserves no sympathy from anyone but the devil himself.

"For the last seven years I have been trying to ‘feel normal’, but am still fearful of leaving my home, especially at night. I also need an operation to repair internal ligaments that were torn in the attack. But at least I can now afford health care.

"I used to be a ‘career woman’, but lost my job, and eventually used up all my savings,etc. I got very ill, emotionally and physically, and couldn’t eat for days at times. Eventually even losing half my hair due to poor nutrition. In no particular order….I came down with PTSD, sleep apnea, melanoma, shingles, meningitis, fungal sinutis and sudden onset menopause. So if you think rape victims need to just ‘snap out of it’, think again. Once a downward health spiral starts, you can feel overwhelmed. And if the rapist isn’t caught, the world feels so dangerous that you can lose all desire to thrive.

‘Well, it’s taken 7 years, but finally I feel the healing power of Justice, The news of the arrest made me more whole than any medicine or settlement could. I was overjoyed to hear from RCIPS that day. I cried and cried. I now have great admiration for the perseverance and professionalism of the RCIPS major crimes division. They said they would never close this case until it was solved, and they were true to their word," the victim concluded.

“This was a terrible attack which had a huge impact on the victim,” said Head of CID, Acting Chief Superintendent Marlon Bodden. “We hope that this sentence will help bring some closure to the victim and demonstrate our commitment to thoroughly investigating such heinous crimes.”

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) said it is committed to bringing offenders before the court and will continue to examine old cases and utilize all available new technologies to assist in solving crimes.

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  1. anon1 says:

    Gongrats and a hearty thank you to RCIP. Job well done even at this late date.

  2. Richard Wadd says:

    Here is a PRIME Example of the absolute Devastation that such Heinous Crimes have on the Victims.

    Human Rights Activists would like to tell us the the CAT-OF-NINE WHIP" is "..an In-humane form of punishment, and does not have a positive effect on detering criminals and crime".

    You know what, I DON"T GIVE A RAT’s PITUTY !

    Just the satisfaction alone of watching this son-of-a——, Publicly flogged, humiliated, and scared ‘manure-less’ would be a worthwhile deterant to others who would contemplate such a crime….

    …. even though it would be but a small fraction of what he has done to this poor woman.

    To the Victim, ‘My heart bleeds for you that 12 years is all he has to pay for Destroying your life.


  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no major crimes division of the RCIP.  Ultimately it had little to do with the police rather down to a man called Faris who has been single handedly and diligently putting together the CI DNA database.  But think on this readers.  How was it that the defendant’s DNA was taken so that it could be compared into the database some 7 years after the sample taken from the victim was analysed.  It must have been because he had been arrested again and his DNA sample taken and put into the database leading to the "cold case" hit as it is known.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    A question?

    Has this man been in jail these last seven years because there must have been the

    likelihood he would commit the crime again?

    If so does that mean the seven years

    will be subtracted from the sentence of 12 years? Hope not!

    It is a terrible crime to ruin someones life that way, my heart goes out to the lady.


    • Anonymous says:

      "Has this man been in jail these last seven years because there must have been the likelihood he would commit the crime again?"

      I believe this excerpt from the article answers your question.

      "Thirty-three-year-old Samuels was charged in January 2009, nearly seven years after the offence was committed, after DNA evidence linked him to the case".

      Clearly he could not have been in jail for 7 years before he was charged.